Month: October 2014

New Homes in Loudoun County

Many homebuyers in Northern Virginia strive to own a home in Loudoun County, and for good reason!  Northern Virginia has been repeatedly lauded for its affluence, thriving local economies, and various benefits to its residents.  With a long list of accolades for this county alone, there’s no question as to why more are moving their families to communities like One Loudoun, which exemplify the lifestyle available in this region.
Recently, news sources have been voicing their concerns about the estimated development costs that might accompany the new homes built in Loudoun County.  Thankfully, the Washington Business Journal helps to quell any doubts.  In fact, it’s been reported that building new homes in Loudoun County might cost much less than others have previously stated.
Originally, sources cited that for “every $1 in tax revenue generated in Loudoun County, residential development costs the county $1.62,” when in fact this number is much lower. The Economic Development Commission’s Policy and Implementation Committee (PIC) analyzed numbers and found that the revised residential figure, which was determined to be just $1.20 for every $1 in tax revenue generated, is much closer to the national average of $1.18.
This is certainly great news for those hoping to buy a new home in Loudoun County – especially at One Loudoun!  Our single-family homes, by both Miller & Smith and Camberley  couldn’t be a better representation of the quality and standard of new homes available at One Loudoun.  Spacious within a New Urban setting, luxury designs with the opportunity for customizations, and stunning exteriors help to make our community the sought-after one it is today.


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Thriving in a Mixed-Use Community

A recent article about mixed-use communities has been making waves throughout the industry, touting developments like One Loudoun the “holy grail” of community design.  Titled Walkable Communities Can Help Old & Young Thrive, this article falls right in line with the lifestyle we embody at One Loudoun: communities like ours do more and offer more for their residents, making it an extremely beneficial place to live for people of all ages.

An expertly planned mixed-use community entails beautifully crafted new homes along with shops, offices and everything in between, providing a quality of life that is unmatched in traditional suburbs.  It’s this all-encompassing nature that makes One Loudoun the place to be.  In our community, stunning new homes by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith provide a unique take on conventional dwellings, giving families the room they need to grow in a setting centered around New Urbanism.

In essence, this article describes how residents tend to be more active on a daily basis when it’s a side effect of living in a “walk-friendly, bike-friendly, out-and-about” community like One Loudoun.  And, according to executive director of TransitCenter, David Bragdon, “creating such communities changes family life.” He continues, “It makes all generations healthier, communities become more vibrant – and as a bonus, it sets parents free from the drudgery of endless chauffeuring.”

New residents at One Loudoun are pleasantly surprised when they discover how simple life becomes when living in a walkable community.  Running daily errands, heading to a friends house for a dinner party, or catching the latest One Loudoun event on the Downtown Plaza are all activities that can be done on foot, with designated walking paths to lead the way.  Not only are residents no longer dependent on their cars, they’re saving money on fuel and doing more for their health and well-being at the same time!

Here at One Loudoun, we can’t help but share the excitement so many of our residents feel.  It’s so easy for all generations to fall in love with One Loudoun and all that is has to offer, as well as its promising future.  This year has already been such a wonderful time to be part of the One Loudoun community, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Take a look at our new homes available or visit Experience One Loudoun and you too could be thriving in our mixed-use community!

Source: Deseret News