Month: May 2016

The Benefits of A Farmers Market

Delicious and fresh produce can be hard to find, and many forget about local farmers that make a living growing the food that we all crave and love. There is nothing better than a fresh tomato, or a plump peach that you can take with you for a picnic on The Plaza at One Loudoun. Here are a few reasons why you should come out to the One Loudoun Farmer’s Market and support our local farmers and artisans!


Local farmers’ markets have always been around, however, in recent years it seems as though they are popping up everywhere! For people who love to get fresh, cheap, and organic food, the One Loudoun Farmer’s Market has you covered. Every Saturday, from 8 a.m. until Noon, make sure stop by One Loudoun (May through October) located at Exchange Street and Endicott Alley, Ashburn, VA 20147.


This market features a wide variety of vendors including Anna’s Daughter, who specializes in homemade jam using only locally grown produce, and the Baguette Republic, who makes fresh bread and pastries. If you want to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, Douglas Werner Orchards, Honey Brook Farms, and Valencias Produce are a few of the many vendors who have all of the produce you desire. Fresh eggs, tomatoes, herbs, and berries can also be found at this local market.


Not only is the produce fresh, but also it is local! Supporting local businesses help keep a community thriving, like our home of Loudoun County. Local farms have decreased in recent years due to the high cost of running a farm, and increasing competition from large grocery stores that use cheap produce and farms that produce mass amounts of everything. By supporting local farmers markets, you are helping support your neighbor and their business!


The local farmers recognize the support they receive, which boosts morale and gives them more drive and capital to continue doing what they love. For such a high-quality product, the prices at the market are more affordable than most organic grocery stores. With these great prices, you can stock your fridge for less money and introduce healthy alternatives to your family’s kitchen. A majority of the farms will sell all organic products, leaving out the pesticides, hormones, and chemicals that are infused in most grocery store foods.

Take time on a Saturday and join us at the One Loudoun Farmer’s Market from 8 a.m until noon! Not only will you find fresh and healthy produce, you will also run into the people of your community. This is a fun place to catch up and meet with friends while supporting your local farmers. Visit us online for more information.


Loudoun County is the Fastest Growing in Virginia

The “new urbanism” trend that One Loudoun is framed around has resulted in a lot of growth and progress for our amazing community! One Loudoun is already home to extensive dining and retail shops as well as a wide range of offices, including Washington Wealth Advisors, Loudoun Smile Center, Bank of Clarke County, State Farm, and Vinitech IT Solution Strategists, to highlight a few. In addition to plans to continue growing our residential offerings towards the end of 2016, downtown One Loudoun continues to add a multitude of businesses to it’s repertoire. We are very excited to announce that Fortessa Tableware Solutions is bringing their headquarters to One Loudoun!

Loudoun County is situated in the heart of Northern Virginia, one of the most economically vibrant areas in the country. According to a recent article from, Northern Virginia is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the state, despite federal spending cuts seen over the past few years. From 2010 to 2015, the population of this metropolitan area increased by 8.7%, creating a total of 2,909,438 residents at the end of 2015. Population estimates from 2015 estimate that Loudoun County is the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia! In the past five years, Loudoun County has seen an astounding population growth of nearly 20%, compared to Falls Church’s 15% growth and Alexandria’s 14% growth in the same period.

Unsurprisingly, not only is Loudoun County the fastest growing county in Northern Virginia, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is also the fastest growing county in the entire state of Virginia! At an impressive nationwide ranking of 15th for county growth between 2010 and 2015, Loudoun County’s 20% growth rate saw an increase of about 63,293 people. Furthermore, Forbes estimated Loudoun County to have a median household income of $119,525 in 2014, making Loudoun one of the wealthiest counties in America and an enticing location for businesses to set up offices.

What this means for One Loudoun is that we can continue to keep growing with Loudoun County and continue to establish our community as Loudoun’s New Downtown! One Loudoun was recently named Great American Living Awards Community of the Year for 2015 and has won numerous awards from GALA for the sleek and innovative designs of its building. Be sure to stop by and visit one of our many  businessesrestaurantsshops, or even take a stroll in the park next time you pass by One Loudoun! If you’re interested in leasing office space visit our website to learn more information and get in touch with someone who can help your business make One Loudoun its new home.


10 Things To Do on The Plaza at One Loudoun

The Plaza at One Loudoun is at the center of our popular Downtown area! On any typical day, you will see employees flock the Plaza during their lunch breaks, and families playing when the kids get out of school. Take a look at just 10 of the different ways that you can enjoy The Plaza at One Loudoun today!

Play in the fountain: On a hot summer day, bring the kids to One Loudoun and let them run around in the Fountain while you relax in the sunshine.

Get in on the action: Catch some of your favorite sports games on the big screens right on The Plaza! Check our Facebook page for updates.

Have a picnic: With all of the amazing restaurants in One Loudoun, grab some take-out and eat lunch at one of our shaded tables or bring a blanket and set up your feast in the grass. 

Visit the Ashburn Farmer’s Market: For the best fresh produce and products from local businesses, be sure to attend the Ashburn Farmer’s Market every Saturday 8AM to Noon. 

Get some work done: Did you know that The Plaza has FREE WiFi? Grab your laptop and a pair of shades and get some work done outside today!

Eat Custard: The Meadow’s Original Frozen Custard is one of the establishments lined up along the sides of the plaza and they have all of the frozen treats you could want!

Be entertained: Every Wednesday at 6PM catch a different acoustic act at Acoustic Wednesdays on The Plaza at One Loudoun or bring the kids out for Rocknoceros Mondays at 11AM starting June 6th. 

Catch some sun: Sometimes all you need is a little Vitamin D in your life. Why not head on over to the Plaza at One Loudoun with a few friends for a nice afternoon bask in the sun?

Interact with The Plaza: In the grassy areas of The Plaza, you will see solar-powered game structures that are great for kids to interact with so they stay entertained. 

No matter how you choose to spend your time on The Plaza, it is sure to be a great time for all! Keep up with all of our events and happenings at

GreatGatherings is NOW OPEN at One Loudoun!

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

(Photo from the GreatGatherings Facebook Page)

This month, GreatGatherings opened its 5th location at One Loudoun in Asburn, VA, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring even more retail stores to Loudoun’s New Downtown! Just like the entire community of One Loudoun, GreatGatherings is all about bringing people together. They do this by offering products to nurture fun times and social settings in your own home!

According to their website, “GreatGatherings was created to inspire friends and family to gather more often in their homes. We believe that every gathering, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to create cherished memories to last a lifetime.” This corporate philosophy certainly permeates throughout each of their stores. At the One Loudoun location, the first thing you notice as you walk into this GreatGatherings is its layout. The showroom is setup to mimic comfortable and flowing spaces meant for family gatherings. From the patio pieces to the bars and pool tables, the layouts help shoppers to perfectly envision the time their family could be spending around those pieces.

The quality and craftsmanship of each piece also jumps out at you as you walk through each “room”. From the heavy wood and thick leather of the bar stools to the fabric and stitching of the cushions on the patio chairs, each piece feels like it can endure anything an active home can throw at it. 

The products that GreatGatherings offers go along perfectly with their tagline “Play Up Your Home”. Categories include pool tables, bars & game room, stools, outdoor furniture, entertaining essentials, and more!

If you’re planning on throwing the ultimate party this summer, or just looking to spruce up your recreation room, you can count on GreatGatherings to have all of the furniture and accessories you will need! Stop by today before you head over to eat at one of One Loudoun’s amazing restaurants! 


Experience One Loudoun: Matchbox Edition

On an early spring day, the weather was great and the downtown was hopping, so we took a stroll around The Plaza. The Plaza at One Loudoun is at the center of the downtown area with spots to sit and enjoy the nice weather. It is also where the community holds many events like Acoustic Wednesdays, Downtown Fest, and Farmers Markets.

Each street in Downtown One Loudoun is lined with amazing dining options for any sort of palate. Naturally, it is difficult to choose somewhere to eat with all of the amazing options right in front of you. On this specific day, we chose to eat at Matchbox — a place we knew would not disappoint. The look and feel of Matchbox definitely mimics that of it’s name; warm, but boxy. The atmosphere creates a contemporary feel with warm woods, metal, and red accents. 

As we walked up, the outdoor patio was crowded, but the hostess kindly showed us that the outside bar area was seat yourself, so we got a seat right away. When it’s nice outside, the inside bar opens up to the patio area for a refreshing indoor/outdoor feel. The server immediately came over, introduced himself, and asked if we had any questions, prompting us on what the restaurant is known for. He talked about the pizzas, which we had already heard great things about, and that they are known for their draft wine.

We started out with a few drinks, including a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA beer on tap, a jalapeño cucumber margarita on the rocks (highly recommended by our server, and for good reason), and the seasonal sangria. Although we did not get the draft wine that Matchbox is known for, guests can order it by the glass, half bottle, or full bottle.

For appetizers, we tried a few different options, including the spicy tuna tartare tacos, hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip, and the crab + avo. The spicy tuna tartare tacos were decidedly the group favorite, as the creamy goodness of the tuna and avocado, mixed with the crunch of the wonton shell was out of this world. The crab + avo(cado), was a refreshing twist on chips and guac as it is served with sea salt flatbread instead of chips. The hot artichoke + smashed garlic dip was a nice change from the other apps, with more hearty flavors such as roasted red peppers and mozzarella.

When it came time for our entrees, we tried our best to get different items, but for some reason, everyone wanted pizza! We met in the middle by getting a few different types of pizza, the crab cake sammich (yes that’s spelled right), and the steak + greens salad.  

Baked in brick ovens, Matchbox has perfected the crispy, yet thin, deliciousness that is their classic and artisanal pizza selection. If you like spicy, we recommend the fire + smoke pizza, and if you’re more of a simpleton pizza lover, we suggest getting either the white pizza or the holy grail margherita (we did half and half as recommended by our server).

As for the other items we had ordered, the steak + greens salad was another recommendation from our server, who was right on the money. The pepper-crusted filet was outstanding, and one more thing: homemade tater tots. The crab cake sammich was a great choice, up there with some of the best crab cakes, as decided by our Annapolitan of the group. The pairing of the crab cake, avocado-chili aioli, and pancetta, was a great twist on a classic Maryland favorite.

Next time you’re deciding where to eat at One Loudoun, consider going to Matchbox for a bite, or slice, of absolute food heaven. For more info on the options at Matchbox One Loudoun, you can check out the menu here and be sure to follow along with our Facebook page for updates on other great restaurants coming soon to One Loudoun!


Experience One Loudoun: World of Beer

Do you like the world? Do you like beer? Then you will be thrilled to know that there is a World of Beer at One Loudoun and it is NOW OPEN! World of Beer is just one of the many great restaurant options at One Loudoun in Asburn, VA with even more opening soon, like Hale + Hog and Copperwood Tavern! After a day of working hard in the office or driving the kids to their extracurriculars you may need a cold one, and World of Beer is the perfect place to go.


There are a few very important things you should know about World of Beer before you make any assumptions. The first being that they also have food – and not just any food, but a tavern fare that will blow your mind. Secondly, you are encouraged to taste some of the options on tap before you make a decision, because there is a good chance you will be overwhelmed by the selection. The final thing you need to know is that the staff is extremely friendly and can expertly pinpoint what beer and food you will like.

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the beer. At any given time, each World of Beer establishment will have 500+ beers to choose from. The day we decided to visit the WOB at One Loudoun, they happened to have exactly 622 beers in stock. (See photo above if you don’t believe us!) One of the coolest things about the beer selection is that a number of taps are changed daily, so you never know what to expect!

When we chose to experience WOB One Loudoun, it was bright and sunny outside, so naturally, we sat on the patio. Guests also have the choice to sit inside, which doesn’t mean much when the weather is nice because the entire restaurant turns into an indoor/outdoor space.

Our server greeted us with a paper menu and an iPad. Yes, an iPad. The reason for the iPad is, as mentioned above, the beer selection changes daily, so it is an easy way for WOB to keep their list updated. The iPad is also interactive, so you can filter your selection by types of beer, search for what you want, or get info on a certain brew.

(Just a few of) the most popular beers on tap: Kona Longboard Lager, Sweetwater Blue

What we tasted: Potter’s Craft Grapefruit Hibiscus, Sweetwater Blue

What we ordered: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, Otter Creek Citra Mantra

(Some of) the most popular food items: German Pretzel, Tavern Taters

What the staff loves: Chimay Burger, German Pretzel

What we ordered: Southern Fried Pickles, Margherita Flatbread

Now, if you stumble into WOB (no pun intended), then you will notice their large chalkboards with all kinds of awesome information. WOB maintains strong relationships with local breweries, so they host events that will feature a few hard-to-find brews from your local favorites.  Other events include Tuesday Trivia, Live Music, and Loyalty Days, where all bottled beers are 25% off!

The tops of the shelves behind the World of Beer bar are lined with their signature growlers that come in a few different designs. According to the WOB staff, these things fly off the shelves! The growlers are so popular because WOB is constantly changing their beers on tap, and a lot of them are hard to find elsewhere. So, if you happen to find your favorite beer on your visit to WOB, we recommend filling up a growler while the brew is still available!

World of Beer One Loudoun is constantly updating their website in order to bring you the latest beers that were “Just Tapped” and other promotions that may be happening. Visit for more information!