Month: August 2014

Loudoun County Ranked #1 County in the Nation

Here at One Loudoun, we already know that Loudoun County is the greatest county in the nation – but it doesn’t hurt to get some extra recognition! Popular real estate website Movoto recently ranked Loudoun County the number one county in America, adding to Loudon’s already extensive list of national accolades.

Movoto used the following criteria when deciding how to rank the best counties in the country: median household income, median rent and home price, high school graduation rate, percent of families below the poverty line, and unemployment rate.

It was clear by the rankings that Loudoun County was a “pretty obvious” winner, according to Movoto. Loudoun County ranked first on Movoto’s list for highest median rent, and ranked in the top 25 for median home price – both indicators of the desirability of the area.

Loudoun County also ranked first for household income rank, had the fourth lowest unemployment rate, and had the third lowest percentage of families living below the poverty line out of all the counties listed. These rankings reflect the incredibly high quality of life that Loudoun County residents enjoy!

And Loudoun County is great for families with school-aged children, with a high school graduation of over 93%, coming in at number 37 on the rankings. Clearly, Loudoun County has a well-educated, affluent, sophisticated population, all factors that help make it the best county in the country!

These rankings certainly paint an accurate picture of how great it is to be a Loudoun County resident, but living here is the only way to really appreciate how wonderful it truly is – just ask our One Loudoun residents! Living in our mixed-use community means enjoying the very best that incredible Loudoun County has to offer. Our luxurious single-family homes, incredible dining and shopping options, and exciting entertainment destinations are all within walking distance of each other, so our residents can take full advantage of our community amenities without ever having to use their cars! There’s a reason that walkable communities and new urbanism have become so popular in recent years, and it only takes one visit to Loudoun County to see why. Having everything you need outside your front door in the hottest mixed-use community in the best county in the nation – what could be better than that?

SOURCE: Movoto

The Silver Line One Step Closer to Loudoun County

With the completion and opening of Phase 1 of the Silver Line, Loudouners are certainly getting excited for Phase 2!  Phase 2 of the Metro will stretch out to Dulles and will include six stations. Once completed, this new Metro line will open up Loudoun County to the entire DC Metro, and along with connecting bus routes and public transportation, will bring even more happy residents and visitors to One Loudoun.

This added convenience to One Loudoun falls right in line with what we strive for as a premier mixed-use community in Northern Virginia: connected, sustainable and green.  The Silver Line, in addition to the public transport to and from the stations, will connect our community to a huge metropolitan area, providing green transportation options and sustaining the lifestyle residents love so much at One Loudoun.

Along with connectivity, sustainability and green transportation, One Loudoun also promotes the other seven principles of New Urbanism: Walkability, Mixed-use & Diversity, Mixed Housing, Quality Architecture & Urban Design, Traditional Neighborhood Structure, Increased Density, and upholding a High Quality of Life.

Together, the implementation of these principles cultivates the ideal community.  An impressive and ever-growing list of shops and restaurants, as well as class A office space, set One Loudoun apart as not only a place to live, but the place to work.  And with Silver Line making it even easier for shoppers and visitors to travel to our community, there’s no doubt that any new business will flourish at One Loudoun!

And, it won’t take long for new residents at One Loudoun to fall in love with all that our community offers.  Different shops, boutiques and restaurants, a gourmet grocery store, a central park, the Downtown Plaza, pedestrian friendly streets, and beautiful, newly-built homes all make living at One Loudoun an effortless and fulfilling experience.

We’re so excited to see all that the Silver Line will bring to Loudoun County, as well as One Loudoun.   This region continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the hottest regions to live in.  So, take a look at our new single-family homes by Camberley Homes and Miller & Smith – you won’t be disappointed!