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12 Characteristics of an Amazing Community

The greatness of a community cannot truly be measured by anything but how much residents love living there! With that being said, what we can do is pinpoint a few things that are common signs of a great community, with the help of a list curated by As they state in this article, “You’re not just buying or renting a home – you are also becoming part of a neighborhood.” Take a look below to discover how everything on their list can be found here at One Loudoun!

Great Schools: The Loudoun County School District has been recognized as one of the top in Virginia, the 3rd best according to Living in One Loudoun guarantees that your children are given exceptional opportunities to learn and thrive in the classroom.

Neighborhood Association: A neighborhood association makes life for residents so much easier by organizing conveniences that would otherwise become a headache. To learn more about the One Loudoun Neighborhood Association, visit

Safety and security: As a close-knit neighborhood and community, we strive to provide safety and security on a regular basis for you and your family. Additionally, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is currently being built right here at One Loudoun.


Outdoor amenities: There are many outdoor amenities available to residents of One Loudoun, just within walking distance of your home! Some of the favorite amenities include Central Park, The Plaza, nature trails, and the pool, playground, tennis courts, volleyball court and more at The Club at One Loudoun.

History: The history of Ashburn, VA is reflected by the unique landscape and historic wonders surrounding One Loudoun. Our community amphitheater, The Barn at One Loudoun, is also a historic building, dating back to the 1800’s when it belonged to Mr. Charles Harris. Harris was one of the first African-Americans to own land in the area and often hosted gatherings on his properties, which is now reflected in the gatherings hosted at The Barn.


Access to care: Our community is centrally located near all types of businesses offering health and wellness care. One Loudoun is home to My Eye Dr., Kravitz Orthodontics, Ashburn Oral Surgery, Advanced Corrective Chiropractic, Loudoun Smile Center, and Pediatric Dentistry of One Loudoun. We are also located less than 3 miles from the nearest hospital.

Family friendly: With areas specially designed for families in mind, what better place to raise your family? Across the One Loudoun community, there are multiple playgrounds, parks, and even The Plaza has a fountain perfect for the kids to play in during the warm months. We even have our own elementary school!

Public transportation: Since One Loudoun is in close proximity to Dulles International Airport and other conveniences of Northern VA, public transportation is key. To learn more about the transportation systems in Loudoun County, click here.

Restaurants and shopping: One Loudoun is Loudoun County’s premier destination for dining and shopping! The community is continuously welcoming more shopping and dining options to our repertoire, with more coming soon, like Eddie Merlot’s, Fortessa Tableware Solutions, and Boho Nation!


Nightlife and entertainment: There is never a shortage of fun things to do here at One Loudoun! From year-round community and neighborhood events, to the Alamo Drafthouse and other trendy bar/restaurants like Bar Louie, your day from sun up to sun down is sure to be anything but boring!

Walkability: See for yourself on our interactive site plan: you can walk everywhere in the One Loudoun community! This one of the aspects that residents love the most; you can walk from home to the store or out to dinner and not worry about driving around!

A perfect match: One Loudoun is suited to fit all types of lifestyles. Whether you are part of a young family, or looking to retire soon, there is something for everyone here in Loudoun’s New Downtown!

In case you were wondering, YES, you can purchase a brand new home right here in One Loudoun! Visit our website here to discover One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA!

6 Ways Living in a Mixed-Use Community Will Change Your Life

One Loudoun is rapidly growing as Loudoun County’s premier mixed-use community and we are now offering even more new home options for you and your family. If you are looking to purchase a new home at One Loudoun, not only will current residents tell you how great it is, but also how living here will change your life! Check out the list below for the 6 ways living in a mixed-use community will change your life.

1.    A healthier lifestyle: As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active. Features like community walkability, our very own Central Park, and even The Fitness Equation fitness center promote a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way. 

2.    Space to relax: There are many possibilities when you are looking to find your favorite place for some R&R at One Loudoun, even if it’s in your own home. Pick a favorite corner at the bar at World of Beer, discover that nice shady bench in the park, or make visiting the pool a weekly routine to get some sun. However you choose to unwind, the options are endless!

3.    Community becomes family: At One Loudoun, you are a part of the One Loudoun family! On any given day you will find neighborhood children playing in the fountain on The Plaza together or neighbors enjoying a meal at one of our amazing restaurants. With a full calendar of events at One Loudoun, including exclusive events for residents and events open to the public, there is never a shortage of places to meet your neighbors and make lifelong friends.

4.    More job opportunities: With the current and future expansion of our retail and office spaces, there are constantly new opportunities for our residents to work in their own community! One Loudoun is a mixed-use community meant to have residents live, work, dine, and play in one convenient location.

5.    Accessibility is unparalleled: Access to all of the goods and services you need on a regular basis is just steps away from your home. Imagine walking out the front door and heading straight over to Fresh Market for groceries or Flow Blow Dry and Beauty Bar for a hair styling session – all of that and more is possible here at One Loudoun! Additionally, One Loudoun is close to major roads and Dulles International airport for easy travel access anywhere. 

6.    A sense of security: Everyone knows that safety and security are both main priorities in close-knit neighborhoods such as One Loudoun. The Neighborhood Association at One Loudoun ensures that you have access to all of the necessary resources to live safely, including the Loudoun County Sheriff Station, which will soon be located right here at One Loudoun.

Needless to say all of these factors put together will bring a better quality of life for your and your family! For more information on how you can own a brand new home at One Loudoun, visit


Loudoun County One of the Fastest Growing in U.S.

Our One Loudoun community is certainly growing quickly, and according to, so is our entire county!  A recently published article highlighted 10 different counties that are the fastest growing in America. Loudoun County ranks second, posting a 7.87 percent population growth rate from 2010 to 2012. Additionally, the number of jobs has grown 83 percent over the past decade alone.  Also a notable mention, the article points out that Loudoun County is “one of the nation’s wealthiest counties.” 

One Loudoun is a great example of the healthy growth in our county.  We expertly utilize the land to incorporate everything our residents might ever need or want: a range of restaurants, a variety of retail shops, thousands of square footage of available office space, an elementary school, a grocery store, all types of entertainment, newly built homes, and so much more.  Smart-growth communities are also praised for the environmentally friendly design, conveniently planned neighborhoods, and happy and healthy residents. 

When compared to the mundane lifestyle of outdated neighborhoods, One Loudoun stands out exceptionally. With new restaurants opening soon, as well as growing anticipation for our new buildings, One Loudoun has already made name for itself in Northern Virginia as one of the best places to live.  

With our state being ranked as the best for business, and Loudoun County being recognized as one of the fastest growing in the nation, One Loudoun is a prime location for restaurateurs and retailers alike.  When organizations as reputable and respected as Forbes take notice of your region, you know it’s going to be a hot place to open a new store or restaurant.  It won’t be long before shoppers and diners take notice!

Smart-growth is the answer for people in metro areas like Washington D.C., where residents want to live in a community, but maintain a city feel and an active lifestyle.  At One Loudoun, we effortlessly keep up with our residents without losing touch with our values.  As Loudoun County continues to be praised for its achievements, the residents in One Loudoun continue to be proud of their new home! 


The Positive Impacts of Mixed-Use Communities

One Loudoun embodies all of the greatest things about mixed-use communities. As you know, communities like One Loudoun redefine urbanism by combining restaurant, entertainment, retail and office space with residential housing. This makes them an ideal place to live, work, and entertain. There are so many positive impacts that mixed-use communities have on their residents and store owners, it’s hard to imagine why one wouldn’t choose One Loudoun as their next home.

Mixed-use communities have long been praised for their efficient use of land. One Loudoun is no exception. We’ve found a way to include everything residents might need – a variety of restaurants, retail and office space, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, beautiful new homes, and a planned sportsplex, park, and baseball field – all in one community. Not only does this help to preserve land and reduce ecological footprints, but it allows more stores to move into the development and provides venues for their success.

The more stores moving into One Loudoun, the more it will add to the life and vibrancy of the area. Our community supports diversification in every form: from the types of shops and bistros right down to the design of our homes. This variety makes living and shopping here anything but mundane because stores can maintain their originality and thrive just as they are. The diversity will also bring in shoppers from all over the region, so customers aren’t limited to just those who live near by.

One Loudoun follows the ‘live where you work’ mentality. When you can live right down the street from the office, your daily commutes are much more enjoyable. Residents can save money on gas and remove one more car from Virginia roadways. James Schroll, from the Coalition for Smart Growth, says, “The focus of our future must be on mixed-use, walkable and transit-oriented communities. Only through these sustainable strategies can we manage congestion on our roads.” While this might benefit roadways in general, it’s even better for the store owners of One Loudoun. With many residents walking to and from work daily, there will be a constant customer base passing by your window.
The impact that One Loudoun will have on their resident store owners is incredible. Our community provides a perfect environment for new stores to grow or established ones to relocate. In the heart of an affluent county, with almost 80,000 cars full of potential shoppers passing by daily and a community teeming with eager residents, owners couldn’t ask for a better mix. This perfect blend of features in One Loudoun is what sets our community apart as one of the best places for retail in Virginia.


One Loudoun Receives "Blue Ribbon Award" for Site Plan Visualization 

The Great American Living Awards announced a new award, the “Blue Ribbon Award” which highlights a “best feature” about each entry that stands out as being exceptional.  One Loudoun received a Blue Ribbon for their Site Plan visualization. A unique place of sophistication and culture, along with its convenient location along Route 7, the One Loudoun site plan allows the community to be an all encompassing place for living, working, shopping, dining and recreating.  Future homeowners that purchase one of the new homes for sale in One Loudoun will be part of a modern urban destination that will become Loudoun County’s new walkable community and chic downtown.