retail at one loudoun

Retail Trends in 2014

Like we’ve written about again and again, the retail industry is constantly changing.  There are so many ways retailers can utilize current trends to benefit their stores – the possible growth and success is limitless!  Here are a few trends we think will be prevalent in the new year, redefining retailers’ and consumers’ behaviors alike. 

Buying Local:

Buying local is an idea that’s been around for a while but is now starting to gain more momentum.  Good thing our community is ahead of the curve – The Fresh Market at One Loudoun prides itself on its use of local farmers and supplies.  After all, one of One Loudoun’s new urbanism ideals is about maintaining sustainability.  And, a way to create a sustainable living environment is to use and support local vendors.  Retailers that integrate local shopping resources into their campaigns and onto their shelves are always welcome at One Loudoun!  Best of all, residents in the community will seek these local outlets and continue the cycle. 

Stronger Relationships:

In 2014, retailers are going to find even more ways to connect with their audiences.  Customizing the shopping experience can be difficult – especially with hundreds of shoppers walking by daily. However in One Loudoun, the closeness of our community will make it easier to be friends, and neighbors, with shoppers.  In fact, they may very well be actual neighbors, as One Loudoun supports the idea of living and working in the same development. This will help to foster stronger consumer-retailer relationships, making everyone’s shopping experience better.

Social Media

This year, we also expect to see social media playing an even bigger role in retail.  It’s an excellent way to strengthen consumer relations by providing a platform to push out information. Best of all, social media allows retailers of all sizes to speak directly with their audience, and engage with them to better serve their audience. They can inform them of up coming deals, new products, and events.  At One Loudoun, current retailers utilize social media to speak with their customers and in the future, we hope our new retailers do the same! 

Utilizing Technology

If you couldn’t tell from our Inaugural Tree Lighting, One Loudoun certainly doesn’t shy away from technology – in fact, we embrace it, and we hope our retailers do as well.  From social media and online campaigns to mobile and tablet presences, retailers will be able to greatly benefit by utilizing the technologies available to them. This dedication will certainly resonate with consumers!

With all of the ways One Loudoun encourages retailers to succeed, it’s no wonder our development is set to be one of the hottest shopping destinations in Northern Virginia.  With reports indicating 2014 will be a great year for retail, this is an ideal time to open a store location in our community.  Retailers of any size will find a perfect fit in our available commercial spaces – but hurry! A deal this great won’t last for very long!






The Importance of 'Good Chemistry' in a Mixed-Use Community

When speaking of relationships, having good chemistry with someone is defined as sharing a special connection, or feeling as though they ‘click’. But, having good chemistry is more than getting along well with people.  In fact, it can easily be applied to businesses, restaurants, and communities alike.  In a mixed-use community like One Loudoun, having this chemistry between different components is imperative. And when a community is in complete harmony, it shows in a big way. 

One Loudoun is a one-of-a-kind development.  We’ve achieved the synchronization of homeowners, retailers, businesses, restaurants, and recreation that is so sought after in any new community.  In many ways, One Loudoun is like a living, breathing unit, buzzing with things to do and people to see.  As you can imagine, every factor impacts another in some way, and having positive interaction between these moving parts will ultimately bring success to the community.

One of the crucial components to a mixed-use community is retail.  Like we’ve mentioned before in Retail’s Importance in Mixed-Use Communities, retail is part of what makes a mixed-use community ‘mixed-use’. Retail stores, with the addition of eateries and entertainment venues, will continue to bring in revenue and engage customers. As a storeowner, One Loudoun couldn’t be a better place to grow as a business.

Not only do sections of our community ‘click’ with the each other, but people share a connection with One Loudoun as well.  Something about our development just feels right.  Residents can walk to the office in the morning, grab a bite to eat at any of our new restaurants during their lunch hour, head over to their son’s soccer game after work, and walk back home in time for dinner.  Many don’t even realize just how much time they’ve spent driving to and from places until they move to our community.  

One Loudoun is the complete package, and includes absolutely everything homeowners would want in one development. Our community is about creating, and fostering, good chemistry between the commercial and residential spaces, and we couldn’t have achieved this relationship any better. Having all of the components flawlessly working together makes living in One Loudoun easy and fun. With new homes, office space, and a lively downtown scene, One Loudoun is one of the hottest communities in Northern Virginia. It’s no wonder why people love it here so much!

Silver Line Will Bring Even More to One Loudoun

Construction on the second phase of the Silver Line, connecting Washington D.C. to Dulles International Airport, is set to be completed by 2018. This is promising news for retailers in One Loudoun, as it will be a new channel of transportation to their businesses for shoppers and diners alike.

To make One Loudoun even more accessible to shoppers and visitors, new bus routes are planned to connect metro stops with stores and restaurants. Not only does this provide more options when traveling, but it also promotes green transportation, a principle of new urbanism.

With the addition of the Silver Line to our area, there’s no doubt that One Loudoun will become one of the best shopping destinations in Northern Virginia. The new line will bring shoppers in from all over the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, and make it easy for them to visit again and again. And, aside from visiting shoppers, there will be an abundance of regular shoppers who live in the surrounding community.

For retailers, this is a great opportunity to jump in and establish your business in our community. There couldn’t be a better place to open up shop: with our convenient location and new urbanism ideals, combined with the expected masses of shoppers, businesses are primed for growth and success!

One Loudoun is truly nestled in the perfect location; with route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway right next to our development, getting to and from Loudoun’s new downtown is a breeze. But believe us, once visitors set foot in our mixed-use community, they won’t want to leave! We wouldn’t be surprised if some visitors like it here so much, they decide to move into one our beautiful new homes!

After all, nothing could be better than living so close to all of the fun. With shops, restaurants, office space, and entertainment all within walking distance of homes, living here is everything you’d imagine it to be. Living an active and fulfilling lifestyle is so incredibly easy in One Loudoun!

The Revolution of the Retail Industry

It seems like everything about the retail industry has changed in the past 10 years.  The methods of advertisement, the display of products, and even the ways to interact with consumers – it can be a challenge to keep up!  But maybe it’s not so much about how the retail industry has changed, but more how the behaviors of the consumers have evolved. 

With the emergence of smart phones, nifty shopping apps, and advancing technology, storeowners must work to stay relevant to their target consumers. Online shopping has now made it more difficult than ever to bring shoppers into a store. That’s why owners have shifted their focus on the overall experience of the consumer.  Shopping is a form of entertainment – shoppers want to stroll into a shop, browse, and take their time when considering a purchase.

This is exactly why One Loudoun is the best place to open up a store – clothing, specialty, gift, tech, or any other.  People will come here to have fun and be entertained through shopping, dining, and other activities.  There are so many venues of entertainment in our neighborhood, but the draw of retail is unprecedented.  This draw will bring in shoppers from all over the state and beyond. Store owners will also find they have a huge constant, and local, customer base within walking distance of their storefront.

Shoppers will come to stroll the streets of our new downtown on a Saturday morning to enjoy time with friends and family. Those who live here will love the convenience of having their favorite shops right down the road and visitors will love to see a huge selection of shops. Many will become return visitors, coming back again and again to shop for everything they might need. 

Shoppers are bound to have a good shopping experience in One Loudoun, which will only benefit shoppers and retailers alike.  When choosing a location to open a business, storeowners face many challenges.  The risk that there won’t be enough of a draw being one of them.  At One Loudoun, this will never be a concern for our storeowners.  This is truly the best place to open up your new shop.