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The Signs of an Extraordinary Community

Moving to an entirely new community is a big deal.  Many ask themselves the same questions; “What’s the neighborhood like?” “Can I imagine myself living here?” “Will my family like it?”

Answering these fundamental questions helps to determine whether or not a community is the right fit.  Thankfully,, an award-winning financial information website, has provided us with “Signs You’re Buying a Home in a Great Neighborhood.”  Not surprisingly, One Loudoun hit many of the key points spot on, painting a perfect picture of an incredible community.

Here are the major indicators, and how One Loudoun fits the bill:

1. It Meets Your Specs

Does the new community include everything on your checklist?  Are you sacrificing one element for another?  Figuring out what you’re looking for is always the first step, but don’t back down from elements you really want in a community just so you can have others.  At One Loudoun, homeowners won’t miss out on anything – it’s all here in our mixed-use development!

2. You Like What You Hear

The neighborhood you’re interested in is bound to have a reputation – good or bad.  If you’ve found a great community, you’ll hear nothing but great things about it, from your future neighbors, business owners, and even from local newspapers.  Luckily, One Loudoun is already known as one of the hottest places to be in Northern Virginia.  Homes are selling incredibly fast – everyone wants to live here!

3. You Can Get a Latte 

Mixed-use communities continue to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re so convenient to live in; it doesn’t make sense to live anywhere else.  Our expertly designed community is home to numerous shops and restaurants, creating a lifestyle and culture that appeals to many.  Feel like walking down the street for a latte?  You got it!

4. It’s Walkable

This is a huge key point for all levels of homebuyers: everyone wants to live in a community that is walkable with sidewalks and pathways.  One Loudoun promotes this lifestyle by providing adequate walkways for everyone to enjoy.  This makes walking to get that latte (mentioned above) so easy to do!

5. The Commute? What Commute?

If you happen to be one of the many residents who will be both living and working at One Loudoun’s impressive commercial and retail space, there’s no commute! This is something that most commuters in DC and northern Virginia would love to experience.  A main focus in our community is to create a space that’s easy to live, work, and play in.  Class A office space is within walking distance to The Fresh Market and new upscale homes.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

6. Homes Sell Quickly

When homes are selling quickly, it’s a strong indicator that a neighborhood is the place to be.  At One Loudoun, we sold a record number of homes just last year, and now, moving into 2014, new home inventory is tight.  Single-family homes are ‘flying off the shelves’ as homebuyers waste no time.

It’s true, this is the time to buy a new single-family home at One Loudoun.  With a limited supply and a strong demand, there’s no telling how much longer these homes will be on the market.  Take a look at our home models and see for yourself – this is an extraordinary community to live in!


Survey Finds Americans Prefer Mixed-Use Communities


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently conducted their 2013 Community Preference Survey, which questions Americans on what they look for, and find important, when looking for a home in a new community. The findings were overwhelmingly positive for mixed-use communities like One Loudoun, as 60 percent of respondents prefer communities with homes, shops and businesses that are only within a few blocks of each other.

One Loudoun is the best example of a community that focuses on providing residents with all that’s needed to live a convenient and high quality lifestyle. Everything imaginable is within walking distance, eliminating the need to drive on a daily basis. This means shorter commutes, living more actively, and enjoying all that a community has to offer.

NAR President, Gary Thomas, says in a statement, “growth patterns, economic development and quality-of-life issues are inextricably linked to the success of communities and residents.” There’s no doubt that our community fits all of the criteria to what makes a community livable, promotes residential happiness, and helps shops and businesses attain success.

And, having a well-planned neighborhood is definitely worth something too – 78 percent of survey-takers noted that the neighborhood is more important than the size of the home. But in One Loudoun, residents can have both! They don’t need to sacrifice square footage in order to live in the mixed-use community of their dreams. All types of homes are offered in our community, many of which have plenty of room for growing.

Fifty-three percent of respondents also said they would prefer to live in a house where walking to parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas is easy, even if it’s at the expense of a larger yard. For many families, these concerns are increasingly important; there’s no replacement for living so close to all of the things your family loves.

The 2013 Community Preference Survey just further shows how the traditional suburban ideals are fading, and how the desire to live in new communities with a mix of houses, shops and businesses is growing. Residents in One Loudoun are all too familiar with the benefits of this lifestyle, because when everything you need is just a short walk away, you’ll find you’re spending more time on things that matter most to you.

Source: The National Association of Realtors

Retail's Importance in Mixed-Use Communities


Mixed-use developments work like a well-oiled machine. All components need to be in sync for one to really come to life. While One Loudoun would be great as a new community with only new homes, what really makes it extraordinary is having those homes paired with office space, restaurants, entertainment, and retail.

The people who live in One Loudoun are interested in living an active and convenient lifestyle. They don’t want to be lugged down by their work commutes, their obligation to drive to everything everywhere they go, or their boredom of living in traditional suburbs. In our community, they don’t have to! Everything, and we mean everything, will be right here in One Loudoun.

Retail is crucial to what makes a mixed-use community, well, mixed-use. Retail stores, much like restaurants and entertainment, bring in revenue while keeping customers engaged and interested. The more people enjoy shopping here, the more they’ll want to come back or buy a home. And the more people that live here, the more they’ll be shopping regularly for groceries, clothing, and more.

That’s why One Loudoun couldn’t be a better place for retailers to establish themselves amongst a customer base. We have a record number of families moving into the community, and they plan to utilize the endless retail options around the corner. Moving in early on allows new shops to grow with their surroundings, helping them to become an early favorite with residents.

It won’t take long for shoppers to flock to our downtown One Loudoun to stroll the streets – many already do! That’s why retailers should capitalize on this perfect opportunity. Northern Virginia has been waiting for a community like ours, and the One Loudoun following is growing by the day. This region is ideal for new businesses, and One Loudoun provides an even better environment for store and business owners.

As our community continues to pick up momentum, we continue to grow in popularity among home shoppers and business owners alike. Mixed-use communities allow for people to live their best, most productive lives that are as convenient as they are enjoyable. Best of all, business owners can own a shop here as well as a home. This is what makes our community so great! When retailers move into One Loudoun, they know they are opening a business in a community with a promising future.

Loudoun County Reports Incredbile Fiscal Year

You already know that Loudoun County is one of the most affluent counties in the entire United States, but did you know that it continues to improve year after year?  The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development recently released their annual report for fiscal year 2013.  And it’s good news for current and future business owners in the new mixed-use community of One Loudoun.

The Department of Development reports that there were 56 ‘wins’ within its target cluster last fiscal year.  A ‘win’ describes a business that moved to Loudoun, stayed in Loudoun, or expanded in Loudoun.  The new number of 56 is a 47 percent increase from the previous year. This amazing improvement is heavily because of new stores, as well as other retail and commercial developments like One Loudoun.

All of these new businesses invested nearly $466.9 million and added 1,645 new jobs in Loudoun County alone. They also occupied or added 2.6 million square feet of commercial real estate. Commercial retail and office space, including buildings in One Loudoun, have been popping up all over the County. In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned by the Loudoun Times as one of the primary commercial office space providers. 

These statistics just further prove that Loudoun County is where storeowners want to be and know is the best place for their business. Buddy Rizer, the Department of Development Acting Director says, “I think generally the marketplace is pretty encouraging right now.”

And we agree! The marketplace is looking very optimistic in Loudoun County, which makes it an excellent time to open a new shop or store in One Loudoun. The fact that Loudoun County has had proven success is even better. With a constant customer base from the surrounding neighborhood and a huge draw for outside visitors, One Loudoun is the best place in the county to open up shop. Prospective storeowners can move into our community with the confidence that their business will do well and find success every year. 

With the accomplishments that our county has seen this past year, we can expect the next year to be equally as or more prosperous. Our economy is in the perfect position for new businesses and allows for plenty of room for growth. Storeowners in One Loudoun can rest assured that their business will do exceptionally well in our wonderful, new downtown.

Source: The Loudoun Times