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Eddie Merlot’s to Open in February at One Loudoun

Eddie Merlot’s is COMING SOON to One Loudoun! This unique restaurant will bring a contemporary yet elegant dining experience to One Loudoun, while serving up their prime aged beef and seafood and extensive wine list.

Eddie Merlot’s is set to open at One Loudoun in February of 2017, but in the mean time, learn more on this amazing restaurant here: Ashburn Patch: Eddie Merlot’s One Loudoun Location Set to Open in February


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Experience One Loudoun: PIND

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try in One Loudoun, look no further than PIND – the best Indian restaurant around! When PIND opened in the Spring of 2015, we could not have been more excited to introduce our fellow Loudouners to the flavors of traditional Indian cuisine. This local hot spot is a favorite among the residents of One Loudoun, so we sent a few first-timers to experience PIND with fresh eyes (and taste buds); here is their experience!




When you walk into PIND, you are overcome with the unmistakably sweet aromas of the spices and flavors found in Indian food. Near the entrance to the restaurant is fully stocked bar area that leads into the dining room with tables and booths. The restaurant’s décor is tasteful and simple, with large colorful canvases lining the walls and eclectic glass chandeliers hanging from the highest point of the ceiling.



At first glance, the lunch menu was overwhelming (to say the least). If you are not familiar with typical Indian dishes, you may not recognize anything, but the descriptions definitely help. It also came in handy that our server was very knowledgeable about each item and was happy to help when he noticed we were having trouble deciding.

The lunch menu is divided into appetizers, entrees, specialties, and beverages, which all have a large variety to choose from. The menu incorporates chicken, seafood, lamb, and an array of vegetarian dishes, including paneer, which is a fresh cheese that often takes the place of meat in traditional Indian dishes.


We asked what the most popular appetizer was, and our server told us that the Lasooni Gobhi is definitely the best choice. This dish consisted of crispy cauliflower florets tossed in a tomato/garlic glaze, and was absolutely delicious! The cauliflower, while glazed on the outside, managed to stay crispy on the inside for a nice crunch.


Even more difficult than ordering our appetizer was ordering our entrees, because there are so many great options! Again, putting our trust in the hands of our very helpful server, we asked him what we should try as it was our first time visiting PIND. After asking about our likes and dislikes, he suggested the Butter Chicken and the Seafood Goan Curry dishes. We took a leap and ordered his recommendations, and boy, are we glad we did!

One thing you wouldn’t know about ordering these lunch entrees at PIND is that you get a lot more food than just the main dish! To start, you get to choose between a soup and salad, but we both opted for the salad since it sounded very refreshing.


Out came our salads, and you can imagine our surprise and delight when there were no leafy greens. Contrary to the salads that we are used to, this salad was mostly cucumber, with some tomato, red onion, herbs, and an amazing spicy lemon dressing!


When our main dishes came out (keep in mind, we ordered two), there were five dishes brought to our table! Yes, five dishes! The Butter Chicken, Shrimp Goan Curry, and the Chef’s side dish of the day (potatoes) all came in bowls and were smothered in an array of brightly colored sauces. The other two dishes, Naan and basmati rice, also come with any lunch entrée on this menu.


If you have not had Naan before, it is a delicious buttery oven baked flat bread that compliments Indian food amazingly! The basmati rice is also very necessary to build your plate with the ingredients of your choice. In our opinion, the more you mix everything together, the better it tastes!


The butter chicken was served in a mahkni sauce, which is a sweeter butter and tomato based cream sauce, while the huge shrimp were served in a savory, yet sweet, spiced coconut sauce. Sampling a bit of everything on our plates was the way to go and we piled everything on!


After we ate as much of the delicious food as we could, we were brought two small bowls of coconut pudding. They were not too sweet and had actual shreds of coconut inside – a perfect cherry on top of a fantastic meal. We also noticed the silverware we used were from Fortessa, another business joining the One Loudoun family very soon!



Overall, PIND was an amazing restaurant to dine at! The service was fast and friendly, and the food was to die for! This restaurant is perfect for a group of people to share, since all of the items come separate and you can build your plate as you want. Needless to say, us first-timers will definitely be back to this hidden gem at One Loudoun!


Experience One Loudoun: Copperwood Tavern

Finally the time is here that we have all been waiting for: Copperwood Tavern is now open at One Loudoun! Copperwood Tavern is a one of a kind farm-to-table restaurant that is well loved among residents of NoVA (the original and only other location is in Shirlington, VA). Within only a few days of the restaurant opening, we knew we had to try it!


As we walked up to the restaurant, we couldn’t help but admire the exceptionally large patio area! Since it was a dreary day outside, we didn’t want to test Mother Nature, so we opted for a table inside. 

As soon as we walked in, we realized that Copperwood Tavern couldn’t be a better place to have lunch on a rainy day! The interior of CT is very cozy and looks like the inside of a log cabin – the perfect place to warm up and enjoy a great meal this fall. 

The restaurant is complete with flannel-lined booths and log cabin-esque décor, and wouldn’t be a true tavern without a huge stone fireplace and taxidermy deer head mounted above it. With a nod to the restaurant’s name, “copper” is abundant throughout the restaurant, from the pipes on the wall to the water pitchers, and “wood” makes up the walls, tables, and chairs. 


Immediately after we sat down, we were presented with the cutest little tin bucket of popcorn. Be warned: after the first bite, you will realize that you may not be able to stop eating it. This stuff is seriously addicting and perfectly coated with butter and a special barbecue seasoning.


As our server promptly greeted us, she made sure to let us know that every item on the menu at CT is organic and farm-to-table. Later, we would find out that this really makes a difference in the taste and quality of the food. If you check out their website at, they even list the local farms where they get all of their fresh produce, seafood, and meat. 

Lunch recommendations from our server:

·      Apps: Fried Brussel Sprouts, Fried Green Tomatoes

·      Soup/Salad: Sweet Yellow Corn Soup, Farmer’s Salad

·      Sandwiches: Grilled Rosemary Chicken, Slow Roasted Pork Belly Sandwich

·      Entrée: Brown Ale Butter Chicken

·      Dessert: Cast Iron S’mores Dip


What we ordered:

·      Fried green tomatoes – as someone who has never even had green tomatoes, I wondered if I had been living under a rock because these were amazing. Sliced, fried, salted, and served with a lemon-basil aioli, I could have been content with just these for my meal.

·      BALT sandwich – Of course, BALT stands for bacon, avocado, lettuce, and in this case, more fried green tomato, with smoked tomato-chipotle aioli. This sandwich looked so good, we had to pick it up to show all of the layers. And it was very, very good. 

·       Grilled rosemary chicken sandwich – The menu says, “Rosemary marinated chicken topped with smoked Gouda cheese, bib lettuce, maple mustard, bacon and tomato,” but it should say “the most succulent chicken sandwich you’ve ever had.”



Copperwood Tavern also serves Brunch on the weekends from 9am-4pm, which is one of the longest running brunches we have heard of – perfect for avid brunchers. On more than one occasion, we’ve been told that the duck hash is the way to go for brunch. If you wander into CT for dinner, you will see that their dinner menu has a large selection of entrée options including locally sourced seafood and meat.


As you can see in the photo above, Copperwood Tavern also has a huge bar area, with a large lineup of bourbons and local draft beers that lend a hand to the cabin-like feel. Additionally, the actual drink menu is a long list of handcrafted cocktails, bourbon, beer, wine, and moonshine; yes, moonshine. We couldn’t decide on a beer, so our server was kind enough to bring samples of a few! Other cool things that you need to know about CT include their Dog of the Month contest and $1 Oyster Hour from 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday.


Our recommendation: Go to Copperwood Tavern for a great meal, drink, or both! Make your reservations now at

Experience One Loudoun: b One Loudoun

“Burgers, Beer, Bourbon” is the tagline of b One Loudoun, one of the community’s amazing restaurants that opened its doors just this past January. What began as the simple idea of eating a quality burger while enjoying your favorite beer or bourbon and good company, eventually turned into b Restaurants. After visiting farms high and low to find out the secret to a perfect burger, the first location opened in Connecticut in 2006, coincidentally in the same state where the hamburger originated.


Walking into b One Loudoun, you immediately get the feel of a restaurant inspired by bourbon itself. The comfortable atmosphere is a mix of modern and rustic, with warm woods, exposed brick, and red and auburn colored décor in addition to some amazing light fixtures.binterior

At b One Loudoun, a first glance of the menu caused a slight panic of “how can I choose?” With the help of recommendations from a few friends and our server’s knowledge of the popular dishes, we were able to finally make some decisions while chowing down on some pickles (made in house).bpickles

For a starter, we ordered the pretzels and house-made sausages served with honey mustard and jalapeno cheese sauce. It took only one bite of the sausage to recognize how fresh and well seasoned it was! The pretzels were perfectly baked as well and the jalapeno cheese dip was a great complement.


Next it was time to order our main dishes (which we had the hardest time doing). When we say this establishment has nailed the meaning of a quality burger, we mean they use beef that is ground in house 2-3 times daily, hand formed, American and source verified, and always fresh (never frozen). Additionally, other ingredients are sourced from local farms and markets, while the pork and chicken are also fresh and ground in-house.

If you’re not into burgers, we forgive you, but there are also a plethora of non-beef burger options to choose from and the menu is very friendly to those who are gluten-free. Many appetizers are gluten-free and options include a GF burger bun or having your burger served “in the grass” (atop iceberg lettuce).


Since we wanted to try a few different things, we decided on the Pretzel burger with fancy fries and the Burger Salad. The pretzel burger was cooked to perfection and oh so fresh! The pretzel bun was a fantastic addition and an option to add to any burger, although we have heard their regular buns are amazingly buttery and delicious too. The thing we loved most about this burger (and all of them on the menu) is that it was not overly decorated with toppings, which is ideal for tasting all of those delicious flavors from the fresh beef.

The burger salad is best described as a deconstructed burger: iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar, red onion, a ring of pickles, and oh yes, French fries (you can also get tater tots). This salad is tossed in their “special sauce” and topped with a cheeseburger and frizzled onions. The salad was so good, we have seriously considered eating our burgers in salad form from now on!



After our delicious meal, we headed over to check out the bar, which is fully stocked with pretty much any kind of bourbon you could ever want. There are so many on hand, they need the entire wall to house them all and a ladder to reach the top shelf. The horseshoe shaped bar allows for plenty of seating and there are also high-top tables for overflow. As seen below, there are 14 beer taps, and over 60 bottled and canned beers, with many local favorites available!


Ask anyone who has been to b One Loudoun, and they will tell you that the bourbon and beer lists offer an excellent selection and the burgers are fresh and tasty. So there you have it: burgers, beer, and bourbon served harmoniously together only at b One Loudoun! For more information on all of the restaurants at One Loudoun, visit our website at



Experience One Loudoun: Hail & Hog

Football and food lovers unite! Hail & Hog Kitchen and Tap, a Washington Redskins themed restaurant and bar, is now open at One Loudoun!

When you think of a “sports” themed restaurant, you may think of a rowdy sports bar, which upon even first glance Hail & Hog proved they are not. The exterior is elegantly designed, with bright gold walls and burgundy signs that both exude class and make clear which team this restaurant supports.




The restaurant provides a fine-dining experience while also tastefully displaying sports memorabilia and artwork focused on Redskins football past and present. Directly inside the doors is a large wrap around bar that boasts a majority of the 20+ big screen TVs in the restaurant’s first level. Behind the bar is a large dining area with big booths and spacious individual tables.

We decided to visit Hail & Hog for the first time on a weekday afternoon for lunch. The restaurant was not overly crowded, but was very lively for the middle of the week. We sat inside because the wind was whipping that day, but you do have the option to sit outside on both levels!


The menu has many options that are ideal for both a lunch and a dinner, including “First Bites”, Greens, Burgers & Sandwiches, and “Plates”. While browsing the menu, you will notice cleverly named dishes such as “Redskin Potatoes” and the “Hail Caesar Salad”, which gave us a good laugh.


Since we had never been to Hail & Hog before, we asked our waitress for recommendations, which she was happy to give! Here are the popular favorites (so far):

  • First Bites: Spinach & Artichoke Dip, East Coast Calamari, Chesapeake Bay Pretzels
  • Greens: Cedar Salmon Salad, Tenderloin Steak Salad
  • Sandwiches: Burger 32”, BBQ Pulled Pork, French Beef Sirloin Dip

When it came time to order we chose the Chesapeake Bay Pretzels to start, which proved to be an excellent idea. The dish consisted of soft pretzel sticks topped with Blue Crab, cheese, and spices served with béchamel sauce and a grilled lemon half. Take it from a seasoned crab consumer: this was a very tasty treat!


For our main dishes, we went with the Grown-Up Grilled Cheese and the Burger ’32.


Dare we say it, but this may be the best grilled cheese we have ever tasted! The dual layers of fontina and cheddar cheese blended well and were complemented perfectly by thick, crispy pieces of bacon. The sun-dried tomato aioli adds wonderful flavor to the sandwich. The grilled cheese is paired with fries that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, definitely a winning combination in my book!


This burger was impressive from first glance, towering higher than most, but there is much more to this burger than its remarkable appearance; what really makes the burger shine is the amazing quality of ingredients (see above: thick bacon, perfectly toasted bun, juicy burger patty, etc.). The blend of short rib and ground chuck was cooked flawlessly and topped with cheddar, bacon, and housemade pickles. Needless to say this burger is a dish we will be ordering again!

Although The Roof at Hail & Hog is only open during certain hours (Sun-Thurs: 4pm-12am & Fri-Sat: 4pm-1am), our server recommended we go upstairs and take a look. To say we were not disappointed would be an understatement!



The “Roof” of Hail & Hog function as a high-end sports bar and is sure to attract large crowds on weekends, especially during football season, but what really grabbed our attention was the large patio! During warm months, the bar opens up to both the inside and outside for a blended indoor/outdoor feel. With great views of The Plaza at One Loudoun, it is sure to be the new hot spot in downtown Loudoun County!


If you’re wondering about even more nods to the football team that inspired it all, take a walk down the timeline hallway on the second floor of the restaurant — we could definitely get lost in there for a bit. Other Redskin’s memorabilia seen throughout the building include framed contracts, helmets, and even life-sized murals of famed players.



Major takeaways:

  • The staff are very friendly and willing to go above and beyond
  • The food is amazing and catered to the local scene

Next time you are out for lunch, want to catch the game, or just want an awesome dining experience, stop by Hail & Hog at One Loudoun! For more information about everything here at One Loudoun, visit our website here!

Tastes from Around the World—Only at One Loudoun’s Restaurant Row!

One Loudoun’s new Restaurant Row is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, offering a sophisticated selection of delicious cuisine from around the world. On Restaurant Row, you have the unique opportunity to experience culinary delights and culture from all around the globe—from America, Mexico and South Africa, to Italy, India, Thailand and even the Mediterranean. With the eclectic mix of restaurants and dining options here at One Loudoun, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Whether you’re looking for gourmet, homestyle or pub style, there’s truly no end to the culinary experiences available here at One Loudoun. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn a little more about the diverse collection of restaurants at One Loudoun’s Restaurant Row, offering tastes from around the world:


Restaurant Row is home to European-inspired restaurants, including Zoes Kitchen and Spinfire, . Zoes Kitchen offers a fresh, mediterranean-style menu with original recipes and fresh ingredients you’re sure to love, while Italian-inspired Spinfire Pizza offers custom, made-to-order pizzas and salads in just 90 seconds!


Furthermore, One Loudoun’s  Restaurant Row includes a selection of vibrant, authentic restaurants with Asian-inspired dishes—hailing from India, Thailand, Japan and beyond. Sense of Thai and the coming soon Pho Royal, offer fun and tasty, yet authentic cuisine from their country of origin, which effortlessly reflect the culture or “sense” of Thailand and Vietnam respectively, in each and every bite. Alternatively, PIND offers a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes with a modern flair you’re sure to love, while OKANDA Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is home to a delicious offering of fresh sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine, paired with a unique selection of cocktails.

South Africa

Looking for a sensational flame-grilled dish? Why not stop by the South African-Portuguese restaurant Nando’s Peri-Peri for some of their legendary flame-grilled, Peruvian-style chicken? It’s sure to satisfy your tastebuds!

The Americas

One Loudoun is also home to a number of signature, American restaurants—  Modern diners like Family Meal are intertwined with brilliant American bistros such as Matchbox Restaurant and local legends like Bar Louie. Gourmet gastropubs like B Loudoun, featuring Beer, Burgers and Bourbon, along with famed farm to table restaurants like Copperwood Tavern, are both coming soon to One Loudoun. In addition to Restaurant Row’s extensive offering of American-inspired restaurants, bars and taverns, One Loudoun is also home to Texas legend Uncle Julio’s, a Tex-Max restaurant, offering delicious border-style Mexican dishes made from scratch with nothing but the freshest ingredients. This unique gathering is complemented by casual dining spots, including sensational sub shops like Firehouse Subs, and goodness on the go, Elevation Burger.

Last but certainly not least—if you’re looking to sample the best beers from around the world, check out one of Restaurant Row’s world-renowned trademark taverns coming soon to Loudoun’s New Downtown—World of Beer. This local legend is home to over 500 beers from around the world, in addition to the 50+ craft beers offered on tap.

We think you’ll agree—One Loudoun’s Restaurant Row is truly beyond compare! Whether you’re looking for a new week-day watering hole, happy hour hotspot, family-friendly pizza bistro or just a quick bite to eat—Restaurant Row has the perfect place for you.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to One Loudoun to experience sensational cuisine from around the world at Restaurant Row. Tour Restaurant Row and experience the culture & cuisine of the world today, tomorrow and beyond—offered exclusively in Loudoun’s New Downtown!

5 Bars, Bistros & Taverns Coming Soon to One Loudoun

There are a number of new restaurants on their way to our vibrant mixed-use community, in addition to the already extensive list of retail stores at One Loudoun. With construction underway and the community already abuzz—we simply cannot wait for these new additions to the One Loudoun family! Read on to learn a little about a few of the bars, bistros and taverns making their way to One Loudoun over the next year:

Copperwood Tavern: Copperwood Tavern is a cabin-style farm to table restaurant, with a delicious menu full of dishes with only the best fresh, local ingredients. There’s no question that Copperwood Tavern’s Oyster Hour, which features $1 oysters (every Monday-Friday from 4:00pm-7:00pm) is nothing short of legendary. This local legend was recently featured on Northern Virginia Magazine’s list of the Best 50 Restaurant of 2014, and we cannot wait for them to join the One Loudoun family! For more, check out Copperwood Tavern on Facebook or visit their website.

Matchbox Restaurant: Matchbox Restaurant is a casual American bistro restaurant, known for their award-winning fire brick oven pizza and American Bistro-Inspired Menu. The weekend brunches at Matchbox are always packed, and their weekday happy hours (Monday-Friday, 3:00pm-6:00pm) are always a crowd favorite, with Happy Hour Menu a featuring $5 drafts, $6 wine and $7 cocktails. Matchbox’s Drink Menu features a rotating selection of craft beers and an eclectic, value-driven wine list you’re sure to love! For more on Matchbox, visit their website, or check them out on Facebook.

Plan B Burger: Plan B Burger is a new-American restaurant, proudly offering the Washington D.C. area “Good Booze and Great Burgers”. Plan B Burger offers quality beer, burgers, bourbon and beer, without compromising on style and fun—just check out their Happy Hour Menu and you’ll surely agree! Plan B’s weekday happy hour specials (Monday-Friday, 3:00pm-6:00 pm) always feature a bourbon nip of the week, along with an array of house wines, mini burgers, southern sliders and more! To learn more about this delicious, one-of-a-kind restaurant, visit their website, check them out on Facebook and follow Plan B Burger on Twitter to keep up on the latest specials offered in DC!

Pho Royal: Pho Royal is a Vietnamese noodle restaurant, offering a wide variety of delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a warm, contemporary atmosphere. Pho Royal offers the best Vietnamese noodles in the Leesburg, VA area—and we can’t wait for them to join us here at One Loudoun! For more about Pho Royal, check out their menu, or visit their website.

World of Beer: World of Beer (WOB) truly lives up to their name—offering over 500 varieties of beer, and an additional 50 craft beers on tap! World of Beer’s infamous collection of microbrew and craft beers pair perfectly with their delicious selection of tavern-style dishes and late night snacks to create the ultimate craft tavern experience. In addition to their trademark BEERunch, World of Beer also offer a number of happy hour specials, including:

  • Sunday (All Day): $3 Mimosas & 1/2 off all wine and champagne bottles
  • Monday (3-7pm): $1 off all drafts & 1/2 off all wine and champagne bottles
  • Tuesday (3-9pm): $1 off all drafts (3-7pm) & $1 off all Dog-Related Beers (6-9pm)
  • Wednesday (3-9pm): $1 off all drafts (3-7pm) & 25% off all Drafts for “WOB U” (7-9pm)
  • Thursday (3-9pm): $1 off all drafts (3-7pm) & Ladies Night—25% off all Drafts, Wines & Siders (7-9pm)
  • Friday (5-7pm): $1 off all drafts

We think you’ll agree, World of Beer is sure to be a hit here at One Loudoun! For more on World of Beer, visit World of Beer on Facebook and check the Find a Beer page of the World of Beer website to discover WOB’s extensive selection of microbrew and craft beers.

One Loudoun Introduces Eddie Merlot’s Prime Aged Beef And Seafood Restaurant: A Fine Dining Experience Set to Open Fall 2015

Ashburn, Virginia, February 4, 2015 One Loudoun is proud to introduce Eddie Merlot’s, a premier steakhouse known for high-end service, hand-cut prime beef, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine selection.

The addition of the popular “white tablecloth” restaurant will be the first fine-dining concept for One Loudoun and first location in the Washington, D.C. market. The Platinum Restaurant Group, based in Fort Wayne, Ind., opened Eddie Merlot’s in 2001 and has since expanded the restaurant series to Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Set to open fall 2015, the 11,000 square-foot restaurant has a reputation for its unique tableside service with Chateaubriand and Bananas Foster. Dish options will include a

7- or 10-ounce prime-cut filet mignon, aged 21 days, a 14-ounce Prime New York Strip, a 20-ounce bone-in Bison rib-eye, and a 32-ounce Wagyu Tomahawk rib-eye.

The renowned steakhouse is named after founder and wine connoisseur Bill Humphries’s nickname and prides itself on delivering exceptional service and an unparalleled atmosphere. The new One Loudoun location will follow suit, featuring valet parking, warm décor, and an extensive wine list.

“We’re thrilled to welcome one of America’s premier steakhouses to One Loudoun,” said Bill May, Vice President of Miller & Smith and Managing Director of One Loudoun. “Eddie Merlot’s offers one-of-a-kind service and world-class facilities that will fulfill the increasing desire for high-end restaurant options and exceptional dining experiences in Loudoun County.”

Eddie Merlot’s is joining the growing slate of new One Loudoun restaurant options including: Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal, Matchbox, Redskins Grille, Okada Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Pind Modern Indian Cuisine, Sense of Thai St., and the highly-anticipated 10,000 square-foot Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande, to create the best dining destination in Loudoun County.

To learn more about One Loudoun visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

About One Loudoun:

One Loudoun is a premier 358-acre omni-use, masterplanned community in Loudoun County, Virginia, that will feature 1,040 homes, 702,000 square feet of retail including fine dining, upscale shopping and movie theater, a luxury hotel, nearly three million square feet of office space, a clubhouse with pool and an amphitheater – all surrounded by approximately 150 acres of public land with miles of walking trails. One Loudoun’s mixed-use Downtown district opened in spring 2013 and continues to add new tenants.

Media Contact:

Julie Miner Dillon | Miller & Smith Stephanie Orton Lynch | Delucchi Plus

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When you walk into World of Beer…it’s important to us that you to feel at home. It’s about the complete experience. Find great conversation, drink the best craft beers, over 50 on tap and 525 plus craft beers from all over the world, fine wines and craft spirits, including great local representation, hear good music, enjoy great tavern fare for lunch, dinner and all day long and cheer on your favorite sports team. It’s where nothing but good things happen. This place is your neighborhood, and we’re happy to bring so many great people together, day after day. So kick back, get comfortable and enjoy your favorite brew. Everyone’s welcome…and you never know who you might meet!

Visit for more information.