Loudoun County Reports Incredbile Fiscal Year

You already know that Loudoun County is one of the most affluent counties in the entire United States, but did you know that it continues to improve year after year?  The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development recently released their annual report for fiscal year 2013.  And it’s good news for current and future business owners in the new mixed-use community of One Loudoun.

The Department of Development reports that there were 56 ‘wins’ within its target cluster last fiscal year.  A ‘win’ describes a business that moved to Loudoun, stayed in Loudoun, or expanded in Loudoun.  The new number of 56 is a 47 percent increase from the previous year. This amazing improvement is heavily because of new stores, as well as other retail and commercial developments like One Loudoun.

All of these new businesses invested nearly $466.9 million and added 1,645 new jobs in Loudoun County alone. They also occupied or added 2.6 million square feet of commercial real estate. Commercial retail and office space, including buildings in One Loudoun, have been popping up all over the County. In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned by the Loudoun Times as one of the primary commercial office space providers. 

These statistics just further prove that Loudoun County is where storeowners want to be and know is the best place for their business. Buddy Rizer, the Department of Development Acting Director says, “I think generally the marketplace is pretty encouraging right now.”

And we agree! The marketplace is looking very optimistic in Loudoun County, which makes it an excellent time to open a new shop or store in One Loudoun. The fact that Loudoun County has had proven success is even better. With a constant customer base from the surrounding neighborhood and a huge draw for outside visitors, One Loudoun is the best place in the county to open up shop. Prospective storeowners can move into our community with the confidence that their business will do well and find success every year. 

With the accomplishments that our county has seen this past year, we can expect the next year to be equally as or more prosperous. Our economy is in the perfect position for new businesses and allows for plenty of room for growth. Storeowners in One Loudoun can rest assured that their business will do exceptionally well in our wonderful, new downtown.

Source: The Loudoun Times