The Retail Industry Builds Momentum


As the economy continues to improve, the retail industry is gaining more and more positive momentum.  The economy has a huge impact on the retail sector, and vice versa. Store owners in One Loudoun will be apart of the best shopping scene in Northern Virginia and their impact on the local economy will be impressive.   More importantly, this affluent area will bring an amazing amount of revenue to businesses, helping them to flourish and grow strong roots in One Loudoun.

This summer, many of the headlines for big retail companies like Home Depot, Gap, Toys’R’Us, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Ross Stores have boasted improvements in the second quarter of 2013 and expected increases for the coming months.  According to statistics published by ShopperTrak, retail foot traffic jumped 5.2 percent in July, an increase from June 2013.  This is consistent with the month over month improvements we’ve seen this year, June also saw a big improvement, as well as exceeds the original predictions for the month. The summer did especially well with more people having extra time to shop, and warmer weather encouraging shoppers to buy seasonal clothing.  As we move into the colder months and holiday retail season, the industry is expected to see even more increases in revenue.    

Now that people are finding they have extra spending money, they are indulging in themselves and shopping more often. Shopping has become more convenient than ever and is seen more as a recreational activity than a chore.  This is why One Loudoun is the perfect place to relocate or open your store.  Shoppers here will get the full shopping experience, and will soon become returning customers.  Those who live and work here will also be strolling the streets regularly to shop for everything they need. 

With the holiday season only a few months away, and the retail industry gaining more momentum everyday, there is no better time to relocate or open your business in One Loudoun. The industry will continue to improve over the coming months, bringing more customers and profit to your store.  Our county and community is filled with residents who want to shop and will be buying more items through the holiday season, so seize the opportunity and open a store in One Loudoun!

Source:  Retailing Today