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Is Living in a Mixed-Use Community Right For You?

With all the buzz surrounding mixed-use communities and New Urbanist lifestyles, you might wonder to yourself, “is it right for me?”

If you’re not sure, try asking yourself these questions to find out!:

Do you enjoy sitting in traffic?

If you answered ‘Yes’, then a mixed-use community might not be for you.  In communities like One Loudoun, office space is cleverly built adjacent to homes.  This means employees who live and work in the community have a pleasantly short commute – they can even walk or bike – to work in the morning.

Does your family look forward to outdoor community events?

If you’d prefer to stay indoors on a beautiful day over heading to the downtown Plaza for live music and entertainment, then living in a community like One Loudoun might not be your cup of tea!  All throughout the year, we host a diverse line up of events, from the Tree Lighting in the winter to children’s concerts and block parties in the warmer months.

Is home design a top priority?

Those who invest in their new homes care about quality home design and innovative floor plans – and lucky for them, that’s exactly what they’ll find at One Loudoun. With stunning single-family homes by both Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, homeowners can have it all in one home and community.

Do you like having an abundance of dining options just steps away?

Foodies rejoice! One Loudoun is home to a long, growing list of the latest eateries to hit Loudoun County.  Places like Elevation Burger, Bar Louie, and Family Meal are just a few of many hot restaurants in our community.

Do you want to do more to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family?

Here at One Loudoun, our residents are encouraged to walk and stroll around the community, with miles of paved walkways making it all possible. These sidewalks guide the way to offices, shops, restaurants, Central Park and other community features. This promotes both a ‘greener’ lifestyle and a healthier one!

For countless families, living in a mixed-use community like One Loudoun just makes sense. Take a look at our new single-family homes by Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, and read up on all we have going on at One Loudoun. You can make our community your new home in 2015!

What is Smart Growth at One Loudoun?

When living and working at One Loudoun, you might sometimes hear the term smart growth in conversation from time to time.  This begs the question, “What exactly is smart growth? and “Why are we so excited that it carries the weight it does in the continued development of One Loudoun?”

According to NewsWorks, smart growth refers to a “planning approach that favors walkable and bikeable communities over suburban sprawl.”

How does smart growth benefit residents?

Advocates for smart growth know that these communities offer a higher quality of life because “residents have shorter commutes, walk around more, and presumably breathe cleaner, less polluted air.”  These ideals also fall in line with those of New Urbanism, as well as mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

In mixed-use communities, children also have plenty of room to explore and play outdoors, as including and maintaining green space is a continued priority for such developments.  We certainly know this to be true at One Loudoun!  Better yet in 2015, One Loudoun will also be welcoming even more commercial and retail to the community, creating a truly all-inclusive downtown environment.

It’s easy to see how these various benefits can seep into all aspects of our lives, creating a general wellness that is often lost in traditional neighborhoods.

And here at One Loudoun, we believe that living in a smart growth community is a smart idea!  Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes both offer new single-family homes that are in high demand.  With only a few remaining, moving into a new home at One Loudoun is an exclusive opportunity!

One Loudoun expertly validates all the benefits of embracing and living in a smart growth community. To start reaping the benefits yourself, check out our new single-family homes for sale!

Source: NewsWorks

How Mixed-Use Communities Benefit Families

In a recent blog post, we detailed the many reasons One Loudoun is loved by Millennials and Baby Boomers alike.  Walkable communities provide families with excellent health benefits while offering plenty to do, making them possibly one of the best places to raise a family.

Here are just a few ways living in a mixed-use community, like our own, can benefit you and your family:

Quality Time Together – When you spend less time driving to and from work, thanks to the class-A office space right here at One Loudoun and the various transportation options available, you’ll find yourself with much needed extra time to spend with your family.  This additional time, a couple more minutes at the table for breakfast or getting home in time to help out with homework, certainly adds up and makes an impact.

Instilling Healthy Habits – Just by living in our community, children can grow up with an appreciation for an active and healthful lifestyle.  Dining on fresh produce from the local farmer’s market or The Fresh Market, playing catch in Central Park with neighbors, and walking or biking anywhere they go helps to instill these wonderful habits in their lives early in their lives!

Plenty of Family Things To Do – There’s no denying that One Loudoun is a social community – there always seems to be something fun going on that the whole family can enjoy!  From seasonal events and block parties on the Plaza, to outdoor concerts or the latest blockbuster at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (however, some age restrictions apply!), there’s never a dull day at One Loudoun.

Here at One Loudoun, we take great pride in providing homeowners with the best possible community in which to raise their families.  Everything needed to live a fulfilling, eventful and healthy lifestyle is all right here in one community, One Loudoun. Our new single-family homes available, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, are ideal dwellings for those who seek an urban life with traditional neighborhood influences, as well as plenty of room to grow.  When raising a family at One Loudoun, it’s the best of both worlds!

The Silver Line One Step Closer to Loudoun County

With the completion and opening of Phase 1 of the Silver Line, Loudouners are certainly getting excited for Phase 2!  Phase 2 of the Metro will stretch out to Dulles and will include six stations. Once completed, this new Metro line will open up Loudoun County to the entire DC Metro, and along with connecting bus routes and public transportation, will bring even more happy residents and visitors to One Loudoun.

This added convenience to One Loudoun falls right in line with what we strive for as a premier mixed-use community in Northern Virginia: connected, sustainable and green.  The Silver Line, in addition to the public transport to and from the stations, will connect our community to a huge metropolitan area, providing green transportation options and sustaining the lifestyle residents love so much at One Loudoun.

Along with connectivity, sustainability and green transportation, One Loudoun also promotes the other seven principles of New Urbanism: Walkability, Mixed-use & Diversity, Mixed Housing, Quality Architecture & Urban Design, Traditional Neighborhood Structure, Increased Density, and upholding a High Quality of Life.

Together, the implementation of these principles cultivates the ideal community.  An impressive and ever-growing list of shops and restaurants, as well as class A office space, set One Loudoun apart as not only a place to live, but the place to work.  And with Silver Line making it even easier for shoppers and visitors to travel to our community, there’s no doubt that any new business will flourish at One Loudoun!

And, it won’t take long for new residents at One Loudoun to fall in love with all that our community offers.  Different shops, boutiques and restaurants, a gourmet grocery store, a central park, the Downtown Plaza, pedestrian friendly streets, and beautiful, newly-built homes all make living at One Loudoun an effortless and fulfilling experience.

We’re so excited to see all that the Silver Line will bring to Loudoun County, as well as One Loudoun.   This region continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the hottest regions to live in.  So, take a look at our new single-family homes by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith – you won’t be disappointed!

More Millennials Choosing Loudoun County

With Loudoun County’s incredible growth, it comes as no surprise that a fair amount of the new population growth is from Millennials – and that portion is growing.  According to Leesburg Today, more and more Millennials and young professionals yearn to call Loudoun County their new home, and are seeking mixed-use communities like One Loudoun to do so.

In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned in the article as an example of the kind of community that draws this type of homebuyer.  “Is Loudoun County becoming the place that you would classify as a place that people want to be? Absolutely, from a development standpoint you can physically see it” says Grafton deButts, a 32-year-old young professional living in Loudoun.  “Mixed-use complexes with residences, shopping and offices in one” are the next big thing (hey, maybe they already are the big thing!) for all types of families.

While One Loudoun is ideal for young professionals, it is also quite attractive for other generations, including Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers.  After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a community that effortlessly has it all?

One Loudoun goes above and beyond to provide residents with the all-inclusive community experience.  Beautiful new homes are built alongside the best shops, stores and restaurants – and we’ve only just begun! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides endless entertainment options from events to screenings of the latest blockbusters.  Central Park offers plenty of green space to play and enjoy, and the outdoor amphitheater now features a restored historic Ashburn barn for the ultimate outdoor showing.  In the future, One Loudoun will also be home to the Loudoun Hounds and the Virginia Cavalry FC at Edelman Financial Field, a perfect night out for families and young professionals alike.

At One Loudoun, we’re so excited to welcome all different generations of homebuyers to Loudoun County.  Our new single-family homes by Miller & Smith accentuate urban culture and convenient living.  Miller & Smith’s dedication to home design is evident in their brand new ‘Downtown Collection’ that features must-see kitchens and roomy 4-bedroom homes.  Homes like these you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you identify as a Millennial, Generation X-er or Baby Boomer, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits your needs here at One Loudoun!

Source: Leesburg Today 

Loudoun County’s Growth Impresses

By now, we are all well aware of Loudoun County’s high status.  As one of the wealthiest and most affluent counties in the entire nation, we’re proud to say this incredible region is home to our very own mixed-use community, One Loudoun.

Recently, The Loudoun Times published a lengthy article detailing past achievements and spelling out what could be next for Loudoun County.  With no surprise, it looks like our beloved county is right on track for continued successes, progress and growth!


In 1990, Loudoun County’s population hovered around 87,000.  In ten years, that number doubled to 174,00 and then again to 315,000 in the decade after that.  Now, experts are predicting population growth to surpass 400,000 through 2020.  This rapid growth is a sure sign of families wanting to live in Loudoun County, and with communities like One Loudoun, who can blame them?


One thing is certain: families in Loudoun County want the absolute best education for their children.  And their dedication to the schooling system has, without a doubt, paid off.  Over 97% of the district’s students graduated on time in 2013, with three quarters of those students receiving Advanced Studies diplomas – these statistics far outrank national averages.


Many of Loudoun’s successes boil down to a healthy, thriving local economy.  Multiple industry segments, including “leisure, wedding, corporate and the individual business traveler,” now call this region home.  New businesses ultimately mean more employment opportunities and more growth.


All of these great accolades are only made better with Loudoun County’s commitment to safety.  Despite the growing population, Loudoun’s crime rate has continued to remain calm.  To ensure crime stays low, the Sheriff’s Office budget increased to $80 million starting this fiscal year.

Looking Ahead

As The Loudoun Times puts it, “Loudoun’s continued growth – be it people, homes, office, roads or rails – is inevitable.”  And at One Loudoun, we are happy to embrace the growth with open arms!

At One Loudoun, our community was created with the vision of growing an all-encompassing neighborhood where residents can work, live and play effortlessly.  Residents can enjoy all the best aspects of Loudoun County, as well as all the best of living in an incredibly convenient mixed-use development, when they move into their new home at One Loudoun.  Our new single-family homes provide families with a beautiful home amongst restaurants, shops, employment, plenty of green space and so much more.  The promising outlook for Loudoun County is just one more wonderful reason to join the One Loudoun community!

Source: Loudoun Times

Features Millennials & Boomers Want in a New Home

Generational differences play a big role when it comes to home shopping.  Baby Boomers may seek certain home features that Millennials wouldn’t consider, and vice versa.  At the same time, while the two are still a generation apart, many of their preferences are actually quite similar.

AOL Real Estate spells out these preferences that Millennials and Boomers want to see in their next home, and despite it all, it comes as no surprise that One Loudoun caters to both!


We’ve heard it before – location is everything!  And luckily, One Loudoun couldn’t be located in a better area.  In the ‘heart of Loudoun County’, our community sits perfectly at Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway.  With one of the most affluent counties in the nation, an abundance of employment opportunities, excellent schools and Washington D.C. just minutes away, this area truly has it all.

AOL Real Estate also concluded that both Boomers and Millennials are flocking to metropolitan areas where they can find “theater, arts, cultures and fine dining.”  At One Loudoun, our residents can have a little bit, or a lot, of everything!  Our mixed-use community provides a taste of culture, entertainment, diversity and of course, a variety of restaurants.


Maybe one of the biggest differences in preference between the two generations has to do with the appearance and style of a home.  Millennials are more likely to find a space that’s casual and practical.  Boomers prefer a place that acts more as a retreat, with luxury features and plenty of room.

With the various single-family home models available at One Loudoun, both Millennials and Boomers will find a home they love.  Our homes, brought to us by Miller & Smith, provide plenty of square footage with upscale features, but are still practical with a grocery store, shops and restaurants just steps away.


Community amenities are also equally as important to Boomers and Millennials, as is accessibility and walkability.  While preferred activities may differ, the bottom line remains: both want to live in an amenitized community that offers more.

Here at One Loudoun, we strive to provide our residents with everything they need to have fun.  With an events calendar packed full of things to do, the Downtown Plaza with fountain and interactive entertainment, a community recreation center with pools and fields, an amphitheater, central park and so much more, you won’t believe all that you can have access to when you live at One Loudoun.

Boomers and Millennials may be a generation apart, but their tastes in home location, style and amenities are more alike than different.  Whether a Boomer or Millennial, anyone can find all they’re looking for in a new home and community at One Loudoun.  Our new single-family homes are selling fast – this is an incredible opportunity to move into a one-of-a-kind community!

Source: AOL Real Estate

The Signs of an Extraordinary Community

Moving to an entirely new community is a big deal.  Many ask themselves the same questions; “What’s the neighborhood like?” “Can I imagine myself living here?” “Will my family like it?”

Answering these fundamental questions helps to determine whether or not a community is the right fit.  Thankfully,, an award-winning financial information website, has provided us with “Signs You’re Buying a Home in a Great Neighborhood.”  Not surprisingly, One Loudoun hit many of the key points spot on, painting a perfect picture of an incredible community.

Here are the major indicators, and how One Loudoun fits the bill:

1. It Meets Your Specs

Does the new community include everything on your checklist?  Are you sacrificing one element for another?  Figuring out what you’re looking for is always the first step, but don’t back down from elements you really want in a community just so you can have others.  At One Loudoun, homeowners won’t miss out on anything – it’s all here in our mixed-use development!

2. You Like What You Hear

The neighborhood you’re interested in is bound to have a reputation – good or bad.  If you’ve found a great community, you’ll hear nothing but great things about it, from your future neighbors, business owners, and even from local newspapers.  Luckily, One Loudoun is already known as one of the hottest places to be in Northern Virginia.  Homes are selling incredibly fast – everyone wants to live here!

3. You Can Get a Latte 

Mixed-use communities continue to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re so convenient to live in; it doesn’t make sense to live anywhere else.  Our expertly designed community is home to numerous shops and restaurants, creating a lifestyle and culture that appeals to many.  Feel like walking down the street for a latte?  You got it!

4. It’s Walkable

This is a huge key point for all levels of homebuyers: everyone wants to live in a community that is walkable with sidewalks and pathways.  One Loudoun promotes this lifestyle by providing adequate walkways for everyone to enjoy.  This makes walking to get that latte (mentioned above) so easy to do!

5. The Commute? What Commute?

If you happen to be one of the many residents who will be both living and working at One Loudoun’s impressive commercial and retail space, there’s no commute! This is something that most commuters in DC and northern Virginia would love to experience.  A main focus in our community is to create a space that’s easy to live, work, and play in.  Class A office space is within walking distance to The Fresh Market and new upscale homes.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

6. Homes Sell Quickly

When homes are selling quickly, it’s a strong indicator that a neighborhood is the place to be.  At One Loudoun, we sold a record number of homes just last year, and now, moving into 2014, new home inventory is tight.  Single-family homes are ‘flying off the shelves’ as homebuyers waste no time.

It’s true, this is the time to buy a new single-family home at One Loudoun.  With a limited supply and a strong demand, there’s no telling how much longer these homes will be on the market.  Take a look at our home models and see for yourself – this is an extraordinary community to live in!


CEO of Miller and Smith Talks About D.C. Metro Housing Market

October 16, 2012, the National Association of Homebuilders reported that confidence among home builders was up and at its highest level since summer 2006.  The following day, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that housing starts had risen 15% on a national level and were at their highest rate since summer of 2008, and residential building permits increased 11.6% compared to the previous month.  All of this came as very good news to numerous home builders across the country, including Miller and Smith, who have been watching with optimism as housing markets seem to be displaying favorable trends and are moving in a positive direction.    

Miller and Smith is the third largest private home builder in the Washington, D.C. area, and was one of the few home builders to have survived the economic downturn.  In Virginia, Miller and Smith is not only the developer of the new mixed-use home community of One Loudoun, but is also building the Downtown Collection of single-family homes in the “new urbanism”-focused community.  

During an interview with Kathy Orton, Web reporter for the Washington Post, president and CEO of Miller and Smith, Doug Smith, spoke about how national trends compare to what he is seeing in his own region.

Smith said that he believed the Washington, D.C. area was at the forefront of the housing recovery. Being one of the first markets to come out of the housing market downturn, Smith noted that the change in momentum came when both buyer and builder confidence increased.

“I think Washington, [D.C.] was on the front edge of that change in [builder] confidence,” said Smith. “And I think [buyers] got off the sidelines in 2012 and started buying houses again.”

With unemployment down in metro D.C., steady job growth, and fixed-rate mortgages near record lows, it is no wonder why more prospective home buyers would be wanting to purchase right now in a market that is showing promise of having a full recovery. And, this new-found consumer confidence is contributing to a higher builder confidence which in turn has led to the highest level of new home starts seen in four years as well as a rise in home sales.

“Our sales are up 33 percent over the last year,” remarked Smith, “We’re happy. We’re selling a house a day right now.”- he said.

A rise in new home sales has brought about a sense of urgency among potential buyers in the Loudoun County area that have been searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg part of Northern Virginia. New home buyers realize that the demand for new single-family homes is growing, and where there is a higher demand, so comes rising prices. Many are taking advantage of the low mortgage rate environment that is currently present in the national housing market and are choosing to purchase in a new home communy, such as One Loudoun, while the low rates last.

To read the full interview with Miller and Smith’s Doug Smith, visit