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6 Ways Living in a Mixed-Use Community Will Change Your Life

One Loudoun is rapidly growing as Loudoun County’s premier mixed-use community and we are now offering even more new home options for you and your family. If you are looking to purchase a new home at One Loudoun, not only will current residents tell you how great it is, but also how living here will change your life! Check out the list below for the 6 ways living in a mixed-use community will change your life.

1.    A healthier lifestyle: As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active. Features like community walkability, our very own Central Park, and even The Fitness Equation fitness center promote a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way. 

2.    Space to relax: There are many possibilities when you are looking to find your favorite place for some R&R at One Loudoun, even if it’s in your own home. Pick a favorite corner at the bar at World of Beer, discover that nice shady bench in the park, or make visiting the pool a weekly routine to get some sun. However you choose to unwind, the options are endless!

3.    Community becomes family: At One Loudoun, you are a part of the One Loudoun family! On any given day you will find neighborhood children playing in the fountain on The Plaza together or neighbors enjoying a meal at one of our amazing restaurants. With a full calendar of events at One Loudoun, including exclusive events for residents and events open to the public, there is never a shortage of places to meet your neighbors and make lifelong friends.

4.    More job opportunities: With the current and future expansion of our retail and office spaces, there are constantly new opportunities for our residents to work in their own community! One Loudoun is a mixed-use community meant to have residents live, work, dine, and play in one convenient location.

5.    Accessibility is unparalleled: Access to all of the goods and services you need on a regular basis is just steps away from your home. Imagine walking out the front door and heading straight over to Fresh Market for groceries or Flow Blow Dry and Beauty Bar for a hair styling session – all of that and more is possible here at One Loudoun! Additionally, One Loudoun is close to major roads and Dulles International airport for easy travel access anywhere. 

6.    A sense of security: Everyone knows that safety and security are both main priorities in close-knit neighborhoods such as One Loudoun. The Neighborhood Association at One Loudoun ensures that you have access to all of the necessary resources to live safely, including the Loudoun County Sheriff Station, which will soon be located right here at One Loudoun.

Needless to say all of these factors put together will bring a better quality of life for your and your family! For more information on how you can own a brand new home at One Loudoun, visit https://oneloudoun.com/living-at-one-loudoun/.

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Experience One Loudoun: Matchbox Edition

On an early spring day, the weather was great and the downtown was hopping, so we took a stroll around The Plaza. The Plaza at One Loudoun is at the center of the downtown area with spots to sit and enjoy the nice weather. It is also where the community holds many events like Acoustic Wednesdays, Downtown Fest, and Farmers Markets.

Each street in Downtown One Loudoun is lined with amazing dining options for any sort of palate. Naturally, it is difficult to choose somewhere to eat with all of the amazing options right in front of you. On this specific day, we chose to eat at Matchbox — a place we knew would not disappoint. The look and feel of Matchbox definitely mimics that of it’s name; warm, but boxy. The atmosphere creates a contemporary feel with warm woods, metal, and red accents. 

As we walked up, the outdoor patio was crowded, but the hostess kindly showed us that the outside bar area was seat yourself, so we got a seat right away. When it’s nice outside, the inside bar opens up to the patio area for a refreshing indoor/outdoor feel. The server immediately came over, introduced himself, and asked if we had any questions, prompting us on what the restaurant is known for. He talked about the pizzas, which we had already heard great things about, and that they are known for their draft wine.

We started out with a few drinks, including a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA beer on tap, a jalapeño cucumber margarita on the rocks (highly recommended by our server, and for good reason), and the seasonal sangria. Although we did not get the draft wine that Matchbox is known for, guests can order it by the glass, half bottle, or full bottle.

For appetizers, we tried a few different options, including the spicy tuna tartare tacos, hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip, and the crab + avo. The spicy tuna tartare tacos were decidedly the group favorite, as the creamy goodness of the tuna and avocado, mixed with the crunch of the wonton shell was out of this world. The crab + avo(cado), was a refreshing twist on chips and guac as it is served with sea salt flatbread instead of chips. The hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip was a nice change from the other apps, with more hearty flavors such as roasted red peppers and mozzarella.

When it came time for our entrees, we tried our best to get different items, but for some reason, everyone wanted pizza! We met in the middle by getting a few different types of pizza, the crab cake sammich (yes that’s spelled right), and the steak + greens salad.  

Baked in brick ovens, Matchbox has perfected the crispy, yet thin, deliciousness that is their classic and artisanal pizza selection. If you like spicy, we recommend the fire + smoke pizza, and if you’re more of a simpleton pizza lover, we suggest getting either the white pizza or the holy grail margherita (we did half and half as recommended by our server).

As for the other items we had ordered, the steak + greens salad was another recommendation from our server, who was right on the money. The pepper-crusted filet was outstanding, and one more thing: homemade tater tots. The crab cake sammich was a great choice, up there with some of the best crab cakes, as decided by our Annapolitan of the group. The pairing of the crab cake, avocado-chili aioli, and pancetta, was a great twist on a classic Maryland favorite.

Next time you’re deciding where to eat at One Loudoun, consider going to Matchbox for a bite, or slice, of absolute food heaven. For more info on the options at Matchbox One Loudoun, you can check out the menu here and be sure to follow along with our Facebook page for updates on other great restaurants coming soon to One Loudoun!

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World of Beer Opening Soon at One Loudoun!

We are proud to announce that World of Beer will be opening soon at One Loudoun! Construction on World of Beer began in December and it is projected to open on March 14th, just in time for March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day.

Best known for their large variety of craft beer, World of Beer has something for every kind of beer lover. If you’re new to the beer scene, their knowledgeable staff is there to make suggestions and guide you through the options. Managing partner of the One Loudoun location, Robert M. Dorfman, describes the atmosphere as “unintimidating and comfortable.”

The establishment is not known just for their beer, but their ability to perfectly pair each “elevated comfort food” dish with a brew that will compliment it best. Their “tavern fare” includes classic tavern food like sliders, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and finger foods.

The franchise chooses their beers based on the location, and offers anything from local breweries to national favorites. “A significant number of local and regional beers will be available–and national and international beers–it will represent pretty much the entire world,” Dorfman said.

This location, well over 5000 square feet, will have indoor and outdoor seating, as well as sliding glass doors to create an open atmosphere in the warmer months. Other features will include 17-20 televisions, a fireplace, an indoor stage for live music, and a dance floor space.

The World of Beer’s website sums it all up by stating “Simply put, we love all things beer- the tastes, pairings and amazing stories, people, and cultures behind them.”

World of Beer is located at 44699 Brimfield Drive, Ashburn. To keep up with all of the events and happenings at One Loudoun, sign up for our Digital Media Engine!

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Loudoun County Continues Growth

Already named America’s richest county, Loudoun County, Virginia has seen a lot of growth within recent years and it does not seem to be slowing down. Thanks to mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, and the corporate growth of the area, Loudoun County is set to continue growing in the future.

Loudoun County’s growth and future projected growth, gives it the possibility to pass that of Fairfax County, which has been a leading county in the state of Virginia for some time now. In fact, it is estimated that a considerable percentage of the homebuyers in Loudoun are buyers moving from Fairfax. According to Loudoun County Economic Director, Buddy Rizer, Loudoun County has seen $1.3 billion in commercial investment just within the last year. These statistics make Loudoun County’s commercial investment the highest in North Virginia. Buddy also stated that five large corporations are looking at Loudoun County as a location to set up shop within the next several years.

Mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, attract Millennials who long for the concept of new urbanism. These communities are what will attract the large corporations to move into the county. The people who work in these large corporations are looking for a community to live, eat, work, play, and shop all in one place. At One Loudoun, all of this is possible! With restaurants, shops, office space, entertainment, and more, One Loudoun is the ultimate mixed-use community with an amazing location in Northern Virginia.

In addition to amazing mixed-use communities, Loudoun County has some of the top performing schools in the state, which will attract families in addition to Millennials. According to the Virginia Department of Education, over 95% of Loudoun students graduated on-time in the class of 2015, outperforming Fairfax County’s 92%. Additionally, Loudoun County’s dropout rate was the lowest in the state at only 2.2% for the year 2015.

Here at One Loudoun, we are excited to be a part of such an amazing location in Loudoun County! Interested in checking out why Loudoun County is so great? Come visit our amazing community today!

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Trending Now: Millennial Homebuyers Seek Suburbs with Walkability

As all of the residents of One Loudoun know, one of the greatest things about this community is the close proximity to so many things! Shopping, dining, entertaining, working, and exercising are just some of the everyday activities that are available all in one place! New urbanism combines convenience and sophistication to bring people the benefits of a mixed-use community. This kind of lifestyle is attracting to many demographics, but more recently, millennial homebuyers have been at the forefront.

Surveys have shown that although millennials gravitate towards city atmospheres, they prefer to buy homes in suburban areas. They like the space and privacy that the suburbs have to offer, but still want to be able to walk to the restaurant down the street. One Loudoun is a great example of a suburban area that has the walkability and convenience of an urban area.

According to Dallas Culture Map, at 32%, millennials currently make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. The website states, “Even though these millennials said they want a suburban lifestyle, they want urban amenities, like the ability to walk to parks, grocery stores, schools and work.” Another feature that this age bracket looks for when they are considering buying a home is outdoor space. Dallas Culture Map says, “Millennials cite a lot of the traditional reasons to buy a house, such as financial investment. But the “desire to have outdoor space” is the most important reason they want to purchase a home.”

With all things considered – walkability, outdoor space, and the suburbs – millennials ultimately crave mixed-use communities when considering buying a home. Whether you are a millennial or not, the benefits of living in a community like One Loudoun are endless.

Sources: oneloudoun.comdallas.culturemap.com 

Why One Loudoun? 

With the development of mixed-use communities on the rise nationwide, it can be easy for these communities to start to all look the same. But if you’ve ever visited One Loudoun, you know that it’s just not possible for our Loudoun County community to blend in with the crowd. There are a lot of factors that make One Loudoun distinctive, and a variety of reasons why residents have chosen our community as their home. The following are just a few of the reasons why so many residents just can’t imagine living anywhere other than One Loudoun:

· Entertainment galore: Living in One Loudoun means having every opportunity for fun and excitement, right in your community! One Loudoun is called Loudoun’s new downtown for good reason – with an exciting assortment of entertainment and recreation options, there’s plenty of fun to be had by all ages. Whether you’re stopping by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for dinner and a movie, hanging out in our very own Central Park, organizing a pick-up soccer game on our outdoor fields or watching a concert with the kids at the barn amphitheater, there’s never a shortage of fun at One Loudoun.

· Shop and dine: Hungry? Thirsty? In the mood for some shopping? One Loudoun has got you covered. We’re proud to offer a delectable variety of restaurants as well as a collection of convenient retail destinations, with more to come!

· New homes: Our beautiful newly built homes from Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith allow residents to enjoy all the best of Loudoun County in style and luxury. Just ask our residents – there’s simply nothing around quite like the homes in One Loudoun!

· Walkability: The only thing better than exciting entertainment options, excellent shops and restaurants, and beautiful newly built homes is having all of these assets within walking distance of each other. One Loudoun exemplifies what it means to have a mixed-use, new urbanism community, providing benefits to residents, businesses and the local area. Walkable communities continue to grow in popularity across the country, and for good reason – with just one visit to One Loudoun, it’s clear how beneficial and efficient walkability is for residents in our mixed-use community.

· Location: Being located in Loudoun County means being a part of one of the fastest growingmost affluent counties in the nation. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Loudoun County community, and at One Loudoun, we’re looking forward to the future as more residents realize what it means to live in this incredible area.

If you ask One Loudoun residents why they love our walkable community so much, you’re likely to receive a variety of positive answers! There’s a reason we’ve become the premier mixed-use development in Loudoun County, and why our residents are proud to say that they’re home at Loudoun’s new downtown.

What is Smart Growth at One Loudoun?

When living and working at One Loudoun, you might sometimes hear the term smart growth in conversation from time to time.  This begs the question, “What exactly is smart growth? and “Why are we so excited that it carries the weight it does in the continued development of One Loudoun?”

According to NewsWorks, smart growth refers to a “planning approach that favors walkable and bikeable communities over suburban sprawl.”

How does smart growth benefit residents?

Advocates for smart growth know that these communities offer a higher quality of life because “residents have shorter commutes, walk around more, and presumably breathe cleaner, less polluted air.”  These ideals also fall in line with those of New Urbanism, as well as mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

In mixed-use communities, children also have plenty of room to explore and play outdoors, as including and maintaining green space is a continued priority for such developments.  We certainly know this to be true at One Loudoun!  Better yet in 2015, One Loudoun will also be welcoming even more commercial and retail to the community, creating a truly all-inclusive downtown environment.

It’s easy to see how these various benefits can seep into all aspects of our lives, creating a general wellness that is often lost in traditional neighborhoods.

And here at One Loudoun, we believe that living in a smart growth community is a smart idea!  Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes both offer new single-family homes that are in high demand.  With only a few remaining, moving into a new home at One Loudoun is an exclusive opportunity!

One Loudoun expertly validates all the benefits of embracing and living in a smart growth community. To start reaping the benefits yourself, check out our new single-family homes for sale!

Source: NewsWorks

How Mixed-Use Communities Benefit Families

In a recent blog post, we detailed the many reasons One Loudoun is loved by Millennials and Baby Boomers alike.  Walkable communities provide families with excellent health benefits while offering plenty to do, making them possibly one of the best places to raise a family.

Here are just a few ways living in a mixed-use community, like our own, can benefit you and your family:

Quality Time Together – When you spend less time driving to and from work, thanks to the class-A office space right here at One Loudoun and the various transportation options available, you’ll find yourself with much needed extra time to spend with your family.  This additional time, a couple more minutes at the table for breakfast or getting home in time to help out with homework, certainly adds up and makes an impact.

Instilling Healthy Habits – Just by living in our community, children can grow up with an appreciation for an active and healthful lifestyle.  Dining on fresh produce from the local farmer’s market or The Fresh Market, playing catch in Central Park with neighbors, and walking or biking anywhere they go helps to instill these wonderful habits in their lives early in their lives!

Plenty of Family Things To Do – There’s no denying that One Loudoun is a social community – there always seems to be something fun going on that the whole family can enjoy!  From seasonal events and block parties on the Plaza, to outdoor concerts or the latest blockbuster at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (however, some age restrictions apply!), there’s never a dull day at One Loudoun.

Here at One Loudoun, we take great pride in providing homeowners with the best possible community in which to raise their families.  Everything needed to live a fulfilling, eventful and healthy lifestyle is all right here in one community, One Loudoun. Our new single-family homes available, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, are ideal dwellings for those who seek an urban life with traditional neighborhood influences, as well as plenty of room to grow.  When raising a family at One Loudoun, it’s the best of both worlds!

Mixed-Use Communities & Your Health

Mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, are popping up in places all over the United States.  Communities like these are widely considered the newfound answer to urban sprawl, providing convenient lifestyles to a wide range of homeowners.  Better yet, these master-planned developments are made even more desirable when they utilize the 10 Principles of New Urbanism.

While seemingly complex, navigating a mixed-use community is quite simple.  At One Loudoun, we have miles of paved walkways throughout the entire community.  This provides residents easy access to anywhere they need to go; their office, a friend’s house, the grocery store, the Plaza and more!

And without a doubt, living in and strolling about a mixed-use community is bound to have a positive impact on one’s health.  In an article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mixed-use communities are praised for their accommodating sidewalks, making it easy for residents to include exercise in their daily lives.

At One Loudoun, we have even more ways for residents to stay fit and enjoy healthy lifestyles.  Our Central Park provides plenty of green space to explore, picnic with the family, or play a pick-up game of Frisbee.  A community Recreation Center will also give families access to a pool, fitness center, courts and playing fields.  And, the Fresh Market prides itself on providing local and fresh produce to those it serves.  With a strong focus on organic and natural products, this grocery store can provide families at One Loudoun all they need to maintain their fit lifestyles!

But physical health isn’t the only benefit of a community like One Loudoun.  When you live, work and complete your daily “to-do’s” all within the same community, your mental health might get a boost as well.  With everything you need close by, you could find yourself with extra time to do the leisurely activities you enjoy.  For many, this acts as a major stress reliever and improves quality of life.

Enjoying a healthier lifestyle is so easy to do when living in our mixed-use community.  Living in a beautiful, newly built home is just the cherry on top!  Our homes, built by Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes  provide families room to grow in a growing community.  One Loudoun is already one of the hottest communities in Northern Virginia, and we’ve only just begun!  For more information on One Loudoun and the benefits of living in a community like ours, visit Experience One Loudoun.

More Millennials Choosing Loudoun County

With Loudoun County’s incredible growth, it comes as no surprise that a fair amount of the new population growth is from Millennials – and that portion is growing.  According to Leesburg Today, more and more Millennials and young professionals yearn to call Loudoun County their new home, and are seeking mixed-use communities like One Loudoun to do so.

In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned in the article as an example of the kind of community that draws this type of homebuyer.  “Is Loudoun County becoming the place that you would classify as a place that people want to be? Absolutely, from a development standpoint you can physically see it” says Grafton deButts, a 32-year-old young professional living in Loudoun.  “Mixed-use complexes with residences, shopping and offices in one” are the next big thing (hey, maybe they already are the big thing!) for all types of families.

While One Loudoun is ideal for young professionals, it is also quite attractive for other generations, including Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers.  After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a community that effortlessly has it all?

One Loudoun goes above and beyond to provide residents with the all-inclusive community experience.  Beautiful new homes are built alongside the best shops, stores and restaurants – and we’ve only just begun! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides endless entertainment options from events to screenings of the latest blockbusters.  Central Park offers plenty of green space to play and enjoy, and the outdoor amphitheater now features a restored historic Ashburn barn for the ultimate outdoor showing.  In the future, One Loudoun will also be home to the Loudoun Hounds and the Virginia Cavalry FC at Edelman Financial Field, a perfect night out for families and young professionals alike.

At One Loudoun, we’re so excited to welcome all different generations of homebuyers to Loudoun County.  Our new single-family homes by Miller & Smith accentuate urban culture and convenient living.  Miller & Smith’s dedication to home design is evident in their brand new ‘Downtown Collection’ that features must-see kitchens and roomy 4-bedroom homes.  Homes like these you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you identify as a Millennial, Generation X-er or Baby Boomer, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits your needs here at One Loudoun!

Source: Leesburg Today