Get to Know the One Loudoun Parking Garage [Infographic]

You may have seen the new parking garage here at One Loudoun, but we can bet that you don’t know how many spots there are, or all of the cool technology incorporated into the structure. Check out the infographic below to get to know the One Loudoun Parking Garage a little bit better!

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of the Fall Season at One Loudoun


Even though the summer has come and gone, there are still several fall activities to experience here at One Loudoun! Whether you are looking for a great outdoor activity for the whole family, just the kids, or the older crowd, here are 8 ways to make the most out of the fall season here at One Loudoun!



Watch football on The Plaza – With football season in full swing and the gorgeous weather here in Ashburn, VA, it’s the perfect time to join friends and family on The Plaza at One Loudoun to watch the big game on the big screens!


Create a fall scavenger hunt – If you’re looking for an easy afternoon activity to enjoy with your family, create a fall scavenger hunt throughout Central Park at One Loudoun! See who can find the prettiest or most unique leaves and bring them home for fall themed crafts.


Prepare for the holiday season – It’s never too early to take advantage of the conveniences that are right here in One Loudoun to help you prepare for the holidays! Order your Thanksgiving turkey at the One Loudoun farmer’s market, or get a head start on your holiday shopping at Scout & Molly’s Boutique!

Fresh organic apples in blue pail on green grass from above

Go apple picking or visit a winery – Because of One Loudoun’s unique location, we are in close proximity to a long list of area amenities including local Loudoun County wineries and farms. Winery tours on a crisp fall day make for the perfect adult outing, and apple picking is a great activity for the kids!

Grab some comfort food – The chilly fall air can only by soothed by a warm atmosphere and comfort food! At One Loudoun, you have so many amazing choices for some of the best dining options around. From Copperwood Tavern to Eddie Merlot’s, to all time favorites like Matchbox and Uncle Julio’s, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Admire the foliage in Central Park – Whether or not fall is your favorite season, you can’t deny the beautiful fall foliage that we see here in Ashburn, VA. A perfect way to enjoy the foliage is to have a picnic in Central Park or sit on a bench swing with a good book!

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6 Ways Living in a Mixed-Use Community Will Change Your Life

One Loudoun is rapidly growing as Loudoun County’s premier mixed-use community and we are now offering even more new home options for you and your family. If you are looking to purchase a new home at One Loudoun, not only will current residents tell you how great it is, but also how living here will change your life! Check out the list below for the 6 ways living in a mixed-use community will change your life.

1.    A healthier lifestyle: As a mixed-use community, One Loudoun offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and be active. Features like community walkability, our very own Central Park, and even The Fitness Equation fitness center promote a healthy lifestyle in a convenient way. 

2.    Space to relax: There are many possibilities when you are looking to find your favorite place for some R&R at One Loudoun, even if it’s in your own home. Pick a favorite corner at the bar at World of Beer, discover that nice shady bench in the park, or make visiting the pool a weekly routine to get some sun. However you choose to unwind, the options are endless!

3.    Community becomes family: At One Loudoun, you are a part of the One Loudoun family! On any given day you will find neighborhood children playing in the fountain on The Plaza together or neighbors enjoying a meal at one of our amazing restaurants. With a full calendar of events at One Loudoun, including exclusive events for residents and events open to the public, there is never a shortage of places to meet your neighbors and make lifelong friends.

4.    More job opportunities: With the current and future expansion of our retail and office spaces, there are constantly new opportunities for our residents to work in their own community! One Loudoun is a mixed-use community meant to have residents live, work, dine, and play in one convenient location.

5.    Accessibility is unparalleled: Access to all of the goods and services you need on a regular basis is just steps away from your home. Imagine walking out the front door and heading straight over to Fresh Market for groceries or Flow Blow Dry and Beauty Bar for a hair styling session – all of that and more is possible here at One Loudoun! Additionally, One Loudoun is close to major roads and Dulles International airport for easy travel access anywhere. 

6.    A sense of security: Everyone knows that safety and security are both main priorities in close-knit neighborhoods such as One Loudoun. The Neighborhood Association at One Loudoun ensures that you have access to all of the necessary resources to live safely, including the Loudoun County Sheriff Station, which will soon be located right here at One Loudoun.

Needless to say all of these factors put together will bring a better quality of life for your and your family! For more information on how you can own a brand new home at One Loudoun, visit


Why LoCo is the Happiest County in the Nation, Again!

“Loudouners” continue to have even more reasons to be proud of where they live, as our very own Loudoun County continues to be recognized for its growth and popularity. For the second year in a row, Loudoun County, VA was ranked the happiest county in the nation!

What do you mean “happiest”?

Every year, SmartAsset uses census data to analyze a mixture of positive and negative factors for counties in the country with a population over 50,000 to find out which ones are the most “happy.” Positive factors consisted of marriage rate, income ratio, life expectancy, and physical activity rate, while negative factors included poverty rate, unemployment rate, divorce rate, and personal bankruptcy rate. After all of these rates are determined for each county in the study, they are weighed and assigned an index where Loudoun County was a 100, therefore placing it at the top of the list!

How Does Loudoun County Compare?

A few factors stick out about Loudoun County when you dive deeper into why we are so happy! Loudoun County’s poverty rate is lower than any county in this particular study, coming in at just 3.8%. In addition to this, the unemployment rate is at 3.2% compared to a national average of 4.9%. Of the almost 1,000 counties included in this study, Loudoun County’s income ratio is the fourth highest at slightly above 2.5, which shows that the median income is over twice the cost of living. All in all, Virginia fared pretty well in this study too, with Fairfax and York both joining Loudoun in the top 25 happiest counties.

So, how can I live in Loudoun County?

Are you interested in living in the happiest county in America? We thought so! As a thriving mixed-use community, One Loudoun, named the Community of the Year at the 2015 Great American Living Awards is where you can live, play, dine, shop, and more, all in one place! Discover the future of living at One Loudoun with brand new homes coming soon from Stanley Martin Homes! These beautiful city style condominiums are NOW SELLING, so visit our website for more information!


Stanley Martin Homes – Now Selling at One Loudoun!

Just imagine walking from your beautiful new home to the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or even to the local elementary school to drop the kids off. We know that all One Loudoun fans have been patiently waiting, and we are happy to announce that there are more new homes coming to One LoudounStanley Martin Homes is NOW SELLING beautiful city-style condominiums in Loudoun’s New Downtown!

About Stanley Martin Homes

Stanley Martin Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the Mid-Atlantic and have been recognized time and time again for their outstanding quality and design. Now celebrating their 50th year in business, Stanley Martin continues to specialize in new home construction and strives to live up to their tagline “your life is our blueprint”.

About These Homes

With 2 beautifully designed home models to choose from, Stanley Martin is continuing the trend of city-style homes exclusive to One Loudoun. The Westminister and The Grosvenor will both be 2-level condominiums featuring garages, outdoor spaces, an open floorplan, and so much more! New homes from Stanley Martin offer different options and features that create a world of convenience, including “Green Living” features for lower utility bills and personalized interior features from their Design Studio.

Why Live at One Loudoun?

Living in a brand new home at One Loudoun provides an all-encompassing lifestyle where everything is located in one place! Downtown One Loudoun offers the convenience of dining, working, shopping, and more in a single location. There are over 15 restaurants, specialized shops, a gourmet grocer, a cinema, and just about everything you need for day-to-day errands and entertainment! Outdoor amenities include miles of paved pathways, Central Park, The Plaza, a community amphitheater, and more.

In addition to all of the conveniences of downtown, there is a world of amenities just for residents of One Loudoun. The Club at One Loudoun features an outdoor pool facility, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and houses indoor basketball courts with other meeting rooms for social events. If we haven’t convinced you yet that One Loudoun is right for you and your family, our community is also located just minutes from commuter routes, 3 miles from Washington Dulles Airport, and 25 miles from Washington, DC.

For more information on living in a brand new Stanley Martin home at One Loudoun, visit

The Wishing Tree at One Loudoun

The Wishing Tree is a short-term childcare center located in downtown One Loudoun where parents can drop off their children, ages 3-12, for up to 3 hours at a time. The Wishing Tree is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, and is perfect for when parents need a few hours to themselves get work done, enjoy a romantic night out, or just have a little “me” time.

At the Wishing Tree, children are treated to a wide variety of fun activities that allow their creativity to run wild while also having the educational component that parents love their kids to be exposed to. Arts and crafts are an essential part of life at the Wishing Tree and they always have an on-going project. Currently, kids are creating a fairy village and the next project will be a mural. They have daily story time with captivating books as well as healthy snack options that are a hit with kids and parents alike.

Every weekday from 10-11 a.m. the Wishing Tree has free Circle Time for members and non-members alike. Children of all ages are welcome and the Circle Time is done in both English and Farsi. Circle Time consists of numerous engaging activities, including stories, songs, crafts, and educational components like learning about the weather and the calendar. Every week Circle Time is focused on a different theme in order to expose kids to a wide variety of topics and make each week a unique experience.

Currently, the Wishing Tree is running a promotion where when you sign up for a membership you get an extra free visit each month for the rest of the year! To learn more about what the Wishing Tree has to offer visit their website at

Loudoun County is the Fastest Growing in Virginia

The “new urbanism” trend that One Loudoun is framed around has resulted in a lot of growth and progress for our amazing community! One Loudoun is already home to extensive dining and retail shops as well as a wide range of offices, including Washington Wealth Advisors, Loudoun Smile Center, Bank of Clarke County, State Farm, and Vinitech IT Solution Strategists, to highlight a few. In addition to plans to continue growing our residential offerings towards the end of 2016, downtown One Loudoun continues to add a multitude of businesses to it’s repertoire. We are very excited to announce that Fortessa Tableware Solutions is bringing their headquarters to One Loudoun!

Loudoun County is situated in the heart of Northern Virginia, one of the most economically vibrant areas in the country. According to a recent article from, Northern Virginia is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the state, despite federal spending cuts seen over the past few years. From 2010 to 2015, the population of this metropolitan area increased by 8.7%, creating a total of 2,909,438 residents at the end of 2015. Population estimates from 2015 estimate that Loudoun County is the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia! In the past five years, Loudoun County has seen an astounding population growth of nearly 20%, compared to Falls Church’s 15% growth and Alexandria’s 14% growth in the same period.

Unsurprisingly, not only is Loudoun County the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is also the fastest growing county in the entire state of Virginia! At an impressive nationwide ranking of 15th for county growth between 2010 and 2015, Loudoun County’s 20% growth rate saw an increase of about 63,293 people. Furthermore, Forbes estimated Loudoun County to have a median household income of $119,525 in 2014, making Loudoun one of the wealthiest counties in America and an enticing location for businesses to set up offices.

What this means for One Loudoun is that we can continue to keep growing with Loudoun County and continue to establish our community as Loudoun’s New Downtown! One Loudoun was recently named Great American Living Awards Community of the Year for 2015 and has won numerous awards from GALA for the sleek and innovative designs of its building. Be sure to stop by and visit one of our many  businessesrestaurantsshops, or even take a stroll in the park next time you pass by One Loudoun! If you’re interested in leasing office space visit our website to learn more information and get in touch with someone who can help your business make One Loudoun its new home.


10 Things To Do on The Plaza at One Loudoun

The Plaza at One Loudoun is at the center of our popular Downtown area! On any typical day, you will see employees flock the Plaza during their lunch breaks, and families playing when the kids get out of school. Take a look at just 10 of the different ways that you can enjoy The Plaza at One Loudoun today!

Play in the fountain: On a hot summer day, bring the kids to One Loudoun and let them run around in the Fountain while you relax in the sunshine.

Get in on the action: Catch some of your favorite sports games on the big screens right on The Plaza! Check our Facebook page for updates.

Have a picnic: With all of the amazing restaurants in One Loudoun, grab some take-out and eat lunch at one of our shaded tables or bring a blanket and set up your feast in the grass. 

Visit the Ashburn Farmer’s Market: For the best fresh produce and products from local businesses, be sure to attend the Ashburn Farmer’s Market every Saturday 8AM to Noon. 

Get some work done: Did you know that The Plaza has FREE WiFi? Grab your laptop and a pair of shades and get some work done outside today!

Eat Custard: The Meadow’s Original Frozen Custard is one of the establishments lined up along the sides of the plaza and they have all of the frozen treats you could want!

Be entertained: Every Wednesday at 6PM catch a different acoustic act at Acoustic Wednesdays on The Plaza at One Loudoun or bring the kids out for Rocknoceros Mondays at 11AM starting June 6th. 

Catch some sun: Sometimes all you need is a little Vitamin D in your life. Why not head on over to the Plaza at One Loudoun with a few friends for a nice afternoon bask in the sun?

Interact with The Plaza: In the grassy areas of The Plaza, you will see solar-powered game structures that are great for kids to interact with so they stay entertained. 

No matter how you choose to spend your time on The Plaza, it is sure to be a great time for all! Keep up with all of our events and happenings at

GreatGatherings is NOW OPEN at One Loudoun!

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

This month, GreatGatherings opened its 5th location at One Loudoun in Asburn, VA, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring even more retail stores to Loudoun’s New Downtown! Just like the entire community of One Loudoun, GreatGatherings is all about bringing people together. They do this by offering products to nurture fun times and social settings in your own home!

According to their website, “GreatGatherings was created to inspire friends and family to gather more often in their homes. We believe that every gathering, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to create cherished memories to last a lifetime.” This corporate philosophy certainly permeates throughout each of their stores. At the One Loudoun location, the first thing you notice as you walk into this GreatGatherings is its layout. The showroom is setup to mimic comfortable and flowing spaces meant for family gatherings. From the patio pieces to the bars and pool tables, the layouts help shoppers to perfectly envision the time their family could be spending around those pieces.

The quality and craftsmanship of each piece also jumps out at you as you walk through each “room”. From the heavy wood and thick leather of the bar stools to the fabric and stitching of the cushions on the patio chairs, each piece feels like it can endure anything an active home can throw at it. 

The products that GreatGatherings offers go along perfectly with their tagline “Play Up Your Home”. Categories include pool tables, bars & game room, stools, outdoor furniture, entertaining essentials, and more!

If you’re planning on throwing the ultimate party this summer, or just looking to spruce up your recreation room, you can count on GreatGatherings to have all of the furniture and accessories you will need! Stop by today before you head over to eat at one of One Loudoun’s amazing restaurants! 


4 Upcoming Events You Won’t Want to Miss at One Loudoun

Looking to fill your February calendar with a few fun, festive events? Be sure to check out a few of these upcoming events at One Loudoun:


“Wine Down” & Late Night Specials

5ense of Thai

Every Monday

Looking for a delicious dining experience? Stop by 5ense of Thai Monday evenings for Wine Down & Late Night Specials. Enjoy half price bottles of wine and more!


Blues & Brews

Bar Louie

Every Thursday, 9 pm to Close

Are you a fan of local brews and blues? Stop by Bar Louie any Thursday night for bourbon, beer, and of course, live blues music. This weekly series is one you surely won’t want to miss!


Titanic: Feast

The Alamo Drafhouse Cinema

February 14th, 6:00 pm

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy in a screening of everyone’s favorite romantic film — Titanic! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is hosting Titanic Feast, yet another installment of their Food & Film Series, on Februrary 14th and it’s sure to be a star-studded success! Titanic Feast will feature culinary creations inspired by a romantic evening meal aboard the Titanic itself. Why not spend the most romantic day of the year watching the most romantic film of the century? Buy your ticket today!


Clueless: Quote-Along

The Alamo Drafhouse Cinema

February 21st & 22nd, 6:30 pm

Travel back to the 90’s with everyone’s favorite Beverly Hills teen Cher Horowtiz in a special, quote-along edition of Clueless this February at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Think you can pass up this blockbuster sensation? As if! For more on upcoming blockbusters and signature movie series, be sure to check out the Alamo’s February Calendar.


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