benefits of living in a mixed-use community

6 Ways Living in a Mixed-Use Community Will Change Your Life

One Loudoun is rapidly growing as Loudoun County’s premier mixed-use community and we are now offering even more new home options for you and your family. If you are looking to purchase a new home at One Loudoun, not only will current residents tell you how great it is, but also how living here will change your life! Check out the list below for the 6 ways living in a mixed-use community will change your life.

1.    A healthier lifestyle: As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active. Features like community walkability, our very own Central Park, and even The Fitness Equation fitness center promote a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way. 

2.    Space to relax: There are many possibilities when you are looking to find your favorite place for some R&R at One Loudoun, even if it’s in your own home. Pick a favorite corner at the bar at World of Beer, discover that nice shady bench in the park, or make visiting the pool a weekly routine to get some sun. However you choose to unwind, the options are endless!

3.    Community becomes family: At One Loudoun, you are a part of the One Loudoun family! On any given day you will find neighborhood children playing in the fountain on The Plaza together or neighbors enjoying a meal at one of our amazing restaurants. With a full calendar of events at One Loudoun, including exclusive events for residents and events open to the public, there is never a shortage of places to meet your neighbors and make lifelong friends.

4.    More job opportunities: With the current and future expansion of our retail and office spaces, there are constantly new opportunities for our residents to work in their own community! One Loudoun is a mixed-use community meant to have residents live, work, dine, and play in one convenient location.

5.    Accessibility is unparalleled: Access to all of the goods and services you need on a regular basis is just steps away from your home. Imagine walking out the front door and heading straight over to Fresh Market for groceries or Flow Blow Dry and Beauty Bar for a hair styling session – all of that and more is possible here at One Loudoun! Additionally, One Loudoun is close to major roads and Dulles International airport for easy travel access anywhere. 

6.    A sense of security: Everyone knows that safety and security are both main priorities in close-knit neighborhoods such as One Loudoun. The Neighborhood Association at One Loudoun ensures that you have access to all of the necessary resources to live safely, including the Loudoun County Sheriff Station, which will soon be located right here at One Loudoun.

Needless to say all of these factors put together will bring a better quality of life for your and your family! For more information on how you can own a brand new home at One Loudoun, visit


One Loudoun Announces Farmers’ Market

Ashburn, VirginiaOne Loudoun Holdings, LLC and the Loudoun Valley HomeGrown Markets Cooperative (LVHMC) are proud to announce the grand opening of the One Loudoun Farmers’ Market on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 8am-12pm in the parking lot of The Club at One Loudoun, located at 44605 Russell Branch Parkway.

Currently known as the Ashburn Farmers’ Market, the weekly event will be renamed and relocated from the corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Farmwell Road, to One Loudoun this fall. The market will continue to operate at its current location through the end of August.

“We have enjoyed our current location for many years,” said Warren Howell, President of the LVHMC Board of Directors. “Now it’s time to reach out to more folks in Ashburn and we look forward to offering a more diverse range of fresh products to both our current and new customers at One Loudoun.”

The market consists of more than a dozen vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, artisan baked goods, honey, baby food, jellies, sauces and much more. Gluten free options for some products are also available. LVHMC markets are “producers only,” meaning the vendor must be the grower or producer of all the products they sell. All vendors also must operate within a 125-mile radius of Leesburg, Virginia.

“One Loudoun is excited to bring the LVHMC and their market to our community,” said Bill May, Managing Director of One Loudoun. “We look forward to the local food offerings and know the market will be a great place for neighbors to gather.”

The One Loudoun Farmers’ Market will operate every Saturday from 8am-12pm in September and October for 2014, with plans to reopen the market in May 2015 for a full summer at One Loudoun.

To learn more about One Loudoun visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

About One Loudoun:

One Loudoun is a premier 358-acre omni-use, master-planned community located at the corner of Loudoun County Parkway and Route 7, that will feature 1,040 homes, 702,000 square feet of retail including fine dining, upscale shopping and movie theater, a luxury hotel, nearly three million square feet of office space, a clubhouse with pool and an amphitheater – all surrounded by approximately 150 acres of public land with miles of walking trails. One Loudoun’s mixed-use Downtown district opened in spring 2013 and continues to add new tenants.

About LVHMC:

Loudoun Valley HomeGrown Markets Cooperative’s mission is to promote local, sustainable and organic agriculture, to increase economic opportunities for farmers and small food businesses, to offer experiential learning about and access to healthy local foods, and to build a vibrant gathering place for residents and visitors. Since 1994, LVHMC farmers markets serve as integral links between urban, suburban, and rural communities, giving the opportunity for consumers to purchase familiar products in their freshest possible state. Choose the food less traveled!

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Health Benefits of Living in a Mixed-use Community

There are a lot of ways that we can improve our health – exercising regularly, eating well and getting enough sleep are a few methods that come to mind. Perhaps not as obvious, however, is that something as simple as where you live can have an impact on your health. 

Mixed-use developments such as One Loudoun promote healthy lifestyles by allowing residents to easily access transit stops, shopping destinations and restaurants by walking and not driving, according to information from the Urban Land Institute.

A short walk to the bus stop or the shop down the street may not seem like much, but researchers have founded that even small amount of physical activity can help combat obesity. In fact, a study of transit-oriented neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina, found that residents who used the light rail, and could walk to it, weighed an average of six pounds less than those who did not use the light rail.

According to the Urban Land Institute, if destinations such as home, transit, shopping and restaurants are located within a quarter-mile to half-mile of a person’s workplace, they’re more likely to walk instead of drive. Most land use patterns, however, don’t focus on this type of accessibility and instead encourage people to drive to their various destinations.

In addition to convenience and health benefits, mixed-use communities offer the ability to mix incomes, generations, and housing types, allowing for a more diverse community with strong character.

According to the Urban Land Institute, developers tend to shy away from building more complex, mixed-use communities and favor simple, single-use communities. Though planning a mixed-use community certainly has its challenges, our residents at One Loudoun know that it pays off – they benefit from the careful planning and hard work every day. 

Though all mixed-use communities provide health and other benefits to residents, we believe that One Loudoun truly offers something special. Everything we’ve incorporated into our mixed-use community offers the very best to our residents and the companies that make One Loudoun their home. From our luxurious new construction single family homes and townhomes to our incredible selection of shopping and dining options to the nearly 3 million square feet of class A office space, our community offers only the best. All of these features are within the highly desirable area of Loudoun County, Virginia, making One Loudoun the premier mixed-use development and Northern Virginia.  

SOURCES: Urban Land Institute