One Loudoun in the Leesburg Today News: “Going ‘Downtown’: Eating, Drinking and Hanging Out At One Loudoun”

Posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Jan Mercker on

Conceived a decade ago as a new downtown for Loudoun County, One Loudoun is beginning to live up to that promise.

For commuters who pass by on Rt. 7, the project appears as just one more group of buildings rising out of the most recent construction boom. Those who take the exit are finding a hip new place to shop, eat or just hang out. And while many of the One Loudoun’s amenities are still in the works, a sense of its urban vibe finally is emerging.

One Loudoun has a decidedly urban feel by design. With brownstone-style townhouses on small lots as well as single-family homes and downtown-style common spaces, including its fountain plaza surrounded by restaurants and the aptly named Central Park, a 100-acre green space located between commercial and residential areas.

“Our vision has always been to create a more urban, walkable environment where you can live work and play all in the same place,” said Bill May, the development’s managing director. “The kind of environment that up until now has not existed in Loudoun County…We thought there was enough critical mass in the area to support and sustain a real downtown area…”

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