loudoun county real estate market

Loudoun County Continues Growth

Already named America’s richest county, Loudoun County, Virginia has seen a lot of growth within recent years and it does not seem to be slowing down. Thanks to mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, and the corporate growth of the area, Loudoun County is set to continue growing in the future.

Loudoun County’s growth and future projected growth, gives it the possibility to pass that of Fairfax County, which has been a leading county in the state of Virginia for some time now. In fact, it is estimated that a considerable percentage of the homebuyers in Loudoun are buyers moving from Fairfax. According to Loudoun County Economic Director, Buddy Rizer, Loudoun County has seen $1.3 billion in commercial investment just within the last year. These statistics make Loudoun County’s commercial investment the highest in North Virginia. Buddy also stated that five large corporations are looking at Loudoun County as a location to set up shop within the next several years.

Mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, attract Millennials who long for the concept of new urbanism. These communities are what will attract the large corporations to move into the county. The people who work in these large corporations are looking for a community to live, eat, work, play, and shop all in one place. At One Loudoun, all of this is possible! With restaurants, shops, office space, entertainment, and more, One Loudoun is the ultimate mixed-use community with an amazing location in Northern Virginia.

In addition to amazing mixed-use communities, Loudoun County has some of the top performing schools in the state, which will attract families in addition to Millennials. According to the Virginia Department of Education, over 95% of Loudoun students graduated on-time in the class of 2015, outperforming Fairfax County’s 92%. Additionally, Loudoun County’s dropout rate was the lowest in the state at only 2.2% for the year 2015.

Here at One Loudoun, we are excited to be a part of such an amazing location in Loudoun County! Interested in checking out why Loudoun County is so great? Come visit our amazing community today!

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New Camberley Homesites Announced!

Many prospective home buyers who have been searching for new homes for sale in Ashburn-Leesburg, are very exited to see that the new housing community of One Loudoun and Camberley Homes have announced the release of several new homesites! These new Evanston and Lincoln Park home styles are unique and feature amazing design elements, which contribute to the authentic detailing and charm of classic Brownstone-style architecture.  

With mortgage rates already near record lows, the Fed’s recent news about launching a new program aimed at pushing mortgage rates even lower, has caused quite a buzz in the Loudoun County real estate market.  More home buyers are considering homeownership and are realizing that there is great investment opportunity in front of them.  Now is the time to take advantage of the buyer-friendly market conditions and buy in a new home community, such as One Loudoun, which offers a convenient walkable community where residents can live, work, relax, dine, shop and socialize.