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Experience One Loudoun: Matchbox Edition

On an early spring day, the weather was great and the downtown was hopping, so we took a stroll around The Plaza. The Plaza at One Loudoun is at the center of the downtown area with spots to sit and enjoy the nice weather. It is also where the community holds many events like Acoustic Wednesdays, Downtown Fest, and Farmers Markets.

Each street in Downtown One Loudoun is lined with amazing dining options for any sort of palate. Naturally, it is difficult to choose somewhere to eat with all of the amazing options right in front of you. On this specific day, we chose to eat at Matchbox — a place we knew would not disappoint. The look and feel of Matchbox definitely mimics that of it’s name; warm, but boxy. The atmosphere creates a contemporary feel with warm woods, metal, and red accents. 

As we walked up, the outdoor patio was crowded, but the hostess kindly showed us that the outside bar area was seat yourself, so we got a seat right away. When it’s nice outside, the inside bar opens up to the patio area for a refreshing indoor/outdoor feel. The server immediately came over, introduced himself, and asked if we had any questions, prompting us on what the restaurant is known for. He talked about the pizzas, which we had already heard great things about, and that they are known for their draft wine.

We started out with a few drinks, including a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA beer on tap, a jalapeño cucumber margarita on the rocks (highly recommended by our server, and for good reason), and the seasonal sangria. Although we did not get the draft wine that Matchbox is known for, guests can order it by the glass, half bottle, or full bottle.

For appetizers, we tried a few different options, including the spicy tuna tartare tacos, hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip, and the crab + avo. The spicy tuna tartare tacos were decidedly the group favorite, as the creamy goodness of the tuna and avocado, mixed with the crunch of the wonton shell was out of this world. The crab + avo(cado), was a refreshing twist on chips and guac as it is served with sea salt flatbread instead of chips. The hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip was a nice change from the other apps, with more hearty flavors such as roasted red peppers and mozzarella.

When it came time for our entrees, we tried our best to get different items, but for some reason, everyone wanted pizza! We met in the middle by getting a few different types of pizza, the crab cake sammich (yes that’s spelled right), and the steak + greens salad.  

Baked in brick ovens, Matchbox has perfected the crispy, yet thin, deliciousness that is their classic and artisanal pizza selection. If you like spicy, we recommend the fire + smoke pizza, and if you’re more of a simpleton pizza lover, we suggest getting either the white pizza or the holy grail margherita (we did half and half as recommended by our server).

As for the other items we had ordered, the steak + greens salad was another recommendation from our server, who was right on the money. The pepper-crusted filet was outstanding, and one more thing: homemade tater tots. The crab cake sammich was a great choice, up there with some of the best crab cakes, as decided by our Annapolitan of the group. The pairing of the crab cake, avocado-chili aioli, and pancetta, was a great twist on a classic Maryland favorite.

Next time you’re deciding where to eat at One Loudoun, consider going to Matchbox for a bite, or slice, of absolute food heaven. For more info on the options at Matchbox One Loudoun, you can check out the menu here and be sure to follow along with our Facebook page for updates on other great restaurants coming soon to One Loudoun!

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Benefits of Living in a “Walkable” Community

There are many benefits to living in One Loudoun such as all the local restaurants and entertainment, the central park, community rec center and pool and so much more. But perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the fact that it is a walkable community.

Everything you need is just a stroll away. So instead of spending half your life shuttling around in your car you can get out and enjoy the beautiful Ashburn, VA spring weather on foot. Aside from just the pleasure of an afternoon stroll, there are many other benefits to living in a new walkable community.


Walking does wonders for your overall health preventing things like weight gain, cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. A study done by the research organization Sightline states that walking 30 minutes a day can add up to a year and a half to your life on average. It also showed that people who live in a walkable community are 2.4 times more likely to walk 30 minutes a day than those who do not.

Less car time can have a dramatic impact on your air quality. A study by The Science of the Total Environment shows that the air you breath while in your car is likely the worst air you’ll breathe in an entire day.

Sense of Community

Another study done by the SPDRC showed that people in walkable communities have greater sense of community, pride of ownership and a feeling of camaraderie with their neighbors. This connection and social support leads to higher levels of happiness.


Walkable communities have been shown to be safer. A high amount of community members outside means more witnesses, making the location a less appealing target for crime.

Another aspect of safety comes from the design of walkable communities. There are more accessible walking areas and crosswalks, which decreases the likelihood of pedestrians being struck by cars.


When you live in a community where you can walk to everything you need, you do a lot less driving. Not only does this save on gas money, but it also saves on the mileage and wear and tear of your vehicle.

In addition, residential property values tend to be higher in walkable communities making them a great place to invest in a home.


If you’re concerned about the environment then living in this type of community is a great choice. The reduced traffic, gas use, noise and air pollution can have a significant impact on the environment.

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Mixed-Use Communities Attract Luxury Retail

According to an article published on ICSC.ORG, “More luxury retailers are moving into mixed-use projects in a push to reach the small percentile of consumers with the highest disposal incomes.” It’s no wonder then that the mixed-use community of One Loudoun is welcoming more and more luxury retailers into its 700,000 square feet of retail and office space in the Downtown area of the development.

Not only is One Loudoun situated in the wealthiest and one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, but with over 1000 new homes all within walking distance of the Downtown, opening a shop at One Loudoun means a steady stream of sophisticated, well-educated, and well-connected customers.  Mixed-use developments that integrate the live-work-play aspect, like One Loudoun, attract luxury retailers because they provide not only the convenience factor but also the opportunity to further grow sales and expand one’s business. The ICSC article quoted Howard Davidowitz, chairman of a retail consulting and investment banking firm in New York City, saying: “If you speak to luxury retailers, their number-one priority by far is going to be downtown…This issue of convenience is very important.”

For luxury retailers coming to Loudoun County, convenience, clientele, and community are important – which is why so many are choosing to set up shop at One Loudoun. With nearly 80,000 cars passing by it every day, new homes, shops, restaurants and businesses all within a mixed-use walkable community setting, One Loudoun is a retail destination dream!

To read the full article mentioned above, click here.

SOURCE: ICSC.ORG – “More mixed-use centers attracting luxury retail”

Thriving in a Mixed-Use Community

A recent article about mixed-use communities has been making waves throughout the industry, touting developments like One Loudoun the “holy grail” of community design.  Titled Walkable Communities Can Help Old & Young Thrive, this article falls right in line with the lifestyle we embody at One Loudoun: communities like ours do more and offer more for their residents, making it an extremely beneficial place to live for people of all ages.

An expertly planned mixed-use community entails beautifully crafted new homes along with shops, offices and everything in between, providing a quality of life that is unmatched in traditional suburbs.  It’s this all-encompassing nature that makes One Loudoun the place to be.  In our community, stunning new homes by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith provide a unique take on conventional dwellings, giving families the room they need to grow in a setting centered around New Urbanism.

In essence, this article describes how residents tend to be more active on a daily basis when it’s a side effect of living in a “walk-friendly, bike-friendly, out-and-about” community like One Loudoun.  And, according to executive director of TransitCenter, David Bragdon, “creating such communities changes family life.” He continues, “It makes all generations healthier, communities become more vibrant – and as a bonus, it sets parents free from the drudgery of endless chauffeuring.”

New residents at One Loudoun are pleasantly surprised when they discover how simple life becomes when living in a walkable community.  Running daily errands, heading to a friends house for a dinner party, or catching the latest One Loudoun event on the Downtown Plaza are all activities that can be done on foot, with designated walking paths to lead the way.  Not only are residents no longer dependent on their cars, they’re saving money on fuel and doing more for their health and well-being at the same time!

Here at One Loudoun, we can’t help but share the excitement so many of our residents feel.  It’s so easy for all generations to fall in love with One Loudoun and all that is has to offer, as well as its promising future.  This year has already been such a wonderful time to be part of the One Loudoun community, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Take a look at our new homes available or visit Experience One Loudoun and you too could be thriving in our mixed-use community!

Source: Deseret News

One Loudoun in the Leesburg Today News: “Going ‘Downtown’: Eating, Drinking and Hanging Out At One Loudoun”

Posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Jan Mercker on LeesburgToday.com:

Conceived a decade ago as a new downtown for Loudoun County, One Loudoun is beginning to live up to that promise.

For commuters who pass by on Rt. 7, the project appears as just one more group of buildings rising out of the most recent construction boom. Those who take the exit are finding a hip new place to shop, eat or just hang out. And while many of the One Loudoun’s amenities are still in the works, a sense of its urban vibe finally is emerging.

One Loudoun has a decidedly urban feel by design. With brownstone-style townhouses on small lots as well as single-family homes and downtown-style common spaces, including its fountain plaza surrounded by restaurants and the aptly named Central Park, a 100-acre green space located between commercial and residential areas.

“Our vision has always been to create a more urban, walkable environment where you can live work and play all in the same place,” said Bill May, the development’s managing director. “The kind of environment that up until now has not existed in Loudoun County…We thought there was enough critical mass in the area to support and sustain a real downtown area…”

To read the entire article, click here

City Walkability in the Suburbs

July 10, 2014— written by Dan Fulton, Sr.Vice President of John Burns Real Estate Consulting:

The 40th-best-selling master-planned community in the country provides some great ideas for developers looking to tap into the demand for today’s busy home buyers.

The residents of One Loudoun must feel relaxed and relieved when they walk out their front door and down the street to restaurants, movies, shops, and offices, as the parade of tens of thousands of commuters creep by on the Loudoun County Parkway or Route 7. Leaving the car in the garage is a treat for commute-weary DC suburbanites.

A walkable lifestyle in suburbia. Shops, restaurants, and movie theaters within walking distance of most homes keep the community developed by NASH Communities and Miller & Smith active day and night. It’s that car-less convenience that created a big sales plus for One Loudoun, helping it jump to number 40 on the best-selling master-planned community list in 2013, with 243 closings for Camberley Homes, NV Homes, and Miller & Smith, the three builders. There are 1,040 homes planned for the community along with 700,000 square feet of retail and 3 million square feet of office space.

Entertainment is plentiful. Both young singles and family-focused residents find plenty to do just down the street. In addition to restaurants and shops, The Ballpark at Loudoun One will become another community entertainment hub. It is slated to be home to the Loudoun Hounds, a minor-league baseball team, as well as the Virginia Cavalry, a soccer franchise.

Unique home designs. The architecture and floor plans are much different than most suburban locations and have been very well received. The home designs create an incentive to move, for both young and mature alike.

Easy Commute. One Loudoun is three miles from Dulles Airport and 25 from the nation’s capital. Nearby are well-paying employers, including Raytheon and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Loudoun County is focusing on attracting more life science jobs to continue bringing high-income jobs to the Community. There’s also a move afoot by the developer to earn a World Trade Center designation for One Loudoun.

One Loudoun: A Development to Watch in 2014

We can’t say it enough: One Loudoun is set to be the hottest mixed-use development in the area.  Best of all, The Loudoun Times agrees with us!  They recently published an article highlighting ‘developments to keep an eye on’ for 2014 – and we made the list!  With plans for new stores and businesses, our community is looking forward to all of the incredible growth over this year.  Here are just a few of the many things to get excited about this year at One Loudoun!

New Businesses:

Shoppers, diners, and residents at One Loudoun can expect to see new shops and restaurants opening their doors throughout the community.  New businesses will join our current shop owners to create one of the most diverse shopping scenes in the area. Watch closely for future announcements about new stores!


Our community is already extremely accessible – right in the heart of Loudoun County, we’re located at Loudoun Parkway and Route 7.  This makes it easy to reach One Loudoun from nearly anywhere in Northern Virginia.  But now, with the addition of the Silver Line out to this area, getting to and from our development will be easier than ever. For retailers, this means more shoppers walking by your windows and more opportunities to grow a following of loyal customers. 

More Fun:

While it might be hard to believe, One Loudoun will offer even more ways for residents and visitors to have fun in 2014.  Between the growing anticipation for the new stadium set to open in 2015, and community events planned for the entire year, 2014 will be a great time to be a part of the community. 

Continued Convenience:

There’s no doubt One Loudoun will remain to be one of the most convenient communities in the area! And residents who live here would agree; the walkability of One Loudoun and its mixed-use ideals make living and working here so conveniently fun.  Everything you might ever need or want is just outside your front door!

This year will certainly be an exciting year for One Loudoun and our residents.  With so much to look forward to, there’s every reason to join this amazing, award-winning community!

Source: The Loudoun Times