Month: August 2015

Trending Now: Millennial Homebuyers Seek Suburbs with Walkability

As all of the residents of One Loudoun know, one of the greatest things about this community is the close proximity to so many things! Shopping, dining, entertaining, working, and exercising are just some of the everyday activities that are available all in one place! New urbanism combines convenience and sophistication to bring people the benefits of a mixed-use community. This kind of lifestyle is attracting to many demographics, but more recently, millennial homebuyers have been at the forefront.

Surveys have shown that although millennials gravitate towards city atmospheres, they prefer to buy homes in suburban areas. They like the space and privacy that the suburbs have to offer, but still want to be able to walk to the restaurant down the street. One Loudoun is a great example of a suburban area that has the walkability and convenience of an urban area.

According to Dallas Culture Map, at 32%, millennials currently make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. The website states, “Even though these millennials said they want a suburban lifestyle, they want urban amenities, like the ability to walk to parks, grocery stores, schools and work.” Another feature that this age bracket looks for when they are considering buying a home is outdoor space. Dallas Culture Map says, “Millennials cite a lot of the traditional reasons to buy a house, such as financial investment. But the “desire to have outdoor space” is the most important reason they want to purchase a home.”

With all things considered – walkability, outdoor space, and the suburbs – millennials ultimately crave mixed-use communities when considering buying a home. Whether you are a millennial or not, the benefits of living in a community like One Loudoun are endless.


Virginia Home Sales: Best Since 2008

Since the recession in 2008, real estate throughout the country has been struggling to recover and return to its old numbers. In 2015, Virginia’s real estate market has been experiencing the strongest numbers since that recession. During the second quarter of the year, sales volume reached nearly $10.6 billion which is about an 11% increase from the second quarter in 2014 for the state. “The strength of these second quarter results points to sustained improvement in Virginia’s residential real estate market,” says Virginia Association of Realtors President Deborah Baisden.

In addition to sales improving an impressive percentage from last year, interest rates are at “historic lows” where buyers are able to capitalize on lower mortgage rates.  The only price range where the second quarter home sales did not increase was the lowest range of $0-$100K. These numbers could mean that there is low market inventory in this category and/or higher financial barrier to buyers in this market segment. The fact that the higher price ranges of $100K-$200K and $200K-$300K increased from the first quarter is a small contributing factor in the positive outlook of the market. Mainly, the second quarter boost for this year is due to the May to June sales increase of a whopping 21%. Overall, April, May and June’s numbers surpassed those of the same months in 2014.

In 2015 alone, the length of time on the market had a substantial decrease from the 1st quarter into the 2nd quarter. During the same period from last year to this year, the number of days on the market decreased by 6.8% — on trend with national numbers during the quickened pace of the season. The improvement in Virginia’s real estate market is positive for buyers and sellers alike, and shows the overall strength of the market. If you are thinking about buying a new home in Virginia, visit One Loudoun today! Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes only have 10 homes remaining and they won’t be here long! For more information about the remaining new homes for sale at One Loudoun, visit the Single Family Homes page on our website.


Downtown Dining at One Loudoun

One Loudoun is a mixed-use community that prides itself on providing everything for its residents. It offers unique amenities within walking distance of residences. One thing that we want to highlight are all of the dining options that we have in the area. One Loudoun offers a wide variety of options if you’re looking to dine out, from a quick meal for yourself to fine dining. Here’s a few highlights of the various cuisine that is offered within the community.

If you’re looking for a quick dining option, there’s plenty to offer. Elevation Burger offers 100% USDA-certified, organic, grass-fed beef and vegetarian options for a top-quality burger experience. Not a burger fan? No problem! SpinFire pizza offers made-to-order pizza with custom ingredients cooked in just 90 seconds. You can also go to Nandos Peri Peri and get some Peruvian style chicken that’ll satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

One Loudoun has plenty of restaurant options that are top-quality and family friendly. Uncle Julio’s offers mexican-style cuisine that comes from over 100 years of tradition on the ranches of Texas. With a foundation of fresh ingredients, there’s something that anyone will love here. Don’t forget to try the swirled margaritas!

If you’re looking for a more traditional dining experience, Family Meal has what you’re looking for. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, they offer reasonably priced comfort food with a unique twist. Whether you’re craving pancakes, meatloaf or fried chicken, they have what you’re looking for.

Finally, they have options for people looking to have a nice evening on the town. Okada offers authentic Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi complemented with unique cocktail options. There’s also Pind Indian Cuisine, which has vegetarian, seafood and traditional Indian food options.

There are many dining options available to you at One Loudoun with many more coming down the line. Along with the many other amenities, this makes One Loudoun a very attractive place to live. Find out more about this new mixed-use community from our website.