The Signs of an Extraordinary Community

Moving to an entirely new community is a big deal.  Many ask themselves the same questions; “What’s the neighborhood like?” “Can I imagine myself living here?” “Will my family like it?”

Answering these fundamental questions helps to determine whether or not a community is the right fit.  Thankfully,, an award-winning financial information website, has provided us with “Signs You’re Buying a Home in a Great Neighborhood.”  Not surprisingly, One Loudoun hit many of the key points spot on, painting a perfect picture of an incredible community.

Here are the major indicators, and how One Loudoun fits the bill:

1. It Meets Your Specs

Does the new community include everything on your checklist?  Are you sacrificing one element for another?  Figuring out what you’re looking for is always the first step, but don’t back down from elements you really want in a community just so you can have others.  At One Loudoun, homeowners won’t miss out on anything – it’s all here in our mixed-use development!

2. You Like What You Hear

The neighborhood you’re interested in is bound to have a reputation – good or bad.  If you’ve found a great community, you’ll hear nothing but great things about it, from your future neighbors, business owners, and even from local newspapers.  Luckily, One Loudoun is already known as one of the hottest places to be in Northern Virginia.  Homes are selling incredibly fast – everyone wants to live here!

3. You Can Get a Latte 

Mixed-use communities continue to grow in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re so convenient to live in; it doesn’t make sense to live anywhere else.  Our expertly designed community is home to numerous shops and restaurants, creating a lifestyle and culture that appeals to many.  Feel like walking down the street for a latte?  You got it!

4. It’s Walkable

This is a huge key point for all levels of homebuyers: everyone wants to live in a community that is walkable with sidewalks and pathways.  One Loudoun promotes this lifestyle by providing adequate walkways for everyone to enjoy.  This makes walking to get that latte (mentioned above) so easy to do!

5. The Commute? What Commute?

If you happen to be one of the many residents who will be both living and working at One Loudoun’s impressive commercial and retail space, there’s no commute! This is something that most commuters in DC and northern Virginia would love to experience.  A main focus in our community is to create a space that’s easy to live, work, and play in.  Class A office space is within walking distance to The Fresh Market and new upscale homes.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

6. Homes Sell Quickly

When homes are selling quickly, it’s a strong indicator that a neighborhood is the place to be.  At One Loudoun, we sold a record number of homes just last year, and now, moving into 2014, new home inventory is tight.  Single-family homes are ‘flying off the shelves’ as homebuyers waste no time.

It’s true, this is the time to buy a new single-family home at One Loudoun.  With a limited supply and a strong demand, there’s no telling how much longer these homes will be on the market.  Take a look at our home models and see for yourself – this is an extraordinary community to live in!