Month: August 2013

The Importance of Retail in Today's Economy


Opening any new business will have a positive effect of the economy.  Retail is especially helpful in aiding local economies and providing jobs in their area.  Now, the National Retail Federation is pushing for more retail careers, and advocating their importance to our economy. 

Recently in the media, jobs in retail have been cast in a bad light.  The truth, however, is that these jobs are benefiting the economy in so many more ways than people are aware of. Retail is responsible for 42 million jobs and $2.5 trillion of annual GDP. Just this year, employers in the retail industry have added 352,000 new jobs. 

The amount of retail positions that stores in One Loudoun will create will be unprecedented.  The entire community will benefit and it will help One Loudoun to thrive and grow.  When stores are located in concentrated developments like ours, it brings even more revenue, jobs, and business to the area.

One Loudoun also presents the perfect location for store owners and employees alike.  With a surrounding neighborhood filled with people of all ages, there will be plenty of applicants lining up to work in your store.  Future employees will love to be able to walk to and from work everyday.

Opening a new store doesn’t just employ new people directly in the shop, but it also creates jobs elsewhere. Those in the warehouse delivering your merchandise and those who process and manufacture it.  The revenue from opening just one store will trickle on to many levels, supporting a vast number of people from all over. is a campaign backed by the National Retail Federation that highlights the careers, community, and innovation involved in the retail industry. They’re working to create a more positive outlook on the retail industry and are promoting why it is so important to our economic recovery.

Retailers in One Loudoun will be proud to be apart of such a monumental development in Loudoun County.  Just their presence alone will improve the local economy and provide jobs for endless amounts of people.


The National Retail Federation

The Retail Industry Builds Momentum


As the economy continues to improve, the retail industry is gaining more and more positive momentum.  The economy has a huge impact on the retail sector, and vice versa. Store owners in One Loudoun will be apart of the best shopping scene in Northern Virginia and their impact on the local economy will be impressive.   More importantly, this affluent area will bring an amazing amount of revenue to businesses, helping them to flourish and grow strong roots in One Loudoun.

This summer, many of the headlines for big retail companies like Home Depot, Gap, Toys’R’Us, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Ross Stores have boasted improvements in the second quarter of 2013 and expected increases for the coming months.  According to statistics published by ShopperTrak, retail foot traffic jumped 5.2 percent in July, an increase from June 2013.  This is consistent with the month over month improvements we’ve seen this year, June also saw a big improvement, as well as exceeds the original predictions for the month. The summer did especially well with more people having extra time to shop, and warmer weather encouraging shoppers to buy seasonal clothing.  As we move into the colder months and holiday retail season, the industry is expected to see even more increases in revenue.    

Now that people are finding they have extra spending money, they are indulging in themselves and shopping more often. Shopping has become more convenient than ever and is seen more as a recreational activity than a chore.  This is why One Loudoun is the perfect place to relocate or open your store.  Shoppers here will get the full shopping experience, and will soon become returning customers.  Those who live and work here will also be strolling the streets regularly to shop for everything they need. 

With the holiday season only a few months away, and the retail industry gaining more momentum everyday, there is no better time to relocate or open your business in One Loudoun. The industry will continue to improve over the coming months, bringing more customers and profit to your store.  Our county and community is filled with residents who want to shop and will be buying more items through the holiday season, so seize the opportunity and open a store in One Loudoun!

Source:  Retailing Today

The Revolution of the Retail Industry

It seems like everything about the retail industry has changed in the past 10 years.  The methods of advertisement, the display of products, and even the ways to interact with consumers – it can be a challenge to keep up!  But maybe it’s not so much about how the retail industry has changed, but more how the behaviors of the consumers have evolved. 

With the emergence of smart phones, nifty shopping apps, and advancing technology, storeowners must work to stay relevant to their target consumers. Online shopping has now made it more difficult than ever to bring shoppers into a store. That’s why owners have shifted their focus on the overall experience of the consumer.  Shopping is a form of entertainment – shoppers want to stroll into a shop, browse, and take their time when considering a purchase.

This is exactly why One Loudoun is the best place to open up a store – clothing, specialty, gift, tech, or any other.  People will come here to have fun and be entertained through shopping, dining, and other activities.  There are so many venues of entertainment in our neighborhood, but the draw of retail is unprecedented.  This draw will bring in shoppers from all over the state and beyond. Store owners will also find they have a huge constant, and local, customer base within walking distance of their storefront.

Shoppers will come to stroll the streets of our new downtown on a Saturday morning to enjoy time with friends and family. Those who live here will love the convenience of having their favorite shops right down the road and visitors will love to see a huge selection of shops. Many will become return visitors, coming back again and again to shop for everything they might need. 

Shoppers are bound to have a good shopping experience in One Loudoun, which will only benefit shoppers and retailers alike.  When choosing a location to open a business, storeowners face many challenges.  The risk that there won’t be enough of a draw being one of them.  At One Loudoun, this will never be a concern for our storeowners.  This is truly the best place to open up your new shop.  

Loudoun County Reports Incredbile Fiscal Year

You already know that Loudoun County is one of the most affluent counties in the entire United States, but did you know that it continues to improve year after year?  The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development recently released their annual report for fiscal year 2013.  And it’s good news for current and future business owners in the new mixed-use community of One Loudoun.

The Department of Development reports that there were 56 ‘wins’ within its target cluster last fiscal year.  A ‘win’ describes a business that moved to Loudoun, stayed in Loudoun, or expanded in Loudoun.  The new number of 56 is a 47 percent increase from the previous year. This amazing improvement is heavily because of new stores, as well as other retail and commercial developments like One Loudoun.

All of these new businesses invested nearly $466.9 million and added 1,645 new jobs in Loudoun County alone. They also occupied or added 2.6 million square feet of commercial real estate. Commercial retail and office space, including buildings in One Loudoun, have been popping up all over the County. In fact, One Loudoun was even mentioned by the Loudoun Times as one of the primary commercial office space providers. 

These statistics just further prove that Loudoun County is where storeowners want to be and know is the best place for their business. Buddy Rizer, the Department of Development Acting Director says, “I think generally the marketplace is pretty encouraging right now.”

And we agree! The marketplace is looking very optimistic in Loudoun County, which makes it an excellent time to open a new shop or store in One Loudoun. The fact that Loudoun County has had proven success is even better. With a constant customer base from the surrounding neighborhood and a huge draw for outside visitors, One Loudoun is the best place in the county to open up shop. Prospective storeowners can move into our community with the confidence that their business will do well and find success every year. 

With the accomplishments that our county has seen this past year, we can expect the next year to be equally as or more prosperous. Our economy is in the perfect position for new businesses and allows for plenty of room for growth. Storeowners in One Loudoun can rest assured that their business will do exceptionally well in our wonderful, new downtown.

Source: The Loudoun Times

Retail Sales See Boost in July

Wall Street Journal recently released an article that outlined the incredible increase seen in retail sales this year. Not only do improving retail sales point to an improving economy, but they also mean that this is a prosperous time to open your own store.

As the economy improves and unemployment falls, more and more people find themselves with extra spending cash. Many of these people will opt to buy new clothes or a new product for themselves. The Wall Street Journal reports that retail sales increased a seasonally adjusted 0.2 percent in July, making it the fourth month in a row to see improvement.

In general, all types of retail, including grocery, car, clothing and electronics, are seeing improvements, but some more than others. Higher priced and luxury items saw a double digit increase in July compared to the year before. This is mainly because now that people are feeling more financially stable, they are more confident when buying expensive items, and more inclined to do so. In fact, consumer confidence levels have reached the highest level we’ve seen in recent years.

In One Loudoun, there are plenty of new spaces for clothing stores, gift shops and boutiques. The area will be so well populated with affluent young professionals and families that opening a shop here is guaranteed success. This might be true for any city in the United States, but it’s especially relevant to those who are considering One Loudoun. Loudoun County has proven to be one of the best places to open a business and with over 80,000 cars passing by One Loudoun daily, there really is no better location to open your store.

As the overall economy continues to improve, the retail industry will follow it. For the same reasons why it’s a perfect time to buy a house, now is the perfect time in our economy to open a retail store. Our advice to prospective storeowners: There is no better time than the present! The retail industry will continue to improve and you will be even more successful by catching the wave early on.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The Positive Impacts of Mixed-Use Communities

One Loudoun embodies all of the greatest things about mixed-use communities. As you know, communities like One Loudoun redefine urbanism by combining restaurant, entertainment, retail and office space with residential housing. This makes them an ideal place to live, work, and entertain. There are so many positive impacts that mixed-use communities have on their residents and store owners, it’s hard to imagine why one wouldn’t choose One Loudoun as their next home.

Mixed-use communities have long been praised for their efficient use of land. One Loudoun is no exception. We’ve found a way to include everything residents might need – a variety of restaurants, retail and office space, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, beautiful new homes, and a planned sportsplex, park, and baseball field – all in one community. Not only does this help to preserve land and reduce ecological footprints, but it allows more stores to move into the development and provides venues for their success.

The more stores moving into One Loudoun, the more it will add to the life and vibrancy of the area. Our community supports diversification in every form: from the types of shops and bistros right down to the design of our homes. This variety makes living and shopping here anything but mundane because stores can maintain their originality and thrive just as they are. The diversity will also bring in shoppers from all over the region, so customers aren’t limited to just those who live near by.

One Loudoun follows the ‘live where you work’ mentality. When you can live right down the street from the office, your daily commutes are much more enjoyable. Residents can save money on gas and remove one more car from Virginia roadways. James Schroll, from the Coalition for Smart Growth, says, “The focus of our future must be on mixed-use, walkable and transit-oriented communities. Only through these sustainable strategies can we manage congestion on our roads.” While this might benefit roadways in general, it’s even better for the store owners of One Loudoun. With many residents walking to and from work daily, there will be a constant customer base passing by your window.
The impact that One Loudoun will have on their resident store owners is incredible. Our community provides a perfect environment for new stores to grow or established ones to relocate. In the heart of an affluent county, with almost 80,000 cars full of potential shoppers passing by daily and a community teeming with eager residents, owners couldn’t ask for a better mix. This perfect blend of features in One Loudoun is what sets our community apart as one of the best places for retail in Virginia.