one loudoun contest

The Story Behind Our New Look & #TheONEThingYouNeed Contest

If you frequent our website or any of our social media profiles, you may have noticed some changes in the past few months. Along with new photos and a new tagline, we have incorporated hashtags to create a campaign that mirrors real life experiences that happen right here at One Loudoun! As a highly engaged community, we love the feedback we get on social media, so we have used YOU as our inspiration for the new campaign.

Recently voted as “The Place to Be Seen” by the Loudoun Times Mirror, we are honored that patrons choose to spend their time here. We truly appreciate all of your comments, responses, and opinions, and are excited to continue growing as the ONE thing you need!



We had so much fun creating hashtags for the new campaign that we thought, who better to hear from than the people who know One Loudoun best – YOU! So, we decided to create a contest that will celebrate our fans and show how much we love to engage with them.

During our #TheONEThingYouNeed Contest, a new photo will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every Monday. When a photo is posted, we invite our followers to comment on the photo with an original hashtag describing or relating to the photo. On the Friday of each week that a photo is posted, our team will choose a winner to receive a special prize. At the end of the entire contest run, all  winners will be entered to win a Grand Prize.

Please read all of the rules below before participating to make sure your entry is valid!

  1. An individual user can only post one hashtag per contest post, per platform.
  2. Limit of one hashtag win per participant.
  3. For an entry to be considered to win, the user must “like” or be following One Loudoun’s profile on the platform where the entry is submitted.
  4. At the end of each 5-day timeframe after a contest photo is posted, winners will be notified via the platform where their entry was submitted.
  5. At the end of the entire contest run, a Grand Prize winner will be notified via the platform in which their previous winning entry was submitted.
  6. Any inappropriate or offensive hashtags will be deleted from the comments of the post. Additionally, the user’s activity may be reported or banned from One Loudoun social media platforms.
  7. Submitted hashtags are subject to use by One Loudoun for future branding and advertising purposes.

Keep an eye out for posts going up across our social media profiles, and make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!