Reasons to Love Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets have been a beloved summertime staple in Loudoun County for quite some time, and this year is no different. Starting this summer, the new mixed-use community of One Loudoun is excited to host the Ashburn Farmers Market every Saturday 8 am to 12 pm, from May 2nd to October 28th! The Ashburn Farmers Market is home to over a dozen vendors, all within a 125 radius of Leesburg, offering a wide variety of produce. There are so many reasons to love farmers markets—here are a few of our favorites:

1. The Freshest Food Around: As all of the food found at farmers markets was grown just miles down the road, and picked (in most cases) just hours prior to arriving at the farmers market, farmers have no need to preserve their produce with add harmful chemicals. Without the added chemicals, the fruit found at farmers markets is higher quality than its grocery store equivalent. Farmers market produce has higher levels of protein, vitamins and minerals that simply cannot be preserved when shipped hundreds of miles from a farm to your local grocery store.

2. Stimulate Your Local Economy—While Saving Money: When you buy directly from vendors at a farmers market, you are eliminating the middle man (to chain grocery store), and dealing directly with the farmer. For this reason, prices are usually lower—as long-distance shipping and  packaging costs are eliminated.

3. Find New Types of Food, and New Recipes: With the wide variety of goods offered at farmers markets in addition to the open layout of many vendors’ store-fronts, you’re likely to see a number of new, exciting types of food! While browsing, you may even discover a few new recipes or expert tips by chatting with the local vendors and fellow shoppers as well.

Our local vendors offer a variety of local goods—from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat, eggs, honey and an extensive assortment of artisan baked goods. For a full list of vendors, check out the Loudoun Farmers Market website, and visit the Ashburn Farmers Market‘s Facebook Page for the latest on our beloved farmers market!