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One Million Light Festival Coming Soon to One Loudoun

The Holiday season and lights go hand in hand. Celebrate this holiday season by visiting a light display like nothing you’ve ever seen before: LightUP Fest. One Loudoun is bringing LightUp Fest, an eight-week exhibition that combines the latest lighting technology and artisan crafted lanterns, to Loudoun County beginning November 8.

LightUp Fest will span over 20 acres of land and will feature more than one million lights, making it one of the largest displays on the East Coast. With 77 stunning, differently-themed installations, LightUP Fest is a magical experience you won’t want to miss. This showcase of the world’s variety of heritage, tradition, and culture will run nightly from 5:30-10:30 pm starting November 8, 2018, to January 2, 2019.

LightUP Fest

The exhibit’s four major themes are Tour of Fantasy, Freedom America, Mysterious East, and Magical World. One of the featured highlights unique to this exhibit is the display of the Capitol Hill Building. All of these displays celebrate a rich cultural heritage with traditional Chinese lanterns and state-of-the-art lighting technology.

LightUP Fest

What makes this incredible light festival even better is that attendees are also able to partake in entertainment, food, interactive activities and more! The LightUP Fest will feature free daily performances from acrobats, dancers, and musicians, as well as interactive arts and crafts experiences. All age groups are welcome to participate in sugar puppet making, calligraphy, portrait sketching and rice carving, amazing talents you just have to see for yourself. But, if you’re like me, the cuisine plays a big part in the overall experience. Fortunately, LightUP Fest is on the same page –  there will be a diverse lineup of food from around the world ready to be enjoyed.

LightUP Fest

LightUP Fest

The exhibition concept is designed by Zigong Lantern Festival and Trade Group, which has over 30 years of experience producing displays in more than 300 cities in China and over 30 countries worldwide. The Festival was brought to the United States in 2014, with Atlanta being the first to experience its magical elements. The display has since been exhibited in both Houston and Phoenix.

LightUP Fest will be open daily from Nov. 8, 2018 – Jan. 2, 2019, 5:30-10: 30 pm, at One Loudoun, 44 Freetown Blvd, Ashburn, Va. 20147. There will be FREE parking available for all attendees.

Admission to the event is $29.99 for an adult and $19.99 for kids ages 3 – 12. Children under 3 are FREE. There are also discounted family packages and special rates for students and seniors. The military, police, and firefighters with proper identification are welcome to attend for free every Tuesday. For more information, please visit or email

The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots at One Loudoun and a **Contest Alert**

In a world of social media, many of us have been in this dreaded modern-day crisis before: your Instagram game is lacking a little. When it comes to the ever so sacred ‘gram, it can be tough to keep up with pics of Stacy’s puppy eating watermelon with sunglasses on or the tropical travel photos that Mike posts on a regular basis (constantly wondering how he gets those). The good news is, you don’t NEED a cute puppy or to travel hundreds of miles for some quality IG content, and you might have already guessed where we suggest getting some!

Even if you aren’t into Instagram, are more of a Facebook lover, or simply don’t delve into the social media world, people also come to One Loudoun for their holiday photos, prom pics, etc. But, the places we are about to take you are hands down the most picture-perfect locations here at One Loudoun.

The Murals

Slated for completion at the end of this summer, these murals are soon to be THE most Instagram-worthy spot in all the land! Or, Loudoun County that is. In case you haven’t already seen the articles from LoudounNow, the Loudoun Times-Mirror, the Loudoun Tribune, or theburn (sorry, can you just let us brag a little?) the largest murals around are now right here at One Loudoun!

One Loudoun Murals

For all of you artsy types, there’s no need to head into the city for a street art backdrop when you can walk a few feet from your evening at The Alamo and get a cute new Instagram pic right then and there. As we were shooting amidst these sky-high beauties, even a construction worker (in the middle of building new Miller & Smith homes at Upper West) shouted, “That’s definitely picture worthy!” We would have to agree that these bee-cycles really play up our Instagram feeds perfectly.

One Loudoun Murals

Central Park

PARKS ARE IT. Every time we see photos on Instagram with greenery in the background they get an automatic double tap (this is a “like” for those of you who aren’t on the app). Over the bridge and through the park, to Instagram greatness we go, Central Park has everything you need to show off your #ootd (outfit of the day) or your puppy running in the sunshine. Take that Stacy! Swings, benches, tunnels, trees, ponds, beautiful blue sky and a breeze through your hair are all you need. As we walked away from the tunnels in the park, we turned back to see a group of teens using this same spot for a photoshoot. Trendsetters? Definitely.

One Loudoun Central Park

The Barn

Yes, you’ve seen it before – but we couldn’t resist leaving without capturing this beauty! Over here at the Barn, we have seen One Loudoun fans using this gorgeous structure as a backdrop for years, but we thought we would include it as a friendly reminder to all of you newer One Loudoun regulars. The deep red exterior with blinding white trim make this one of the most coveted photo-op spots, and we can almost bet you’ll end up on Pinterest after settling on this for your family photoshoot.

One Loudoun - The Barn

A gorgeous bar fixture, a cocktail, or a dish that foodies would drool over

Unless you’ve been under a rock, One Loudoun has one thing that sticks out to every visitor, and that is, that we #LOVE us some good food. Award-winning restaurants and unique eateries make any meal an opportunity for your Instagram followers drool on the other side of their phone screen. Need a suggestion on where to go? Visit our Happy Hour Guide for cocktail inspo or the Pati-Oh Experience for where to get natural light shining ever so perfectly onto your burger.

One Loudoun - Restaurants

The Plaza

Especially if you have little ones running around, the best spot to grab a few candid snaps is definitely The Plaza. Hang out in the shade of an umbrella, let them run around wildly in the fountains, and you have a perfect “look how cute my kids are” photo just like that!

One Loudoun Alamo Fountain

Hidden corners and decorative walls

If we learned anything from this photoshoot, it’s that there are ‘grammable spots around every corner and you might just find one where you didn’t expect to! For instance, a rustic wall next to Matchbox, flowers cascading next to a staircase, or trendy metal art pieces on the side of Uncle Julio’s. If we do say so ourselves, it’s hard to find any nooks that aren’t aesthetically pleasing here at One Loudoun – or at least with a few photo filters.

If you know anything about One Loudoun, there are sure to be other IG-worthy spots popping up soon. But for now, it’s your turn to show us your favorite Instagram spots at One Loudoun!

Contest Details

The next time you are at One Loudoun, snap and post a photo on Instagram, include the hashtag #OneLoudounGram and you could win a $100 gift card to a One Loudoun merchant of your choice! Anyone can enter and you have until September 3rd to post. GOOD LUCK!

P.S. You can thank us later for those triple digit likes you just received on your new Instagram photo #winning

The Making of Our “What’s Next” Commercial

Anddd… ACTION! If you were anywhere around One Loudoun over the past few weeks, you may have noticed that it had turned into somewhat of a Hollywood set. What is always a fun adventure at One Loudoun, was for a few days, a huge production during the making of our “What’s Next” commercial, which will be airing (drum roll please…) THIS SUMMER!

Meet the creative crew

The Masterminds – Jeff and his production team from Lot 7 Media

Jeff and Lot 7 Media production team

Taking time to make everyone comfortable and relaxed is Jeff’s forte, and he was always open to suggestions or ideas from everyone else. There is no need to describe the energy Jeff brings to set when we can just show you, he is like a trick candle that just won’t burn out. See intense gaze through the lens and arms flailing in pics below. We also think he has coined the phrase, “I don’t like that idea. I LOVE it.”

Glam Guru – Meredith Ehler

Meredith is an extremely gifted makeup and hair stylist and she even knew some of the other people on set from previous sessions at her studio. Give Meredith a few minutes and some good lighting and she can make you look like you’re fresh off a Vogue photoshoot. She made all of our talent look flawless, as Beyoncé would put it.

Meredith Ehler makeup and hair stylist

Setting the scene

On Wednesday, with about 12 different scenes to shoot, we were racing around One Loudoun like it was Mario Kart. With energy up and the weather finally cooperating, it was time to meet up with our talent. By the way, when we say talent, what we really mean is people like YOU – not models or actors. We had the family next door, familiar faces from around One Loudoun, and people who love to spend time here.

To start the shoot, we envisioned what the perfect morning would look like waking up in your new Miller & Smith Upper West home, and only one thing came to mind – with a dog! Cue the excited “awwwws!” We headed over to the model home and had our adorable puppy friend on the set, waking up, and then going for a walk in Central Park. Ruff day, right?

Upper West Dog - Ashburn, VA

Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Sterling Restaurant Supply
We headed over to Fortessa Tableware Solutions and Sterling Restaurant Supply next, where we had the help of a fabulous employee who works in the office and was gracious enough to jump into the scene. She was already dressed perfectly for the part and was an absolute natural. To be honest, she might have a future career in television.

The crew then hurried over to Matchbox, and as soon as we walked in, we knew that the hostess was perfect for the job. Her smile; infectious, her skin; glowing, and her demeanor; the friendliest. Just a few takes and the shot was finito!


After a long morning, we went for a lunch break at Uncle Julio’s because we can always count on two things there: amazing food and amazing service. Something on the menu struck our fancy and when it arrived at our table, it was like we all had the same thought. This beautiful spread (pictured below) NEEDED to be in our video shoot and as it turns out, it was brand new to the menu.

Enter: the fam squad. You may recognize this adorable family from around One Loudoun, as they are residents and longtime fans of the community. With their table set, and knock knock jokes at the ready, the Dodd family perfectly emulated a fun lunchtime experience at One Loudoun.

Uncle Julios - Dodd Family

If you haven’t met the most stylish person at One Loudoun, let us introduce you to Devon, store manager at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Of course, she was ready for the part of walking down the sidewalk with her fashionable friend and then going in to shop at the boutique. She’s had a little bit of practice for sure!

The next few scenes were a bit different, as they featured winners from our Facebook contest. The first couple met us at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a casual date night scene. We’ll call these two the “love birds” because their chemistry was undeniable and they were #relationshipgoals. We then found out that Lynne and Nick have been together for 20 years and have 4 children together. Be still, our hearts!
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Last on the agenda was a romantic dinner scene at Eddie Merlot’s and our second set of contest winners, Grace and Kevin, just happened to be celebrating their anniversary on this very day. See those lovey dovey eyes? That is no acting people, that is true love!


Upon arrival for the wrap of this commercial, Kay, the Assistant Manager at Scout & Molly’s Boutique, had an arrangement of vibrant, flowy spring outfits to choose from for the last scene. Being at Scout & Molly’s was a clip straight out of a movie because the energy Kay had came alive and made our One Loudoun experience that much more enjoyable.

Scout & Molly’s Boutique

Once the outfit situation was under control, we scooted on over to Uncle Julio’s (we aren’t trying to pick favorite, we swear) for some much-needed enchiladas and a fan fav drink called the “The Swirl”. You are going to have to use your imagination on this one because it was so dang good that we didn’t even have time to snap a picture. One sip, two sips, gone!

Did we mention it was the first day of summer? Which means… THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Which also means… waiting for the sunset took extra-long, but we wanted to capture the perfect shot. When the sunset finally began, it was lights, camera, action! Cones blocked the road, lights draped the trees, a drone flew overhead and the excitement of spectators took off.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the on-set scoop of the “What’s Next” commercial! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for it to air, and also, keep your guesses coming on what’s next here at One Loudoun!

Yes Virginia, There really is a Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun

Bookstores…archaic? Think again. A place like Barnes & Noble isn’t just there for the books. It’s the Tiffany’s to Holly Golightly, the Oz to Dorothy, the open water to Jaws. It’s a place that makes you feel like it was created just for you and yet somehow, all different types of people belong there, just like the many genres winding throughout the store.

Not only is the Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun brand new, but it’s different from any other location. It’s a mixture between a trendy café, bookstore, and the most popular corner of your college library.

When we entered the store, we bee-lined straight to the café in desperate need of caffeine and there’s no better sign of good coffee than the glorious green glow and signature Starbucks siren on the wall. After we ordered some Bucky’s (you can thank my dad for that nickname), we also decided to dabble in the food menu.

The menu items are carefully selected and there is something for everyone on it – think a cheese board, salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. The coolest part of the café menu isn’t really even the food, but the fact that the Barnes & Noble chef is Harrison Ford’s son, Ben Ford. SO, you’re really eating at a celebrity café! We ordered the tomato soup (highly recommended from a friend) and the heirloom tomato salad. Both were great, both were fresh and delicious, and both heightened our Barnes & Noble experience tenfold (although it also could have just been the caffeine).

Barnes & Noble Cafe - Soup and Salad

There was also a bar attached to the opposite side of the Starbucks counter, where we observed a group of friends presumably studying. They had a bunch of notebooks sprawled out and each had an adult beverage in front of them. Hey – if you’re going to work on the weekends, why not make it a little interesting? The bar, which by the way is a new addition to Barnes & Noble, has a nice selection of wines, beers, and ciders sure to please all.

Barnes & Noble - Cookbooks

By the pure force of B&N, I went into the store craving a new cook book. Envisioning one with a rainbow-colored salad or anything with avocado on the cover (yes, I am trying to be trendy), I set out for the cooking section. Browsing – OOH maybe this one! Browsing some more – but this one would look GREAT on my cookbook stand. Browsing browsing browsing – (insert celebrity here) uses this one, so I obviously need it.

Confession time: Not only did I leave with a cookbook that I’m sure will put me on the path to my own Food Network show, but I also left with a record. Guess what? I don’t even own a record player, but I couldn’t resist because records are back baby! The sound is incomparable and the nostalgia is overwhelming. The moral of the story being, you may go into Barnes & Noble wanting one thing, and walk out with something totally different, or multiple things that you didn’t even know you could purchase there. Guess it’s time to purchase a record player.

There are many unique features in this store, and what makes it even better is the open layout. Where Barnes & Noble stores from back in the day were more closed and sectioned off from one another, this store is an open book (see what I did there?). There was a cool kid’s corner with bright colors, mini chairs, a Lego table, and all of the children’s books you could dream of. For anyone who is curious, yes, they still sell the classics that you remember as a child like Rainbowfish and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (I spent about 5 minutes reminiscing in the children’s section). There’s also a full Harry Potter display featuring books, games, toys, and anything you could think of that involves the magical series.

Admittedly, I hadn’t been to a book store in a long time – what with audiobooks, podcasts, and Netflix to keep me entertained. Walking into the Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun for the first time gave me an overwhelming feeling of something I used to love, and have now rediscovered. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one with this feeling since all of the seating throughout the store was taken when I tried to get a studious photo of myself amongst the stacks. Nothing beats the feeling of picking up a book, smelling the freshly printed pages, and seeing the progress made as you read your way through it whilst sipping a cup of joe, a nice cabernet, or IPA. But hey – don’t take my word for it, visit for yourself!

20427 Exchange St, Ashburn, VA 20147
(571) 298-8729

And the Oscar Goes to…The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!

Alamo - Logo and Movie Poster

The speeches, the wardrobes, the celebrity interactions — I don’t know about you, but I am completely exhausted on this post-Oscars Monday. Anyone who knows me knows that I need to see as many movies as I can before the show so that I can ooh, ahh, and be shocked by the “snubs”. More importantly, it eliminates FOMO (um..Fear of Missing Out of course!). This time, I decided to go to The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for the first time ever. I’ve since decided that all past and future movie-going experiences are now ruined unless I go to the Alamo.

The Alamo - Cheers at Glass Half Full

You know how it goes, dinner, drinks, and a movie. Here’s the thing. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is all three of these in one – think the date night trifecta. Eat dinner, sip on a brewski, and watch the highly anticipated rom-com that your significant other swears will be amazing, all at once. It’s like a movie theater for celebrities and fancy people, but in reality, anyone can go. It’s not like a regular theater, it’s a cool theater (winks and walks away).

We walked into the entrance of the theater and immediately noticed the high ceilings that opened up into a room with high-top tables and shiny booth seating around the perimeter. The deep red fan-patterned wallpaper and brightly lit Alamo marquee gave off strong vintage vibes like we were going to watch a “film” in the 1930s and I should have been wearing a feather boa.

Even though the main room reminded me of an old school Nickelodeon, rounding the corner we spotted the Glass Half Full – a full service bar inside the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema that gives the space a more modern feel. When we entered the bar, the bartender, Michael, was happy to answer our annoyingly long list of questions and also serve us one of the recommended 32 beers they had on draught.

The low down:
There is a full food menu (with some award-winning items) and a full-service bar which are both accessible to you from the Glass Half Full OR your seat inside the theater (keep reading, will explain). So, we each ordered one beer from Glass Half Full and walked from the bar into our theater, which almost felt like we were breaking an open container law somewhere. We were there to see The Post, which I was excited about because it stars two of my all-time favorite actors.

The way it works:
When you get to your seat (PSST you can reserve it!), there is a long skinny table that goes across the aisle. There are slots underneath of the table with menus, and on top are order sheets and pens. Find what you want (no judgement if you go for a milkshake AND cookies), write it on the order slip, put the slip in the slot in front of you, and VOILA.

The servers at the Alamo have been trained to be speedy or “ninja-like” as they describe. They grab your order slip when they see it in the slot, and bring out your order a few minutes later. The menu isn’t just typical movie-theater fare. We are talking pizzas, apps, sandwiches, salads, and even devoted sections to milkshakes and hotdogs. A movie theater after my own heart! It’s like a delicious drive-thru restaurant and movie theater all in one.

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to movie theaters. Think about it! If your kids want to go see a movie that just looks plain awful, at least you will have a beverage in hand and the option to make a delicious meal out of it. As it was in the beginning (cue dramatic music), the Alamo allows for every movie-goer to become completely immersed in the movie without cell phones and other distractions. If you even think about taking your phone out to text, you might as well be saying “Bye Felicia!” to watching the rest of the film.

The Alamo - Menu and Crowd

Though “The Post” didn’t win the award for Best Picture, I thoroughly enjoyed my true “movie-goer” experience at the Alamo. The truth is, I’ve been spoiled and it’s ok because I’m worth it and so are you! So, the next time you are dying to see a movie, don’t settle on stale popcorn accompanied by noisy teenagers in the row in front of you. Opt for the big winner when it comes to a luxury cinema experience!

One Loudoun Named One of the Top Neighborhoods in Northern Virginia

One Loudoun has been recognized by the region’s premier real estate agents as one of the most sought after communities in Northern Virginia by Northern Virginia Magazine. In the article, Robyn Burdett, an associate broker with Re/Max Living says,  “The idea of One Loudoun that’s tempting buyers is that you can park your car and walk everywhere.” Described as “Loudoun County’s downtown, the article also mentions One Loudoun’s long list of restaurants, the renowned Summer Concert Series, other features, and new additions such as the Barnes & Noble which opened a few months ago. The mix of our urban-style downtown with tons of family-friendly outdoor amenities and new homes from two amazing builders makes One Loudoun something to talk about!

Check out the full article here.

Sterling Restaurant Supply: A Real Life #KitchenGoals Pinterest Board

You know the feeling of culinary inspiration to get your dinner game on point after watching an episode (or entire season) of Top Chef? Yes, you know — the one that prompted you to put on your chef’s hat that you haven’t worn in years and try a new recipe that Gordon Ramsey would LOVE! That feeling. Even if your meal ended up being surprisingly delicious based on your history in the kitchen, we would guess that it did not look anything like what you saw on TV.

Enter: Sterling Restaurant Supply. But be warned, you may need supervision from a friend when you enter the store because it will feel like you’re in a real life Pinterest board labeled “#kitchengoals”.

The SRS showroom floor was giving us all of the #fallfeels.


Before we go into our time at Sterling Restaurant Supply, let’s set the record straight with a few important points. Sterling Restaurant Supply is a company of Fortessa Tableware Solutions and has a storefront that is open to the public right here in One Loudoun. The space next door is a Fortessa Tableware Solutions showroom just for commercial customers to shop by appointment only. Now, let’s move into our experience at SRS and why we wish we could say, “Four of everything please!”

(Check out the photo for a peek into the Fortessa Tableware Solutions Commercial Showroom!)

We think the most effective way of giving you the important stuff without giving everything away is to tell you 3 reasons why Sterling Restaurant Supply is the coolest tableware store we have ever been to.

Building Exterior and A Peek Into the Commercial Showroom


Reason #1: There is something for everyone

As we learned from our time speaking with Fortessa Tableware Solutions CEO Scott Hamberger and the SRS team, the store rarely sees a customer walk in and walk out without purchasing at least one item. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food? Whether it is an entertainer who finally found the perfect wine glasses to impress their weekend guests or someone who has been looking for a wedding gift to give to a sushi connoisseur, you will find something here, and you will love it.

Nothing stole our hearts faster than these tiny leaf-shaped plates. Is it just us or is this table setting bringing some serious Thanksgiving vibes to your Next Level Home?

Leaf Shaped Plates - Fall Festive table Setting

This chic dinner party setting doesn’t need any other reason to exist besides the fact that it makes us feel fancy and sophisticated.

Black & White Setting with Heart-Shaped Bowl


Reason #2: There are unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.

Want a variety of taco stands to choose from for Taco Tuesday just like Uncle Julio’s? They have it. If you want to serve your coffee creamer out of a cow (because who wouldn’t?), they have that too. If you’re really interested to see how one-of-a-kind some of these pieces are, slink around the corner of the FTS showroom and if you look inside the large glass windows, you might just see someone sitting at a pottery wheel. Note: this person can also see you, so don’t do anything weird.

Cloud Terre Studio is a pottery design studio, also a Fortessa Tableware Solutions company, where Scott introduced us to founder Amber Kendrick who creates exquisitely designed tableware collections for global clients like The Ritz-Carlton. But lucky for you, anyone can purchase some amazing pieces from Cloud Terre in the SRS store here at One Loudoun!


Reason #3: You can buy the same tools as gourmet chefs, but use them in your everyday life.

As fate would have it, Copperwood Tavern’s Executive Chef, James Duke, arrived at SRS before an appointment in the showroom next door, and we asked him to accompany us to the “Chefs Essentials” section for proof that he uses the exact tools sold in the store. It went something like this:

“What products in this section do you use?”, we asked, hoping that we would uncover a new truth like the end of every Game of Thrones episode.

Chef first pointed to a hand grater and said, “We can never have enough of these because we always lose them,” leading us to wonder how a kitchen constantly loses hand graters (the jury is still out on this one).

Okay, he got us there, but moving on. “It’s funny, I told my sous chef to pick up one of these today, but I could have just bought it here,” he said about another item.

Then came the big one when he said, “We have about 50 of these. Really… everything here!” MYTH. BUSTED.

The same chefs who make us salivate over a mere Instagram photo of their gourmet dishes (we’re talking to you Copperwood), come here to hand pick each tableware piece to provide unforgettable dining experiences. Where the front of the house meets the back of the house, you will find the same exact tools that culinary experts use around the world!

SRS “Back of the House” section


I can tell you that after our visit, the next time we enter SRS, I will be running, not walking, to purchase a few items that I can’t stop thinking about (Cough, cough, a tilted wine carafe and matte-pink plates). Fortessa Tableware Solutions also has a really cool story attached it, but we won’t discuss right now since it would take a full hour, which is why Scott told us that they had to turn it into a video for new hires to watch. But as we know from hearing many a story, if it takes an hour to tell, it has got to be a good one!

So head on over to Sterling Restaurant Supply and get to know this wonderful company who have moved their way into the One Loudoun family! And finally, we raise you a royal blue Cloud Terre plate to your first-apartment thrift shop dining set! Bon appetit One Loudouners!

The One Loudoun Farmer’s Market and Artisan Fair: The ONE Way to Start Every Weekend

The One Loudoun Farmer’s Market and Artisan Fair got the best of us on a crisp fall Saturday morning, where “I’m just going to look around” turned into “Will I be able to fit everything into the car?” Like a dog seeing a squirrel, each step provided a new distraction and more things we needed to take home. Wow that granola looks amaz- OOH pumpkins! I can’t wait to carve – OMG they have fresh cut flowers! Wait… is that a real baby cow?

There were so many questions and warm and fuzzy feelings going on at once it was difficult to contain the excitement. Spoiler: we weren’t the only ones who were excited to be there.


Hello friends, and welcome to the one thing you will be looking forward to every single weekend from now on. When was the last time you went somewhere and thought that was how you wanted every weekend to start off? If your answer is “not in a while”, you probably have not been to the One Loudoun Farmer’s Market and Artisan Fair. Together, they are like a miniature fall festival, sans apple-bobbing and hayrides (but don’t be shocked if they have those also). These markets run YEAR ROUND, but we just happened to visit during our favorite season.

If you have children, be sure to bring them with you on your visit because it’s the perfect place for an Insta-worthy family outing, and to keep them entertained for at least an hour or so. The energetic atmosphere of live music, sweet smells of baked goods, live animals (see photos) and chatter of neighbors is enough to brighten anyones day, even if they’re going through the terrible twos!

Baby Cow, Toddler and Chickens


Of all of the weekends we could have chosen to visit this playground of produce, today was the pie baking contest. We tried about 15 different types of pies before 10:30am and even got to vote for our favorites. If this is what Saturday mornings were like for the rest of time, we would be okay with it. Breakfast of champions!


Baby Cow, Toddler and Chickens

Put some heart and soul back into your home-cooked meals by picking up locally grown seasonal produce. 10/10, we would highly recommend getting some kind of squash (tis the season) and whipping up a nice hearty soup, or even a roasted veggie spread on top of your favorite protein. Just looking back at this rainbow of vegetables makes us want to grow our own, but we will leave that to the pros.


Not only is there produce at the markets, there are also a large assortment of sweet treats, meats, snacks, baked goods, artisanal gifts and more! Here are just a few that sparked our fancy:


In the middle of the farmer’s market, we could not help but stop in awe at a large wooden stand of glittery homemade soaps and an entire stack of shelves filled with bath bombs. These handmade products make the perfect guest bathroom accent or a gift that says, “I love you and also want you to smell great.”

If you are feeling like you don’t know where to begin for your holiday shopping, this is a holiday-lovers paradise. At this one stop shop, you can order your Thanksgiving turkey from a local farm, pick up one-of-a-kind handmade gifts for everyone on your list, and begin to plan out the entire menu for your annual holiday dinner party. Plus, there is something new every week at the Artisan Fair, like these adorable Halloween wreaths.

Glittery Soaps, Homemade Wreaths and Bathroom Accents


One of the most delightful parts about the One Loudoun markets was that it felt like a big family reunion – like Oprah was there saying, “You get a hug and you get a hug!” Within minutes of being there, we heard hellos and how are yous left and right. Although it felt like everyone there already knew each other, people started coming up to us too, curious about the camera we had in tow and asking if we had tried a specific type of pie yet. First timers will not feel left out for a second.

One of the reasons there is so much hype around farmer’s markets to begin with is that they are inspiring. Exploring a market featuring vendors and people who live where you do truly makes a community feel like a home. So, before you even think about sleeping in too late this Saturday, get out of bed, bring your favorite coffee or tea from Starbucks, and meet us at the One Loudoun Farmer’s Market and Artisan Fair. For all the market details and hours, visit Loudoun Farmer’s Markets Website.

NOVA Plastic Surgery Just Got an Upgrade… and We Look Fabulous!

NOVA Plastic Surgery is passionate about delivering a memorable experience, while helping you become your best self through our clinical excellence and knowledge. On August 28th, 2017, NOVA Plastic Surgery became its best self! We have officially relocated into our new office in One Loudoun with a considerable upgrade.

While we updated our look, we retained our dedicated team that is passionate in supporting our clients. Among the team is our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Fadi Nukta and Dr. Khalique Zahir, Physician Assistant, Michele Gittings, Master Aesthetician and Laser Technician, Dareen Azar, Medical Assistant Frank Drew, and our amazing administrative team. Your experience when you first walk through the doors is as important to us as you achieving the results you desire. With the move to our new office, we have elevated that experience!

Fostered on the idea of a global approach, the NOVA Plastic Surgery experience combines office procedures, advanced homecare, and professional treatments in one. Your experience with us is a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way. First, we start with a consultation, where we address your skin care and cosmetic concerns and provide you with the education and information you need to move forward. Second, we will provide you with a treatment plan and maintenance strategically tailored to you, using our state-of-the art tools and procedures. Lastly, we will ensure that your evolving skin care needs are met and that you are supported by a team who lives and breathes excellent skin care.

What’s New

We have added many features and services with our new location. A new feature that we’re very excited to debut is our VIP Rewards Membership! We want you to be as passionate about enhancing your natural beauty as we are, so with our rewards membership you can achieve this while also receiving rewards and membership benefits.

Skin care isn’t just achieved in our office, it’s also achieved at home with a regular skin care regimen. In the new location, we are introducing our SkinCeuticals Skin Bar. With our Skin Bar, you can test products with one of our providers and receive a skin care regimen specifically tailored to you.

If you’re in a hurry, but still want to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, an express treatment might be just what you’re looking for. Our express treatments are another new feature we’ve added, with a range of signature treatments, our aesthetician Dareen will have you feeling like a better you!

Please come and join us in our new state of the art location and see what we can provide for you. Through the month of October, we are offering a complimentary gift (while supplies last) with every new consultation. Book a consultation with us by calling (703) 574-2588.

5 Things That Happen When You Go to The Carnival at One Loudoun

As we approached the front entrance to what would be our playground for the next few hours, sensory overdrive ensued as we crossed through the threshold of ticket booths and a rush of adrenaline followed. Lights, laughter, and that familiar carousel tune. This is it. We were finally here and about to enjoy (hopefully) one of the great American pastimes right here in One Loudoun: The Carnival.

Because we want to prepare you for your time at The Carnival, here are 5 things that are sure to happen during an evening under the hotdog signs.


1. You will look absolutely ridiculous on the rides

The hair will be flying everywhere, you will laugh uncontrollably, and you might even lose a flip-flop if you aren’t careful. With your besties by your side, it won’t even matter until you see the photos that your friend, who is “not a ride person,” took from the ground. But trust us; throwing your inhibitions to the wind are necessary to fully engulf yourself in the carnival ride experience.

Group on a Ride

2. It will shakeup your date night

Smiling? Laughing? What is this craziness?! Do yourself a favor and skip the weekly Netflix date and opt for something more, well, FUN. Whether crushing your significant other in a game of mini-hoops or hanging onto their arm for dear life at the top of the ferris wheel, there’s no doubting that the carnival will make you feel as carefree and playful as when you were kids. Come on over to The Carnival and have a date Danny and Sandy style. Ah, summer lovin’.

Couple on Date Night eating Funnel Cake and Riding Bumper Cars

3. #TreatYoself is an all day motto

Fried Oreos? Sure. Corn dogs the size of your arm? Why not. Be prepared to indulge in the finest carnival cuisine you’ve ever laid eyes on. Pro tip: have each of your friends get something different so you can have a taste of each without getting full to the point of no return(ing to the rides).

Collage of friends eating carnival food

4. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime

It’s the moment of truth. Your little one gets on a carnival ride for the first time ever. The uncertain expression on their face fades as the ride starts to move and there it is: a smile finally forms as they feel the pure bliss of flying for the first time. You can’t help but take about 234 photos during the next minute of cuteness overload, and immediately realize you’re going to need more photo storage on your phone this summer.

Bumper cars and Rides with Friends

5. You realize you’ll be back

When the kids hop back into the minivan to go home, faces covered in chocolate sauce and limbs hanging heavy from exhaustion, you will surely hear them plotting their itinerary for the next visit… which they innocently expect will be tomorrow. If you came with your significant other or gaggle of girlfriends, you now have a foolproof destination for a summer evening of letting loose and having fun.

Friends on Merry-go-round

Take it from us; the carnival is a ONE of a kind experience, and will be one of the best days of your summer. As you can see, it also makes for some amazing photo ops. The Carnival is coming back from August 16-27 by popular demand, so schedule your next night out right here at One Loudoun.

Group Photo of Friends