Loudoun County Named America’s Richest County- Again!

Loudoun County has been given the title of America’s Richest County- again! It is wealthier than any county in California or Texas, which didn’t even make the list. It even passed counties in New York! Loudoun is a county that has 350,000 people and over 80,000 families. The biggest employer in Loudoun is the public school system.

The nations wealthiest counties are ranked by median household income data. There are other D.C.-area counties that make the list – all of which have a median household income of at least $95,000 annually. Loudoun County has an annual median household income of  $112,021.

The east holds most of the richest counties in America. Northern Virginia has become an economic go-getter. Unemployment rates stay down in this area because of the government-related hiring. Lawyers, corporate lobbyists and consultants also reside in this area – all of which consume federal government spending.

Loudoun County used to be a rural community just a few decades ago until recently. The population has almost quadrupled and it has now become a technology center and a popular residential area in Virginia. Even though Loudoun has had an abundance of positive growth, it still faces the stress to evolve even further. Loudoun County has done just that by making the area self-contained with new mixed-use communities like One Loudoun. In other words, residents don’t have to go anywhere else for anything they may need. This not only attracts Millennials to the area but it creates a county that is posed to evolve over time.

Loudoun County has a bright future and is sure to expand and evolve even further. We are excited that One Loudoun is along for the adventure and cannot wait to see what happens next!

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