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Experience One Loudoun: Boho Blanco / Boho Nation


Boho Blanco and Boho Nation are the two newest boutique stores to join the One Loudoun family, and they are officially OPEN! Last week, we took a visit to these two amazing stores to get the inside scoop on what they are all about!


Boho Blanco and Boho Nation are two different stores, but the interior spaces are connected. As owner Rick explains, it is a way for guests to mix and match the different styles found in each shop, while still distinguishing each as their own. In these shops you can find amazing clothes, jewelry, and accessories for any occasion!

Boho Nation


Boho Blanco

As you can see in the photos, many of the decorations are patterned and colorful, like the tapestries and wood textured walls. The clothes and accessories are hung on rustic fixtures made of old ladders or wooden frames.

Boho Nation

If you are wondering the difference between the two boutiques, let us first point out the most obvious similarity, being the boho, or bohemian style. If you are not familiar with what exactly this means, bohemian style is often described as ‘unconventional’. Typically the clothes are a mixture of unique textures, colors, and patterns, which come together for a free-spirited look.

Boho Nation

Boho Nation at One Loudoun is only the store’s fourth location so far! This boutique is geared more towards the younger generations and many pieces represent the latest trends with a bohemian flare. In this shop, you can find pieces that have edginess to them, whether it’s a crop top or a cutout dress.

Boho Blanco

Boho Blanco is targeted towards a more sophisticated age group, which is by no means boring! The clothes are focused around a more neutral or black and white palette, with splashes of color mixed in. Silhouettes found in Boho Blanco are flowy and flattering on many types of figures, with just the right amount of shape to create a sexy look.

Boho Blanco

Although each shop may be geared more towards a certain age group, there are no boundaries! For example, a funky-fringed jacket in Boho Blanco was purchased by a 17 year old, and the next day by a 70 year old. In both of these shops, it’s not the clothes that make you; it’s you who makes the clothes!

We immediately noticed a few things about these eclectic boutiques while browsing and trying on some adorable outfits. The first thing was that the price point for these clothes is very affordable. In certain stores, one would maybe only purchase one item, but because the prices in both Boho stores are so reasonable, it is easy to buy a couple of amazing items without breaking the bank!

The second thing we noticed was the quality of the clothes. After speaking with the staff, we learned that all of the items are either produced in the U.S. or from fair trade brands. Each item is hand selected, and the shop only carries pieces that they believe are great quality for the price!

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday, or a piece for yourself that you won’t find anywhere else, stop in to Boho Nation and Boho Blanco for a fun shopping experience! Both boutiques are located on Exchange Street in One Loudoun, right next to Scout & Molly’s Boutique.

For more information on Boho Nation and Boho Blanco, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at

Experience One Loudoun: Great Gatherings


If you’re a family who likes to entertain and have a great time in your own home, then Great Gatherings is the place for you! With all of the entertaining items you will need all in one place, you can put together the perfect outdoor space, rec room, bar area, or kitchen! Walking into Great Gatherings is overwhelming, but in the best way possible, because there are so many different options to complete the perfect space in your home!

The front of the store is lined with shelves and tables containing tableware, barware, and other dining accessories. Each display is arranged beautifully and meticulously coordinated by style, color, and design. How cute is this summery plate display in the photo below?


Because Great Gatherings is a local business, with just 5 locations spread throughout Maryland and Virginia, you can tell the product selection is catered to the local scene. When checking out the tableware, we even found collegiate plates, cups, hand towels, and other accessories representing some of the local universities.

As for your bar area, Great Gatherings has all of the barware you would see at a professional bar space! From cocktail books, to mixing supplies, and glassware for every type of drink, they really have it all.

As you make your way further into the warehouse-sized store, you will begin to see a large assortment of outdoor furniture, from table and chair sets, to luxurious fire pits, couches, and more!

Among one of the many sections in this amazing store is the game section. Here, we came across the coolest version of “Clue” known to mankind, with 3D rooms built into a polished wooden box. There are other awesome game selections, like darts and plenty of options for a pool table!


In the very back of the store you’ll find a great selection of bars. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you will absolutely find your perfect in-home bar at Great Gatherings! They set up each bar inside the store so you can get an idea of what it will look like in your home – right next to the new matching pool table!


Possibly the best thing about Great Gatherings is that no matter how many times you visit, you could walk through 5 more times and discover things you did not see before. This is why the amazing and knowledgeable staff is there to greet you right when you enter through the doors. They are happy to show you where everything is located and answer and of your questions.

Next time you’re here at One Loudoun, stop by Great Gatherings to browse, add to your Christmas list, or even purchase a brand new piece for your home! We promise you will be amazed by the selection and quality that GG has to offer!

GreatGatherings is NOW OPEN at One Loudoun!

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

This month, GreatGatherings opened its 5th location at One Loudoun in Asburn, VA, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring even more retail stores to Loudoun’s New Downtown! Just like the entire community of One Loudoun, GreatGatherings is all about bringing people together. They do this by offering products to nurture fun times and social settings in your own home!

According to their website, “GreatGatherings was created to inspire friends and family to gather more often in their homes. We believe that every gathering, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to create cherished memories to last a lifetime.” This corporate philosophy certainly permeates throughout each of their stores. At the One Loudoun location, the first thing you notice as you walk into this GreatGatherings is its layout. The showroom is setup to mimic comfortable and flowing spaces meant for family gatherings. From the patio pieces to the bars and pool tables, the layouts help shoppers to perfectly envision the time their family could be spending around those pieces.

The quality and craftsmanship of each piece also jumps out at you as you walk through each “room”. From the heavy wood and thick leather of the bar stools to the fabric and stitching of the cushions on the patio chairs, each piece feels like it can endure anything an active home can throw at it. 

The products that GreatGatherings offers go along perfectly with their tagline “Play Up Your Home”. Categories include pool tables, bars & game room, stools, outdoor furniture, entertaining essentials, and more!

If you’re planning on throwing the ultimate party this summer, or just looking to spruce up your recreation room, you can count on GreatGatherings to have all of the furniture and accessories you will need! Stop by today before you head over to eat at one of One Loudoun’s amazing restaurants! 


Rise in Consumer Confidence Leads to Bright Spending Outlook for 2014

The year 2013 was not without its challenges for the U.S. economy, but data shows that this didn’t dampen consumer confidence. In December, consumers ended 2013 feeling highly confident about business and job market conditions. This optimism correlates to a bright outlook for consumer spending coming into 2014, which is great news for mixed-use developments such as One Loudoun with retail destinations that would benefit from increased spending.  

The Consumer Confidence Index from The Conference Board, a non-profit business research association, increased from 72.0 in November to 78.1 in December 2013. Consumer confidence can be defined as an economic indicator that measures how optimistic consumers feel about the state of the economy. It’s an important indicator because high confidence in the economy theoretically equates to more spending, and increased spending benefits the overall economy.

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index in December was the strongest year-end reading since 2007, and consumer sentiment regarding current conditions in particular increased to a five-and-a-half year high. According to information from The Conference Board, consumers are feeling confident about both current labor market and economic conditions, and those conditions in the near future.

Other various factors combined with increased consumer confidence are leading to a bright outlook for spending at the beginning of 2014. In 2013, the economy saw the largest employment gain in eight years, a substantial rebound in the housing industry and record-high stock values, which all boosted household wealth. Increased household wealth will help support increased spending by consumers who are clearly confident in the direction that the economy is headed.

The increase in both household wealth and consumer confidence, and the potential positive impact on spending, is great news for retailers. At One Loudoun, our retailers already benefit from being in a mixed-use community, where consumers live and work right down the street. A bright outlook for spending in 2014 is just another benefit that current and future retailers in One Loudoun have to look forward to in 2014.

According to various reports and data, 2013 ended with enough momentum to power the economy into the new year with high hopes and optimism for good things to come. At One Loudon, excitement for the future is nothing new – as a continually growing mixed-use community in the wealthiest county in the nation, we know that great things are always right around the corner. Our residents, businesses, restaurants and retailers always enjoy the benefits of being in One Loudoun, but we’re especially excited to look forward into the new year to see what positive and exciting things lay in store for our mixed-use community.

SOURCE: Bloomberg News, The Conference Board

U.S. Retail up the Highest in 5 Months

November retail figures have been released, and it’s more promising news for the industry as a whole! Numbers show that Americans flocked to the shops, either gearing up for the holiday season or taking advantage of the incredible sales and savings opportunities.

Whichever the reason, this brings the retail industry a well-deserved boost and pushes retail sales to the highest they’ve been in five months. There was a 0.7 percent gain in November, adding to the consecutive gains from months prior.

Not surprisingly, these are welcomed numbers to the retail community. According to chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. in New York, Joseph LaVorgna, “we’re going in the right direction.” The industry seems to be finally gaining momentum and is picking up at a quick pace. At this new rate, 2014 is set to be a great year for retail – including for the retailers in One Loudoun!

Not only are economists and experts feeling optimistic about the future of retail, but so are the consumers. Confidence rose for the third week in a row, as shoppers felt more secure in their finances. According to Bloomberg, “the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index advanced to minus 30.9 in the period ended Dec. 8, the best reading since the first week of October, from minus 31.3.” With rising consumer confidence, we can expect the effects to ripple into spending habits. Economists are predicting that personal spending will top three percent at an annual rate for the first time since the end of 2010. These predictions are based on the 3.6 percent growth in the economy last quarter.

Families are moving into the community at an incredible pace, and with the continued growth of our resident and consumer base, 2014 could be a great year for One Loudoun! There’s no doubt that this might be one of the best times to open a new shop or store location in our development.  Retailers will do extraordinarily well at One Loudoun, and they should act fast – there’s no telling how quickly our commercial retail and office spaces will fill up. Simply put, opening your doors in One Loudoun could prove to be very prosperous for any business!

Source: Bloomberg

Retail Continues to Boost Economy


The retail industry continues to boost the national economy, adding an incredible 37,600 jobs in October. These new reports, released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), bring promise to industry experts, painting an optimistic outlook for retail throughout this year and next.

 This increase adds up to 295,000 new jobs year over year, or a 2.4 percent jump since 2012. “The latest jobs report, which came in stronger than anticipated, provides some positive indication that the economy and employment situation are steadily improving.  The time couldn’t be better for retailers and consumers, who are busy preparing for the holiday shopping season,” notes Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF. 

 As the retail industry recovers with most of the economy, there’s no doubt it is one of the best times to open or relocate a store in One Loudoun.  Here are a few benefits business owners can reap from opening up shop in our community:

  • Constant customer base: One Loudoun is one of the hottest places to live in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia.  With families moving in at incredible rates, there will be a constant stream of customers to your store. 
  • One Loudoun location: Our mixed-use community is ideally located in the heart of Loudoun County.  Easily accessible from nearly every direction, visitors to One Loudoun will be hitting the new downtown for regular shopping outings.
  • Loudoun County:  Countless reports have set our county apart as one of the most prosperous and well-to-do counties in the entire nation.  As a business owner and retailer, you couldn’t be tucked away in a better local economy.
  • You can work here and live here: A signature of a mixed-use community is having residents live and work within the same development.  What could be better than walking to work everyday?  With multiple homes available, living and working in One Loudoun is more realistic than ever!

On top of providing your business with the ultimate chances to succeed, your addition to the community will contribute to the overall economy. Not to mention, within a few weeks, the holiday shopping season will be in full swing. This is a great chance to settle in One Loudoun before the onset of holiday shoppers!

Source: The National Retail Federation


Bigger Isn't Always Better


Retailers, consumers and the public have followed the mentality that ‘bigger is better’ for far too long. Cars were bigger, TV’s where wider, and thousands of superstores were unnecessarily popping up all over the country. As we move into a more space-conscious and environmentally friendly society, consumers are opting for quality over quantity, and it’s setting communities like One Loudoun apart as one of the best for businesses and shoppers alike.

As we’ve written before in previous blog posts, consumers are seeking an experience. Massive superstores lack the intimacy of smaller boutique-like shops and are chilly and unwelcoming. Shoppers are often left alone, leaving them to find a product themselves which can prove to be difficult and frustrating. For many, this isn’t exactly the type of shopping outing they desire.

At One Loudoun, we applaud the transition to intimate and personalized retail environments. Our community applies this new mentality and agrees that the shopping experience should be just that, an experience. Gary Goodman, the SVP of Passco Cos. explains how location and proximity to major markets is always key when choosing a retail location and that the “synergy of tenants in a regional shopping center is paramount to its long term profitability.”

One Loudoun is an excellent example of this ‘synergy’. We’ve combined restaurants, entertainment, office space and shopping with homes and real estate. This creates a living, breathing community that operates as one and benefits all who reside here. Goodman also notes that “retail is going to improve” overall and that the consumer will “continue to spend more as the economy continues to recover.”

As our community continues to gain more residents and a stronger following, One Loudoun will become especially appealing to retailers.  Shoppers will appreciate having the focus redirected to them – which will encourage even more sales and consumer loyalty.  Retailers shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to become apart of a wonderful community while benefitting from the improving economy. Embracing the new trend in retail will only engage your customers and help your business succeed!


The Fall Season in Retail


This time of year presents an excellent opportunity for retailers.  The change in weather means more parents, students and every day shoppers are planning to hit new stores for clothing, accessories and anything else they’ll need for the colder months.

Like the New Year, the change in season encourages many to add to their wardrobe or finally buy that new flat screen TV they’ve been eyeing.  Additionally, after consumers dig up last years clothes, they find they’ve outgrown them in size and taste. Maybe most importantly, the beginning of the school year kicks off the holiday retail season – the mecca for retailers in the U.S. 

Here are a few retail trends that are unique to the fall season, and how our storeowners in One Loudoun can benefit:

Back To School

Ahhh, the kids are back in school! It’s great for parents, but it’s even better for retailers. Kids are known to grow quickly, almost overnight. So every year when school starts up again, parents are eager to find new clothes for their children to wear.  Teens and college-aged students will be shopping as well, producing a large amount of revenue sales for the industry. With a planned elementary school for One Loudoun, parents in the community will be shopping throughout entire school year.

The Holidays

If you can’t tell by the Christmas decorations already on the shelves, holiday shopping has crept all the way to October.  Just because Black Friday traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season doesn’t mean that people everywhere haven’t already started.  In retail, this season as a whole drives revenue, as more and more people gear up for the festivities.  One Loudoun residents will be excited to decorate their new homes, while also looking for gifts for their family.

Holiday Help

The fall season also marks when stores begin taking on extra employees to prepare for the even bigger shopping seasons ahead. Not only is this beneficial to the retail industry as a whole, but it gives the economy and national employment and well-needed boost. There will be no shortage of potential employees in One Loudoun, where employees can live and work.

Storeowners in One Loudoun are happy to be located in an area where consumers are excited to shop. Our county is one of the most affluent in the country and named one of the best places to run a business – a perfect pairing for retailers.  One Loudoun provides an ideal arrangement for retailers because of its walkability, convenient design, and optimization for a successful business.  

As you can see, the fall season is an essential component to the retail industry, and it’s even better in One Loudoun.  Once the temperature cools, retail heats up!  For more information on how your business can be apart of the One Loudoun shopping scene, check out our retail leasing opportunities.  



Retail Sales Up in August


Retail sales were once again up in August, continuing their upward trend we’ve seen during the past summer months. Sales increased by 0.1 percent last month – a small improvement, but a good sign still. Year-over-year, this makes for a 3.9 percent increase.

The retail industry, much like the housing market, can be a huge indicator for how well the economy is recovering. In this case, as the retail industry continues to make improvements, albeit small, it suggests that more people are comfortable with their finances, and spending a little extra money on retail.

It’s no secret that in times of financial crisis, shopping is put on the back burner and reserved for special occasions. But whether it’s on a car, a new pair of jeans, or a flat screen TV for your living room, when consumers start spending more money, it’s clear there is a healthier cash flow in our economy.

In Northern Virginia, consumers are going to look to one place for their shopping needs: One Loudoun, of course! One Loudoun is the most convenient shopping scene in the state and will soon be buzzing with tons of new and trendy shops. Residents and visitors alike will love spending their days shopping and walking around this new hotspot. The Alamo Drafthouse, the newly built homes, and the up-and-coming restaurants already draw so many consumers to the community, and by adding more shops and diversity to our streets, the draw will only grow bigger.

For future retailers, this means that One Loudoun is the best place to open or relocate your store. As more people move into One Loudoun and the economy improves, there will be more customers who want to shop, walk around, and explore the new downtown. And you can bet they’ll visit your store too.

Residents of One Loudoun will be happy to walk to their favorite stores every day, and you’ll be happy to see your customer base growing. Moving into our community is an opportunity of a lifetime and will help solidify your shop as a One Loudoun staple! With how well the economy and retail sector are improving, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible shot at success.

Source: The National Retail Federation

What Can Retail Learn From Restaurants


It seems odd to think that the retail industry benefits from the restaurant scene.  But, both industries have a lot more in common than what meets the eye. They depend on each other greatly for their success and business by working together to keep consumers engaged and interested.  One Loudoun is a hotspot for both types of merchants, and our location will provide the best possible environment for stores and restaurant to grow.

In fact, there are even a few restaurant practices that could be applied to the retail industry.  Here’s what retailers can learn from their close counterparts:

Employee Training

This might seem like a tactic that’s exclusive to restaurants, but it can benefit shops and boutiques as well.  Restaurant employees are trained to memorize menus, take orders, and politely deal with disruptive customers. Why should retail be any different? Sure, employees might not be taking food orders, but their focus should be the same: Make the customer comfortable and happy.  Training employees how to greet, interact, and close sales with customers will improve overall profit and build a strong reputation.  Training staff to be more efficient also helps storeowners to operate their business smoothly, which can only benefit the store, employees, and shoppers even more.

Focus on Customer Experience

Ultimately, training employees will help to redirect the focus back to the customers.  Many restaurants have completely revamped their image by making customer service their number one priority. Refocusing on the experience of the consumer, rather than just turning a profit, will improve revenue in the long term.  When the customer is happy, they will most likely want to come back to re-live their first enjoyable experience.  And, if they’re happy, they will be buying more and spreading the word about your store with their peers.

Both ‘employee training’ and ‘focusing on customer experience’ funnel into maintaining good hospitality.  This will always help to bring in returning customers. Shoppers are willing to pay a higher price if it means a better shopping experience.

By combining restaurants and shops, as well as homes, One Loudoun will provide the best possible shopping and dining experience for customers.  Visitors will be engaged and entertained, providing a good overall experience. There’s no doubt that everyone will quickly fall in love with the One Loudoun shopping and dining scene and become returning visitors!

Source:  QSR Web-