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U.S. Retail up the Highest in 5 Months

November retail figures have been released, and it’s more promising news for the industry as a whole! Numbers show that Americans flocked to the shops, either gearing up for the holiday season or taking advantage of the incredible sales and savings opportunities.

Whichever the reason, this brings the retail industry a well-deserved boost and pushes retail sales to the highest they’ve been in five months. There was a 0.7 percent gain in November, adding to the consecutive gains from months prior.

Not surprisingly, these are welcomed numbers to the retail community. According to chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. in New York, Joseph LaVorgna, “we’re going in the right direction.” The industry seems to be finally gaining momentum and is picking up at a quick pace. At this new rate, 2014 is set to be a great year for retail – including for the retailers in One Loudoun!

Not only are economists and experts feeling optimistic about the future of retail, but so are the consumers. Confidence rose for the third week in a row, as shoppers felt more secure in their finances. According to Bloomberg, “the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index advanced to minus 30.9 in the period ended Dec. 8, the best reading since the first week of October, from minus 31.3.” With rising consumer confidence, we can expect the effects to ripple into spending habits. Economists are predicting that personal spending will top three percent at an annual rate for the first time since the end of 2010. These predictions are based on the 3.6 percent growth in the economy last quarter.

Families are moving into the community at an incredible pace, and with the continued growth of our resident and consumer base, 2014 could be a great year for One Loudoun! There’s no doubt that this might be one of the best times to open a new shop or store location in our development.  Retailers will do extraordinarily well at One Loudoun, and they should act fast – there’s no telling how quickly our commercial retail and office spaces will fill up. Simply put, opening your doors in One Loudoun could prove to be very prosperous for any business!

Source: Bloomberg

Loudoun County Maintains 'Wealthiest' Title


It’s no secret that Loudoun has been named the wealthiest county in the nation for countless years. This year, as the Census Bureau releases the median household income for 2012, we find that Loudoun County has once again maintained its title as the most affluent county in the country.

The title of ‘Wealthiest County’ has an interesting effect. It’s possible more homeowners will want to move here to be a part of such a great local economy, and to live in an area that is considered to be more stable than others. And, the more affluent homeowners who choose our county as their home, the longer Loudoun can maintain this celebrated title.

This news also has an exciting effect on business owners and retailers. Location weighs greatly when deciding on the perfect place to open a store location or business. And, with Loudoun County’s affluence, making the decision to choose this area is so easy. The more affluent an area is considered to be, the more attractive it is to retailers of all sizes.

One Loudoun is an even better bet when deciding on a new location. Our community is set to be one of the most convenient and impressive communities in Northern Virginia. Because of this, it is an ideal place to utilize commercial retail and office spaces. With room for big-name retailers and the consumer base for success, One Loudoun takes the guessing work out of finding a new location. Want more proof? Take a look at the retail demographics for our area.

Residents in One Loudoun will want a specific type of retailer. They will be searching for the boutiques and small shops, but they will also seek mid-size retailers that can offer even more for their families. And in One Loudoun, we have thousands of square footage of available office and retail space for exactly these types of businesses. The decision to open a store location in our development couldn’t be any easier!

Add the number of homes sold and the families moving into One Loudoun to the affluence of our county, and it’s the ideal business opportunity. With the improving economy and a constant customer base in the community and county, there’s no better time or place to open a new business!

Source: The Washington Post