Lessons on Loudoun

In the spirit of all things “back-to-school,” we thought we’d bring you a little lesson on Loudoun. (And, yes, we’re as baffled as you are that it’s that time again already.)

So about now you’re thinking: “I know lots about Loudoun. Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the Potomac River, just 25 miles from Washington DC, etc.”

Yes, this is all true. But, in our efforts to focus on creating an amazing future here at One Loudoun, we dug deep into the past to make sure we understood the history of Loudoun County and how One Loudoun can be a part of it. We found it pretty amazing how much has happened here, so (putting clunky textbooks aside) we thought we would share a bit of what we learned.

Way back when, in 1649, King Charles II of England originally granted the land that comprises Loudoun County to seven noblemen, and in 1725 the first settlements started to spring up with settlers. These settlers came down from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland to take advantage of the acres and acres of Loudoun’s soil-rich land. This is how Loudoun become an agriculture hub, which brought about community-focused townships and villages that lasted for more than two centuries.

In the more recent times – the 1960’s – when the Dulles International Airport was established, Loudoun was quickly transformed into one of the fastest growing communities in the US, with new businesses, neighborhoods, and schools that you see around you today.

Almost 200 years after the original settlers, a new generation now has the opportunity to discover the rich character and high quality of life that is only available in Loudoun County – and we’re having a blast doing it.

This brings us to our next lesson on Loudoun. And so we introduce you to One Loudoun: the next chapter in this story.

What did we miss? Tell us what you know about the history of Loudoun!

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