Loudoun County is the Fastest Growing in Virginia

The “new urbanism” trend that One Loudoun is framed around has resulted in a lot of growth and progress for our amazing community! One Loudoun is already home to extensive dining and retail shops as well as a wide range of offices, including Washington Wealth Advisors, Loudoun Smile Center, Bank of Clarke County, State Farm, and Vinitech IT Solution Strategists, to highlight a few. In addition to plans to continue growing our residential offerings towards the end of 2016, downtown One Loudoun continues to add a multitude of businesses to it’s repertoire. We are very excited to announce that Fortessa Tableware Solutions is bringing their headquarters to One Loudoun!

Loudoun County is situated in the heart of Northern Virginia, one of the most economically vibrant areas in the country. According to a recent article from, Northern Virginia is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the state, despite federal spending cuts seen over the past few years. From 2010 to 2015, the population of this metropolitan area increased by 8.7%, creating a total of 2,909,438 residents at the end of 2015. Population estimates from 2015 estimate that Loudoun County is the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia! In the past five years, Loudoun County has seen an astounding population growth of nearly 20%, compared to Falls Church’s 15% growth and Alexandria’s 14% growth in the same period.

Unsurprisingly, not only is Loudoun County the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is also the fastest growing county in the entire state of Virginia! At an impressive nationwide ranking of 15th for county growth between 2010 and 2015, Loudoun County’s 20% growth rate saw an increase of about 63,293 people. Furthermore, Forbes estimated Loudoun County to have a median household income of $119,525 in 2014, making Loudoun one of the wealthiest counties in America and an enticing location for businesses to set up offices.

What this means for One Loudoun is that we can continue to keep growing with Loudoun County and continue to establish our community as Loudoun’s New Downtown! One Loudoun was recently named Great American Living Awards Community of the Year for 2015 and has won numerous awards from GALA for the sleek and innovative designs of its building. Be sure to stop by and visit one of our many  businessesrestaurantsshops, or even take a stroll in the park next time you pass by One Loudoun! If you’re interested in leasing office space visit our website to learn more information and get in touch with someone who can help your business make One Loudoun its new home.


Integrus Holdings HQ to Move to One Loudoun

As One Loudoun grows as a mixed-use community, we continue to welcome many businesses of all types to join the One Loudoun family! Virginia Business announced that Integrus Holdings Inc. will be relocating their headquarters to One Loudoun in 2017 as a part of the nearly three million square feet of total planned office space in our community. Integrus Holdings Inc., along with its subsidiaries Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Sterling Restaurant Supply, will become the largest tenant at One Loudoun thus far!

Fortessa Tableware Solutions (FTS) describes themselves as “an integrated designer, developer and marketer of commercial and consumer tableware serving the commercial food service market globally.” The company boasts products from five unique brands that are now available in major retailers nationwide, an expansion from the company’s roots in the hospitality market.

Sterling Restaurant Supply is a restaurant and home kitchen supply store formerly known as the Fortessa outlet store. Their location in Sterling, VA opened in 2013 and has since been supplying dinnerware, glassware, and flatware to consumers and professionals alike.

Integrus Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries plan to relocate to a building located at Loudoun County Pkwy and Thorndike Street. Scott M. Hamberger, CEO of Integrus Holdings, said in a statement, “One Loudoun is a destination retail center and a great attraction for us and our SRS customers. We look forward to servicing even greater retail and restaurateur business at One Loudoun.”

Keep an eye out for Integrus Holdings and other businesses coming soon to One Loudoun!