Month: October 2013

The Fresh Market Grand Opening


We’re so excited to announce that The Fresh Market grocery store will be opening its doors next week in One Loudoun! The Fresh Market is an excellent addition to our community and will provide access to fresh produce and groceries for our residents. On Wednesday, November 6th at 8AM, The Fresh Market will host a Grand Opening event for shoppers. Be one of the first 1,000 customers and receive a re-usable shopping bag and sample bag of the grocery chain’s coffee. There will also be special events like chef demonstrations, samplings, and giveaways – this isn’t an event you’ll want to miss out on! The Fresh Market, which has ten other locations throughout Virginia, was originally established in Greensboro, North Carolina. They focus on providing the best customer service possible and want their shopper’s experiences to be personalized and enjoyable. In One Loudoun, their gourmet food selections include meat and seafood departments, a full-service bakery, over 200 types of cheese, a large organic foods section and a vast selection of produce.

Things to Ask Before Moving Into a Mixed-Used Development


When moving your office, your store, or even your home, there are many questions to be asked, as well as answered. And with so much to consider, home shoppers feel more pressure than ever to make the right choice. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before moving into a mixed-use community, and why One Loudoun could be the perfect fit for you:

Does it have everything I need?

Need a gallon of milk? The Fresh Market will soon be open right around the corner. Need a new sweater for fall? The downtown shopping scene will be humming with new shops and boutiques in no time at all. Feel like dining out? New restaurants in One Loudoun offer all types of cuisines for all tastes. You get the point; convenience is one of our main focuses at One Loudoun. Every homeowner should experience what it’s like to have everything they need right down the street. In our community, we’ve provided entertainment, dining, a grocery store, new homes, and room to run and play, all for the convenience of our home and business owners.

Is the location right for me and my family?

One of the greatest things about living in One Loudoun is that residents can work and live in one community. With thousands of square footage of office space minutes away, daily commutes are a breeze. Aside from commutes, One Loudoun is located in one of the best counties, as well as states, to live in. Loudoun County has been recognized as one of the wealthiest in the nation and one of the best places to work. Virginia has also been praised for its promising environment for business. No matter your profession, living and working in One Loudoun is one of the best features of our community!

Will I feel at home here?

In One Loudoun, you have the opportunity to make your new home unique to you. Homes are spacious, accommodating, and newly built. With your furniture, your color choices, and your family, it won’t be long before your new house feels like home. You will quickly fall into the routine as your kids make friends, you meet new neighbors, and your family effortlessly adapts to the One Loudoun lifestyle. The nearby Central Park and Plaza Fountains will always be a fun favorite among kids, and with so much to do, they’ll never have a dull day again. Between the new elementary school, community recreation center, and much more, families will continue to be happy and grow in One Loudoun!

Bigger Isn't Always Better


Retailers, consumers and the public have followed the mentality that ‘bigger is better’ for far too long. Cars were bigger, TV’s where wider, and thousands of superstores were unnecessarily popping up all over the country. As we move into a more space-conscious and environmentally friendly society, consumers are opting for quality over quantity, and it’s setting communities like One Loudoun apart as one of the best for businesses and shoppers alike.

As we’ve written before in previous blog posts, consumers are seeking an experience. Massive superstores lack the intimacy of smaller boutique-like shops and are chilly and unwelcoming. Shoppers are often left alone, leaving them to find a product themselves which can prove to be difficult and frustrating. For many, this isn’t exactly the type of shopping outing they desire.

At One Loudoun, we applaud the transition to intimate and personalized retail environments. Our community applies this new mentality and agrees that the shopping experience should be just that, an experience. Gary Goodman, the SVP of Passco Cos. explains how location and proximity to major markets is always key when choosing a retail location and that the “synergy of tenants in a regional shopping center is paramount to its long term profitability.”

One Loudoun is an excellent example of this ‘synergy’. We’ve combined restaurants, entertainment, office space and shopping with homes and real estate. This creates a living, breathing community that operates as one and benefits all who reside here. Goodman also notes that “retail is going to improve” overall and that the consumer will “continue to spend more as the economy continues to recover.”

As our community continues to gain more residents and a stronger following, One Loudoun will become especially appealing to retailers.  Shoppers will appreciate having the focus redirected to them – which will encourage even more sales and consumer loyalty.  Retailers shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to become apart of a wonderful community while benefitting from the improving economy. Embracing the new trend in retail will only engage your customers and help your business succeed!


The Fall Season in Retail


This time of year presents an excellent opportunity for retailers.  The change in weather means more parents, students and every day shoppers are planning to hit new stores for clothing, accessories and anything else they’ll need for the colder months.

Like the New Year, the change in season encourages many to add to their wardrobe or finally buy that new flat screen TV they’ve been eyeing.  Additionally, after consumers dig up last years clothes, they find they’ve outgrown them in size and taste. Maybe most importantly, the beginning of the school year kicks off the holiday retail season – the mecca for retailers in the U.S. 

Here are a few retail trends that are unique to the fall season, and how our storeowners in One Loudoun can benefit:

Back To School

Ahhh, the kids are back in school! It’s great for parents, but it’s even better for retailers. Kids are known to grow quickly, almost overnight. So every year when school starts up again, parents are eager to find new clothes for their children to wear.  Teens and college-aged students will be shopping as well, producing a large amount of revenue sales for the industry. With a planned elementary school for One Loudoun, parents in the community will be shopping throughout entire school year.

The Holidays

If you can’t tell by the Christmas decorations already on the shelves, holiday shopping has crept all the way to October.  Just because Black Friday traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season doesn’t mean that people everywhere haven’t already started.  In retail, this season as a whole drives revenue, as more and more people gear up for the festivities.  One Loudoun residents will be excited to decorate their new homes, while also looking for gifts for their family.

Holiday Help

The fall season also marks when stores begin taking on extra employees to prepare for the even bigger shopping seasons ahead. Not only is this beneficial to the retail industry as a whole, but it gives the economy and national employment and well-needed boost. There will be no shortage of potential employees in One Loudoun, where employees can live and work.

Storeowners in One Loudoun are happy to be located in an area where consumers are excited to shop. Our county is one of the most affluent in the country and named one of the best places to run a business – a perfect pairing for retailers.  One Loudoun provides an ideal arrangement for retailers because of its walkability, convenient design, and optimization for a successful business.  

As you can see, the fall season is an essential component to the retail industry, and it’s even better in One Loudoun.  Once the temperature cools, retail heats up!  For more information on how your business can be apart of the One Loudoun shopping scene, check out our retail leasing opportunities.  



Retail & Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is everything when it comes to retail.  Storeowners and businesses depend on their customers for their survival and success. Shops and retail stores in One Loudoun can rest assured that their customers are eager to shop and always within walking distance of their storefront.  As consumer confidence rises, these retail stores can expect even more revenue, traffic and consumer loyalty.

The Conference Board, a non-profit organization that provides information on the behaviors of consumers, uses the Consumer Confidence Index to give businesses an idea of general opinions held by consumers and what to expect in the future. Using results from a survey given out to 5,000 households, the index is comprised of two other indices: the Present Situation Index, which accounts for 40 percent of the results and the Expectations Index that accounts for 60 percent.  Collectively, they give an accurate measure of consumer confidence, directing businesses everywhere.

Stock market analysts, as well as investors, watch the Consumer Confidence Index carefully to help them determine the course of the stock market.  When the retail industry is booming it helps to keep stocks growing, which in turn will keep growing consumer confidence.  This cycle, along with other components like housing and employment, aid recovery and bring the U.S. that much closer to a healthier economy.

Consumer spending drives 70 percent of economic growth, which is exactly why it’s so important to keep spending. When consumers feel more confident about their finances, they’ll be more willing to spend money on items they previously had cut out of their budget.  This includes new seasonal clothing, upgraded appliances, and things that they want but don’t necessarily need, like accessories and luxuries.

One Loudoun couldn’t offer a better position for retailers in an improving economy.  We’ve got everything; the perfect location, a constant stream of customers, dedicated residents, and a huge draw to our community.  The economy is improving every day, and as it does, all types of retail will benefit! 



Bar Louie One Loudoun- Now Open!

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 8.09.18 AM

If you are looking for the vibe of a hip, eclectic urban bar but don’t feel like driving into the city, then you have to check out Bar Louie at One Loudoun.  The interior space provides a dynamic and modern atmosphere which, along with excellent service, makes each Bar Louie guest feel like a VIP every time.  A particularly great design feature of the establishment includes the doors that slide open out onto the patios, bringing the outside in.  There are even heaters on the patios to keep you and your party warm if you choose to dine outside on a cool evening.  As far as drinks, you can’t go wrong with one of the famous Bar Louie handcrafted signature martinis!  But if martinis are not your thing, Bar Louie also offers an extensive wine and beer selection.  The menu features exceptional choices, ranging from small plate options to burgers, sandwiches, large plates, and desserts.  And, get this- all food menu items are served until 2a.m.!  So, what are you waiting for?  Come out to Bar Louie One Loudoun…it’s the new place to be!



One Loudoun Receives 4 Awards at 2013 GALA


On October 3rd One Loudoun attended the Great American Living Awards (GALA) 2013, an annual event which recognizes the best in the Building Industry for 43 residential design, sales, and marketing categories. One Loudoun is honored to have received four incredible awards at this prestigious event, presented by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association:

  • Innovative Land Planning, Mixed Use Community Winner 
  • Website, Mixed Use Community Winner  
  • Print Advertising, Ad Campaign Winner 
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign, Mixed Use Community Winner

It’s also worth mentioning that Miller & Smith won these two awards for their One Loudoun Models!

  • Design & Architecture, Detached Home (lots ,7,000 s.f.), $600K-$700K Winner – Tribeca at One Loudoun
  • Design & Architecture, Detached Home (lots <7,000 s.f.), $600K-4700K Award of Merit Winner – Greenwich at One Loudoun.

One Loudoun strives to bring sophisticated culture and urban-inspired architecture together in one community. Located in the heart of Loudoun County, our community embodies everything that makes living in a mixed-use development so special. Expertly planned for the most convenient of lifestyles, One Loudoun is Northern Virginia’s hottest new community!