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What is Smart Growth at One Loudoun?

When living and working at One Loudoun, you might sometimes hear the term smart growth in conversation from time to time.  This begs the question, “What exactly is smart growth? and “Why are we so excited that it carries the weight it does in the continued development of One Loudoun?”

According to NewsWorks, smart growth refers to a “planning approach that favors walkable and bikeable communities over suburban sprawl.”

How does smart growth benefit residents?

Advocates for smart growth know that these communities offer a higher quality of life because “residents have shorter commutes, walk around more, and presumably breathe cleaner, less polluted air.”  These ideals also fall in line with those of New Urbanism, as well as mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

In mixed-use communities, children also have plenty of room to explore and play outdoors, as including and maintaining green space is a continued priority for such developments.  We certainly know this to be true at One Loudoun!  Better yet in 2015, One Loudoun will also be welcoming even more commercial and retail to the community, creating a truly all-inclusive downtown environment.

It’s easy to see how these various benefits can seep into all aspects of our lives, creating a general wellness that is often lost in traditional neighborhoods.

And here at One Loudoun, we believe that living in a smart growth community is a smart idea!  Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes both offer new single-family homes that are in high demand.  With only a few remaining, moving into a new home at One Loudoun is an exclusive opportunity!

One Loudoun expertly validates all the benefits of embracing and living in a smart growth community. To start reaping the benefits yourself, check out our new single-family homes for sale!

Source: NewsWorks

New Urbanism on the Rise

It’s no secret that urbanization is on the rise – just take a look at One Loudoun and how quickly it’s gaining popularity.  In Loudoun County, our community continues to impress with its convenient and progressive lifestyle, as well as its ideal location in Northern Virginia. While the idea of living in urban communities is nothing new, its resurgence in recent years is definitely making headway – and One Loudoun is ahead of the curve!

According to an article posted to Urban Land, an online magazine for The Urban Land Institute, the “rejuvenation of urban centers” is upon us.  More and more families are discovering the convenience that comes with living in city-like settings and mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

One Loudoun expands upon the principles of ‘New Urbanism’, a term coined to describe communities that offer the best of city living, but without losing touch with suburban lifestyles.  Residents at One Loudoun have plenty of room to grow in their newly built homes by Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, but have all of the everyday accessibilities of an urban center.  And with incredibly useful walking paths, residents and families can easily walk to every element of our community.

“Now, cities are again exhibiting confidence as primary living spaces, playing to their inherent strengths and, as a result, growing rapidly,” reads the article on Urban Land.  It’s clear this is the case with New Urban developments like One Loudoun!  And the reasons are obvious – when you can have everything imaginable right at your fingertips, wouldn’t you choose this lifestyle too?  Community, culture, convenience all wrapped into one amazing package – that’s what you’ll find, and more, when living and working at One Loudoun.

One Loudoun is the idyllic representation what mixed-use developments are all about.  Continuously growing and evolving, our community caters to a wide range of homeowners, businesses, professionals and entertainment-seekers.  Our nearly endless list of amenities includes a central park, outdoor plaza, amphitheater, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, The Fresh Market, Edelman Financial Field, and miles of paved sidewalks for easy access to it all.

An impressive list of new restaurants already established at One Loudoun also keeps growing, as does the list of new shops and stores. Pair these with the various community events throughout the year, and it’s clear that One Loudoun is the place to be!

With the continued development and popularity of urban centers in today’s housing market, One Loudoun is proud to offer the premier New Urbanism lifestyle to Loudoun County.  We can’t wait to welcome new families, businesses and restaurants to our growing community!

Source: Urban Land, The Magazine of the Urban Land Institute

How Do Mixed-Use Developments Make Better Neighborhoods?

When you consider the inherent convenience in mixed-use developments, the practicality of living in these types of communities is obvious. Who could argue with the convenience of having everything you need within walking distance of your home? Certainly not our One Loudoun residents, who enjoy the benefits of proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment options within walking distance of their front doors.

But mixed-use developments aren’t just practical from a convenience standpoint – they also help to create better, stronger neighborhoods, benefitting both the residents and the businesses that reside there. The following are aspects of mixed-use developments that help make better neighborhoods:

·      Promotes healthy lifestyles: By definition, mixed-use communities have a focus on walking and a de-emphasis on vehicle use. Because everything residents need is within walking distance of their homes, the idea is that there’s less of a need for a car, leading to more walking and a healthier lifestyle. The health benefit of living in a neighborhood that promotes walking can’t be overstated. In fact, one study that analyzed transit-oriented neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina found that residents who walked to and used the light rail transit system in the development weighed an average of six pounds less than those residents who did not use the light rail.

·      Cleaner air: Since fewer vehicles are needed in mixed-use communities, there’s less traffic congestion, resulting in cleaner air. This has a two-fold benefit: there’s cleaner, healthier air for the residents and those who work in the development, and the health of the environment is also maintained. 

·      Stronger community ties: Imagine living in a community where you can walk to your favorite shopping and dining destinations with your neighbors. The way that mixed-use developments are laid out allows for residents to easily spend social time with their neighbors while doing the things they love – walking together to shop the day away, or to dine at their favorite new restaurant down the street. At One Loudoun, our residents have the opportunity to also check out entertainment options with their neighbors – for example, visiting The Alamo Drafthouse for a movie-watching and dining experience like no other, or heading to the ball park to catch a Loudoun Hounds game once the stadium is finished.

·      Great character: There’s a certain character that mixed-use developments have, giving the area an energy and vibrancy that may not have been present before. Residents, in turn, have a newfound pride in their community, and visitors are attracted to the area.

·      Visually appealing: Mixed-use developments are either completely new construction, or built upon and within previous communities and structures. Either way, the mix of diverse residential and commercial property types in mixed-use developments can have a great aesthetic aspect, further developing the character of the area and the pride of the residents who live there.

With one visit to a mixed-use development, such as One Loudoun, it’s easy to experience and appreciate the convenience that these communities offer. The only way to truly discover the strong neighborhoods that mixed-use developments create, however, is by living in one. And the best way to fully experience all the benefits that a mixed-use community has to offer in the greater Northern Virginia area is by living in One Loudoun. Our incredible new construction single-family homes and townhomes, within such close proximity to some of the best retail and dining options in the area, gives our residents the very best experience that mixed-use developments can offer. 

SOURCE: Urban Land Institute



Rise in Consumer Confidence Leads to Bright Spending Outlook for 2014

The year 2013 was not without its challenges for the U.S. economy, but data shows that this didn’t dampen consumer confidence. In December, consumers ended 2013 feeling highly confident about business and job market conditions. This optimism correlates to a bright outlook for consumer spending coming into 2014, which is great news for mixed-use developments such as One Loudoun with retail destinations that would benefit from increased spending.  

The Consumer Confidence Index from The Conference Board, a non-profit business research association, increased from 72.0 in November to 78.1 in December 2013. Consumer confidence can be defined as an economic indicator that measures how optimistic consumers feel about the state of the economy. It’s an important indicator because high confidence in the economy theoretically equates to more spending, and increased spending benefits the overall economy.

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index in December was the strongest year-end reading since 2007, and consumer sentiment regarding current conditions in particular increased to a five-and-a-half year high. According to information from The Conference Board, consumers are feeling confident about both current labor market and economic conditions, and those conditions in the near future.

Other various factors combined with increased consumer confidence are leading to a bright outlook for spending at the beginning of 2014. In 2013, the economy saw the largest employment gain in eight years, a substantial rebound in the housing industry and record-high stock values, which all boosted household wealth. Increased household wealth will help support increased spending by consumers who are clearly confident in the direction that the economy is headed.

The increase in both household wealth and consumer confidence, and the potential positive impact on spending, is great news for retailers. At One Loudoun, our retailers already benefit from being in a mixed-use community, where consumers live and work right down the street. A bright outlook for spending in 2014 is just another benefit that current and future retailers in One Loudoun have to look forward to in 2014.

According to various reports and data, 2013 ended with enough momentum to power the economy into the new year with high hopes and optimism for good things to come. At One Loudon, excitement for the future is nothing new – as a continually growing mixed-use community in the wealthiest county in the nation, we know that great things are always right around the corner. Our residents, businesses, restaurants and retailers always enjoy the benefits of being in One Loudoun, but we’re especially excited to look forward into the new year to see what positive and exciting things lay in store for our mixed-use community.

SOURCE: Bloomberg News, The Conference Board

Health Benefits of Living in a Mixed-use Community

There are a lot of ways that we can improve our health – exercising regularly, eating well and getting enough sleep are a few methods that come to mind. Perhaps not as obvious, however, is that something as simple as where you live can have an impact on your health. 

Mixed-use developments such as One Loudoun promote healthy lifestyles by allowing residents to easily access transit stops, shopping destinations and restaurants by walking and not driving, according to information from the Urban Land Institute.

A short walk to the bus stop or the shop down the street may not seem like much, but researchers have founded that even small amount of physical activity can help combat obesity. In fact, a study of transit-oriented neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina, found that residents who used the light rail, and could walk to it, weighed an average of six pounds less than those who did not use the light rail.

According to the Urban Land Institute, if destinations such as home, transit, shopping and restaurants are located within a quarter-mile to half-mile of a person’s workplace, they’re more likely to walk instead of drive. Most land use patterns, however, don’t focus on this type of accessibility and instead encourage people to drive to their various destinations.

In addition to convenience and health benefits, mixed-use communities offer the ability to mix incomes, generations, and housing types, allowing for a more diverse community with strong character.

According to the Urban Land Institute, developers tend to shy away from building more complex, mixed-use communities and favor simple, single-use communities. Though planning a mixed-use community certainly has its challenges, our residents at One Loudoun know that it pays off – they benefit from the careful planning and hard work every day. 

Though all mixed-use communities provide health and other benefits to residents, we believe that One Loudoun truly offers something special. Everything we’ve incorporated into our mixed-use community offers the very best to our residents and the companies that make One Loudoun their home. From our luxurious new construction single family homes and townhomes to our incredible selection of shopping and dining options to the nearly 3 million square feet of class A office space, our community offers only the best. All of these features are within the highly desirable area of Loudoun County, Virginia, making One Loudoun the premier mixed-use development and Northern Virginia.  

SOURCES: Urban Land Institute



Retail's Importance in Mixed-Use Communities


Mixed-use developments work like a well-oiled machine. All components need to be in sync for one to really come to life. While One Loudoun would be great as a new community with only new homes, what really makes it extraordinary is having those homes paired with office space, restaurants, entertainment, and retail.

The people who live in One Loudoun are interested in living an active and convenient lifestyle. They don’t want to be lugged down by their work commutes, their obligation to drive to everything everywhere they go, or their boredom of living in traditional suburbs. In our community, they don’t have to! Everything, and we mean everything, will be right here in One Loudoun.

Retail is crucial to what makes a mixed-use community, well, mixed-use. Retail stores, much like restaurants and entertainment, bring in revenue while keeping customers engaged and interested. The more people enjoy shopping here, the more they’ll want to come back or buy a home. And the more people that live here, the more they’ll be shopping regularly for groceries, clothing, and more.

That’s why One Loudoun couldn’t be a better place for retailers to establish themselves amongst a customer base. We have a record number of families moving into the community, and they plan to utilize the endless retail options around the corner. Moving in early on allows new shops to grow with their surroundings, helping them to become an early favorite with residents.

It won’t take long for shoppers to flock to our downtown One Loudoun to stroll the streets – many already do! That’s why retailers should capitalize on this perfect opportunity. Northern Virginia has been waiting for a community like ours, and the One Loudoun following is growing by the day. This region is ideal for new businesses, and One Loudoun provides an even better environment for store and business owners.

As our community continues to pick up momentum, we continue to grow in popularity among home shoppers and business owners alike. Mixed-use communities allow for people to live their best, most productive lives that are as convenient as they are enjoyable. Best of all, business owners can own a shop here as well as a home. This is what makes our community so great! When retailers move into One Loudoun, they know they are opening a business in a community with a promising future.