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The Northern Virginia Lifestyle

As more and more of Washington DC’s young professionals look to establish residence outside the city, their focus is turning towards new home communities that can offer them an all-inclusive lifestyle.  Garnering major attention is One Loudoun, Loudoun County’s new downtown.

With a population of 347,969, Loudoun County is Virginia’s 3rd largest county. Just 25 miles outside of the Capital, it is a combination of vibrant eastern suburbs and rural western countryside  . It’s home to over 40 wineries and tasting rooms, with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains visible on the horizon.

Loudoun County homes, and Ashburn, VA homes in particular, are becoming a hot commodity in the region’s real estate market.  Loudoun County is one of the most affluent counties in the nation, making it no surprise that successful individuals and their families are seeking new homes in this region.   Just recently, home sales and prices in Northern Virginia saw an uptick, leaving many real estate professionals and industry experts optimistic for 2015. It was also reported that there was an increase in active listings, giving buyers the ultimate selection.

Just take a look at the growth of One Loudoun!  With newly built and beautifully designed single-family homes alongside everyday conveniences, our community continues to grow in popularity.

One Loudoun also brings qualities like green space, miles of paved walkways, retail and office spaces, and a growing list of restaurants and entertainment venues. Living in a community like ours promotes a healthier lifestyle by providing easy walking access to the things we need everyday.  And in today’s households, living healthier lifestyles continues to be a goal.

The active Northern Virginia lifestyle at One Loudoun is one of prosperity and convenience. Beautiful, expertly designed homes in new mixed-use developments like ours only highlight the best aspects of this region!

Source: Washington Business Journal

New Homes in Loudoun County

Many homebuyers in Northern Virginia strive to own a home in Loudoun County, and for good reason!  Northern Virginia has been repeatedly lauded for its affluence, thriving local economies, and various benefits to its residents.  With a long list of accolades for this county alone, there’s no question as to why more are moving their families to communities like One Loudoun, which exemplify the lifestyle available in this region.
Recently, news sources have been voicing their concerns about the estimated development costs that might accompany the new homes built in Loudoun County.  Thankfully, the Washington Business Journal helps to quell any doubts.  In fact, it’s been reported that building new homes in Loudoun County might cost much less than others have previously stated.
Originally, sources cited that for “every $1 in tax revenue generated in Loudoun County, residential development costs the county $1.62,” when in fact this number is much lower. The Economic Development Commission’s Policy and Implementation Committee (PIC) analyzed numbers and found that the revised residential figure, which was determined to be just $1.20 for every $1 in tax revenue generated, is much closer to the national average of $1.18.
This is certainly great news for those hoping to buy a new home in Loudoun County – especially at One Loudoun!  Our single-family homes, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley  couldn’t be a better representation of the quality and standard of new homes available at One Loudoun.  Spacious within a New Urban setting, luxury designs with the opportunity for customizations, and stunning exteriors help to make our community the sought-after one it is today.

Reasons To Consider a New Home For Sale Versus an Existing Home

The decision to build, remodel or buy is always a tough decision for potential home buyers, but not for One Loudoun residents!

At one point, One Loudoun home buyers considered whether to purchase new or purchase an existing home elsewhere. There are a variety of reasons to consider a new home versus an existing, and a decrease in existing inventory has certainly made One Loudoun an excellent choice for both new and established families.

According to the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, permits for single-family homes in the metropolitan Washington area increased from 8,251 in 2011 to 10,748 last year, revealing that many people are choosing to build new homes and forgo the pre-existing house hunt.

New families are often under the perception that it’s better to buy something now and renovate over time. Unfortunately, out-of-pocket expenses to renovate or replace appliances or flooring can cost just the same if not more than a new home.

“A big advantage of a new home for many people is that you can pick everything yourself, from granite counters to flooring, and you won’t have to paint for years,” said Dave Jones, a real estate agent at Long and Foster in Ashburn. (1)

Eric Murtagh, a realty agent at Evers & Co. in Washington points out that, “some buyers have very specific reasons to buy a new home . . . People who have allergies or have kids with allergies want a super-clean, tighter environment with special filters.”

Specific details such as flooring or even air quality filters have led potential buyers flocking to One Loudoun! According to Murtagh, some buyers want features such as elevators, special wiring or even oversized garage units, which can be difficult to retrofit in a resale home.

Other potential buyers have fallen in love with One Loudoun for reasons aside from home design details.

“We’re about to be empty nesters, and we wanted a walkable community in Loudoun County,” said Bruce Gatti, a recent homebuyer in One Loudoun. “We looked at various used and new homes in Loudoun County, but we couldn’t find the package of a community where we could walk to a grocery store, a movie theater until we found One Loudoun.”

Some home buyers may be less concerned with details such as granite countertops, but be more interested in the carbon footprint of their home. New homes are most often more energy efficient due to home construction advancements in window techniques, appliances and heating and cooling air systems.

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Why You Should Consider Living in Loudoun County VA

Loudoun County, Virginia is one of the fastest growing counties in the entire country, and with good reason. Loudoun County offers close proximity to Washington, D.C. as well as a low unemployment rate, excellent schools and a wide array of great cities and towns to live in. Boasting some of the nation’s finest amenities and a robust economy, Loudoun County is a fantastic place to live for those considering relocating to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.

Loudoun County boasts exceptionally strong real estate values as well as affordable home prices and a modest cost of living. The county’s housing inventory is very diverse, and new homes communities such as One Loudoun have answered the call to provide gorgeous homes to the growing population. While the county has grown the real estate prices have remained strong, even in the midst of tough economic times. Those seeking an affordable place to live in a healthy, stable real estate market should look no further than Loudoun County.

The county has an extremely strong economy and a vibrant labor market. Its unemployment rate is just 3.9%, the second lowest in the entire state of Virginia, and among the lowest regions in the nation. Employment opportunities in and around Loudoun County are plentiful, and include sectors like government, healthcare, education, media, retail, business, finance and many more. In addition, Loudoun County offers short commutes to Washington, D.C., making it a prime location for workers in the District of Columbia and nearby cities. The county is also renowned for its affluence and economic opportunities, boasting the highest median household income in the entire United State, approaching $120,000.

Loudoun County offers outstanding public and private schools, with the Loudoun County Public Schools district being praised for its academic excellence and efficiency. The county also boasts great roads and public transportation options. Loudoun County is within short driving range of Washington Dulles International Airport, Reagan National Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Leesburg Executive Airport, and also offers the Loudoun County Commuter Bus service. The county is known for its safe neighborhoods and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Hiking, biking, fishing, boating, water sports and other activities can all be done with ease in Loudoun County.

With its world-class amenities, thriving labor market and close proximity to Washington, D.C., Loudoun County is one of the top places to live in the United States. Those in search of a safe, affordable place to launch a career, retire or raise a family should strongly consider this county. Whether you’re looking to commute to your new job in the nation’s capital or just want a great community to live and work in, Loudoun County is the place for you.