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Stanley Martin Homes – Now Selling at One Loudoun!

Just imagine walking from your beautiful new home to the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or even to the local elementary school to drop the kids off. We know that all One Loudoun fans have been patiently waiting, and we are happy to announce that there are more new homes coming to One LoudounStanley Martin Homes is NOW SELLING beautiful city-style condominiums in Loudoun’s New Downtown!

About Stanley Martin Homes

Stanley Martin Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the Mid-Atlantic and have been recognized time and time again for their outstanding quality and design. Now celebrating their 50th year in business, Stanley Martin continues to specialize in new home construction and strives to live up to their tagline “your life is our blueprint”.

About These Homes

With 2 beautifully designed home models to choose from, Stanley Martin is continuing the trend of city-style homes exclusive to One Loudoun. The Westminister and The Grosvenor will both be 2-level condominiums featuring garages, outdoor spaces, an open floorplan, and so much more! New homes from Stanley Martin offer different options and features that create a world of convenience, including “Green Living” features for lower utility bills and personalized interior features from their Design Studio.

Why Live at One Loudoun?

Living in a brand new home at One Loudoun provides an all-encompassing lifestyle where everything is located in one place! Downtown One Loudoun offers the convenience of dining, working, shopping, and more in a single location. There are over 15 restaurants, specialized shops, a gourmet grocer, a cinema, and just about everything you need for day-to-day errands and entertainment! Outdoor amenities include miles of paved pathways, Central Park, The Plaza, a community amphitheater, and more.

In addition to all of the conveniences of downtown, there is a world of amenities just for residents of One Loudoun. The Club at One Loudoun features an outdoor pool facility, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and houses indoor basketball courts with other meeting rooms for social events. If we haven’t convinced you yet that One Loudoun is right for you and your family, our community is also located just minutes from commuter routes, 3 miles from Washington Dulles Airport, and 25 miles from Washington, DC.

For more information on living in a brand new Stanley Martin home at One Loudoun, visit

New Homes in Loudoun County

Many homebuyers in Northern Virginia strive to own a home in Loudoun County, and for good reason!  Northern Virginia has been repeatedly lauded for its affluence, thriving local economies, and various benefits to its residents.  With a long list of accolades for this county alone, there’s no question as to why more are moving their families to communities like One Loudoun, which exemplify the lifestyle available in this region.
Recently, news sources have been voicing their concerns about the estimated development costs that might accompany the new homes built in Loudoun County.  Thankfully, the Washington Business Journal helps to quell any doubts.  In fact, it’s been reported that building new homes in Loudoun County might cost much less than others have previously stated.
Originally, sources cited that for “every $1 in tax revenue generated in Loudoun County, residential development costs the county $1.62,” when in fact this number is much lower. The Economic Development Commission’s Policy and Implementation Committee (PIC) analyzed numbers and found that the revised residential figure, which was determined to be just $1.20 for every $1 in tax revenue generated, is much closer to the national average of $1.18.
This is certainly great news for those hoping to buy a new home in Loudoun County – especially at One Loudoun!  Our single-family homes, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley  couldn’t be a better representation of the quality and standard of new homes available at One Loudoun.  Spacious within a New Urban setting, luxury designs with the opportunity for customizations, and stunning exteriors help to make our community the sought-after one it is today.

Taking Advantage Of Low Mortgage Rates While They Last

Recent reports have indicated that the national housing market bounced back strongly into what hopefuls predict will be a sustainable recovery. This is a great opportunity for buyers considering new homes in Loudoun County, allowing them to take advantage of the low mortgage rates while they last.

During the months leading up to mid-July, the U.S. housing market watched as long-term mortgage rates matched or hit lows that haven’t been seen in at least 40 years. A 30-year fixed loan dropped to 3.35% and has only risen to 3.66% since. Five-year adjustable rates fell to a low of 2.74%, and have inched up just slightly to 2.8% since July. Even a slight increase in the rate can be significant difference in monthly mortgage payments.

Rising mortgage rates, however, are not the only aspect of the housing market that have been showing gains. CNNMoney reported that, according to a recent Census Bureau report, home sales were up in July by 25% in a year-over-year comparison; existing-home sales increased by 10% over that same period of time, and applications for residential building permits increased by 30%. All positive signs for the industry.

The rise in home sales has brought an increase in home prices. The S&P/Case-Shiller national home price index, which covers more than 80% of the U.S. housing market, increased by 6.9% in April-June compared to Jan-March of 2012. National home prices showed a gain of 1.2% when compared to the same time last year. David Blitzer, a spokesman for S&P, stated that, “We seem to be witnessing exactly what we needed for a sustained recovery; monthly increases coupled with improving annual rates of change,” he said. “The market may have finally turned around.”

According to Fannie Mae Chief Economist, Doug Duncan, the rise in home prices is likely to push prospective home buyers off of the fence they were sitting on, waiting out the price decline. “Their perception that we hit the bottom takes out the risk of buying into a falling market, ” Duncan said. “That should increase demand, particularly if they also believe that mortgage rates have reached a bottom as well.”

All signs point towards a U.S. real estate market that is picking itself back up from a period of long-suffering. The demand for new homes for sale evidently is increasing, as the market has seen a boost in sales that has been steady across the past spring and summer months. As the numbers for home sales grow, so do the prices of the homes. The fact that mortgage rates are still near record lows, for the time being, is very good incentive for first-time home buyers to jump on the current market and buy a new home for sale in a new Loudoun County community.

Tips for First Time Buyers

Yahoo Real Estate recently posted a few tips for first-time home buyers, listing a few things that could help the process move along smoothly. Beyond knowing the price range and the general location of the potentiall home, there are a few initial steps a buyer should complete before stepping foot in an open house.

The community of One Loudoun has a unique and varied list of homes options, appealing to a wide range of buyers. As Loudoun County continues to grow and attract buyers of all ages, One Loudoun will strive to satisfy the tastes of everyone from the first-time buyer to the nearly retired. Below are a few tips that may help first-time buyers during their home search.

Basic Initial Steps:

-Understanding your household budget and finances. This almost seems too basic, but sometimes not everyone is aware of each dollar coming in and out of the household bank accounts, so getting a clear picture of your financial situation is crucial.

-Use your most immediate resources – family and friends. Many times the best connections to lawyers, realtors, and inspectors come from recommendations by those close to you.

-Research your market and know what to expect. There’s nothing that could stop a home buying process dead in its tracks quite like the slap of disappointing reality onset by unrealistic expectations. The quality and prices of homes could vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, even block to block. Some basic online research will set realistic expectations from the start.

Tips from Yahoo Real Estate:

1. Buying a home can mean building significant value through the years.
2. Think carefully about how much you can afford to spend and consider borrowing guidelines like those used by Fannie Mae.
3. Pre-Qualifying with your lender is a good way to determined how much house you can afford.
4. You will need cash for a down payment and closing costs. Generally speaking, the higher the down payment, the lower the interest rate and monthly mortgage payment.
5. In addition to your mortgage payments, you will also need to consider the other costs of home ownership. Schools, taxes, services, crime rates, transportation, and zooming are important considerations when selecting a neighborhood.
6. Brokers usually represent the seller, but they can be valuable sources of information for buyers as well.
7. Remember to consider resale value when buying your home.