Year: 2012

One Loudoun: A Community of AuthentiCITY

A new mixed-use community that is developed and designed based on the principles of creating a “contemporary cosmopolitan” way of life, such as One Loudoun, offers the new home buyer an opportunity to be a part of a harmonious and connected environment that features an all-encompassing type of lifestyle where living, working, dining, shopping, and socializing all occur in one place- in short, a community of “AuthentiCITY.” A new home community built on these concepts, as well as the practice of sustainability, provides wonderful and meaningful benefits to both residents and businesses.

Connectivity: One Loudoun, located at the crossroads of Route 7 and the Loudoun County parkway in Ashburn, VA, is a new housing community that features pedestrian-friendly design, including a hierarchy of streets that are interconnected to create a street grid network that will disperse traffic and create a pleasurable experience when walking. Residents can enjoy miles of paved, car-free pedestrian pathways. A community design that utilizes an interconnected street grid network also encourages a greater use of bicycles, rollerblades, and scooters as other forms of every-day transportation.

Increased Density for Walkability: One huge benefit of buying a new home for sale in a mixed-used community like One Loudoun, is the convenience factor of having shops, restaurants, offices buildings, services, and entertainment all within a walkable distance from home or work. The design principles of contemporary cosmopolitan that have been incorporated into the planning and development of One Loudoun, allow for more buildings, residences, shops, and services to be closer together to ensure the ease of walkability, facilitate a more efficient use of resources, and create a more convenient, enjoyable place to live.

Mixed-Use: Variety and versitility are key elements in sustainable community design, and One Loudoun has applied this “mixed-use” principle to all aspects of the community. One Loudoun offers potential home buyers a mix of sophisticated and quality shops, offices, and dining options, as well as a mix of housing, providing both new single family homes and townhomes on site. Residents also get to enjoy an array of amenities, including a community elementary school, 4-star hotel, lavish cinema and dining experience at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, specialty retail, gourmet grocery store, sports plex, recreation center, amphitheater, town green, and central park.

Increased Productivity: Businesses located in the mixed-use community of One Loudoun will benefit greatly from being in such close proximity to consumers, residential neighborhoods and services. There is a likelihood that business could experience increased sales due to the amount of foot traffic that will be present and the fact that people will be spending less on cars and gas. There will not be the need to spend large sums on advertising and large signs, which will result in more profits. A mixed-use community also provides business owners with the opportunity to have a better lifestyle by being able to live within a walkable distance to their place of work, which saves the stress and cost of a daily commute. Increased density also promotes small local business incubation as well as community involvement from being part of a connected community and being able to know residents on a personal level.

Quality Design & Architecture: Prospective home buyers who are searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg area, will surely find everything they are looking for in the One Loudoun community. All homes have been designed down to the last detail. There are a variety of innovative new home styles that have been exclusively designed for the One Loudoun community including the exquisite single family homes by Camberley Homes, the gorgeous townhomes by NVHomes, and the magnificent Downtown Collection, a brand new single family home series from Miller and Smith. There is definitely an emphasis placed on beauty, aesthetics, human comfort, and a sense of place, in the One Loudoun community. The combination of pleasing architecture, car-free walking pathways, beautiful pocket parks, and tree-lined streets, provides a living experience that brings nourishment to the human spirit.

Sustainability: A core principle evident in the planning of this community is sustainability, and One Loudoun was conceived and designed with an environmental vision, aimed at insuring long-term sustainability. One Loudoun’s innovative community design displays eco-friendly technologies, respect for ecology and value of natural systems, energy efficient homes and buildings, more local production, more walking and less driving, and is the only proposed project in Loudoun County to earn a “Smart Growth Project” award.

Quality Of Life: The mixed-use community of One Loudoun provides residents with better place to live, work, and play- basically a higher quality of life. Between the decreased traffic congestion, healthier lifestyle with more walking and less driving, less stress, close proximity to retail, work, dining, and entertainment, it is no wonder why more new home buyers and business owners are wanting to be part of this contemporary cosmopolitan type of community. Being a pedestrian-friendly, there are more opportunities for residents, neighbors, and business owners to get to know each other on a more personal level resulting in meaningful relationships between more people, resulting in a friendlier town. The element of diversity is brought about with smaller, unique shops and services with local owners who are involved in community. And, the innovative architecture and new home designs bring a better sense of “place” to the community identity. One Loudoun provides everything a new home owner would need to enjoy a higher quality of life- and it’s all within this one community of AuthentiCITY.

CEO of Miller and Smith Talks About D.C. Metro Housing Market

October 16, 2012, the National Association of Homebuilders reported that confidence among home builders was up and at its highest level since summer 2006.  The following day, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that housing starts had risen 15% on a national level and were at their highest rate since summer of 2008, and residential building permits increased 11.6% compared to the previous month.  All of this came as very good news to numerous home builders across the country, including Miller and Smith, who have been watching with optimism as housing markets seem to be displaying favorable trends and are moving in a positive direction.    

Miller and Smith is the third largest private home builder in the Washington, D.C. area, and was one of the few home builders to have survived the economic downturn.  In Virginia, Miller and Smith is not only the developer of the new mixed-use home community of One Loudoun, but is also building the Downtown Collection of single-family homes in the “new urbanism”-focused community.  

During an interview with Kathy Orton, Web reporter for the Washington Post, president and CEO of Miller and Smith, Doug Smith, spoke about how national trends compare to what he is seeing in his own region.

Smith said that he believed the Washington, D.C. area was at the forefront of the housing recovery. Being one of the first markets to come out of the housing market downturn, Smith noted that the change in momentum came when both buyer and builder confidence increased.

“I think Washington, [D.C.] was on the front edge of that change in [builder] confidence,” said Smith. “And I think [buyers] got off the sidelines in 2012 and started buying houses again.”

With unemployment down in metro D.C., steady job growth, and fixed-rate mortgages near record lows, it is no wonder why more prospective home buyers would be wanting to purchase right now in a market that is showing promise of having a full recovery. And, this new-found consumer confidence is contributing to a higher builder confidence which in turn has led to the highest level of new home starts seen in four years as well as a rise in home sales.

“Our sales are up 33 percent over the last year,” remarked Smith, “We’re happy. We’re selling a house a day right now.”- he said.

A rise in new home sales has brought about a sense of urgency among potential buyers in the Loudoun County area that have been searching for new homes for sale in the Ashburn-Leesburg part of Northern Virginia. New home buyers realize that the demand for new single-family homes is growing, and where there is a higher demand, so comes rising prices. Many are taking advantage of the low mortgage rate environment that is currently present in the national housing market and are choosing to purchase in a new home communy, such as One Loudoun, while the low rates last.

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New NV Model Home Photos

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Benefits Of Buying A New Home In A Mixed-Use Community

New mixed-use communities such as One Loudoun have been attracting more and more home buyers in recent years, wooing the buyers away from purchasing pre-owned homes in older neighborhoods. With 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages now at new record lows, home buyers know that the current housing market conditions make this the most favorable time to make the investment in homeownership. Below are reasons to consider buying a new home for sale in a mixed-use new home community, such as One Loudoun.

Investment Value: The current housing market presents a great opportunity to buy in a new home community, like One Loudoun, especially since fixed-rate mortgages fell to new all-time lows last week according to the National Association of Realtors. As of October 4th, a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has a new average record of 3.36%, dropping from the previous week’s record of 3.40%. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged a new record low of 2.69%, down from the previous week’s record of 2.73%. In comparison to this same time last year, the 30-year mortgage rates averaged 3.94% while 15-year mortgages averaged 3.26%.

Second-quarter reports from the Census Bureau show that home prices, along with sales, have continued to rise across many markets. The Zillow Real Estate Market Report from the second quarter shows that U.S. home values increased over four consecutive months and had the first annual increase in nearly 5 years. Forecasts predict that home values will continue to appreciate over the next year.

Convenience: One of the biggest draws to mixed-use communities is the convenience they offer to residents. One Loudoun has been designed to allow residents to work, shop and dine all within footsteps of every home.

One Loudoun is also convenient in terms of location. The community is conveniently located at the crossroads of Rt. 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway, just 3 miles from Washington Dulles International Airport and 25 miles from Washington, D.C.

For business, One Loudoun has an ideal location amongst the regions as well as the Country’s premier corporate headquarters, including the Nation’s most significant tech-corridor; unrivalled accessibility and leading economic trade area demographics.

The community of One Loudoun will quickly become a focal point in the region with the World Trade Center Dulles Airport, over 700,000 square feet of great retail space, a Four-star luxury hotel, and over 3 million square feet of Class A office space.

Connected Community: The new housing community of One Loudoun presents potential buyers with the opportunity to be part of a compact, walkable, mixed-use community with a vision to promote an all-encompassing lifestyle where living, working, dining, shopping, recreating and socializing are brought together harmoniously in one place.

Expanding on the principals of New Urbanism, the fundamental lifestyle elements of “harmony”, “social”, “connected”, “organic”, and “urban” are represented in One Loudoun, and resonate with buyers who are attracted to a community of sophisticated culture, want to live in a convenient location, and wish to experience connectivity both in technology and in the natural aspects of social harmony.

Washington Post: Turning a dot on the map into a place with a pulse

-Washington Post Editor’s note, posted Oct 7, 2012

I read with interest about plans to build a minor league baseball stadium in Loudoun County last week.

The proposed 5,500-seat home for the future Loudoun Hounds would be a recreational anchor for the giant One Loudoun mixed-use development, a privately financed venue that would host some 72 baseball games a year, as well as an array of community events, concerts and festivals…

To read the full article on the Washington Post, click here!

Washington Post: Minor league baseball stadium headed to One Loudoun development in Ashburn

By Jonathan O’Connell

The owners of the Loudoun Hounds minor league baseball team have landed a deal to build a new stadium at One Loudoun, a 358-acre master planned community near the intersection of Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway in Ashburn.

The team’s owners, VIP Sports & Entertainment, are also close to securing the rights to a professional soccer team in the North American Soccer League, a step below Major League Soccer, and could host both baseball and soccer games at the new stadium.

To continue reading, visit the article on Washington Post here!

Virginia Business: The Loudoun Hounds strike a deal for a new baseball stadium

“We are thrilled to have reached an agreement with the Loudoun Hounds. One Loudoun is the ideal location for this sports and entertainment venue, and we are proud to be working with Bob Farren to make his vision for a new ballpark in Loudoun County a reality,” said Bill May, vice president of Miller and Smith.

To read the full article from, visit here!

Ballpark Digest: Loudoun Hounds, We have deal for 2014 ballpark

Loudoun Hounds (independent; Atlantic League) management say they’re ready to go on a new 2014 ballpark, striking a deal for a new facility at One Loudoun Place.

“This is an exciting time for HoundsNation and the entire community,” said Bob Farren, President of VIP Sports & Entertainment, the Hounds’ parent company…

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