Month: January 2014

One Loudoun To Host Loudoun YouthFest 2014

Ashburn, Virginia – One Loudoun Holdings, LLC, a joint venture of Miller and Smith and NORTH AMERICA SEKISUI HOUSE, LLC (NASH), announced today that One Loudoun will host Loudoun YouthFest on Saturday, June 21, 2014 in their neighborhood amphitheater. Loudoun Youth Inc. and Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services produce the event.   

Now in its ninth year, Loudoun YouthFest draws thousands of attendees for a day of teen-centered concerts.  Local youth band winners of the countywide Battle of the Bands series serve as opening acts, followed by a major headliner taking the stage at the end of the night.  

“We are thrilled to host Loudoun YouthFest at One Loudoun, after being a sponsor for many years,” said Bill May, Vice President of Miller and Smith. “Not only will it be a great use for our new amphitheater, but it allows us to support the youth of Loudoun County, which has been one of our goals since the creation of One Loudoun.”

The move to One Loudoun, located at the corner of Route 7 and Loudoun County Parkway, comes after Loudoun YouthFest was previously held in southern Ashburn. 

Carol Kost, Founder of Loudoun Youth, Inc. said, “Loudoun YouthFest continues to grow and expand thanks to our past success.  One Loudoun is a great location for this Loudoun County tradition.  There will be more exciting details to come soon.”  Details on bands, including the headliner, and ticket sales will be coming in the next few months, according to Kost. 

For more information on Loudoun YouthFest visit  Local teen bands interested in performing, please visit   For more information about One Loudoun, please visit or call Experience One Loudoun at 703.724.1111. 

About One Loudoun: 

One Loudoun is a premier 358-acre omni-use, master-planned community in Loudoun County, Virginia, that will feature 1,040 homes, 702,000 square feet of retail including fine dining, upscale shopping and movie theater, a luxury hotel, three million square feet of office space, a clubhouse with pool and an amphitheater – all surrounded by approximately 150 acres of public land with miles of walking trails.  One Loudoun’s mixed-use Downtown district opened in Spring 2013 and continues to add new tenants. One Loudoun Holdings, LLC is one of NASH’s consolidated subsidiaries in the US. Visit to learn more, or follow the community on Facebook and Twitter.

Loudoun Co. Housing Sales See Incredible Increase in December

It’s no secret that 2013 was an outstanding year for One Loudoun:  We had an extraordinary number of home sales and were even recognized on the Top 50 Master-Planned Communities list.  While it’s now January, home sales figures and real estate statistics for the end of the year in Loudoun County are just now being released.  And, according to the Loudoun Times, our county finished the year on a very strong and promising note! 

Specifically, housing sales in Loudoun County were up 19 percent this past December, when compared to the year before.  Incredibly, this is more than 58 percent higher than November sales, as reported by RealEstate Business Intelligence. This led to an increase in total sold dollar volume, which surged nearly 65 percent from November to December.  This much activity in the housing market is sure to have a positive impact on the local economy!

Local Realtor and president of the Leesburg Downtown Business Association, Gwen Pangle, believes that this boost in home sales indicates the spring market is beginning a little earlier this year.  Many interested homebuyers are opting to beat the crowds and jump into the market early before competition increases.  Which is, without a doubt, a smart move in popular developments like One Loudoun. 

Additionally, many would like to begin the mortgage application process earlier, so they can attain their mortgages as soon as possible. These early buyers are definitely on to something, as buying sooner rather than later proves to have many benefits for homeowners.

In One Loudoun, there’s no questioning the value of our new homes for sale.  And, no matter your preferences, you can find the perfect home or townhome for you and your family in our unique community.  Our mixed-use designs and expertly planned development make living here truly special.  Everything a family needs from a grocery store to an elementary school, and so much more, is just outside the front door.  Talk about a convenient lifestyle! 

Not to mention, One Loudoun is growing by the day.  With plans for new shops and retailers, as well as more restaurants and eateries, One Loudoun will be the place to be in Northern Virginia! 


Source: The Loudoun Times, RealEstate Business Intelligence 


Washington Post: Buying New: A pedestrian-friendly urban oasis in Loudoun

The One Loudoun development is on its way to becoming the urban focal point of Loudoun County. And it is providing a simple life-changing amenity that enables residents to walk everywhere — proximity. Most of everything one needs is right there.

This multiuse development covers 358 acres. The plan comprises residences and offices, retail and dining, entertainment and academics, green space and sports facilities, hotel rooms and a plaza. It includes a ballpark that will be home to a minor league baseball team and a professional soccer team…

For the full article by Audrey Hoffer, visit the here.

Rise in Consumer Confidence Leads to Bright Spending Outlook for 2014

The year 2013 was not without its challenges for the U.S. economy, but data shows that this didn’t dampen consumer confidence. In December, consumers ended 2013 feeling highly confident about business and job market conditions. This optimism correlates to a bright outlook for consumer spending coming into 2014, which is great news for mixed-use developments such as One Loudoun with retail destinations that would benefit from increased spending.  

The Consumer Confidence Index from The Conference Board, a non-profit business research association, increased from 72.0 in November to 78.1 in December 2013. Consumer confidence can be defined as an economic indicator that measures how optimistic consumers feel about the state of the economy. It’s an important indicator because high confidence in the economy theoretically equates to more spending, and increased spending benefits the overall economy.

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index in December was the strongest year-end reading since 2007, and consumer sentiment regarding current conditions in particular increased to a five-and-a-half year high. According to information from The Conference Board, consumers are feeling confident about both current labor market and economic conditions, and those conditions in the near future.

Other various factors combined with increased consumer confidence are leading to a bright outlook for spending at the beginning of 2014. In 2013, the economy saw the largest employment gain in eight years, a substantial rebound in the housing industry and record-high stock values, which all boosted household wealth. Increased household wealth will help support increased spending by consumers who are clearly confident in the direction that the economy is headed.

The increase in both household wealth and consumer confidence, and the potential positive impact on spending, is great news for retailers. At One Loudoun, our retailers already benefit from being in a mixed-use community, where consumers live and work right down the street. A bright outlook for spending in 2014 is just another benefit that current and future retailers in One Loudoun have to look forward to in 2014.

According to various reports and data, 2013 ended with enough momentum to power the economy into the new year with high hopes and optimism for good things to come. At One Loudon, excitement for the future is nothing new – as a continually growing mixed-use community in the wealthiest county in the nation, we know that great things are always right around the corner. Our residents, businesses, restaurants and retailers always enjoy the benefits of being in One Loudoun, but we’re especially excited to look forward into the new year to see what positive and exciting things lay in store for our mixed-use community.

SOURCE: Bloomberg News, The Conference Board

One Loudoun Stands Out With Biggest YOY Sales Increases

It looks like master-planned communities are making a big impression on homebuyers across the country! According to recently released statistics provided by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, these communities accounted for 5.4% percent of all new homes sales in 2013.  This adds up to a 12% increase since the year prior.

These figures are in conjunction with the Top 50 Master-Planned Communities list, which is compiled by the same consulting firm.  Every year, this list is put together to highlight communities that performed exceptionally well over the year.  While having a high number of sales will put a community on the list, the growth and potential for more growth, is particularly exciting to watch.

Not only did our One Loudoun community rank among the top 50, but it also had the biggest year-over-year growth in home sales.  Home sales grew by an outstanding 224% since 2012! This is quite an achievement from a Top 50 first-timer.

So, what does this say about One Loudoun?  It says that we’re a standout community that is set for incredible success in the years to come.  Our expertly planned design and new urbanism ideals combine to create a community that people want to live in.  With popular, big-name businesses like the Fresh Market and the Alamo Drafthouse, commercial retail and office space, a central park, an elementary school and so much more, there’s everything a family would ever need – all in one development.  Pair these benefits with the beautiful homes in varying styles, and it’s no wonder we sold over 240 homes in 2013!

What does Johns Burns Real Estate Consulting predict about developments, like One Loudoun, that are new to the list?  They say, “We expect that some of these new communities will rise in the ranking as they gain momentum… next year’s master-planned community ranking will surely bring a new round of conclusions and perhaps some surprises.” This spells out an exciting future for One Loudoun!

John Burns Real Estate Consulting is a nation-wide consulting firm that focuses on providing their clients with the best housing market information.  Their list is created to show hot housing trends and improvements in master-planned communities across the United States. One Loudoun is so honored to be recognized amongst the best and looks forward to next year’s rankings!

Source:  John Burns Real Estate Consulting




One Loudoun: A Development to Watch in 2014

We can’t say it enough: One Loudoun is set to be the hottest mixed-use development in the area.  Best of all, The Loudoun Times agrees with us!  They recently published an article highlighting ‘developments to keep an eye on’ for 2014 – and we made the list!  With plans for new stores and businesses, our community is looking forward to all of the incredible growth over this year.  Here are just a few of the many things to get excited about this year at One Loudoun!

New Businesses:

Shoppers, diners, and residents at One Loudoun can expect to see new shops and restaurants opening their doors throughout the community.  New businesses will join our current shop owners to create one of the most diverse shopping scenes in the area. Watch closely for future announcements about new stores!


Our community is already extremely accessible – right in the heart of Loudoun County, we’re located at Loudoun Parkway and Route 7.  This makes it easy to reach One Loudoun from nearly anywhere in Northern Virginia.  But now, with the addition of the Silver Line out to this area, getting to and from our development will be easier than ever. For retailers, this means more shoppers walking by your windows and more opportunities to grow a following of loyal customers. 

More Fun:

While it might be hard to believe, One Loudoun will offer even more ways for residents and visitors to have fun in 2014.  Between the growing anticipation for the new stadium set to open in 2015, and community events planned for the entire year, 2014 will be a great time to be a part of the community. 

Continued Convenience:

There’s no doubt One Loudoun will remain to be one of the most convenient communities in the area! And residents who live here would agree; the walkability of One Loudoun and its mixed-use ideals make living and working here so conveniently fun.  Everything you might ever need or want is just outside your front door!

This year will certainly be an exciting year for One Loudoun and our residents.  With so much to look forward to, there’s every reason to join this amazing, award-winning community!

Source: The Loudoun Times

Retail Trends in 2014

Like we’ve written about again and again, the retail industry is constantly changing.  There are so many ways retailers can utilize current trends to benefit their stores – the possible growth and success is limitless!  Here are a few trends we think will be prevalent in the new year, redefining retailers’ and consumers’ behaviors alike. 

Buying Local:

Buying local is an idea that’s been around for a while but is now starting to gain more momentum.  Good thing our community is ahead of the curve – The Fresh Market at One Loudoun prides itself on its use of local farmers and supplies.  After all, one of One Loudoun’s new urbanism ideals is about maintaining sustainability.  And, a way to create a sustainable living environment is to use and support local vendors.  Retailers that integrate local shopping resources into their campaigns and onto their shelves are always welcome at One Loudoun!  Best of all, residents in the community will seek these local outlets and continue the cycle. 

Stronger Relationships:

In 2014, retailers are going to find even more ways to connect with their audiences.  Customizing the shopping experience can be difficult – especially with hundreds of shoppers walking by daily. However in One Loudoun, the closeness of our community will make it easier to be friends, and neighbors, with shoppers.  In fact, they may very well be actual neighbors, as One Loudoun supports the idea of living and working in the same development. This will help to foster stronger consumer-retailer relationships, making everyone’s shopping experience better.

Social Media

This year, we also expect to see social media playing an even bigger role in retail.  It’s an excellent way to strengthen consumer relations by providing a platform to push out information. Best of all, social media allows retailers of all sizes to speak directly with their audience, and engage with them to better serve their audience. They can inform them of up coming deals, new products, and events.  At One Loudoun, current retailers utilize social media to speak with their customers and in the future, we hope our new retailers do the same! 

Utilizing Technology

If you couldn’t tell from our Inaugural Tree Lighting, One Loudoun certainly doesn’t shy away from technology – in fact, we embrace it, and we hope our retailers do as well.  From social media and online campaigns to mobile and tablet presences, retailers will be able to greatly benefit by utilizing the technologies available to them. This dedication will certainly resonate with consumers!

With all of the ways One Loudoun encourages retailers to succeed, it’s no wonder our development is set to be one of the hottest shopping destinations in Northern Virginia.  With reports indicating 2014 will be a great year for retail, this is an ideal time to open a store location in our community.  Retailers of any size will find a perfect fit in our available commercial spaces – but hurry! A deal this great won’t last for very long!