Month: January 2012

Home Sales Continue to Move in Positive Direction

As the nation closely watches the real estate market as a primary economic indicator, positive news was reported by CNN Money and the National Association of Realtors this week shows that home sales have improved steadily over the last 3 months.

According to the National Association of Realtors, nationwide home sales for the year are up nearly 2%, while December alone saw a 5% bump over November. December 2011 also had a 3.6% increase over December 2010. Current mortgage rates and home prices have have finally tempted potential buyers into taking action before the opportunity is missed.

Other signs of the improving market are inventory and homebuilder traffic. Builders have reported more customer traffic and project contracts in the last few months. Available inventory is quickly shrinking as well, down to 2005 levels, which drives up demand and pricing for many communities.

Needless to say, realtors and builders are very excited over the outlook for the 2012 real estate market.

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Hot Movies & Cool Drinks at One Loudoun

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is Coming to One Loudoun

Scheduled to start construction in Spring 2012 and open in the Spring of 2013, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema promises to bring an even deeper dynamic to what will be a very energetic and sophisticated mixed use community of new homes, retailers and businesses at One Loudoun. This new Drafthouse, which is based out of Austin TX, will be Alamo’s first location in the Washington DC area.

So what’s so interesting about a new movie theater? Well, there’s a reason why TIME magazine named it the “Best Theater Ever”. The Alamo Drafthouse combines all the enjoyment of watching a movie in the comfort of your own home with the experience of a big screen theater. The Drafthouse offers dining and drinks… during the film! Cool drinks, hot movies, and great food just a quick walk from your front door translates into one heck of a night out in Loudoun County’s New Downtown.

The Alamo boasts a delicious menu with themed foods paired for many new and classic screenings. As such, the theater often goes beyond your typical popcorn and nacho offerings. In the past the Alamo has served such gourmet dishes as bacon wrapped pheasant during Gone With the Wind, braised lamb during Lawrence of Arabia, and Steak au Poivre during The Da Vinci Code. (They wisely stopped short of serving a nice Chianti and farfa beans during Silence of the Lambs.)

The Alamo Drafthouse, which Fandago named as the “Best Overall Theatrical Experience” in 2010, then takes the dining and theatre experience to the next level by offering drink pairings with every course. Selections such as Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz for Blues Brothers, Cava and Rose during Like Water for Chocolate, and Bordeaux during Pirates of the Caribbean have all been on previous drink menus. As for the less adventurous palettes, the Alamo Drafthouse also serves the basics: beer and burgers!

According to INC Magazine, the Alamo Drafthouse experienced increased revenues in 2011 while nationwide the movie theater industry as a whole had an overall drop in revenues. These theaters have had such success because they help bring communities together in a very unique way. Enjoying dinner, drinks and a movie on the big screen with friends and neighbors without having to get in the car is a rare opportunity that One Loudoun is thrilled to bring to its residents.

See you at the movies. Cheers!