The Making of Our “What’s Next” Commercial

Anddd… ACTION! If you were anywhere around One Loudoun over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that it had turned into somewhat of a Hollywood set. What is always a fun adventure at One Loudoun, was for a few days, a huge production during the making of our “What’s Next” commercial, which will be airing (drum roll please…) THIS SUMMER!

Meet the creative crew

The Masterminds – Jeff and his production team from Lot 7 Media

Jeff and Lot 7 Media production team

Taking time to make everyone comfortable and relaxed is Jeff’s forte, and he was always open to suggestions or ideas from everyone else. There is no need to describe the energy Jeff brings to set when we can just show you, he is like a trick candle that just won’t burn out. See intense gaze through the lens and arms flailing in pics below. We also think he has coined the phrase, “I don’t like that idea. I LOVE it.”

Glam Guru – Meredith Ehler

Meredith is an extremely gifted makeup and hair stylist and she even knew some of the other people on set from previous sessions at her studio. Give Meredith a few minutes and some good lighting and she can make you look like you’re fresh off a Vogue photoshoot. She made all of our talent look flawless, as Beyoncé would put it.

Meredith Ehler makeup and hair stylist

Setting the scene

On Wednesday, with about 12 different scenes to shoot, we were racing around One Loudoun like it was Mario Kart. With energy up and the weather finally cooperating, it was time to meet up with our talent. By the way, when we say talent, what we really mean is people like YOU – not models or actors. We had the family next door, familiar faces from around One Loudoun, and people who love to spend time here.

To start the shoot, we envisioned what the perfect morning would look like waking up in your new Miller & Smith Upper West home, and only one thing came to mind – with a dog! Cue the excited “awwwws!” We headed over to the model home and had our adorable puppy friend on the set, waking up, and then going for a walk in Central Park. Ruff day, right?

Upper West Dog - Ashburn, VA

Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Sterling Restaurant Supply
We headed over to Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Sterling Restaurant Supply next, where we had the help of a fabulous employee who works in the office and was gracious enough to jump into the scene. She was already dressed perfectly for the part and was an absolute natural. To be honest, she might have a future career in television.

The crew then hurried over to Matchbox, and as soon as we walked in, we knew that the hostess was perfect for the job. Her smile; infectious, her skin; glowing, and her demeanor; the friendliest. Just a few takes and the shot was finito!


After a long morning, we went for a lunch break at Uncle Julio’s because we can always count on two things there: amazing food and amazing service. Something on the menu struck our fancy and when it arrived at our table, it was like we all had the same thought. This beautiful spread (pictured below) NEEDED to be in our video shoot and as it turns out, it was brand new to the menu.

Enter: the fam squad. You may recognize this adorable family from around One Loudoun, as they are residents and longtime fans of the community. With their table set, and knock knock jokes at the ready, the Dodd family perfectly emulated a fun lunchtime experience at One Loudoun.

Uncle Julios - Dodd Family

If you haven’t met the most stylish person at One Loudoun, let us introduce you to Devon, store manager at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Of course, she was ready for the part of walking down the sidewalk with her fashionable friend and then going in to shop at the boutique. She’s had a little bit of practice for sure!

The next few scenes were a bit different, as they featured winners from our Facebook contest. The first couple met us at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a casual date night scene. We’ll call these two the “love birds” because their chemistry was undeniable and they were #relationshipgoals. We then found out that Lynne and Nick have been together for 20 years and have 4 children together. Be still, our hearts!
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Last on the agenda was a romantic dinner scene at Eddie Merlot’s and our second set of contest winners, Grace and Kevin, just happened to be celebrating their anniversary on this very day. See those lovey dovey eyes? That is no acting people, that is true love!


Upon arrival for the wrap of this commercial, Kay, the Assistant Manager at Scout & Molly’s Boutique, had an arrangement of vibrant, flowy spring outfits to choose from for the last scene. Being at Scout & Molly’s was a clip straight out of a movie because the energy Kay had came alive and made our One Loudoun experience that much more enjoyable.

Scout & Molly’s Boutique

Once the outfit situation was under control, we scooted on over to Uncle Julio’s (we aren’t trying to pick favorite, we swear) for some much-needed enchiladas and a fan fav drink called the “The Swirl”. You are going to have to use your imagination on this one because it was so dang good that we didn’t even have time to snap a picture. One sip, two sips, gone!

Did we mention it was the first day of summer? Which means… THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Which also means… waiting for the sunset took extra-long, but we wanted to capture the perfect shot. When the sunset finally began, it was lights, camera, action! Cones blocked the road, lights draped the trees, a drone flew overhead and the excitement of spectators took off.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the on-set scoop of the “What’s Next” commercial! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for it to air, and also, keep your guesses coming on what’s next here at One Loudoun!