One Loudoun's Role in Loudoun County's Transformation

It’s no secret that Loudoun County has undergone a drastic transformation over the past several decades, during which time the population of the county almost quadrupled. Loudoun County has become a thriving area for businesses and residents alike, but as much positive growth as the county has experienced in recent years, it still faces pressure to evolve to stay strong and prosperous. According to a recent article by Bisnow (a popular website and e-newsletter covering local commercial real estate business news), the answer is mixed-use communities – like One Loudoun.

Looking to the future of Loudoun County, the focus has to shift to attracting millennials, the article states. And the key in attracting millennials to the area is making Loudoun County a “top live, work, play destination” by creating urban mixed-use communities with “denser residential to support a rich amenity infrastructure,” according to the article. One Loudoun is one such mixed-use community, and we’re proud to be a part of what makes Loudoun County great and what will keep it as a prime destination for residents of all ages in years to come.

According to the article, the key in Loudoun County’s future success is making the area self-contained, meaning that residents don’t have to go anywhere else for all of their needs. With all of our living, dining, shopping and entertainment options, One Loudoun redefines the idea of a self-contained community.

But attracting millennials to the area isn’t the whole picture. As the Bisnow article points out, Loudoun County has also become an excellent place to live for families, with beautiful homes and top-rated schools. And all for residents of all ages, access to D.C. from Loudoun County has never been easier with the addition of the Metro’s Silver Line.

The Bisnow articles calls One Loudoun an “icon-in-the-making,” and we’d have to agree! The following are the aspects that make One Loudoun the gem of Loudoun County mixed-use communities:

· Planned 1,040 units of residential. There are currently 400 residential units that have been built and sold in One Loudoun, and we’re looking forward to many more. We only have about 40 single-family homes left, and after they’re gone, we’ll only be offering townhomes and condominiums in One Loudoun – stay tuned for more information!

· Planned three million square feet of office space. 130,000 square feet has already been built in One Loudoun, and we’re looking forward to even more in the future!

· Planned 700,000 square feet of retail. 300,000 square feet of excellent retail space has been built for our residents, with a possible 400,000 more square feet coming in the future. One thing’s for sure – our residents don’t have to leave One Loudoun to experience a wide variety of exceptional dining choices! Nando’s Peri-Peri, Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal, Uncle Julio’s, Okada Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Elevation Burger – these are just a few of the One Loudoun restaurants that are currently open and opening soon! Check out our site for more information on the incredible retail in One Loudoun.

Here at One Loudoun, we are excited for the future of our community and the overall area, and we can’t wait to see our community expand to continue to be the premier living, working, and entertaining spot in all of Loudoun County!

SOURCE: Bisnow,