Mixed-Use Communities Attract Luxury Retail

According to an article published on ICSC.ORG, “More luxury retailers are moving into mixed-use projects in a push to reach the small percentile of consumers with the highest disposal incomes.” It’s no wonder then that the mixed-use community of One Loudoun is welcoming more and more luxury retailers into its 700,000 square feet of retail and office space in the Downtown area of the development.

Not only is One Loudoun situated in the wealthiest and one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, but with over 1000 new homes all within walking distance of the Downtown, opening a shop at One Loudoun means a steady stream of sophisticated, well-educated, and well-connected customers.  Mixed-use developments that integrate the live-work-play aspect, like One Loudoun, attract luxury retailers because they provide not only the convenience factor but also the opportunity to further grow sales and expand one’s business. The ICSC article quoted Howard Davidowitz, chairman of a retail consulting and investment banking firm in New York City, saying: “If you speak to luxury retailers, their number-one priority by far is going to be downtown…This issue of convenience is very important.”

For luxury retailers coming to Loudoun County, convenience, clientele, and community are important – which is why so many are choosing to set up shop at One Loudoun. With nearly 80,000 cars passing by it every day, new homes, shops, restaurants and businesses all within a mixed-use walkable community setting, One Loudoun is a retail destination dream!

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SOURCE: ICSC.ORG – “More mixed-use centers attracting luxury retail”