A Look Inside: The Barn

The Barn Amphitheater, also known as “the Barn”, is located in Central Park at the very heart of One Loudoun. This local landmark is without a doubt one of our community’s most beloved, truly one-of-a-kind amenities. Let’s take a closer look:

The Barn was originally built in the late 1800’s, and was restored by Cochran’s Stone Masonry and Timber Framing, one of only three historical restoration companies in the country. The Barn was perfectly preserved at the heart of One Loudoun for years, thanks to Cochran’s Stone Masonry and Timber Framing, who disassembled the Barn at its original location and reassembled it in One Loudoun’s Central Park. Cochran’s used only authentic materials and methods of construction from the time period the Barn was originally constructed.

The Barn offers One Loudoun homeowners the perfect space for a variety of community-wide events—from wedding receptions to wine tastings and even the occasional community happy hour!

This beautiful, historic barn is one of the unique centerpieces of our community here at One Loudoun. The Barn offers an iconic backdrop for a wide range of outdoor events and shows throughout the year, with its distinct style and historic setting—which is why the Barn is home to a number of fun-filled community events throughout the year.

The Barn’s outdoor amphitheater-style seating makes this space ideal for a number of outdoor events, shows and gatherings—from live concerts and kids shows, to free family movie nights on the lawn, a number of seasonal events, outdoor markets and more.

There’s no question that the Barn adds a unique hint of country charm to our chic, mixed-use community. It’s no surprise that the Barn has become a true community favorite here at One Loudoun! For more on the Barn, visit our website and be sure to sign up for upcoming events at the Barn, along with updates about our community and special promotions through our Digital Media Engine!


So about those stacks of wood..

We’ve been teasing you over on Facebook with some pictures that look like this..

Pretty sure at this point you are wondering “What’s with the stacks of wood?” and, perhaps more importantly, ”What could this have to do with One Loudoun?”

Well, it all started when Miller & Smith’s Bill May found a barn, and with help of Allen Cochran, owner of Cochran’s Stone Masonry and Timberframing, put a plan into place.

So, what’s the big idea?

This beautiful, late 1800’s historic barn will become the center point and backdrop for One Loudoun’s Amphitheater – the perfect community gathering place in One Loudoun for concerts, open-air markets, special events, wine tastings, etc. Old Loudoun meets new Loudoun.

Here’s the crazy part: The barn actually has been disassembled (hence the stacks of wood) and will be reassembled at One Loudoun using all of the methods and materials of the original time period in which it was first built. That’s where Cochran’s Stone Masonry and Timberframing comes in.. he is one of only three historical restoration companies in the country. As Allen Cochran says, “not every old building is significant, we treat them as if they were.” Allen Cochran shares our value of historical treasures and green and sustainable building, and through his historically correct craftsman techniques and materials, he is helping us to bring these values to the center of One Loudoun.

Below is Allen Cochran and the model for the reconstructed barn.

With the help of Cochran’s Stone Masonry and Timberframing, architect Pat Barry, and structural engineer Rob Fling, we anticipate the Amphitheater at One Loudoun will be complete for spring/summer 2012. Stay tuned for pictures as the building process and this exciting story progresses.