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Retail Sales Up in August


Retail sales were once again up in August, continuing their upward trend we’ve seen during the past summer months. Sales increased by 0.1 percent last month – a small improvement, but a good sign still. Year-over-year, this makes for a 3.9 percent increase.

The retail industry, much like the housing market, can be a huge indicator for how well the economy is recovering. In this case, as the retail industry continues to make improvements, albeit small, it suggests that more people are comfortable with their finances, and spending a little extra money on retail.

It’s no secret that in times of financial crisis, shopping is put on the back burner and reserved for special occasions. But whether it’s on a car, a new pair of jeans, or a flat screen TV for your living room, when consumers start spending more money, it’s clear there is a healthier cash flow in our economy.

In Northern Virginia, consumers are going to look to one place for their shopping needs: One Loudoun, of course! One Loudoun is the most convenient shopping scene in the state and will soon be buzzing with tons of new and trendy shops. Residents and visitors alike will love spending their days shopping and walking around this new hotspot. The Alamo Drafthouse, the newly built homes, and the up-and-coming restaurants already draw so many consumers to the community, and by adding more shops and diversity to our streets, the draw will only grow bigger.

For future retailers, this means that One Loudoun is the best place to open or relocate your store. As more people move into One Loudoun and the economy improves, there will be more customers who want to shop, walk around, and explore the new downtown. And you can bet they’ll visit your store too.

Residents of One Loudoun will be happy to walk to their favorite stores every day, and you’ll be happy to see your customer base growing. Moving into our community is an opportunity of a lifetime and will help solidify your shop as a One Loudoun staple! With how well the economy and retail sector are improving, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible shot at success.

Source: The National Retail Federation

The Revolution of the Retail Industry

It seems like everything about the retail industry has changed in the past 10 years.  The methods of advertisement, the display of products, and even the ways to interact with consumers – it can be a challenge to keep up!  But maybe it’s not so much about how the retail industry has changed, but more how the behaviors of the consumers have evolved. 

With the emergence of smart phones, nifty shopping apps, and advancing technology, storeowners must work to stay relevant to their target consumers. Online shopping has now made it more difficult than ever to bring shoppers into a store. That’s why owners have shifted their focus on the overall experience of the consumer.  Shopping is a form of entertainment – shoppers want to stroll into a shop, browse, and take their time when considering a purchase.

This is exactly why One Loudoun is the best place to open up a store – clothing, specialty, gift, tech, or any other.  People will come here to have fun and be entertained through shopping, dining, and other activities.  There are so many venues of entertainment in our neighborhood, but the draw of retail is unprecedented.  This draw will bring in shoppers from all over the state and beyond. Store owners will also find they have a huge constant, and local, customer base within walking distance of their storefront.

Shoppers will come to stroll the streets of our new downtown on a Saturday morning to enjoy time with friends and family. Those who live here will love the convenience of having their favorite shops right down the road and visitors will love to see a huge selection of shops. Many will become return visitors, coming back again and again to shop for everything they might need. 

Shoppers are bound to have a good shopping experience in One Loudoun, which will only benefit shoppers and retailers alike.  When choosing a location to open a business, storeowners face many challenges.  The risk that there won’t be enough of a draw being one of them.  At One Loudoun, this will never be a concern for our storeowners.  This is truly the best place to open up your new shop.  

Retail Sales See Boost in July

Wall Street Journal recently released an article that outlined the incredible increase seen in retail sales this year. Not only do improving retail sales point to an improving economy, but they also mean that this is a prosperous time to open your own store.

As the economy improves and unemployment falls, more and more people find themselves with extra spending cash. Many of these people will opt to buy new clothes or a new product for themselves. The Wall Street Journal reports that retail sales increased a seasonally adjusted 0.2 percent in July, making it the fourth month in a row to see improvement.

In general, all types of retail, including grocery, car, clothing and electronics, are seeing improvements, but some more than others. Higher priced and luxury items saw a double digit increase in July compared to the year before. This is mainly because now that people are feeling more financially stable, they are more confident when buying expensive items, and more inclined to do so. In fact, consumer confidence levels have reached the highest level we’ve seen in recent years.

In One Loudoun, there are plenty of new spaces for clothing stores, gift shops and boutiques. The area will be so well populated with affluent young professionals and families that opening a shop here is guaranteed success. This might be true for any city in the United States, but it’s especially relevant to those who are considering One Loudoun. Loudoun County has proven to be one of the best places to open a business and with over 80,000 cars passing by One Loudoun daily, there really is no better location to open your store.

As the overall economy continues to improve, the retail industry will follow it. For the same reasons why it’s a perfect time to buy a house, now is the perfect time in our economy to open a retail store. Our advice to prospective storeowners: There is no better time than the present! The retail industry will continue to improve and you will be even more successful by catching the wave early on.

Source: Wall Street Journal