The Fitness Equation: This is Not Your Average Gym

The Fitness Equation, or TFE for short, is located right next to the free parking garage at One Loudoun, and thank goodness because it was raining on the day of our visit. We walked into the lobby and knew right away that it was not going to be like every other gym.

The receptionist pretty much lost it (in a good way) when we told her we were there for a tour. She chatted about how much we were going to love it. Literally, she told us, “You’re going to love this place,” in addition to, “Don’t get me started on the views. They’re amazing!” After hearing the receptionist’s rave reviews, we already had high expectations.

One of The Fitness Equation’s VPs, Jason Kangarloo, was nice enough to meet us and take us for a tour of the entire facility! He met us downstairs in the lobby, and with an excited demeanor, brought us up to the main level of TFE.

The Main Corridor of TFE

Before our tour, he explained to us that the goal of TFE was to make fitness accessible to everyone. Since time is such a factor for squeezing in a workout, TFE holds Les Mills Grit classes designed to give you a high intensity full body work out in only 30 minutes. With super convenient self-locking lockers in the main hall, you can pop in and out in under an hour and still get a complete workout. 

The word, “amazed” couldn’t even describe how we felt walking around TFE. Was this actually a gym or a fancy hotel? We couldn’t be certain, because The Fitness Equation thought of everything.

TFE is the perfect example of how health has no age limit or specific lifestyle attached. We saw every type of person, from a young mother with her baby, to a group of business professionals stopping in during their lunch break. Every convenience you could want in a gym to make your life easier, you will find at The Fitness Equation.

Andria testing out some features in the Functional Training Room

We also appreciated that this gym isn’t a maze like some gyms, where rooms are tucked away or closed off. The main hallway extended all the way back to the “kidz” gym, and on the either side are the Evolve Salon & Spa, luxury dressing rooms, functional training room, group exercise room, group spin room, and mind & body room.

The Mini Ninja Warrior Course inside the “Kidz Gym”

Jason took us into each room and explained everything to us in great detail, from the classes they offered; to why the group exercise room floor was sort of bouncy. Much of his dialogue included something along the lines of, “If you want to do this, then we have x, y, and z. But if you’re more concerned with this, then follow me to the next room and I will show you something better!” About three minutes into the tour, he had already sold us.

The Group Exercise Room at TFE is the largest in the area!

After the tour, Jason took us to the upper level of the gym, and introduced us to TFE’s Fitness Director, James Dunn, who has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer. He gave us a more in-depth tour of the strength and cardio level of the gym, where we quickly realized why members are so loyal and comfortable here at TFE. Talking to James was like chatting with your favorite uncle. He joked around and wasn’t too serious, but you could tell he was passionate about his work.

Just one of the Strength Training areas on the Upper Level of TFE

As we walked through the different spaces with James, his close relationship with all of the members was obvious. James said hi to several members by name in the mere ten minutes that it took to take us through the entire floor, introducing us along the way.

The NBA-sized basketball court at TFE

Our favorite part of our visit was when we got to test out all of the fancy equipment! James showed us some of his favorite features and spaces while we explored each area. He showed us a specific machine to point out the digital repetition counter, when the member using the machine exclaimed out of the blue, “It’s my first day, and I love it here already!” We laughed out loud at his candid excitement, and James swore he didn’t tell him to say that.

We went on to test a few machines, impressed by how clean and easy to use they were. Most importantly, we didn’t feel uncomfortable while we were working out. The Fitness Equation’s facilities are not cramped like other gyms, and thank goodness, you will never have to wait in line. Side note: how amazing are these views from the cardio area?!

The most unique feature in TFE has got to be the rock-climbing wall and we knew we weren’t leaving without giving it a go. James told us about the safety features and showed us how to strap in, and before long, we were pros — or at least we liked to think we were. He even offered to take a photo of us up on the wall! (See said photo below)

While the facilities are beyond impressive at TFE, there are certain things that hit you on a personal level and make it seem like this gym was created just for you. Here, members can be in and out in 30 minutes, or stay for hours and never get bored or feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Our favorite features of TFE include:

  • 2+ hour childcare at the Kidz Gym, including an infant room, mini Ninja Warrior course, large play structure, and more
  • The full service salon and spa, where TFE members receive a discount!
  • Personal, group, AND sports performance training
  • 70+ fitness classes per WEEK
  • Equipment with digital repetition counters, TV, and internet access
  • Easy access/keyless lockers, showers, changing rooms, saunas
  • Long hours of operation (M-F 4a-11pm, Sat 7a-9pm, Sun 8a-8pm)
  • On-demand virtual spinning classes (in addition to instructor led classes)

To give it to you straight: The Fitness Equation is not your average gym. What we thought might be strictly for the posh crowd, turned out to be a very welcoming space where everyone would feel comfortable. As one member shared with us later on, “I never thought of myself as a gym person, but at TFE you don’t have to be a gym person. You can just be yourself!”

If you don’t believe how impressed we were by TFE, stop by any day of the week, take a virtual tour, or try it for free before committing to a membership!



About the team:

Together, Brittany and Andria make up the One Loudoun Experience Team. Each month, they set out to experience something new that is located right here in One Loudoun. Their mission is to provide honest, first hand accounts of the things they see, hear, do, and feel while being introduced to a new restaurant, shop, or activity, like working out at TFE!