Retail's Importance in Mixed-Use Communities


Mixed-use developments work like a well-oiled machine. All components need to be in sync for one to really come to life. While One Loudoun would be great as a new community with only new homes, what really makes it extraordinary is having those homes paired with office space, restaurants, entertainment, and retail.

The people who live in One Loudoun are interested in living an active and convenient lifestyle. They don’t want to be lugged down by their work commutes, their obligation to drive to everything everywhere they go, or their boredom of living in traditional suburbs. In our community, they don’t have to! Everything, and we mean everything, will be right here in One Loudoun.

Retail is crucial to what makes a mixed-use community, well, mixed-use. Retail stores, much like restaurants and entertainment, bring in revenue while keeping customers engaged and interested. The more people enjoy shopping here, the more they’ll want to come back or buy a home. And the more people that live here, the more they’ll be shopping regularly for groceries, clothing, and more.

That’s why One Loudoun couldn’t be a better place for retailers to establish themselves amongst a customer base. We have a record number of families moving into the community, and they plan to utilize the endless retail options around the corner. Moving in early on allows new shops to grow with their surroundings, helping them to become an early favorite with residents.

It won’t take long for shoppers to flock to our downtown One Loudoun to stroll the streets – many already do! That’s why retailers should capitalize on this perfect opportunity. Northern Virginia has been waiting for a community like ours, and the One Loudoun following is growing by the day. This region is ideal for new businesses, and One Loudoun provides an even better environment for store and business owners.

As our community continues to pick up momentum, we continue to grow in popularity among home shoppers and business owners alike. Mixed-use communities allow for people to live their best, most productive lives that are as convenient as they are enjoyable. Best of all, business owners can own a shop here as well as a home. This is what makes our community so great! When retailers move into One Loudoun, they know they are opening a business in a community with a promising future.