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How Do Mixed-Use Developments Make Better Neighborhoods?

When you consider the inherent convenience in mixed-use developments, the practicality of living in these types of communities is obvious. Who could argue with the convenience of having everything you need within walking distance of your home? Certainly not our One Loudoun residents, who enjoy the benefits of proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment options within walking distance of their front doors.

But mixed-use developments aren’t just practical from a convenience standpoint – they also help to create better, stronger neighborhoods, benefitting both the residents and the businesses that reside there. The following are aspects of mixed-use developments that help make better neighborhoods:

·      Promotes healthy lifestyles: By definition, mixed-use communities have a focus on walking and a de-emphasis on vehicle use. Because everything residents need is within walking distance of their homes, the idea is that there’s less of a need for a car, leading to more walking and a healthier lifestyle. The health benefit of living in a neighborhood that promotes walking can’t be overstated. In fact, one study that analyzed transit-oriented neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina found that residents who walked to and used the light rail transit system in the development weighed an average of six pounds less than those residents who did not use the light rail.

·      Cleaner air: Since fewer vehicles are needed in mixed-use communities, there’s less traffic congestion, resulting in cleaner air. This has a two-fold benefit: there’s cleaner, healthier air for the residents and those who work in the development, and the health of the environment is also maintained. 

·      Stronger community ties: Imagine living in a community where you can walk to your favorite shopping and dining destinations with your neighbors. The way that mixed-use developments are laid out allows for residents to easily spend social time with their neighbors while doing the things they love – walking together to shop the day away, or to dine at their favorite new restaurant down the street. At One Loudoun, our residents have the opportunity to also check out entertainment options with their neighbors – for example, visiting The Alamo Drafthouse for a movie-watching and dining experience like no other, or heading to the ball park to catch a Loudoun Hounds game once the stadium is finished.

·      Great character: There’s a certain character that mixed-use developments have, giving the area an energy and vibrancy that may not have been present before. Residents, in turn, have a newfound pride in their community, and visitors are attracted to the area.

·      Visually appealing: Mixed-use developments are either completely new construction, or built upon and within previous communities and structures. Either way, the mix of diverse residential and commercial property types in mixed-use developments can have a great aesthetic aspect, further developing the character of the area and the pride of the residents who live there.

With one visit to a mixed-use development, such as One Loudoun, it’s easy to experience and appreciate the convenience that these communities offer. The only way to truly discover the strong neighborhoods that mixed-use developments create, however, is by living in one. And the best way to fully experience all the benefits that a mixed-use community has to offer in the greater Northern Virginia area is by living in One Loudoun. Our incredible new construction single-family homes and townhomes, within such close proximity to some of the best retail and dining options in the area, gives our residents the very best experience that mixed-use developments can offer. 

SOURCE: Urban Land Institute



Reasons To Consider a New Home For Sale Versus an Existing Home

The decision to build, remodel or buy is always a tough decision for potential home buyers, but not for One Loudoun residents!

At one point, One Loudoun home buyers considered whether to purchase new or purchase an existing home elsewhere. There are a variety of reasons to consider a new home versus an existing, and a decrease in existing inventory has certainly made One Loudoun an excellent choice for both new and established families.

According to the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, permits for single-family homes in the metropolitan Washington area increased from 8,251 in 2011 to 10,748 last year, revealing that many people are choosing to build new homes and forgo the pre-existing house hunt.

New families are often under the perception that it’s better to buy something now and renovate over time. Unfortunately, out-of-pocket expenses to renovate or replace appliances or flooring can cost just the same if not more than a new home.

“A big advantage of a new home for many people is that you can pick everything yourself, from granite counters to flooring, and you won’t have to paint for years,” said Dave Jones, a real estate agent at Long and Foster in Ashburn. (1)

Eric Murtagh, a realty agent at Evers & Co. in Washington points out that, “some buyers have very specific reasons to buy a new home . . . People who have allergies or have kids with allergies want a super-clean, tighter environment with special filters.”

Specific details such as flooring or even air quality filters have led potential buyers flocking to One Loudoun! According to Murtagh, some buyers want features such as elevators, special wiring or even oversized garage units, which can be difficult to retrofit in a resale home.

Other potential buyers have fallen in love with One Loudoun for reasons aside from home design details.

“We’re about to be empty nesters, and we wanted a walkable community in Loudoun County,” said Bruce Gatti, a recent homebuyer in One Loudoun. “We looked at various used and new homes in Loudoun County, but we couldn’t find the package of a community where we could walk to a grocery store, a movie theater until we found One Loudoun.”

Some home buyers may be less concerned with details such as granite countertops, but be more interested in the carbon footprint of their home. New homes are most often more energy efficient due to home construction advancements in window techniques, appliances and heating and cooling air systems.

(1) Lerner, Michele (2013, March 22). House hunters caught between new and existing homes. The Washington Post. Retrieved from

One Loudoun Announces Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Station

February 14, 2013, Ashburn, Virginia – One Loudoun Holdings, LLC, a joint venture of Miller and Smith and NORTH AMERICA SEKISUI HOUSE, LLC (NASH) announced today the sale of 13.3 acres of property to Loudoun County Government for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. Located in the area of Russell Branch Parkway and Loudoun County Parkway, the property will be the future site of a stand-alone Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Station.

“We’re building a genuine community here at One Loudoun and are honored to have the Sheriff’s office be part of it,” says Bill May, Vice President of Miller and Smith. “This addition will allow substantial public safety services to benefit our growing neighborhood and the surrounding areas.”

The design phase of the new station is currently underway and is expected to open Spring 2014. The facility will provide patrol, crime prevention, and other law enforcement services to the Ashburn, Lansdowne and Broadlands neighborhoods. This will be the fourth station for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, which is headquartered in Leesburg, VA.

For more information about One Loudoun, please visit or call the One Loudoun Welcome Center at 703.724.1111.

About One Loudoun:

One Loudoun is a premier 358-acre omni-use, master-planned community in Loudoun County, Virginia, that will feature 1,040 homes, 702,000 square feet of retail including fine dining, upscale shopping and movie theater, a luxury hotel, three million square feet of office space, a clubhouse with pool and an amphitheater – all surrounded by approximately 150 acres of public land with miles of walking trails. Now under construction, One Loudoun’s mixed-use Downtown district is slated to open in Spring 2013. One Loudoun Holdings, LLC is one of NASH’s consolidated subsidiaries in the US. Visit to learn more, or follow the community on Facebook and Twitter.

Media Contact:

Julie Dillon | Miller & Smith
703.821.2500, ext. 190

Stephanie Orton Lynch | Delucchi Plus

CEO of Miller and Smith Talks About D.C. Metro Housing Market

October 16, 2012, the National Association of Homebuilders reported that confidence among home builders was up and at its highest level since summer 2006.  The following day, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that housing starts had risen 15% on a national level and were at their highest rate since summer of 2008, and residential building permits increased 11.6% compared to the previous month.  All of this came as very good news to numerous home builders across the country, including Miller and Smith, who have been watching with optimism as housing markets seem to be displaying favorable trends and are moving in a positive direction.    

Miller and Smith is the third largest private home builder in the Washington, D.C. area, and was one of the few home builders to have survived the economic downturn.  In Virginia, Miller and Smith is not only the developer of the new mixed-use home community of One Loudoun, but is also building the Downtown Collection of single-family homes in the “new urbanism”-focused community.  

During an interview with Kathy Orton, Web reporter for the Washington Post, president and CEO of Miller and Smith, Doug Smith, spoke about how national trends compare to what he is seeing in his own region.

Smith said that he believed the Washington, D.C. area was at the forefront of the housing recovery. Being one of the first markets to come out of the housing market downturn, Smith noted that the change in momentum came when both buyer and builder confidence increased.

“I think Washington, [D.C.] was on the front edge of that change in [builder] confidence,” said Smith. “And I think [buyers] got off the sidelines in 2012 and started buying houses again.”

With unemployment down in metro D.C., steady job growth, and fixed-rate mortgages near record lows, it is no wonder why more prospective home buyers would be wanting to purchase right now in a market that is showing promise of having a full recovery. And, this new-found consumer confidence is contributing to a higher builder confidence which in turn has led to the highest level of new home starts seen in four years as well as a rise in home sales.

“Our sales are up 33 percent over the last year,” remarked Smith, “We’re happy. We’re selling a house a day right now.”- he said.

A rise in new home sales has brought about a sense of urgency among potential buyers in the Loudoun County area that have been searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg part of Northern Virginia. New home buyers realize that the demand for new single-family homes is growing, and where there is a higher demand, so comes rising prices. Many are taking advantage of the low mortgage rate environment that is currently present in the national housing market and are choosing to purchase in a new home communy, such as One Loudoun, while the low rates last.

To read the full interview with Miller and Smith’s Doug Smith, visit 

New Camberley Homesites Announced!

Many prospective home buyers who have been searching for new homes for sale in Ashburn-Leesburg, are very exited to see that the new housing community of One Loudoun and Camberley Homes have announced the release of several new homesites! These new Evanston and Lincoln Park home styles are unique and feature amazing design elements, which contribute to the authentic detailing and charm of classic Brownstone-style architecture.  

With mortgage rates already near record lows, the Fed’s recent news about launching a new program aimed at pushing mortgage rates even lower, has caused quite a buzz in the Loudoun County real estate market.  More home buyers are considering homeownership and are realizing that there is great investment opportunity in front of them.  Now is the time to take advantage of the buyer-friendly market conditions and buy in a new home community, such as One Loudoun, which offers a convenient walkable community where residents can live, work, relax, dine, shop and socialize.