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World of Beer Opening Soon at One Loudoun!

We are proud to announce that World of Beer will be opening soon at One Loudoun! Construction on World of Beer began in December and it is projected to open on March 14th, just in time for March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day.

Best known for their large variety of craft beer, World of Beer has something for every kind of beer lover. If you’re new to the beer scene, their knowledgeable staff is there to make suggestions and guide you through the options. Managing partner of the One Loudoun location, Robert M. Dorfman, describes the atmosphere as “unintimidating and comfortable.”

The establishment is not known just for their beer, but their ability to perfectly pair each “elevated comfort food” dish with a brew that will compliment it best. Their “tavern fare” includes classic tavern food like sliders, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and finger foods.

The franchise chooses their beers based on the location, and offers anything from local breweries to national favorites. “A significant number of local and regional beers will be available–and national and international beers–it will represent pretty much the entire world,” Dorfman said.

This location, well over 5000 square feet, will have indoor and outdoor seating, as well as sliding glass doors to create an open atmosphere in the warmer months. Other features will include 17-20 televisions, a fireplace, an indoor stage for live music, and a dance floor space.

The World of Beer’s website sums it all up by stating “Simply put, we love all things beer- the tastes, pairings and amazing stories, people, and cultures behind them.”

World of Beer is located at 44699 Brimfield Drive, Ashburn. To keep up with all of the events and happenings at One Loudoun, sign up for our Digital Media Engine!


Trending Now: Millennial Homebuyers Seek Suburbs with Walkability

As all of the residents of One Loudoun know, one of the greatest things about this community is the close proximity to so many things! Shopping, dining, entertaining, working, and exercising are just some of the everyday activities that are available all in one place! New urbanism combines convenience and sophistication to bring people the benefits of a mixed-use community. This kind of lifestyle is attracting to many demographics, but more recently, millennial homebuyers have been at the forefront.

Surveys have shown that although millennials gravitate towards city atmospheres, they prefer to buy homes in suburban areas. They like the space and privacy that the suburbs have to offer, but still want to be able to walk to the restaurant down the street. One Loudoun is a great example of a suburban area that has the walkability and convenience of an urban area.

According to Dallas Culture Map, at 32%, millennials currently make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. The website states, “Even though these millennials said they want a suburban lifestyle, they want urban amenities, like the ability to walk to parks, grocery stores, schools and work.” Another feature that this age bracket looks for when they are considering buying a home is outdoor space. Dallas Culture Map says, “Millennials cite a lot of the traditional reasons to buy a house, such as financial investment. But the “desire to have outdoor space” is the most important reason they want to purchase a home.”

With all things considered – walkability, outdoor space, and the suburbs – millennials ultimately crave mixed-use communities when considering buying a home. Whether you are a millennial or not, the benefits of living in a community like One Loudoun are endless.


Loudoun County Ranked #1 County in the Nation

Here at One Loudoun, we already know that Loudoun County is the greatest county in the nation – but it doesn’t hurt to get some extra recognition! Popular real estate website Movoto recently ranked Loudoun County the number one county in America, adding to Loudon’s already extensive list of national accolades.

Movoto used the following criteria when deciding how to rank the best counties in the country: median household income, median rent and home price, high school graduation rate, percent of families below the poverty line, and unemployment rate.

It was clear by the rankings that Loudoun County was a “pretty obvious” winner, according to Movoto. Loudoun County ranked first on Movoto’s list for highest median rent, and ranked in the top 25 for median home price – both indicators of the desirability of the area.

Loudoun County also ranked first for household income rank, had the fourth lowest unemployment rate, and had the third lowest percentage of families living below the poverty line out of all the counties listed. These rankings reflect the incredibly high quality of life that Loudoun County residents enjoy!

And Loudoun County is great for families with school-aged children, with a high school graduation of over 93%, coming in at number 37 on the rankings. Clearly, Loudoun County has a well-educated, affluent, sophisticated population, all factors that help make it the best county in the country!

These rankings certainly paint an accurate picture of how great it is to be a Loudoun County resident, but living here is the only way to really appreciate how wonderful it truly is – just ask our One Loudoun residents! Living in our mixed-use community means enjoying the very best that incredible Loudoun County has to offer. Our luxurious single-family homes, incredible dining and shopping options, and exciting entertainment destinations are all within walking distance of each other, so our residents can take full advantage of our community amenities without ever having to use their cars! There’s a reason that walkable communities and new urbanism have become so popular in recent years, and it only takes one visit to Loudoun County to see why. Having everything you need outside your front door in the hottest mixed-use community in the best county in the nation – what could be better than that?

SOURCE: Movoto

The Silver Line One Step Closer to Loudoun County

With the completion and opening of Phase 1 of the Silver Line, Loudouners are certainly getting excited for Phase 2!  Phase 2 of the Metro will stretch out to Dulles and will include six stations. Once completed, this new Metro line will open up Loudoun County to the entire DC Metro, and along with connecting bus routes and public transportation, will bring even more happy residents and visitors to One Loudoun.

This added convenience to One Loudoun falls right in line with what we strive for as a premier mixed-use community in Northern Virginia: connected, sustainable and green.  The Silver Line, in addition to the public transport to and from the stations, will connect our community to a huge metropolitan area, providing green transportation options and sustaining the lifestyle residents love so much at One Loudoun.

Along with connectivity, sustainability and green transportation, One Loudoun also promotes the other seven principles of New Urbanism: Walkability, Mixed-use & Diversity, Mixed Housing, Quality Architecture & Urban Design, Traditional Neighborhood Structure, Increased Density, and upholding a High Quality of Life.

Together, the implementation of these principles cultivates the ideal community.  An impressive and ever-growing list of shops and restaurants, as well as class A office space, set One Loudoun apart as not only a place to live, but the place to work.  And with Silver Line making it even easier for shoppers and visitors to travel to our community, there’s no doubt that any new business will flourish at One Loudoun!

And, it won’t take long for new residents at One Loudoun to fall in love with all that our community offers.  Different shops, boutiques and restaurants, a gourmet grocery store, a central park, the Downtown Plaza, pedestrian friendly streets, and beautiful, newly-built homes all make living at One Loudoun an effortless and fulfilling experience.

We’re so excited to see all that the Silver Line will bring to Loudoun County, as well as One Loudoun.   This region continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the hottest regions to live in.  So, take a look at our new single-family homes by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith – you won’t be disappointed!

One Loudoun’s Bill May mentioned in Editorial

Editorial | Wednesday, Jul. 30

EDITORIAL: The Loudoun we want to be

Creativity is about connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something that seemed obvious. That’s because they were able to connect experiences and synthesize new things.

Sharon Virts founded a consulting business in her brother’s basement in Lucketts. Fci Federal became a $100 million company with 1,400 employees – 85 percent who are women — that provides services for the government.

Bill May had a vision for “the hole in the doughnut:” fallow farmland between Washington and Leesburg. He’s currently developing that vision at One Loudoun, a new concept for an urban downtown in the exurbs with homes, parks, offices, shops and entertainment…

To read the entire article, please click here-

New Urbanism on the Rise

It’s no secret that urbanization is on the rise – just take a look at One Loudoun and how quickly it’s gaining popularity.  In Loudoun County, our community continues to impress with its convenient and progressive lifestyle, as well as its ideal location in Northern Virginia. While the idea of living in urban communities is nothing new, its resurgence in recent years is definitely making headway – and One Loudoun is ahead of the curve!

According to an article posted to Urban Land, an online magazine for The Urban Land Institute, the “rejuvenation of urban centers” is upon us.  More and more families are discovering the convenience that comes with living in city-like settings and mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

One Loudoun expands upon the principles of ‘New Urbanism’, a term coined to describe communities that offer the best of city living, but without losing touch with suburban lifestyles.  Residents at One Loudoun have plenty of room to grow in their newly built homes by Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, but have all of the everyday accessibilities of an urban center.  And with incredibly useful walking paths, residents and families can easily walk to every element of our community.

“Now, cities are again exhibiting confidence as primary living spaces, playing to their inherent strengths and, as a result, growing rapidly,” reads the article on Urban Land.  It’s clear this is the case with New Urban developments like One Loudoun!  And the reasons are obvious – when you can have everything imaginable right at your fingertips, wouldn’t you choose this lifestyle too?  Community, culture, convenience all wrapped into one amazing package – that’s what you’ll find, and more, when living and working at One Loudoun.

One Loudoun is the idyllic representation what mixed-use developments are all about.  Continuously growing and evolving, our community caters to a wide range of homeowners, businesses, professionals and entertainment-seekers.  Our nearly endless list of amenities includes a central park, outdoor plaza, amphitheater, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, The Fresh Market, Edelman Financial Field, and miles of paved sidewalks for easy access to it all.

An impressive list of new restaurants already established at One Loudoun also keeps growing, as does the list of new shops and stores. Pair these with the various community events throughout the year, and it’s clear that One Loudoun is the place to be!

With the continued development and popularity of urban centers in today’s housing market, One Loudoun is proud to offer the premier New Urbanism lifestyle to Loudoun County.  We can’t wait to welcome new families, businesses and restaurants to our growing community!

Source: Urban Land, The Magazine of the Urban Land Institute

Silver Line Will Bring Even More to One Loudoun

Construction on the second phase of the Silver Line, connecting Washington D.C. to Dulles International Airport, is set to be completed by 2018. This is promising news for retailers in One Loudoun, as it will be a new channel of transportation to their businesses for shoppers and diners alike.

To make One Loudoun even more accessible to shoppers and visitors, new bus routes are planned to connect metro stops with stores and restaurants. Not only does this provide more options when traveling, but it also promotes green transportation, a principle of new urbanism.

With the addition of the Silver Line to our area, there’s no doubt that One Loudoun will become one of the best shopping destinations in Northern Virginia. The new line will bring shoppers in from all over the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, and make it easy for them to visit again and again. And, aside from visiting shoppers, there will be an abundance of regular shoppers who live in the surrounding community.

For retailers, this is a great opportunity to jump in and establish your business in our community. There couldn’t be a better place to open up shop: with our convenient location and new urbanism ideals, combined with the expected masses of shoppers, businesses are primed for growth and success!

One Loudoun is truly nestled in the perfect location; with route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway right next to our development, getting to and from Loudoun’s new downtown is a breeze. But believe us, once visitors set foot in our mixed-use community, they won’t want to leave! We wouldn’t be surprised if some visitors like it here so much, they decide to move into one our beautiful new homes!

After all, nothing could be better than living so close to all of the fun. With shops, restaurants, office space, and entertainment all within walking distance of homes, living here is everything you’d imagine it to be. Living an active and fulfilling lifestyle is so incredibly easy in One Loudoun!

One Loudoun: A Community of AuthentiCITY

A new mixed-use community that is developed and designed based on the principles of creating a “contemporary cosmopolitan” way of life, such as One Loudoun, offers the new home buyer an opportunity to be a part of a harmonious and connected environment that features an all-encompassing type of lifestyle where living, working, dining, shopping, and socializing all occur in one place- in short, a community of “AuthentiCITY.” A new home community built on these concepts, as well as the practice of sustainability, provides wonderful and meaningful benefits to both residents and businesses.

Connectivity: One Loudoun, located at the crossroads of Route 7 and the Loudoun County parkway in Ashburn, VA, is a new housing community that features pedestrian-friendly design, including a hierarchy of streets that are interconnected to create a street grid network that will disperse traffic and create a pleasurable experience when walking. Residents can enjoy miles of paved, car-free pedestrian pathways. A community design that utilizes an interconnected street grid network also encourages a greater use of bicycles, rollerblades, and scooters as other forms of every-day transportation.

Increased Density for Walkability: One huge benefit of buying a new home for sale in a mixed-used community like One Loudoun, is the convenience factor of having shops, restaurants, offices buildings, services, and entertainment all within a walkable distance from home or work. The design principles of contemporary cosmopolitan that have been incorporated into the planning and development of One Loudoun, allow for more buildings, residences, shops, and services to be closer together to ensure the ease of walkability, facilitate a more efficient use of resources, and create a more convenient, enjoyable place to live.

Mixed-Use: Variety and versitility are key elements in sustainable community design, and One Loudoun has applied this “mixed-use” principle to all aspects of the community. One Loudoun offers potential home buyers a mix of sophisticated and quality shops, offices, and dining options, as well as a mix of housing, providing both new single family homes and townhomes on site. Residents also get to enjoy an array of amenities, including a community elementary school, 4-star hotel, lavish cinema and dining experience at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, specialty retail, gourmet grocery store, sports plex, recreation center, amphitheater, town green, and central park.

Increased Productivity: Businesses located in the mixed-use community of One Loudoun will benefit greatly from being in such close proximity to consumers, residential neighborhoods and services. There is a likelihood that business could experience increased sales due to the amount of foot traffic that will be present and the fact that people will be spending less on cars and gas. There will not be the need to spend large sums on advertising and large signs, which will result in more profits. A mixed-use community also provides business owners with the opportunity to have a better lifestyle by being able to live within a walkable distance to their place of work, which saves the stress and cost of a daily commute. Increased density also promotes small local business incubation as well as community involvement from being part of a connected community and being able to know residents on a personal level.

Quality Design & Architecture: Prospective home buyers who are searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg area, will surely find everything they are looking for in the One Loudoun community. All homes have been designed down to the last detail. There are a variety of innovative new home styles that have been exclusively designed for the One Loudoun community including the exquisite single family homes by Camberley Homes, the gorgeous townhomes by NVHomes, and the magnificent Downtown Collection, a brand new single family home series from Miller and Smith. There is definitely an emphasis placed on beauty, aesthetics, human comfort, and a sense of place, in the One Loudoun community. The combination of pleasing architecture, car-free walking pathways, beautiful pocket parks, and tree-lined streets, provides a living experience that brings nourishment to the human spirit.

Sustainability: A core principle evident in the planning of this community is sustainability, and One Loudoun was conceived and designed with an environmental vision, aimed at insuring long-term sustainability. One Loudoun’s innovative community design displays eco-friendly technologies, respect for ecology and value of natural systems, energy efficient homes and buildings, more local production, more walking and less driving, and is the only proposed project in Loudoun County to earn a “Smart Growth Project” award.

Quality Of Life: The mixed-use community of One Loudoun provides residents with better place to live, work, and play- basically a higher quality of life. Between the decreased traffic congestion, healthier lifestyle with more walking and less driving, less stress, close proximity to retail, work, dining, and entertainment, it is no wonder why more new home buyers and business owners are wanting to be part of this contemporary cosmopolitan type of community. Being a pedestrian-friendly, there are more opportunities for residents, neighbors, and business owners to get to know each other on a more personal level resulting in meaningful relationships between more people, resulting in a friendlier town. The element of diversity is brought about with smaller, unique shops and services with local owners who are involved in community. And, the innovative architecture and new home designs bring a better sense of “place” to the community identity. One Loudoun provides everything a new home owner would need to enjoy a higher quality of life- and it’s all within this one community of AuthentiCITY.