One Loudoun: A Community of AuthentiCITY

A new mixed-use community that is developed and designed based on the principles of creating a “contemporary cosmopolitan” way of life, such as One Loudoun, offers the new home buyer an opportunity to be a part of a harmonious and connected environment that features an all-encompassing type of lifestyle where living, working, dining, shopping, and socializing all occur in one place- in short, a community of “AuthentiCITY.” A new home community built on these concepts, as well as the practice of sustainability, provides wonderful and meaningful benefits to both residents and businesses.

Connectivity: One Loudoun, located at the crossroads of Route 7 and the Loudoun County parkway in Ashburn, VA, is a new housing community that features pedestrian-friendly design, including a hierarchy of streets that are interconnected to create a street grid network that will disperse traffic and create a pleasurable experience when walking. Residents can enjoy miles of paved, car-free pedestrian pathways. A community design that utilizes an interconnected street grid network also encourages a greater use of bicycles, rollerblades, and scooters as other forms of every-day transportation.

Increased Density for Walkability: One huge benefit of buying a new home for sale in a mixed-used community like One Loudoun, is the convenience factor of having shops, restaurants, offices buildings, services, and entertainment all within a walkable distance from home or work. The design principles of contemporary cosmopolitan that have been incorporated into the planning and development of One Loudoun, allow for more buildings, residences, shops, and services to be closer together to ensure the ease of walkability, facilitate a more efficient use of resources, and create a more convenient, enjoyable place to live.

Mixed-Use: Variety and versitility are key elements in sustainable community design, and One Loudoun has applied this “mixed-use” principle to all aspects of the community. One Loudoun offers potential home buyers a mix of sophisticated and quality shops, offices, and dining options, as well as a mix of housing, providing both new single family homes and townhomes on site. Residents also get to enjoy an array of amenities, including a community elementary school, 4-star hotel, lavish cinema and dining experience at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, specialty retail, gourmet grocery store, sports plex, recreation center, amphitheater, town green, and central park.

Increased Productivity: Businesses located in the mixed-use community of One Loudoun will benefit greatly from being in such close proximity to consumers, residential neighborhoods and services. There is a likelihood that business could experience increased sales due to the amount of foot traffic that will be present and the fact that people will be spending less on cars and gas. There will not be the need to spend large sums on advertising and large signs, which will result in more profits. A mixed-use community also provides business owners with the opportunity to have a better lifestyle by being able to live within a walkable distance to their place of work, which saves the stress and cost of a daily commute. Increased density also promotes small local business incubation as well as community involvement from being part of a connected community and being able to know residents on a personal level.

Quality Design & Architecture: Prospective home buyers who are searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg area, will surely find everything they are looking for in the One Loudoun community. All homes have been designed down to the last detail. There are a variety of innovative new home styles that have been exclusively designed for the One Loudoun community including the exquisite single family homes by Camberley Homes, the gorgeous townhomes by NVHomes, and the magnificent Downtown Collection, a brand new single family home series from Miller and Smith. There is definitely an emphasis placed on beauty, aesthetics, human comfort, and a sense of place, in the One Loudoun community. The combination of pleasing architecture, car-free walking pathways, beautiful pocket parks, and tree-lined streets, provides a living experience that brings nourishment to the human spirit.

Sustainability: A core principle evident in the planning of this community is sustainability, and One Loudoun was conceived and designed with an environmental vision, aimed at insuring long-term sustainability. One Loudoun’s innovative community design displays eco-friendly technologies, respect for ecology and value of natural systems, energy efficient homes and buildings, more local production, more walking and less driving, and is the only proposed project in Loudoun County to earn a “Smart Growth Project” award.

Quality Of Life: The mixed-use community of One Loudoun provides residents with better place to live, work, and play- basically a higher quality of life. Between the decreased traffic congestion, healthier lifestyle with more walking and less driving, less stress, close proximity to retail, work, dining, and entertainment, it is no wonder why more new home buyers and business owners are wanting to be part of this contemporary cosmopolitan type of community. Being a pedestrian-friendly, there are more opportunities for residents, neighbors, and business owners to get to know each other on a more personal level resulting in meaningful relationships between more people, resulting in a friendlier town. The element of diversity is brought about with smaller, unique shops and services with local owners who are involved in community. And, the innovative architecture and new home designs bring a better sense of “place” to the community identity. One Loudoun provides everything a new home owner would need to enjoy a higher quality of life- and it’s all within this one community of AuthentiCITY.

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