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One Loudoun in the Leesburg Today News: “Going ‘Downtown’: Eating, Drinking and Hanging Out At One Loudoun”

Posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Jan Mercker on

Conceived a decade ago as a new downtown for Loudoun County, One Loudoun is beginning to live up to that promise.

For commuters who pass by on Rt. 7, the project appears as just one more group of buildings rising out of the most recent construction boom. Those who take the exit are finding a hip new place to shop, eat or just hang out. And while many of the One Loudoun’s amenities are still in the works, a sense of its urban vibe finally is emerging.

One Loudoun has a decidedly urban feel by design. With brownstone-style townhouses on small lots as well as single-family homes and downtown-style common spaces, including its fountain plaza surrounded by restaurants and the aptly named Central Park, a 100-acre green space located between commercial and residential areas.

“Our vision has always been to create a more urban, walkable environment where you can live work and play all in the same place,” said Bill May, the development’s managing director. “The kind of environment that up until now has not existed in Loudoun County…We thought there was enough critical mass in the area to support and sustain a real downtown area…”

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One Loudoun’s Bill May mentioned in Editorial

Editorial | Wednesday, Jul. 30

EDITORIAL: The Loudoun we want to be

Creativity is about connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something that seemed obvious. That’s because they were able to connect experiences and synthesize new things.

Sharon Virts founded a consulting business in her brother’s basement in Lucketts. Fci Federal became a $100 million company with 1,400 employees – 85 percent who are women — that provides services for the government.

Bill May had a vision for “the hole in the doughnut:” fallow farmland between Washington and Leesburg. He’s currently developing that vision at One Loudoun, a new concept for an urban downtown in the exurbs with homes, parks, offices, shops and entertainment…

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New Urbanism on the Rise

It’s no secret that urbanization is on the rise – just take a look at One Loudoun and how quickly it’s gaining popularity.  In Loudoun County, our community continues to impress with its convenient and progressive lifestyle, as well as its ideal location in Northern Virginia. While the idea of living in urban communities is nothing new, its resurgence in recent years is definitely making headway – and One Loudoun is ahead of the curve!

According to an article posted to Urban Land, an online magazine for The Urban Land Institute, the “rejuvenation of urban centers” is upon us.  More and more families are discovering the convenience that comes with living in city-like settings and mixed-use developments like One Loudoun.

One Loudoun expands upon the principles of ‘New Urbanism’, a term coined to describe communities that offer the best of city living, but without losing touch with suburban lifestyles.  Residents at One Loudoun have plenty of room to grow in their newly built homes by Miller & Smith and Camberley Homes, but have all of the everyday accessibilities of an urban center.  And with incredibly useful walking paths, residents and families can easily walk to every element of our community.

“Now, cities are again exhibiting confidence as primary living spaces, playing to their inherent strengths and, as a result, growing rapidly,” reads the article on Urban Land.  It’s clear this is the case with New Urban developments like One Loudoun!  And the reasons are obvious – when you can have everything imaginable right at your fingertips, wouldn’t you choose this lifestyle too?  Community, culture, convenience all wrapped into one amazing package – that’s what you’ll find, and more, when living and working at One Loudoun.

One Loudoun is the idyllic representation what mixed-use developments are all about.  Continuously growing and evolving, our community caters to a wide range of homeowners, businesses, professionals and entertainment-seekers.  Our nearly endless list of amenities includes a central park, outdoor plaza, amphitheater, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, The Fresh Market, Edelman Financial Field, and miles of paved sidewalks for easy access to it all.

An impressive list of new restaurants already established at One Loudoun also keeps growing, as does the list of new shops and stores. Pair these with the various community events throughout the year, and it’s clear that One Loudoun is the place to be!

With the continued development and popularity of urban centers in today’s housing market, One Loudoun is proud to offer the premier New Urbanism lifestyle to Loudoun County.  We can’t wait to welcome new families, businesses and restaurants to our growing community!

Source: Urban Land, The Magazine of the Urban Land Institute

More Millennials Choosing Loudoun County

With Loudoun County’s incredible growth, it comes as no surprise that a fair amount of the new population growth is from Millennials – and that portion is growing.  According to Leesburg Today, more and more Millennials and young professionals yearn to call Loudoun County their new home, and are seeking mixed-use communities like One Loudoun to do so.

In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned in the article as an example of the kind of community that draws this type of homebuyer.  “Is Loudoun County becoming the place that you would classify as a place that people want to be? Absolutely, from a development standpoint you can physically see it” says Grafton deButts, a 32-year-old young professional living in Loudoun.  “Mixed-use complexes with residences, shopping and offices in one” are the next big thing (hey, maybe they already are the big thing!) for all types of families.

While One Loudoun is ideal for young professionals, it is also quite attractive for other generations, including Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers.  After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a community that effortlessly has it all?

One Loudoun goes above and beyond to provide residents with the all-inclusive community experience.  Beautiful new homes are built alongside the best shops, stores and restaurants – and we’ve only just begun! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides endless entertainment options from events to screenings of the latest blockbusters.  Central Park offers plenty of green space to play and enjoy, and the outdoor amphitheater now features a restored historic Ashburn barn for the ultimate outdoor showing.  In the future, One Loudoun will also be home to the Loudoun Hounds and the Virginia Cavalry FC at Edelman Financial Field, a perfect night out for families and young professionals alike.

At One Loudoun, we’re so excited to welcome all different generations of homebuyers to Loudoun County.  Our new single-family homes by Miller & Smith accentuate urban culture and convenient living.  Miller & Smith’s dedication to home design is evident in their brand new ‘Downtown Collection’ that features must-see kitchens and roomy 4-bedroom homes.  Homes like these you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you identify as a Millennial, Generation X-er or Baby Boomer, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits your needs here at One Loudoun!

Source: Leesburg Today 

City Walkability in the Suburbs

July 10, 2014— written by Dan Fulton, Sr.Vice President of John Burns Real Estate Consulting:

The 40th-best-selling master-planned community in the country provides some great ideas for developers looking to tap into the demand for today’s busy home buyers.

The residents of One Loudoun must feel relaxed and relieved when they walk out their front door and down the street to restaurants, movies, shops, and offices, as the parade of tens of thousands of commuters creep by on the Loudoun County Parkway or Route 7. Leaving the car in the garage is a treat for commute-weary DC suburbanites.

A walkable lifestyle in suburbia. Shops, restaurants, and movie theaters within walking distance of most homes keep the community developed by NASH Communities and Miller & Smith active day and night. It’s that car-less convenience that created a big sales plus for One Loudoun, helping it jump to number 40 on the best-selling master-planned community list in 2013, with 243 closings for Camberley Homes, NV Homes, and Miller & Smith, the three builders. There are 1,040 homes planned for the community along with 700,000 square feet of retail and 3 million square feet of office space.

Entertainment is plentiful. Both young singles and family-focused residents find plenty to do just down the street. In addition to restaurants and shops, The Ballpark at Loudoun One will become another community entertainment hub. It is slated to be home to the Loudoun Hounds, a minor-league baseball team, as well as the Virginia Cavalry, a soccer franchise.

Unique home designs. The architecture and floor plans are much different than most suburban locations and have been very well received. The home designs create an incentive to move, for both young and mature alike.

Easy Commute. One Loudoun is three miles from Dulles Airport and 25 from the nation’s capital. Nearby are well-paying employers, including Raytheon and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Loudoun County is focusing on attracting more life science jobs to continue bringing high-income jobs to the Community. There’s also a move afoot by the developer to earn a World Trade Center designation for One Loudoun.

Loudoun County’s Growth Impresses

By now, we are all well aware of Loudoun County’s high status.  As one of the wealthiest and most affluent counties in the entire nation, we’re proud to say this incredible region is home to our very own mixed-use community, One Loudoun.

Recently, The Loudoun Times published a lengthy article detailing past achievements and spelling out what could be next for Loudoun County.  With no surprise, it looks like our beloved county is right on track for continued successes, progress and growth!


In 1990, Loudoun County’s population hovered around 87,000.  In ten years, that number doubled to 174,00 and then again to 315,000 in the decade after that.  Now, experts are predicting population growth to surpass 400,000 through 2020.  This rapid growth is a sure sign of families wanting to live in Loudoun County, and with communities like One Loudoun, who can blame them?


One thing is certain: families in Loudoun County want the absolute best education for their children.  And their dedication to the schooling system has, without a doubt, paid off.  Over 97% of the district’s students graduated on time in 2013, with three quarters of those students receiving Advanced Studies diplomas – these statistics far outrank national averages.


Many of Loudoun’s successes boil down to a healthy, thriving local economy.  Multiple industry segments, including “leisure, wedding, corporate and the individual business traveler,” now call this region home.  New businesses ultimately mean more employment opportunities and more growth.


All of these great accolades are only made better with Loudoun County’s commitment to safety.  Despite the growing population, Loudoun’s crime rate has continued to remain calm.  To ensure crime stays low, the Sheriff’s Office budget increased to $80 million starting this fiscal year.

Looking Ahead

As The Loudoun Times puts it, “Loudoun’s continued growth – be it people, homes, office, roads or rails – is inevitable.”  And at One Loudoun, we are happy to embrace the growth with open arms!

At One Loudoun, our community was created with the vision of growing an all-encompassing neighborhood where residents can work, live and play effortlessly.  Residents can enjoy all the best aspects of Loudoun County, as well as all the best of living in an incredibly convenient mixed-use development, when they move into their new home at One Loudoun.  Our new single-family homes provide families with a beautiful home amongst restaurants, shops, employment, plenty of green space and so much more.  The promising outlook for Loudoun County is just one more wonderful reason to join the One Loudoun community!

Source: Loudoun Times