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World of Beer Opening Soon at One Loudoun!

We are proud to announce that World of Beer will be opening soon at One Loudoun! Construction on World of Beer began in December and it is projected to open on March 14th, just in time for March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day.

Best known for their large variety of craft beer, World of Beer has something for every kind of beer lover. If you’re new to the beer scene, their knowledgeable staff is there to make suggestions and guide you through the options. Managing partner of the One Loudoun location, Robert M. Dorfman, describes the atmosphere as “unintimidating and comfortable.”

The establishment is not known just for their beer, but their ability to perfectly pair each “elevated comfort food” dish with a brew that will compliment it best. Their “tavern fare” includes classic tavern food like sliders, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and finger foods.

The franchise chooses their beers based on the location, and offers anything from local breweries to national favorites. “A significant number of local and regional beers will be available–and national and international beers–it will represent pretty much the entire world,” Dorfman said.

This location, well over 5000 square feet, will have indoor and outdoor seating, as well as sliding glass doors to create an open atmosphere in the warmer months. Other features will include 17-20 televisions, a fireplace, an indoor stage for live music, and a dance floor space.

The World of Beer’s website sums it all up by stating “Simply put, we love all things beer- the tastes, pairings and amazing stories, people, and cultures behind them.”

World of Beer is located at 44699 Brimfield Drive, Ashburn. To keep up with all of the events and happenings at One Loudoun, sign up for our Digital Media Engine!

Sources: worldofbeer.compatch.com

One Loudoun’s Role in a Greener Loudoun County

Here at One Loudoun, we couldn’t be happier to be located in vibrant Loudoun County. As the premier mixed-use development in the area, we’re keenly aware of our responsibility to help make Loudoun County the very best it can be. Our responsibility includes helping to make Loudoun County a greener space – benefitting both the environment and the local residents – and we’re committed to contributing to a sustainable local environment.

One Loudoun plays a strong role in a greener Loudoun County, and the following are the initiatives we’ve taken to promote a more sustainable area:


Various aspects of One Loudoun incorporate a strong emphasis on conservation. One such aspect is our beautiful Central Park area, which totals over 100 acres and is designated as a tree save area. The overall development of the community incorporates conservation with a focus on smart growth designation and mixed-use buildings in our downtown area. Other efforts toward conservation in One Loudoun include water conservation in our buildings and a multi-purpose plaza in our downtown area.


Materials used in One Loudoun’s Central Park, downtown area and buildings all help to make the area greener. For example, trails in Central Park are made from recycled materials, and we have pervious paving and pervious turf grass in the downtown area. Buildings are made from low-emitting materials, and include green roofs.


The landscaping we’ve implemented in One Loudoun is an integral aspect to what makes our mixed-use community so eco-friendly! In Central Park and our downtown areas, we’ve incorporated indigenous plant materials and developed the area by making use of existing materials. Our downtown area also features a water cistern for irrigation purposes, and runoff from the roofs of our buildings lead to this cistern.


As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun has a commitment to implementing transportation options that have a low impact on the environment. To that end, we’ve developed our community to be multi-modal, meaning that it can be easily accessed and enjoyed by bike, walking, bus or car. Our pedestrian-friendly downtown area features interconnected networks of trails and sidewalks, and also features designated parking for fuel efficient vehicles as well as electric car charging spaces.


Energy use is another important aspect of the eco-friendliness of an area, and at One Loudoun, we’ve taken various measures to use energy efficiently. LEED-certified buildings, wind and solar light fixtures and energy efficient building systems are all part of our efforts to be an energy-conscious community, benefitting a greener Loudoun County overall.

Northern Virginia’s Exceptionally Strong Housing Market

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Loudoun County is an incredible county to call home.  It just doesn’t get any better than this, literally!  Loudoun County has been repeatedly recognized for being the most affluent county in the country, the best county in the nation, leading the country in population growth, and one of the best places for businesses and homeownership.

Now, in most recent news, InTheCapital reports incredible gains for the DC Metro’s housing market, with emphasis on the Northern Virginia region.  New data from Realtor.com showed that the DC market was one of 10 top metro areas poised to experience “significant growth in home sales” this third quarter of 2014.

As the third quarter wraps up at the end of September, time will tell if these predictions ring true.  And, with the gains we’ve seen just this past year alone, we have every reason to believe the progress will continue!

“Our June data shows monthly inventory picking up in markets already experiencing price increases and fast property turnover.  These dynamics will result in strong home sales and extend the buying season past the usual June/July peak to later in the third quarter,” says Jonathan Smoke, the chief economist at Realtor.com.

When house hunters start their search in Northern Virginia, they’ll be looking for the idyllic new home community to call home – and they’ll find just that with One Loudoun!  Our newly built single-family homes, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, give homebuyers options when they look for their next space at One Loudoun.

But One Loudoun is more than just a neighborhood with new homes in a great region – our New Urbanist, mixed-use development provides residents with an incredibly convenient, progressive and innovative lifestyle.  One Loudoun has it all –variety of casual and upscale restaurants, a central park, community events, an outdoor amphitheater, and plans for so much more, including expanding retail.  With walkability for our residents in mind, as well as the health of the environment, our community promotes green transportation providing miles of paved walking paths, taking families from here to there.  Everything imaginable is just steps away!

If this sounds like a lifestyle you can imagine yourself living, stop by Experience One Loudoun to learn more!

Source: InTheCapital 

Loudoun County’s Growth Impresses

By now, we are all well aware of Loudoun County’s high status.  As one of the wealthiest and most affluent counties in the entire nation, we’re proud to say this incredible region is home to our very own mixed-use community, One Loudoun.

Recently, The Loudoun Times published a lengthy article detailing past achievements and spelling out what could be next for Loudoun County.  With no surprise, it looks like our beloved county is right on track for continued successes, progress and growth!


In 1990, Loudoun County’s population hovered around 87,000.  In ten years, that number doubled to 174,00 and then again to 315,000 in the decade after that.  Now, experts are predicting population growth to surpass 400,000 through 2020.  This rapid growth is a sure sign of families wanting to live in Loudoun County, and with communities like One Loudoun, who can blame them?


One thing is certain: families in Loudoun County want the absolute best education for their children.  And their dedication to the schooling system has, without a doubt, paid off.  Over 97% of the district’s students graduated on time in 2013, with three quarters of those students receiving Advanced Studies diplomas – these statistics far outrank national averages.


Many of Loudoun’s successes boil down to a healthy, thriving local economy.  Multiple industry segments, including “leisure, wedding, corporate and the individual business traveler,” now call this region home.  New businesses ultimately mean more employment opportunities and more growth.


All of these great accolades are only made better with Loudoun County’s commitment to safety.  Despite the growing population, Loudoun’s crime rate has continued to remain calm.  To ensure crime stays low, the Sheriff’s Office budget increased to $80 million starting this fiscal year.

Looking Ahead

As The Loudoun Times puts it, “Loudoun’s continued growth – be it people, homes, office, roads or rails – is inevitable.”  And at One Loudoun, we are happy to embrace the growth with open arms!

At One Loudoun, our community was created with the vision of growing an all-encompassing neighborhood where residents can work, live and play effortlessly.  Residents can enjoy all the best aspects of Loudoun County, as well as all the best of living in an incredibly convenient mixed-use development, when they move into their new home at One Loudoun.  Our new single-family homes provide families with a beautiful home amongst restaurants, shops, employment, plenty of green space and so much more.  The promising outlook for Loudoun County is just one more wonderful reason to join the One Loudoun community!

Source: Loudoun Times

Loudoun County Leads State, Nation for Population Growth

At the end of 2013, Loudoun County received national attention for being ranked the most affluent county in the nation. Only a few months later, the area is receiving even more attention for another positive ranking – this time, for population growth.

Loudoun County continues to be the fastest growing county in Virginia, according to recently released information from the U.S. Census. Over the course of one year – between July 2012 and July 2013 – the population of Loudoun County grew at an astounding rate of 239 residents per week.

The county’s population growth isn’t just significant on a state level, however. Over the past year, Loudoun County also ranked nationally as the second fastest growing large county, which is defined as a county with more than 250,000 residents.

According to the Census information, the population of Loudoun County is currently 349,679, representing a 12% increase from 2010. According to a Washington Business Journal article from earlier this year, researchers form the University of Virginia estimated that more than 35,000 people moved to Loudoun County in the time period from the 2010 Census to July 1, 2013.

At One Loudoun, we’re optimistic that Loudoun County will continue to see even more growth in the future, as future residents continue to realize all of positive aspects of living in the area. The key to accommodating this incredible population growth is new housing, which is just one part of our mixed-use development.

If you live in Loudoun County or have visited, it’s not hard to see why there’s been such a rapid increase in population in recent years. The county is certainly viewed as one of the most desirable in the Northern Virginia area, and for good reason. Proximity to Washington, D.C., a high standard of living, low poverty, a wealthy and educated workforce, and beautiful homes are all aspects of Loudoun County that make it an excellent place to live. Apparently, all of these great attributes have caught the attention of a multitude of homeowners who have decided to call Loudoun County home over the past several years.

With all of the population growth, expansion and change in the area, it’s an exciting time to become a part of the Loudoun County community. Though there are certainly a lot of options for homes in the area, none offer quite the level of convenience that One Loudoun does. Since our community is a mixed-use development, shopping, dining and entertainment destinations are all within walking distance of the doorsteps of our residents’ homes.

There’s certainly a lot to love about Loudoun County, and that’s why it’s seen such a population boom over the past several years. But our residents and the employees in our retail stores, restaurants and businesses know that to truly experience all the benefits of Loudoun County, you have to experience One Loudoun.

SOURCE: Leesburg Today, Washington Business Journal, U.S. Census

Mixed-Use Communities Continue to Grow in Popularity

As little as ten years ago, many people wouldn’t have known what a mixed-use community was, or even how it could benefit them or their respective economies.  Today, we see mixed-use and smart-growth developments moving into the spotlight and popping up all over the country.  It’s simple; these are the types of communities that people want to live in, not just own a home in.

A mixed-use development refers to a development that brings “residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and where appropriate, industrial uses” together in one place.  In any of these communities, you can find a larger variety of home options, shorter travel times between work and home environments, a strong community atmosphere, and pedestrian friendly, ‘green’ lifestyles.

At One Loudoun, our mixed-use development goes one step further by following the ten principles of New Urbanism.  The ten qualities that every New Urbanist community includes are Walkability, Connectivity, Mixed-Use & Diversity, Mixed Housing, Quality Architecture & Urban Design, Traditional Neighborhood Structure, Increased Density, Green Transportation, Sustainability, and lastly, Quality of Life.  These virtues all work together to make living at One Loudoun as convenient and fulfilling as possible.  It’s no wonder our community has been so popular!

It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy living at One Loudoun.  With the immense growth in our community – the opening of new shops and restaurants, along with a record number of new residents just last year – One Loudoun has even more plans for the future.  Our community already has everything a family needs, but with even more stores, restaurants and community features coming, living at One Loudoun will just get better and better!

Why not join one of the hottest and fastest growing mixed-use communities in Northern Virginia?  Life just seems easier at One Loudoun, with every aspect of the development working together in complete harmony.  These types of communities may just now be gaining widespread recognition, but residents at One Loudoun know our community is ahead of the curve!

Source: American Planning Association


One Loudoun: A Development to Watch in 2014

We can’t say it enough: One Loudoun is set to be the hottest mixed-use development in the area.  Best of all, The Loudoun Times agrees with us!  They recently published an article highlighting ‘developments to keep an eye on’ for 2014 – and we made the list!  With plans for new stores and businesses, our community is looking forward to all of the incredible growth over this year.  Here are just a few of the many things to get excited about this year at One Loudoun!

New Businesses:

Shoppers, diners, and residents at One Loudoun can expect to see new shops and restaurants opening their doors throughout the community.  New businesses will join our current shop owners to create one of the most diverse shopping scenes in the area. Watch closely for future announcements about new stores!


Our community is already extremely accessible – right in the heart of Loudoun County, we’re located at Loudoun Parkway and Route 7.  This makes it easy to reach One Loudoun from nearly anywhere in Northern Virginia.  But now, with the addition of the Silver Line out to this area, getting to and from our development will be easier than ever. For retailers, this means more shoppers walking by your windows and more opportunities to grow a following of loyal customers. 

More Fun:

While it might be hard to believe, One Loudoun will offer even more ways for residents and visitors to have fun in 2014.  Between the growing anticipation for the new stadium set to open in 2015, and community events planned for the entire year, 2014 will be a great time to be a part of the community. 

Continued Convenience:

There’s no doubt One Loudoun will remain to be one of the most convenient communities in the area! And residents who live here would agree; the walkability of One Loudoun and its mixed-use ideals make living and working here so conveniently fun.  Everything you might ever need or want is just outside your front door!

This year will certainly be an exciting year for One Loudoun and our residents.  With so much to look forward to, there’s every reason to join this amazing, award-winning community!

Source: The Loudoun Times

Sustainability Trends Driving Office & Commercial Real Estate

It’s no secret that ideas of sustainability and smart-growth have been driving many markets, including office and commercial real estate. Just think of One Loudoun, our smart-growth community reduces urban sprawl, promotes green living, and creates an unbelievably convenient living atmosphere. All of this is motivated by the idea of sustaining a community within itself – a theory we strive to bring to life in One Loudoun. 

Sustainability has a unique effect on the commercial and office real estate sector.  Seeing how a major portion of any mixed-use development is its accessibility to these office and commercial structures, the effects can be felt by everyone in the community. Employees and businesses working out of these spaces will seek the surrounding community for everything from their lunch break to their new homes.  

In One Loudoun, our goal is to provide those working here with options to live here as well, and vice versa.  Within our development, we want to provide everything a family might need – from a grocery store and shops to an elementary school and a park. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg:  We plan to have even more shops and restaurants (just take a look at all of the new restaurants set for One Loudoun already!), transportation to and from the Silver Line, and endless ways to have fun. 

Another primary aspect of sustainability in a community is the promotion of green practices.  As a mixed-use development that follows the principles of New Urbanism, we’ve created a community that is pedestrian-friendly and encourages the use of bikes and walking as daily transportation.  What could be better than living and working in a community with one of the most enjoyable daily commutes?

It’s these ideals that are bringing more and more people to mixed-use developments.  The idea is fascinating – having your place of work, a grocery store, a school, shops, entertainment, and restaurants all within walking distance of your beautiful new home.  This is sustainability within a community, and this is what is inspiring more businesses to choose commercial spaces in smart-growth developments.

Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay.  In One Loudoun, it becomes less of a trend and more of a lifestyle – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Things to Ask Before Moving Into a Mixed-Used Development


When moving your office, your store, or even your home, there are many questions to be asked, as well as answered. And with so much to consider, home shoppers feel more pressure than ever to make the right choice. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before moving into a mixed-use community, and why One Loudoun could be the perfect fit for you:

Does it have everything I need?

Need a gallon of milk? The Fresh Market will soon be open right around the corner. Need a new sweater for fall? The downtown shopping scene will be humming with new shops and boutiques in no time at all. Feel like dining out? New restaurants in One Loudoun offer all types of cuisines for all tastes. You get the point; convenience is one of our main focuses at One Loudoun. Every homeowner should experience what it’s like to have everything they need right down the street. In our community, we’ve provided entertainment, dining, a grocery store, new homes, and room to run and play, all for the convenience of our home and business owners.

Is the location right for me and my family?

One of the greatest things about living in One Loudoun is that residents can work and live in one community. With thousands of square footage of office space minutes away, daily commutes are a breeze. Aside from commutes, One Loudoun is located in one of the best counties, as well as states, to live in. Loudoun County has been recognized as one of the wealthiest in the nation and one of the best places to work. Virginia has also been praised for its promising environment for business. No matter your profession, living and working in One Loudoun is one of the best features of our community!

Will I feel at home here?

In One Loudoun, you have the opportunity to make your new home unique to you. Homes are spacious, accommodating, and newly built. With your furniture, your color choices, and your family, it won’t be long before your new house feels like home. You will quickly fall into the routine as your kids make friends, you meet new neighbors, and your family effortlessly adapts to the One Loudoun lifestyle. The nearby Central Park and Plaza Fountains will always be a fun favorite among kids, and with so much to do, they’ll never have a dull day again. Between the new elementary school, community recreation center, and much more, families will continue to be happy and grow in One Loudoun!