retailers in one loudoun

The Importance of Retail in Today's Economy


Opening any new business will have a positive effect of the economy.  Retail is especially helpful in aiding local economies and providing jobs in their area.  Now, the National Retail Federation is pushing for more retail careers, and advocating their importance to our economy. 

Recently in the media, jobs in retail have been cast in a bad light.  The truth, however, is that these jobs are benefiting the economy in so many more ways than people are aware of. Retail is responsible for 42 million jobs and $2.5 trillion of annual GDP. Just this year, employers in the retail industry have added 352,000 new jobs. 

The amount of retail positions that stores in One Loudoun will create will be unprecedented.  The entire community will benefit and it will help One Loudoun to thrive and grow.  When stores are located in concentrated developments like ours, it brings even more revenue, jobs, and business to the area.

One Loudoun also presents the perfect location for store owners and employees alike.  With a surrounding neighborhood filled with people of all ages, there will be plenty of applicants lining up to work in your store.  Future employees will love to be able to walk to and from work everyday.

Opening a new store doesn’t just employ new people directly in the shop, but it also creates jobs elsewhere. Those in the warehouse delivering your merchandise and those who process and manufacture it.  The revenue from opening just one store will trickle on to many levels, supporting a vast number of people from all over. is a campaign backed by the National Retail Federation that highlights the careers, community, and innovation involved in the retail industry. They’re working to create a more positive outlook on the retail industry and are promoting why it is so important to our economic recovery.

Retailers in One Loudoun will be proud to be apart of such a monumental development in Loudoun County.  Just their presence alone will improve the local economy and provide jobs for endless amounts of people.


The National Retail Federation