Thrive Senior Living Announces the Ground Breaking of an Innovative New Senior Living Community in Loudoun County, Virginia

Atlanta-based Thrive Senior Living has announced this week that it will be breaking ground on an innovative new Senior Living Community in Loudoun County, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.

The Tribute at One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA, will focus on resident engagement and connectivity in a very unique, resort-like environment. Using a blend of technology and an innovative approach to providing care when it’s needed, The Tribute at One Loudoun will offer a distinctive experience for a new generation of seniors. Walkable to all of the amenities of One Loudoun, residents of the Tribute will be able to shop at Fresh Market, or get a frozen custard at The Meadows, and return through a beautiful park to join friends for a pre-dinner drink at the Tribute’s bar and lounge…

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The Rising Demand for Multi-Generation Homes

In recent years, many families have opted to upsize their homes to accommodate multiple generations of their family now living under one roof, giving rise to a new trend in home design—the Multi-Generation Home. But what is a Multi-Generation Home? And why are these homes becoming so popular so quickly? Read on to learn about the demand for, and appeal of these flexible, spacious homes—now available at One Loudoun:

What is a Multi-Generation Home?

Multi-Generation Homes are homes designed to accommodate extended family, or multiple generations of a family living under one roof. According to the 2015 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 13% of all homes purchased in 2014 were multi-generation households, consisting of one’s immediate family, adult-age children, adult-age siblings, and/or elderly parents and grandparents.

What Sparked the Recent Rise in Demand?

The growing demand for Multi-Generation Homes is largely due to the recent increase in adult children and elderly parents moving in with relatives, therefore necessitating additional living space.

According to the Washington Post, the increase in multigenerational living was largely due to the inability of many people to get on their feet after the recession and the increasing longevity of Americans have boosted demand for homes that accommodate several generations…there were so many recent grads from local colleges who couldn’t get a job, plus a lot of retirees who chose to move there and were facing higher expenses than they anticipated.” 

According to the NAR’s aforementioned 2015 report, 24% of multigenerational home purchases in 2014 were motivated by the attractive cost savings of multiple generations of one’s family living under one roof, while 23% of multigenerational home purchases in 2014 were motivated by adult children moving back in with their parents.

Due to this unprecedented trend in multigenerational living, families have started purchasing Multi-Generation Homes to make it easier for their adult children and/or elderly parents to move in with them, allowing all generations in the household more space, privacy and most importantly—independence.

Optional Studio Apartments: In recent years, multigenerational living has evolved from a living space on the main level converted into a bedroom, to a separate studio apartment.

The Washington Post commented that, “while turning a living room and powder room into an in-law suite served the purpose, it didn’t offer the sense of privacy and independence that most buyers want…the challenge was finding the space to make an apartment without compromising the space inside the main house.”

The continued rise in demand for Multi-GenerationHomes lead a number of builders, including Miller & Smith to consider adding options for private spaces with a separate entrance, along with an interior door connecting to the rest of the home to the floor plans of their current models. While designing One Loudoun’s Downtown Collection, the architects at Miller & Smith found that the collection’s rear garage configuration had plenty of space for an optional studio apartment to be added above the garage, adding 400+ square feet of space to the home.

Exterior & Interior Entrances: Exterior doors to the home’s studio or additional suite allow elderly parents and adult children to come and go as they please, providing them with the privacy and independence they crave. At the same time, the generations living in the studio are also able to open the interior door when they wish to be with the rest of the family, as these studio apartments are still attached to the rest of the home.

The optional studio apartments in models like Miller & Smith’s Downtown Collection are particularly appealing to multi-generational families, as they include separate exterior and interior entrances, allowing for independence and privacy while allowing them to stay closely connected to the rest of the family.

Additional Upgrades: The floor plans of these studio apartments also offer a number of optional features and upgrades within their innovative, spacious designs, including converting the studio’s kitchenette into a full kitchen or bar, upgrading the window styles, and more.

Miller & Smith homeowners here at One Loudoun recently spoke to the Washington Post and commented that they, “like the neighborhood because he can walk to work and to other places. He has his own bedroom and bathroom and a kitchenette and we added a separate washer and dryer so he can be more independent.”

These homeowners are not alone in this mentality, in fact—according to Miller & Smith’s VP of Marketing, Kim Ambrose, about 25% of buyers at One Loudoun opt for the optional studio apartment feature.

Flexible Floor Plans With Extra Space: At the end of the day, Multi-Generation Homes require one thing above all else—flexibility. The fresh, flexible designs of Miller & Smith’s Downtown Collection at One Loudoun allow for a number of variations and additions—from features and finishes to additional rooms, porches, decks and more to accommodate a wide variety of homeowner preferences.

That being said, you don’t have to have multiple generations living under one roof to find the stunning new homes from Miller & Smith’s Downtown Collection appealing! Homeowners can utilize the spacious floor plans of our new single family homes in a wide variety of ways!

The Unique Appeal of Multi-Generation Homes: According to the Washington Post, the two key elements of every home designed for multiple generations are privacy and flexibility. Multi-Generation Homes appeal to family members across all generations—as they allow adult children and elderly parents alike to maintain their independence, by giving them their own space to live the way they want to live, which just happens to be attached to the rest of the house. At the same time, Multi-Generation Homes give other family members peace of mind, knowing that their elderly parents or adult children are safe and sound under their roof.

The Washington Post concluded by saying that, ultimately, “multigenerational homes change the way a family lives and changes a community. They’re building a lifestyle of shared experiences in communities with amenities for every age.”

With their impressive designs and stunning style, it should come as no surprise that Miller & Smith’s sensational collection of single family homes are selling fast! With limited homesites remaining, now is the time to make your move to One Loudoun—check out Miller & Smith’s collection of new homes and immediate delivery homes at One Loudoun today!

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One Loudoun Named GALA’s 2015 Community of the Year

One Loudoun is thrilled to announce that our community received five awards at the Great American Living Awards this year—including the prestigious Community of the Year award! The Great American Living Awards (also known as GALA), honor the best and brightest of the building industry—from new home builders, architects and developers, to interior designers, sales professionals and marketers. The Great American Living Awards has been, without a doubt, the most prestigious awards program in Washington DC’s metropolitan market, celebrating the stars of the new home industry for over 50 years!

The GALA awards ceremony is presented by the Washington Metropolitan Sales & Marketing Council (WMSMC), Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA), and Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA), after winners have been determined by a panel of distinguished building industry professionals, with expertise in building, community design, new home design, interior design, merchandising, marketing and sales.

According to the Great American Living Awards, Community of the Year is awarded to the community with the ideal “relationship among different land uses, special features, street network, landscaping, home/building orientation to streets, amenities and open space.” Judges also look at the community’s relevant advertising, website design, marketing and merchandising to determine which community best embodies the “high standards that represent the best qualities of our industry”.

In addition to winning Community of the Year, One Loudoun also received an award for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign of a Master-Planned / Mixed-Use Community for the third year in a row, along with an award for Best Social Media, and awards of merit for the Club’s Design and Architecture, in addition to an award of merit for our clubhouse’s Interior Merchandising.

Over the past few years, One Loudoun has become somewhat of a seasoned veteran of the GALA Awards. In fact, we have received a wide variety of awards and accolades for our one-of-a-kind, mixed-use community here at One Loudoun! With limited homesites remaining, now is your last chance to purchase a new single family home at One Loudoun, so be sure to check out our stunning selection of new homes today, and start planning your move to GALA’s 2015 Community of the Year tomorrow!


Loudoun County Continues Growth

Already named America’s richest county, Loudoun County, Virginia has seen a lot of growth within recent years and it does not seem to be slowing down. Thanks to mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, and the corporate growth of the area, Loudoun County is set to continue growing in the future.

Loudoun County’s growth and future projected growth, gives it the possibility to pass that of Fairfax County, which has been a leading county in the state of Virginia for some time now. In fact, it is estimated that a considerable percentage of the homebuyers in Loudoun are buyers moving from Fairfax. According to Loudoun County Economic Director, Buddy Rizer, Loudoun County has seen $1.3 billion in commercial investment just within the last year. These statistics make Loudoun County’s commercial investment the highest in North Virginia. Buddy also stated that five large corporations are looking at Loudoun County as a location to set up shop within the next several years.

Mixed-use communities, like One Loudoun, attract Millennials who long for the concept of new urbanism. These communities are what will attract the large corporations to move into the county. The people who work in these large corporations are looking for a community to live, eat, work, play, and shop all in one place. At One Loudoun, all of this is possible! With restaurants, shops, office space, entertainment, and more, One Loudoun is the ultimate mixed-use community with an amazing location in Northern Virginia.

In addition to amazing mixed-use communities, Loudoun County has some of the top performing schools in the state, which will attract families in addition to Millennials. According to the Virginia Department of Education, over 95% of Loudoun students graduated on-time in the class of 2015, outperforming Fairfax County’s 92%. Additionally, Loudoun County’s dropout rate was the lowest in the state at only 2.2% for the year 2015.

Here at One Loudoun, we are excited to be a part of such an amazing location in Loudoun County! Interested in checking out why Loudoun County is so great? Come visit our amazing community today!

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8 Exciting Events Coming Soon to One Loudoun!


It should come as no surprise that (once again) there are a number of exciting events on their way to One Loudoun this fall! Read on to learn about a few of the many exciting events at One Loudoun this month:


Blues & Brews

Thursday October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th starting at 9:00 pm

Bar Louie

If you’re a fan of local blues music, bourbon, scotch and ice cold beer, be sure to stop by Bar Louie for Blues & Brews—Thursdays starting at 9:00 pm! For more on the upcoming events at Bar Louie, check out their calendar online.


The Ultimate Willy Wonka Party

Friday, October 2nd at 7:00 pm

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Take the family out for an exclusive, action-packed night of fun at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Ultimate Willy Wonka Party! Enjoy the 1970’s classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with members of the original cast and a full Q&A session after the screening! For tickets and additional information, visit the Alamo’s website.


The Ashburn Farmer’s Market

Saturday October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Savin Hill Drive & Codman Drive

Peruse Loudoun County’s freshest selection of fruits, vegetables, breads and more at the Ashburn Farmer’s Market at One Loudoun!


Mix Up Your Sunday

Sunday October 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

Bar Louie

Mix up your sunday routine, and stop by Bar Louie any Sunday this fall to watch the game, and enjoy hand-crafted, fresh everything!


$5 Burger Night

Tuesday October 6th, 13, 20th & 27th from 5:00 pm to Close

Bar Louie

Be sure to stop by Bar Louie every Tuesday this month for your choice of one of nine signature burgers with a side of delicious tots or fries for only $5!


Rock the Tot

Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 pm

Bar Louie

Get ready for Bar Louie’s 8th Annual Tater Tot Eating Contest—Rock the Tot! Rock the Tot includes individual and relay-style team events, with the top 5 contenders in the solo category continuing on to compete at Rock the Tot’s National Championships in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday October 24th! For additional information and pre-registration details, visit RockTheTot.com.


Back to the Future II Quote-Along

Monday, October 21st at 7:30 & 8:30 pm 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Go on a journey through time at the Alamo, with the second of the Back to the Future Trilogy—as Marty and Doc journey forward in time to October 21st, 2015! Enjoy a unique, interactive viewing experience, and exclusive Back to the Future II pint glasses, only available at the screening. For tickets and additional information, visit the Alamo’s website.


Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls Spooktacular 5K

Saturday, October 31st at 4:00 pm

The Barn at One Loudoun

The Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls Spooktacular 5K is sure to impress once again this year—with our 6th annual 5k, Scarecrow Spirit Fun Run, costume contest, trick-or-treating, halloween-themed entertainment and more! For more, visit Ghost5K.com.

Sources: barlouieamerica.comghost5k.comdrafthouse.com

12 Perks of Living at One Loudoun

Chances are you’ve heard of our one-of-a-kind, mixed-use community here at One Loudoun. There’s no question that One Loudoun is Loudoun County’s New Downtown! But why are so many raving about living at One Loudoun? Read on to discover a few of the many perks our homeowners are able to enjoy by living in the all-encompassing, contemporary cosmopolitan community of One Loudoun:


1. The Ideal Location: One Loudoun is ideally located at the heart of Loudoun County just off Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway. With our prime location, we are able to offer homeowners the best of both worlds—the vibrant excitement of new urbanist life set amidst a refreshing walkable neighborhood environment. All of which is just 25 miles from Washington D.C. and a mere 3 miles away from Washington Dulles International Airport!


2. The Stunning New Homes Designs: The stunning, Chicago-inspired new homes here at One Loudon by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith are sure to impress—with their refined, sophisticated look and distinctive brownstone designs. We think you’ll agree, the beautifully-designed streetscapes of One Loudoun are sure to be the envy of your friends and family!


3. The Unmatched Convenience: At our core, our mixed-use community here at One Loudoun strives to offer our homeowners unmatched convenience at their very fingertips, with our diverse, ever-growing selection of retailers, ranging from dry cleaners and banks to dentists, eye doctors and beyond. You can even get your oil changed minutes from your doorstep at Virginia Tire & Auto!


4. The Dining Selection: Our wide selection of restaurants, bistros and fine dining here at One Loudoun is truly beyond compare—there are just so many options to choose from! From Plan B Burger and Firehouse Subs, to Bar Louie, Matchbox, 5ense, Spitfire and beyond!


5. The Award-Winning Community Clubhouse: One Loudoun’s Community Clubhouse is home to a number of world-class amenities, including: a pool, fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts and a dance studio. For more on the Clubhouse, check out this tour of our stunning new Clubhouse on YouTube.


6. Central Park: The Central Park at One Loudoun is home to a 100+ acre park and miles of scenic trails, open fields and even a butterfly garden! Central Park is a true treasure of our community, as it offers a refreshing sanctuary from the busy urban lifestyle—ideal for jogging, biking, enjoying a family picnic or relaxing with friends.


7. The BarnThe Barn, located at the very heart of One Loudoun’s Central Park, is without a doubt a community favorite with its distinct style and historic setting. The Barn’s amphitheater seating style allows it to  play host to a number of outdoor events, movie nights and shows throughout the year.


8. The Fresh Produce: Find a wide selection of fresh fruit and delicious food at our local gourmet grocer—The Fresh Market! Be sure to peruse the freshest local produce at our Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning as well!


9. Movies at the Alamo: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is by far one of the best movie in the nation—offering movie-goers an unparalleled experience with dinner, drinks, movies and exclusive events—all under one roof! From the latest box-office movies to screenings of iconic featured films, there’s no doubt that you’ll be back to the Alamo time and time again after moving to One Loudoun!


10. Picnics in the Park: Looking to spend some quality time with the family? Why not take them on a picnic in Central Park!


11. Catch Up With Friends: Catch up with a friend over a few drinks at one of the local watering holes—like Glass Half Full or Bar Louie!


12. Hit the Trails: Unwind after a long day at work with a relaxing run through Central Park, on the miles of scenic trails and winding bike paths.

We think you’ll agree that the all-encompassing lifestyle offered at One Loudoun is truly one of a kind, and at the end of the day—it just makes sense. Living at One Loudoun gives homeowners the opportunity to live, work, dine, shop and socialize—all in one place!

With our distinctive urban atmosphere, it should come as no surprise that One Loudoun has quickly become the hottest destination in Loudoun County! Browse our stunning selection of new homes today—but hurry! The remaining new single family homes for sale by Miller & Smith are almost sold out!

Apple Picking in Loudoun County

Everyone knows Virginia is for lovers—but did you know Virginia is for apple lovers as well? It’s true—Virginia is home to the finest apple orchards in the Mid-Atlantic! Check out these fun facts about Virginia’s infamous apple orchards, and discover yet another perk of living in Loudoun’s New Downtown:

1. Virginia’s climate is ideal for growing many types of apples, due the state’s rich soil and consistent rainfall, paired with generally warm days and cool nights.

2. Peak apple picking season in Virginia typically runs from September to early November, as apples require 80 to 175 days from spring bloom to fall harvest to ripen.

3. Virginia is home to over 11 major varieties of apples—each with their own unique characteristics! Virginia apple varieties include: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, fuji, Ginger Gold, Winesap, Virginia’s York and rome.

4. Thanks to Virginia’s close proximity to a number of major markets, paired with the ideal growing conditions and nearly year-round availability found in the state has made Virginia one of the top apple-producing states in America.

5. Virginia’s delicious apples can be found in 15 states, and over 20 countries around the world!

6. Virginia apple orchards produce an average of 5-6 million bushels of apples each and every year.

7. The apple industry contributes approximately $235 million annually to the Virginia economy.

8. Apples are grown in over 100 commercial orchards in Virginia, covering over 16,000 acres of land.

9. The estimated commercial apple yield per acre in Virginia is approximately 700 bushels.

10. 70% of Virginia’s annual apple harvest are used in delicious applesauce, apple juices, apple butters and apple ciders.

For many Virginia residents, being able to experience the wonders of apple picking means packing up the car and taking a weekend road trip. However, with One Loudoun’s unique urban setting and ideal location in Ashburn, Virginia, our homeowners are able to enjoy the refreshing urban setting of Loudoun’s New Downtown, with the countryside only minutes away!

In addition to apple picking this fall, be sure to take advantage of the weekly Ashburn Farmer’s Market at One Loudoun, which will be held every Saturday this September at Savin Hill Dr. & Codman Dr. (access via Russell Branch Parkway).


Trending Now: Millennial Homebuyers Seek Suburbs with Walkability

As all of the residents of One Loudoun know, one of the greatest things about this community is the close proximity to so many things! Shopping, dining, entertaining, working, and exercising are just some of the everyday activities that are available all in one place! New urbanism combines convenience and sophistication to bring people the benefits of a mixed-use community. This kind of lifestyle is attracting to many demographics, but more recently, millennial homebuyers have been at the forefront.

Surveys have shown that although millennials gravitate towards city atmospheres, they prefer to buy homes in suburban areas. They like the space and privacy that the suburbs have to offer, but still want to be able to walk to the restaurant down the street. One Loudoun is a great example of a suburban area that has the walkability and convenience of an urban area.

According to Dallas Culture Map, at 32%, millennials currently make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. The website states, “Even though these millennials said they want a suburban lifestyle, they want urban amenities, like the ability to walk to parks, grocery stores, schools and work.” Another feature that this age bracket looks for when they are considering buying a home is outdoor space. Dallas Culture Map says, “Millennials cite a lot of the traditional reasons to buy a house, such as financial investment. But the “desire to have outdoor space” is the most important reason they want to purchase a home.”

With all things considered – walkability, outdoor space, and the suburbs – millennials ultimately crave mixed-use communities when considering buying a home. Whether you are a millennial or not, the benefits of living in a community like One Loudoun are endless.

Sources: oneloudoun.comdallas.culturemap.com 

Downtown Dining at One Loudoun

One Loudoun is a mixed-use community that prides itself on providing everything for its residents. It offers unique amenities within walking distance of residences. One thing that we want to highlight are all of the dining options that we have in the area. One Loudoun offers a wide variety of options if you’re looking to dine out, from a quick meal for yourself to fine dining. Here’s a few highlights of the various cuisine that is offered within the community.

If you’re looking for a quick dining option, there’s plenty to offer. Elevation Burger offers 100% USDA-certified, organic, grass-fed beef and vegetarian options for a top-quality burger experience. Not a burger fan? No problem! SpinFire pizza offers made-to-order pizza with custom ingredients cooked in just 90 seconds. You can also go to Nandos Peri Peri and get some Peruvian style chicken that’ll satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

One Loudoun has plenty of restaurant options that are top-quality and family friendly. Uncle Julio’s offers mexican-style cuisine that comes from over 100 years of tradition on the ranches of Texas. With a foundation of fresh ingredients, there’s something that anyone will love here. Don’t forget to try the swirled margaritas!

If you’re looking for a more traditional dining experience, Family Meal has what you’re looking for. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, they offer reasonably priced comfort food with a unique twist. Whether you’re craving pancakes, meatloaf or fried chicken, they have what you’re looking for.

Finally, they have options for people looking to have a nice evening on the town. Okada offers authentic Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi complemented with unique cocktail options. There’s also Pind Indian Cuisine, which has vegetarian, seafood and traditional Indian food options.

There are many dining options available to you at One Loudoun with many more coming down the line. Along with the many other amenities, this makes One Loudoun a very attractive place to live. Find out more about this new mixed-use community from our website.

One Loudoun’s Role in a Greener Loudoun County

Here at One Loudoun, we couldn’t be happier to be located in vibrant Loudoun County. As the premier mixed-use development in the area, we’re keenly aware of our responsibility to help make Loudoun County the very best it can be. Our responsibility includes helping to make Loudoun County a greener space – benefitting both the environment and the local residents – and we’re committed to contributing to a sustainable local environment.

One Loudoun plays a strong role in a greener Loudoun County, and the following are the initiatives we’ve taken to promote a more sustainable area:


Various aspects of One Loudoun incorporate a strong emphasis on conservation. One such aspect is our beautiful Central Park area, which totals over 100 acres and is designated as a tree save area. The overall development of the community incorporates conservation with a focus on smart growth designation and mixed-use buildings in our downtown area. Other efforts toward conservation in One Loudoun include water conservation in our buildings and a multi-purpose plaza in our downtown area.


Materials used in One Loudoun’s Central Park, downtown area and buildings all help to make the area greener. For example, trails in Central Park are made from recycled materials, and we have pervious paving and pervious turf grass in the downtown area. Buildings are made from low-emitting materials, and include green roofs.


The landscaping we’ve implemented in One Loudoun is an integral aspect to what makes our mixed-use community so eco-friendly! In Central Park and our downtown areas, we’ve incorporated indigenous plant materials and developed the area by making use of existing materials. Our downtown area also features a water cistern for irrigation purposes, and runoff from the roofs of our buildings lead to this cistern.


As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun has a commitment to implementing transportation options that have a low impact on the environment. To that end, we’ve developed our community to be multi-modal, meaning that it can be easily accessed and enjoyed by bike, walking, bus or car. Our pedestrian-friendly downtown area features interconnected networks of trails and sidewalks, and also features designated parking for fuel efficient vehicles as well as electric car charging spaces.


Energy use is another important aspect of the eco-friendliness of an area, and at One Loudoun, we’ve taken various measures to use energy efficiently. LEED-certified buildings, wind and solar light fixtures and energy efficient building systems are all part of our efforts to be an energy-conscious community, benefitting a greener Loudoun County overall.