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5 Things That Happen When You Go to The Carnival at One Loudoun

As we approached the front entrance to what would be our playground for the next few hours, sensory overdrive ensued as we crossed through the threshold of ticket booths and a rush of adrenaline followed. Lights, laughter, and that familiar carousel tune. This is it. We were finally here and about to enjoy (hopefully) one of the great American pastimes right here in One Loudoun: The Carnival.

Because we want to prepare you for your time at The Carnival, here are 5 things that are sure to happen during an evening under the hotdog signs.


1. You will look absolutely ridiculous on the rides

The hair will be flying everywhere, you will laugh uncontrollably, and you might even lose a flip-flop if you aren’t careful. With your besties by your side, it won’t even matter until you see the photos that your friend, who is “not a ride person,” took from the ground. But trust us; throwing your inhibitions to the wind are necessary to fully engulf yourself in the carnival ride experience.

Group on a Ride

2. It will shakeup your date night

Smiling? Laughing? What is this craziness?! Do yourself a favor and skip the weekly Netflix date and opt for something more, well, FUN. Whether crushing your significant other in a game of mini-hoops or hanging onto their arm for dear life at the top of the ferris wheel, there’s no doubting that the carnival will make you feel as carefree and playful as when you were kids. Come on over to The Carnival and have a date Danny and Sandy style. Ah, summer lovin’.

Couple on Date Night eating Funnel Cake and Riding Bumper Cars

3. #TreatYoself is an all day motto

Fried Oreos? Sure. Corn dogs the size of your arm? Why not. Be prepared to indulge in the finest carnival cuisine you’ve ever laid eyes on. Pro tip: have each of your friends get something different so you can have a taste of each without getting full to the point of no return(ing to the rides).

Collage of friends eating carnival food

4. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime

It’s the moment of truth. Your little one gets on a carnival ride for the first time ever. The uncertain expression on their face fades as the ride starts to move and there it is: a smile finally forms as they feel the pure bliss of flying for the first time. You can’t help but take about 234 photos during the next minute of cuteness overload, and immediately realize you’re going to need more photo storage on your phone this summer.

Bumper cars and Rides with Friends

5. You realize you’ll be back

When the kids hop back into the minivan to go home, faces covered in chocolate sauce and limbs hanging heavy from exhaustion, you will surely hear them plotting their itinerary for the next visit… which they innocently expect will be tomorrow. If you came with your significant other or gaggle of girlfriends, you now have a foolproof destination for a summer evening of letting loose and having fun.

Friends on Merry-go-round

Take it from us; the carnival is a ONE of a kind experience, and will be one of the best days of your summer. As you can see, it also makes for some amazing photo ops. The Carnival is coming back from August 16-27 by popular demand, so schedule your next night out right here at One Loudoun.

Group Photo of Friends

Get to Know the One Loudoun Parking Garage [Infographic]

You may have seen the new parking garage here at One Loudoun, but we can bet that you don’t know how many spots there are, or all of the cool technology incorporated into the structure. Check out the infographic below to get to know the One Loudoun Parking Garage a little bit better!

The Story Behind Our New Look & #TheONEThingYouNeed Contest

If you frequent our website or any of our social media profiles, you may have noticed some changes in the past few months. Along with new photos and a new tagline, we have incorporated hashtags to create a campaign that mirrors real life experiences that happen right here at One Loudoun! As a highly engaged community, we love the feedback we get on social media, so we have used YOU as our inspiration for the new campaign.

Recently voted as “The Place to Be Seen” by the Loudoun Times Mirror, we are honored that patrons choose to spend their time here. We truly appreciate all of your comments, responses, and opinions, and are excited to continue growing as the ONE thing you need!



We had so much fun creating hashtags for the new campaign that we thought, who better to hear from than the people who know One Loudoun best – YOU! So, we decided to create a contest that will celebrate our fans and show how much we love to engage with them.

During our #TheONEThingYouNeed Contest, a new photo will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every Monday. When a photo is posted, we invite our followers to comment on the photo with an original hashtag describing or relating to the photo. On the Friday of each week that a photo is posted, our team will choose a winner to receive a special prize. At the end of the entire contest run, all  winners will be entered to win a Grand Prize.

Please read all of the rules below before participating to make sure your entry is valid!

  1. An individual user can only post one hashtag per contest post, per platform.
  2. Limit of one hashtag win per participant.
  3. For an entry to be considered to win, the user must “like” or be following One Loudoun’s profile on the platform where the entry is submitted.
  4. At the end of each 5-day timeframe after a contest photo is posted, winners will be notified via the platform where their entry was submitted.
  5. At the end of the entire contest run, a Grand Prize winner will be notified via the platform in which their previous winning entry was submitted.
  6. Any inappropriate or offensive hashtags will be deleted from the comments of the post. Additionally, the user’s activity may be reported or banned from One Loudoun social media platforms.
  7. Submitted hashtags are subject to use by One Loudoun for future branding and advertising purposes.

Keep an eye out for posts going up across our social media profiles, and make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

The One Loudoun Salad Guide – Spoiler Alert: #TOTSONASALAD


It’s 2017 and we’re here to tell you that salads are the new sushi burrito. That’s right trendsetters, salads are back and in a big way. Thankfully, there’s no need to wait in line around the block to get the most delicious salad in town because One Loudoun has all of the salads. Yes, all of them. From a burger joint to a farm to table eatery, we set out on an epic salad quest and are delighted to report that our findings did not leave us disappointed.



The Steak + Greens salad at matchbox

One of life’s greatest questions: appetizer or entrée size? If you love food as much as us, the answer is always entrée. It was like the chef at matchbox read our minds when he recommended we order the steak + greens entrée salad. A plate full of pepper-crusted steak, blue cheese, fresh greens, and red wine vinaigrette? Sign us up immediately. We haven’t even mentioned the best part of the salad, because it deserves its own introduction. Homemade tater tots. No, you didn’t read that wrong. TOTS ON A SALAD. Needless to say this salad was devoured at a record pace and we will be heading back to matchbox in the very near future for an encore.


The Pear and Blue Cheese Salad at Bar Louie

If you’re thinking that Bar Louie taps out at just wings and flatbreads, you couldn’t be more wrong. Their pear and blue cheese salad delivers a one-two punch with the perfect blend of sweetness from the pear and dried cranberries and the savory flavor of the grilled chicken. The awesome staff at Bar Louie agreed that this was one of their favorites, and our taste buds happen to think they’re right. Not to mention, this salad would look great on Instagram. #saladgoals.


The Burger Salad at b One Loudoun

Relax, carnivores. We are not telling you to forsake your precious burgers. The genius people at b One Loudoun thought that as if serving you a zillion burger choices wasn’t enough, they decided to make one into a salad. What do you get when you throw a delicious burger on top of a giant bed of lettuce, surrounded by a ring of pickles and topped with fried onions and, again, TOTS? The most delicious deconstructed burger ever. Shame on us for ever thinking that burgers are one size fits all, because this salad just blew our minds.


Farm-to-Table Salads at Copperwood Tavern 

At Copperwood Tavern, we felt like we were tasting the rainbow, as they gave us FOUR beautiful salads to try. The colors of the fresh vegetables were so vibrant, we couldn’t wait to dig in, even though we were already quite full of veggies. Not only are their farm-to-table salads pretty, but they also taste amazing. The Farmer’s Salad had a little bit of everything, from poached pears to pomegranate seeds to a bomb pomegranate balsamic dressing. Speaking of bomb, the dressings on all of the salads really stood out, and come to find out, they’re all homemade. We see you, overachievers. For those veg heads out there, try their Baby Kale Romaine Caesar salad or the Red Quinoa salad. If you really want to pile on the goodies, add chicken, steak, or shrimp to any salad.

Farmers Salad, Red Quinoa Salad, Baby Kale Romaine Caesar Salad, Tavern Salad

Like your parents who say they don’t *really* have a favorite, we would also be lying if we said we didn’t have our favorites on that day. Who knew a salad tour would get so competitive? We’ll definitely be back soon for more salads, but for now we can’t really move. Everywhere else be warned, because One Loudoun’s salad game is strong and delicious.

Don’t be fooled, these are not the only delicious salads you will find at One Loudoun, with many other fan favorites featured at Sense of Thai, World of Beer, Spinfire and more! Visit for more information on all of the restaurants in One Loudoun, and make sure to visit the restaurant websites for more information about menus and offerings.

About the team:

Together, Brittany, Jayme, and Andria make up the One Loudoun Experience Team. Each month, they set out to experience something new located right here in One Loudoun. Their mission is to provide honest, first hand accounts of the things they see, hear, do, and feel while being introduced to a new restaurant, shop, or activity, like discovering great salads!

The Fitness Equation: This is Not Your Average Gym

The Fitness Equation, or TFE for short, is located right next to the free parking garage at One Loudoun, and thank goodness because it was raining on the day of our visit. We walked into the lobby and knew right away that it was not going to be like every other gym.

The receptionist pretty much lost it (in a good way) when we told her we were there for a tour. She chatted about how much we were going to love it. Literally, she told us, “You’re going to love this place,” in addition to, “Don’t get me started on the views. They’re amazing!” After hearing the receptionist’s rave reviews, we already had high expectations.

One of The Fitness Equation’s VPs, Jason Kangarloo, was nice enough to meet us and take us for a tour of the entire facility! He met us downstairs in the lobby, and with an excited demeanor, brought us up to the main level of TFE.

The Main Corridor of TFE

Before our tour, he explained to us that the goal of TFE was to make fitness accessible to everyone. Since time is such a factor for squeezing in a workout, TFE holds Les Mills Grit classes designed to give you a high intensity full body work out in only 30 minutes. With super convenient self-locking lockers in the main hall, you can pop in and out in under an hour and still get a complete workout. 

The word, “amazed” couldn’t even describe how we felt walking around TFE. Was this actually a gym or a fancy hotel? We couldn’t be certain, because The Fitness Equation thought of everything.

TFE is the perfect example of how health has no age limit or specific lifestyle attached. We saw every type of person, from a young mother with her baby, to a group of business professionals stopping in during their lunch break. Every convenience you could want in a gym to make your life easier, you will find at The Fitness Equation.

Andria testing out some features in the Functional Training Room

We also appreciated that this gym isn’t a maze like some gyms, where rooms are tucked away or closed off. The main hallway extended all the way back to the “kidz” gym, and on the either side are the Evolve Salon & Spa, luxury dressing rooms, functional training room, group exercise room, group spin room, and mind & body room.

The Mini Ninja Warrior Course inside the “Kidz Gym”

Jason took us into each room and explained everything to us in great detail, from the classes they offered; to why the group exercise room floor was sort of bouncy. Much of his dialogue included something along the lines of, “If you want to do this, then we have x, y, and z. But if you’re more concerned with this, then follow me to the next room and I will show you something better!” About three minutes into the tour, he had already sold us.

The Group Exercise Room at TFE is the largest in the area!

After the tour, Jason took us to the upper level of the gym, and introduced us to TFE’s Fitness Director, James Dunn, who has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer. He gave us a more in-depth tour of the strength and cardio level of the gym, where we quickly realized why members are so loyal and comfortable here at TFE. Talking to James was like chatting with your favorite uncle. He joked around and wasn’t too serious, but you could tell he was passionate about his work.

Just one of the Strength Training areas on the Upper Level of TFE

As we walked through the different spaces with James, his close relationship with all of the members was obvious. James said hi to several members by name in the mere ten minutes that it took to take us through the entire floor, introducing us along the way.

The NBA-sized basketball court at TFE

Our favorite part of our visit was when we got to test out all of the fancy equipment! James showed us some of his favorite features and spaces while we explored each area. He showed us a specific machine to point out the digital repetition counter, when the member using the machine exclaimed out of the blue, “It’s my first day, and I love it here already!” We laughed out loud at his candid excitement, and James swore he didn’t tell him to say that.

We went on to test a few machines, impressed by how clean and easy to use they were. Most importantly, we didn’t feel uncomfortable while we were working out. The Fitness Equation’s facilities are not cramped like other gyms, and thank goodness, you will never have to wait in line. Side note: how amazing are these views from the cardio area?!

The most unique feature in TFE has got to be the rock-climbing wall and we knew we weren’t leaving without giving it a go. James told us about the safety features and showed us how to strap in, and before long, we were pros — or at least we liked to think we were. He even offered to take a photo of us up on the wall! (See said photo below)

While the facilities are beyond impressive at TFE, there are certain things that hit you on a personal level and make it seem like this gym was created just for you. Here, members can be in and out in 30 minutes, or stay for hours and never get bored or feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Our favorite features of TFE include:

  • 2+ hour childcare at the Kidz Gym, including an infant room, mini Ninja Warrior course, large play structure, and more
  • The full service salon and spa, where TFE members receive a discount!
  • Personal, group, AND sports performance training
  • 70+ fitness classes per WEEK
  • Equipment with digital repetition counters, TV, and internet access
  • Easy access/keyless lockers, showers, changing rooms, saunas
  • Long hours of operation (M-F 4a-11pm, Sat 7a-9pm, Sun 8a-8pm)
  • On-demand virtual spinning classes (in addition to instructor led classes)

To give it to you straight: The Fitness Equation is not your average gym. What we thought might be strictly for the posh crowd, turned out to be a very welcoming space where everyone would feel comfortable. As one member shared with us later on, “I never thought of myself as a gym person, but at TFE you don’t have to be a gym person. You can just be yourself!”

If you don’t believe how impressed we were by TFE, stop by any day of the week, take a virtual tour, or try it for free before committing to a membership!



About the team:

Together, Brittany and Andria make up the One Loudoun Experience Team. Each month, they set out to experience something new that is located right here in One Loudoun. Their mission is to provide honest, first hand accounts of the things they see, hear, do, and feel while being introduced to a new restaurant, shop, or activity, like working out at TFE!

Plan Your New Year’s Eve at One Loudoun!

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and while we are all excited to start fresh in 2017, there is still one more celebration left – your New Year’s Eve! Maybe you want to go out with some friends for a few cocktails, or maybe you’d rather entertain guests at home. No matter what your ideal New Year’s Eve celebration looks like, let us guide you with some suggestions that are sure to make your New Year’s Eve totally carefree!

If you’re throwing a party at home:

Some of you may be brave this year and host a New Year’s Eve shindig at your home, and hats off to you! For a successful celebration, remember to prepare accordingly, including food, decorations, and any refreshments. If you’re stumped on what food to put out, pay a visit to The Fresh Market right here at One Loudoun! With premade platters and even an online ordering service, providing yummy treats for all of your guests could not be easier. Taking the decorations up a notch this year? Be sure to stop by Great Gatherings for all of your festive tableware, décor and accessories. After all, what is New Year’s Eve without a bit of glitz and shine?

If you want to amp up your look:

At One Loudoun, adding sparkle to your New Year’s Eve look has never been easier! Pamper yourself with an amazing blowout or up-do at Flow Blow Dry Bar, some festive holiday makeup by the professionals at Evolve Salon and Spa, or opt for a relaxing massage to get rid of your holiday stresses! Our three brand new women’s boutiques also have amazing holiday inspired pieces to add that little something extra to your New Year’s Eve style! Stop by Scout and Molly’s Boutique for some edgy New Year’s Eve looks, or Boho Blanco and Boho Nation for a more casual, yet sparkly, ensemble.

If you’re going out for New Years Eve:

Loudoun County’s premier destination for nightlife is right here in One Loudoun! In addition to many popular bar and restaurant choices to ring in the New Year, some of them are even hosting New Year’s Eve parties! Check out a list of special events happening here at One Loudoun, and remember to reserve your spot before time runs out!

  • Copperwood Tavern is offering a $55 prix fixe three-course dinner with options including maple leaf duck breast, Surf and Turf, filet mignon, and more! Ticket price also includes a champagne toast at midnight and party favors. Make reservations here.
  • Matchbox One Loudoun is offering a 4-course prix-fixe menu for their New Year’s Eve celebration! Visit their website for more information:
  • Bar Louie is hosting a New Year’s Eve party and VIP tickets are $50. The tickets include party favors, a breakfast buffet, live entertainment, a champagne toast at midnight, and more! Visit the event on our website for more information:
  • World of Beer One Loudoun is hosting their own New Year’s Eve bash with music from DJ John Coulter and a champagne toast when the clock strikes midnight! More info here:
  • Sense of Thai St. also has their own version of a New Year’s Eve celebration with DJ Snow spinning Classic Motown, Funk, Disco, R&B, and Hip Hop from 10pm-2am and a dance party to go along with it. There is no cover or dress code! Visit

If you’re keeping it low key:

Sometimes a low key New Year’s Eve is just what you need after the crazy holiday season that you and your family have already experienced! For a more relaxed evening with your family, take the kids to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, where you can immerse yourself in one of the latest movies to hit the theater. For a tasty treat afterwards, there is never a bad time for frozen custard or a shake at The Meadows Original Frozen Custard. Just be sure to warm up before going back outside!

For more things to do at One Loudoun, explore our website at!

Experience One Loudoun: Boho Blanco / Boho Nation


Boho Blanco and Boho Nation are the two newest boutique stores to join the One Loudoun family, and they are officially OPEN! Last week, we took a visit to these two amazing stores to get the inside scoop on what they are all about!


Boho Blanco and Boho Nation are two different stores, but the interior spaces are connected. As owner Rick explains, it is a way for guests to mix and match the different styles found in each shop, while still distinguishing each as their own. In these shops you can find amazing clothes, jewelry, and accessories for any occasion!

Boho Nation


Boho Blanco

As you can see in the photos, many of the decorations are patterned and colorful, like the tapestries and wood textured walls. The clothes and accessories are hung on rustic fixtures made of old ladders or wooden frames.

Boho Nation

If you are wondering the difference between the two boutiques, let us first point out the most obvious similarity, being the boho, or bohemian style. If you are not familiar with what exactly this means, bohemian style is often described as ‘unconventional’. Typically the clothes are a mixture of unique textures, colors, and patterns, which come together for a free-spirited look.

Boho Nation

Boho Nation at One Loudoun is only the store’s fourth location so far! This boutique is geared more towards the younger generations and many pieces represent the latest trends with a bohemian flare. In this shop, you can find pieces that have edginess to them, whether it’s a crop top or a cutout dress.

Boho Blanco

Boho Blanco is targeted towards a more sophisticated age group, which is by no means boring! The clothes are focused around a more neutral or black and white palette, with splashes of color mixed in. Silhouettes found in Boho Blanco are flowy and flattering on many types of figures, with just the right amount of shape to create a sexy look.

Boho Blanco

Although each shop may be geared more towards a certain age group, there are no boundaries! For example, a funky-fringed jacket in Boho Blanco was purchased by a 17 year old, and the next day by a 70 year old. In both of these shops, it’s not the clothes that make you; it’s you who makes the clothes!

We immediately noticed a few things about these eclectic boutiques while browsing and trying on some adorable outfits. The first thing was that the price point for these clothes is very affordable. In certain stores, one would maybe only purchase one item, but because the prices in both Boho stores are so reasonable, it is easy to buy a couple of amazing items without breaking the bank!

The second thing we noticed was the quality of the clothes. After speaking with the staff, we learned that all of the items are either produced in the U.S. or from fair trade brands. Each item is hand selected, and the shop only carries pieces that they believe are great quality for the price!

If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday, or a piece for yourself that you won’t find anywhere else, stop in to Boho Nation and Boho Blanco for a fun shopping experience! Both boutiques are located on Exchange Street in One Loudoun, right next to Scout & Molly’s Boutique.

For more information on Boho Nation and Boho Blanco, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at

Experience One Loudoun: Evolve Salon and Spa


Our best-kept secret is finally out! Evolve Salon and Spa is One Loudoun’s premier location for all of your salon and spa needs. Located inside of The Fitness Equation, Evolve Salon and Spa opened its doors in February of this year and set the standard early on for professional and luxury salon and spa services! Recently, we took a trip to Evolve so that we could learn more about everything they have to offer, get to know the team, and experience a transformation for ourselves.


Evolve Salon and Spa inside  The Fitness Equation.

Evolve Salon and Spa inside The Fitness Equation.

Sonia and Chris are the owners of Evolve – each with their own backgrounds in the field, with a combined 45+ years of experience. Sonia worked in the original salon of the Fitness Equation in Reston and free-lanced as a hair stylist for 18 years. Chris attended Graham Webb in Arlington, worked as a hair stylist for several years, and later purchased a home in Ashburn, hoping to one day open a salon at One Loudoun.

As they tell it, fate brought the two business partners together at Evolve. The name came from Sonia’s favorite idea of an “evolution” from “a little seed into a beautiful flower”. Chris suggested they shorten in to “evolve” and the rest was history!

The Color Bar at Evolve: All hair color and mixing on display for guests to see while they enjoy a coffee, hot tea, or variety of fruit enhanced water.

The Color Bar at Evolve: All hair color and mixing on display for guests to see while they enjoy a coffee, hot tea, or variety of fruit enhanced water.

The first thing to know is that guests at Evolve do not have to be a member of The Fitness Equation! Evolve offers a long list of services including hair, skin care, makeup, nail and massage services. In addition to offering a multitude of services, Evolve is an exclusive area retailer of Kérastase professional hair care products, and also offer products from IS Clinical, Aquage, Gehwol, and Wella.

The manicure, pedicure, and shampoo stations at Evolve.

The manicure, pedicure, and shampoo stations at Evolve.

While we were there, we opted for hair “transformations”, as Sonia called them, (which were certainly unforgettable) including a shampoo, cut, and style. First was the shampoo treatment, which was incredibly relaxing and unlike anything we had experienced before. The Evolve signature shampoo service included a scalp massage, hot towel treatment, and wash, all while you are lying on a shampoo bed.

Getting the Evolve signature shampoo treatment

Getting the Evolve signature shampoo treatment

As two women who do not get their hair professionally cut often, both of us desperately needed some TLC for our locks. We both had the pleasure of having master stylist and owner, Sonia, cut and style our hair.

Owners Chris and Sonia working their magic at the salon.

Owners Chris and Sonia working their magic at the salon.


Sonia knew exactly what to do based on our hair types and explained what she was doing every step of the way, with lots of laughs exchanged in between. Sonia was also willing to listen to each of our concerns and asked us about our hair care routines.

Her years of experience and her fun and infectious energy makes you excited to be sitting in her chair. She provided tricks and tips for us throughout the styling session and chatted with us about everything from her favorite products to what we were doing over the weekend. Check out our before and after photos below!


Visit the Evolve team at The Fitness Equation open houses (held every month), or at one of their own events. Evolve recently hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness event at their salon featuring giveaways, refreshments, and pink hair extensions, with proceeds going to the Susan G. Koman Foundation. The salon plans to host events every few months, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page!


Owners Chris and Sonia at Evolve’s Breast Cancer Awareness Event

The low down: The stylists and the entire atmosphere at Evolve puts you at ease right away. From the relaxing shampoo and head massage to the actual cut and style, you automatically trust what they are doing. We will absolutely be back to experience their other services.

Perhaps one of the most endearing qualities about Evolve is that the staff truly is like a family and they welcome each guest in with open arms. Every single guest that walked through the door at Evolve received a warm greeting; whether it was a familiar face receiving hugs from Sonia, or a new customer getting their first salon and spa tour.

You can find the Evolve team at One Loudoun’s 4th Annual Tree Lighting giving away $10 and $20 gift cards, as well as other goodies, and talking about all of the services at Evolve. With the holidays coming up, what better gift to give than the gift of relaxation for a spa day, couples massage, or total hair transformation!

To make your appointment today, visit, or call 703-723-8200 and be sure to follow Evolve on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for promotions and deals!

Eddie Merlot’s to Open in February at One Loudoun

Eddie Merlot’s is COMING SOON to One Loudoun! This unique restaurant will bring a contemporary yet elegant dining experience to One Loudoun, while serving up their prime aged beef and seafood and extensive wine list.

Eddie Merlot’s is set to open at One Loudoun in February of 2017, but in the mean time, learn more on this amazing restaurant here: Ashburn Patch: Eddie Merlot’s One Loudoun Location Set to Open in February


(Photo Source: Eddie Merlot’s and