Month: September 2013

Loudoun County One of the Fastest Growing in U.S.

Our One Loudoun community is certainly growing quickly, and according to, so is our entire county!  A recently published article highlighted 10 different counties that are the fastest growing in America. Loudoun County ranks second, posting a 7.87 percent population growth rate from 2010 to 2012. Additionally, the number of jobs has grown 83 percent over the past decade alone.  Also a notable mention, the article points out that Loudoun County is “one of the nation’s wealthiest counties.” 

One Loudoun is a great example of the healthy growth in our county.  We expertly utilize the land to incorporate everything our residents might ever need or want: a range of restaurants, a variety of retail shops, thousands of square footage of available office space, an elementary school, a grocery store, all types of entertainment, newly built homes, and so much more.  Smart-growth communities are also praised for the environmentally friendly design, conveniently planned neighborhoods, and happy and healthy residents. 

When compared to the mundane lifestyle of outdated neighborhoods, One Loudoun stands out exceptionally. With new restaurants opening soon, as well as growing anticipation for our new buildings, One Loudoun has already made name for itself in Northern Virginia as one of the best places to live.  

With our state being ranked as the best for business, and Loudoun County being recognized as one of the fastest growing in the nation, One Loudoun is a prime location for restaurateurs and retailers alike.  When organizations as reputable and respected as Forbes take notice of your region, you know it’s going to be a hot place to open a new store or restaurant.  It won’t be long before shoppers and diners take notice!

Smart-growth is the answer for people in metro areas like Washington D.C., where residents want to live in a community, but maintain a city feel and an active lifestyle.  At One Loudoun, we effortlessly keep up with our residents without losing touch with our values.  As Loudoun County continues to be praised for its achievements, the residents in One Loudoun continue to be proud of their new home! 


Virginia is the Best for Business


 According to, our state has been ranked the best state in America for business.  Using six categories – business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects, and quality of life – Forbes defines which states have the most ideal environment for business growth and success.  Out of these six areas, Virginia ranked in the top five for four of them.  

Governor Bob McDonnell said in an earlier statement, “Virginia is the best state in America for business.  Our desirable business climate continues to be recognized by prestigious, independent third parties like, and we are thrilled to regain the No. 1 spot as Best State for Business.”  We agree, being recognized by an organization as big as Forbes is a huge honor!

Since the creation of the study eight years ago, our state has alternated between first and second place, but this year we have once again reclaimed our standing as the best. Virginia’s gross state product is $446 billion, with a five-year annual growth of 1.0 percent.  With statistics as impressive as these, it’s clear to see why there’s no better place to start or move a business.

One Loudoun is nestled in Northern Virginia and has already been established as a front-runner for dining, entertainment, shopping, and quality living. We have thousands of square footage of office space and plenty of room for new retail.  Any type of business could benefit from calling our community their home.   
Just like every state in the country, Virginia still has hurdles to overcome, but we’re lucky to hold the status we do.  Virginia recovered amazingly from the recent economic crisis, further proving the strengths of our state. 

Join our One Loudoun family today and be apart of a state that’s known for it’s prosperous businesses.  For more information, visit our newly opened Experience One Loudoun, open seven days a week, for new home sales and commercial and retail leasing inquiries!  

Source: Forbes



Retail Sales Up in August


Retail sales were once again up in August, continuing their upward trend we’ve seen during the past summer months. Sales increased by 0.1 percent last month – a small improvement, but a good sign still. Year-over-year, this makes for a 3.9 percent increase.

The retail industry, much like the housing market, can be a huge indicator for how well the economy is recovering. In this case, as the retail industry continues to make improvements, albeit small, it suggests that more people are comfortable with their finances, and spending a little extra money on retail.

It’s no secret that in times of financial crisis, shopping is put on the back burner and reserved for special occasions. But whether it’s on a car, a new pair of jeans, or a flat screen TV for your living room, when consumers start spending more money, it’s clear there is a healthier cash flow in our economy.

In Northern Virginia, consumers are going to look to one place for their shopping needs: One Loudoun, of course! One Loudoun is the most convenient shopping scene in the state and will soon be buzzing with tons of new and trendy shops. Residents and visitors alike will love spending their days shopping and walking around this new hotspot. The Alamo Drafthouse, the newly built homes, and the up-and-coming restaurants already draw so many consumers to the community, and by adding more shops and diversity to our streets, the draw will only grow bigger.

For future retailers, this means that One Loudoun is the best place to open or relocate your store. As more people move into One Loudoun and the economy improves, there will be more customers who want to shop, walk around, and explore the new downtown. And you can bet they’ll visit your store too.

Residents of One Loudoun will be happy to walk to their favorite stores every day, and you’ll be happy to see your customer base growing. Moving into our community is an opportunity of a lifetime and will help solidify your shop as a One Loudoun staple! With how well the economy and retail sector are improving, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible shot at success.

Source: The National Retail Federation

Children Healthier In Smart-Growth Communities

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The residents of One Loudoun have even more to smile about: Children get more exercise and tend to be healthier in mixed-use communities like ours. A recent study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine measured the activity level of children who live in mixed-used communities versus children who live in conventional neighborhoods. Those who reside in communities like One Loudoun got an average of ten extra minutes of exercise daily. Michael Jerrett, leading author on the study and professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, says that he and his colleagues “were surprised by the size of the effect.”

Ten minutes might not seem like enough to make a difference, but it quickly adds up. Over the course of a year, that’s over two and half days of “moderate to vigorous physical activity” for each child. Mixed-use communities, by nature, provide plenty of play and ‘green’ space, which allows for more exploration and recreation. These neighborhoods also encourage residents to walk instead of drive, with paths and sidewalks leading to their recreational destinations.

Studies like this one show why living in a walkable and convenient community, like One Loudoun, is the better choice when home shopping. The benefits for you and your family are incredible and truly impressive. And kids aren’t the only ones with an uptick in activity: parents will be getting more exercise just by walking to baseball games, going downtown, or strolling to work in the morning.

Not surprisingly, smart-growth communities are also better for the environment. Living in a walkable community that also provides travel alternatives like buses and public transit can reduce greenhouse gas and improve air quality. So not only is living in One Loudoun good for you and your kids, but the environment too!

This news comes at a perfect time, as the real estate market continues to pick up and improve. Millions of Americans are regaining balance of their financials and investing their money wisely. If you’re looking to move into a new home that’s worth every cent, then One Loudoun is the best choice for you and your family. With an abundance of green space to keep you in touch with nature and a central park that will soon be teeming with activity, you couldn’t imagine living an active life anywhere else!

Source: The National Association of Realtors

What Can Retail Learn From Restaurants


It seems odd to think that the retail industry benefits from the restaurant scene.  But, both industries have a lot more in common than what meets the eye. They depend on each other greatly for their success and business by working together to keep consumers engaged and interested.  One Loudoun is a hotspot for both types of merchants, and our location will provide the best possible environment for stores and restaurant to grow.

In fact, there are even a few restaurant practices that could be applied to the retail industry.  Here’s what retailers can learn from their close counterparts:

Employee Training

This might seem like a tactic that’s exclusive to restaurants, but it can benefit shops and boutiques as well.  Restaurant employees are trained to memorize menus, take orders, and politely deal with disruptive customers. Why should retail be any different? Sure, employees might not be taking food orders, but their focus should be the same: Make the customer comfortable and happy.  Training employees how to greet, interact, and close sales with customers will improve overall profit and build a strong reputation.  Training staff to be more efficient also helps storeowners to operate their business smoothly, which can only benefit the store, employees, and shoppers even more.

Focus on Customer Experience

Ultimately, training employees will help to redirect the focus back to the customers.  Many restaurants have completely revamped their image by making customer service their number one priority. Refocusing on the experience of the consumer, rather than just turning a profit, will improve revenue in the long term.  When the customer is happy, they will most likely want to come back to re-live their first enjoyable experience.  And, if they’re happy, they will be buying more and spreading the word about your store with their peers.

Both ‘employee training’ and ‘focusing on customer experience’ funnel into maintaining good hospitality.  This will always help to bring in returning customers. Shoppers are willing to pay a higher price if it means a better shopping experience.

By combining restaurants and shops, as well as homes, One Loudoun will provide the best possible shopping and dining experience for customers.  Visitors will be engaged and entertained, providing a good overall experience. There’s no doubt that everyone will quickly fall in love with the One Loudoun shopping and dining scene and become returning visitors!

Source:  QSR Web-